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As he lets the slack out.
His jaw got a little slack.
My father’s face went slack.
Come on, mister! She's slack.
Cut miss Cat a little slack.
Things begin to slack off with.
Suddenly the towrope went slack.

Slack hour: won't be many there.
Her eyes closed, her body slack.
They cut me some slack that way.
The slack feeds and comes to an.
His hands hung slack at his sides.
The big slack tires gave and flexed.
His lips wet and slack, not smiling.
Norah’s face went slack with shock.
Her mouth was slack, her eyes closed.
She had been so slack, so indifferent.
You had to cut the man a little slack.
With slack efforts, what would be his.
You cannot move a fly with a slack line.
Her mouth went slack and her eyes widened.
It pulled sharply but quickly went slack.
Alex could only nod, slack jawed in shock.
Every nerve in my body seemed to go slack.
He sets the slack and attaches the other.
Those of us left had to take up the slack.
I guess we’ll have to cut her some slack.
Card playing when things were a bit slack.
Slack seasons and wretchedness were unknown.
The spring under the pedal was old and slack.
His jaw hung slack for a moment as he stared.
The waitress was slack jawed at this exchange.
His hands went slack and he dropped his blade.
Puller’s jaw went slack as the truth hit him.
As we pushed past the slack jawed Irishmen, we.
Ellie gasped and her mouth went slack with shock.
Rations are plentiful enough and Discipline slack.
He considered the question, his face slack and wan.
Gus’s expression withdrew and his face went slack.
James eyes lit up suddenly and his face became slack.
Stop slacking! he shouted.
Other employees were more overt with their slacking.
The current was slacking off, it was almost full tide.
Black Francis strained at the oars, the pace never slacking.
And Aslan, not at all slacking his pace, rushed straight as a bullet.
It's time for you to stop slacking off and start hitting the books again.
There is no need for worry about slacking responsibilities that may pose a problem later.
That wasn't the reasoning she’d used though, she’d felt he was slacking off, not doing his job.
The security in your own castle is slacking and therefore you might have unwanted guests walk in once in a while.
He loved to use his whip on any prisoner who did not do as he was told or who was slacking off, not doing his job.
The tempo of the ops had slowed quite a bit over the past week or two; it looked as if things were slacking down, at least for us.
The tempo of the ops had slowed quite a bit over the past week or two; it looked as if things were slacking down, at least for us.
While the Frenchman's boats, then, were engaged in towing the ship one way, Stubb benevolently towed away at his whale the other way, ostentatiously slacking out a most unusually long tow-line.
His mouth slacked.
His hug slacked off.
Her jaw slacked after Max said that to her.
Angela closed her eyes, mouth slacked open.
The wind stopped howling and the rain slacked off.
The tension slacked in his body and she loosened her grip.
After perhaps eighty feet of rope had trailed after Dog, the tension slacked.
He kept her rein tight until they were in the open before he slacked off a bit, letting her run her pace.
Then everything slacked off, and Paul took his dinner-basket and ran to the station to catch the eight-twenty train.
Olin synchronized his gentle pulls to enhance the swing in his direction and then slacked off when it swung away again.
There was light enough given off by the scroll to see by, but I wasn’t prepared for the sudden jerk to my arm that had me pressing against the onrushing flow of water that had slacked off some in intensity.
For a few minutes the struggle was intensely critical; for while they still slacked out the tightened line in one direction, and still plied their oars in another, the contending strain threatened to take them under.
Well, well, my dear comrade and twin-brother, thought I, as I drew in and then slacked off the rope to every swell of the sea—what matters it, after all? Are you not the precious image of each and all of us men in this whaling world? That unsounded ocean you gasp in, is Life; those sharks, your foes; those spades, your friends; and what between sharks and spades you are in a sad pickle and peril, poor lad.
Yes, I had slacked a bit in high school, playing the dumb blonde so I wouldn’t be socially ostracized because my family lived in a house with a honey bucket for a toilet and a woodstove for heat; and my stepfather had long hair and a big bushy beard and drove around in a demolished car that he’d made into a pickup truck by himself with a blowtorch, a chain saw, and a few two-by-fours; and my mother opted not to shave under her arms and to say things to the red-blooded gun-loving locals like Actually, I think hunting is murder.
The voices slacked off,.
Sweat saturated their slacks and lined.
He's wearing gray slacks with a gray sweater.
He was dressed casually in shirt, slacks and.
Getting to her feet, she brushed off her slacks.
He wore a designer labeled polo shirt and slacks.
She’s wearing gray slacks and a maroon blouse.
Caller: No, I have on a blouse and slacks, why?
He was wearing black slacks with Italian looking.
Trenland was wearing a black shirt and black slacks.
He had changed into a blue pull down and brown slacks.
I hung Lizzie's slacks, jackets and suits in the cupboard.
He stood at the podium dressed in a white shirt, slacks and.
She chose a pair of dark slacks and a sleeveless blouse with.
They showered and changed into light slacks and sport shirts.
It’s black slacks, a red button-down shirt, and black shoes.
Hepburn style and he had on white slacks and a navy golf shirt.
How old was she? What colour of slacks was she wearing?
The man, dressed in slacks and a shirt and tie, was carrying a.
A woman in a light pink windbreaker, white slacks and sneakers.
He had on a blue blazer over a white shirt and dark gray slacks.
I could only tell it was her by the gray slacks she was wearing.
Rose came out of the bedroom dressed in blue slacks and blue top.
Before he had regained his senses she had lowered his soggy slacks.
He wears a pair of dress slacks, a dress shirt, and a lightweight.
He is dressed in a rich-blue linen jacket and contrasting tan slacks.
She was dressed in blue slacks, cream blouse, and a matching jacket.
He, too, wore black slacks and black shoes, a white shirt, and a tie.
He looked like the picture of success, even in a polo shirt and slacks.
He wore tan slacks and a short sleeved white shirt open at the throat.
Uncle Leo wore a black t-shirt with military slacks and high-laced boots.
SHE FOUND A sweater without rips in the armpits and a pair of khaki slacks.
He was wearing a white button down and gray slacks and a dark blue sweater.
Marshall had dressed down and was slumming in a cashmere sweater and slacks.
The man had on a white dress-shirt under the overcoat and black dress slacks.
He looks very handsome in his crisp white dress shirt and pinstriped navy slacks.
He was dressed in blue slacks, leather shoes with no socks, and a patterned shirt.
A trim-looking younger woman appeared, wearing a dress jacket over slacks and blouse.
His brown eyes turned toward the woman who was in the process of pulling up her slacks.
Just then a short man, egg-bald, dressed in casual slacks and shirt, came into the room.
Malone stood in wet, grimy snow that was soaking through her shoes and socks and slacks.

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