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Slam numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I heard a door slam.
  2. I heard the car door slam.
  3. The case was a slam dunk.
  4. I heard the back door slam.
  5. Slam cut back to parking lot.

  6. He shuts the door with a slam.
  7. The window was shut with a slam.
  8. Don't slam the door like that I.
  9. It ended with a slam of the gavel.
  10. Brent could hear it slam to the floor.
  11. Bang! She had run to slam her door!.
  12. This caused Kreios to slam his hand.
  13. Slam! Ali struck the ball with the bat.
  14. As I hear the door slam shut behind her.
  15. Slam cut back to John in the parking lot.

  16. In the slam of squash balls against walls.
  17. He lifted it to slam again, then slumped.
  18. And with a slam of the door, she was gone.
  19. A few minutes later, I heard the door slam.
  20. Frank took the opportunity to slam the door.
  21. She felt her body slam into the floor and.
  22. I landed with a hard slam on the wooden floor.
  23. I stopped abruptly, causing her to slam into me.
  24. The door shut behind him with a thunderous slam.
  25. When I heard the door slam I knew it was all over.

  26. It means that OH ALLAH send Peace and Slam upon.
  27. He heard a door slam far away and his feet drifted.
  28. The guy hears the other end of the phone slam down.
  29. I remember one time i said in Spanish Don't slam.
  30. Matching the beat of my heart, I slam on the brakes.
  31. When an animal triggers the springs the jaws slam.
  32. Then they heard the door slam behind them and lock.
  33. As soon as they heard the door slam they spun round.
  34. The scar … the scar made it a slam dunk.
  35. They would simply slam shut the doors and ignore me.
  36. She packs her passengers in with a slam of the door.
  37. He hit her with another shield slam that flattened.
  38. Max and Homer quickly disappeared with a slam of the.
  39. Somebody’s got to slam you over the head with them.
  40. The slam into the wall may have done more than just.
  41. Starret grabbed the nearest chair to slam down on the.
  42. How about a Grand Slam with orange juice, I said.
  43. When his hand remains, I slam my fist down on my desk.
  44. I went up the stairs and saw my mom slam her door open.
  45. You might set your watch by the slam of the heavy door.
  46. He was ready to slam feet first into the hard surface.
  47. She was just in time to see the front door slam closed.
  48. I expect, if I say what I’m thinking, she will slam.
  49. Avion forest and the Avion giants wil have slam dunked.
  50. With my other, I slam the heel of my hand into his nose.
  51. Locke heard them slam shut behind him a few seconds later.
  52. She snapped her fingers, and Lov felt his mouth slam shut.
  53. Cardiff caught the door before it could slam and stepped in.
  54. She flung the inside door to one side, was about to slam it.
  55. But his efforts to slam the door on the ruckus were hopeless.
  56. Hitler's daring plan in trying for the grand slam had failed.
  57. I heard the door slam shut behind me as I stood gazing about.
  58. Aargh! I slam my foot into the pole out of frustration.
  59. Her fall, the door slam, almost broke his frame with laughter.
  60. Peter took the opportunity to slam himself forward into Ishan.
  61. I could hear the back door slam and the sound of Joe’s car.
  62. Everybody hears another cabinet door slam and glass shattering.
  63. The only answer was the vicious slam which Murtha gave the door.
  64. He watched the officer sit in the car, slam the door shut, and.
  65. Tress slowly moved to the door handle preparing to slam it shut.
  66. Should they depart, a door would slam, mine, and their faces fall.
  67. Indian men slam their wives for their sisters with zero hesitation.
  68. She used her flail to slam away the vines, and then stepped inside.
  69. A short time later, Annie heard him slam the front door as he left.
  70. I felt a great mass ram the door to shiver, to slam it on its hinges.
  71. Most thought FDA approval in the United States would be a slam dunk.
  72. Smash it, bash it, slam it on the floor--you could not ask for more!.
  73. He abruptly release me and reaches around to slam the door and locks it.
  74. Roy opened the door of Stage 13, glided in, and let the heavy door slam.
  75. Before she could ask ‘why’, they heard a door slam down the corridor.
  76. No responsibilities other than to slam that girl a mile out of the rink.
  77. Several projectiles slam into his head, bruising and piercing his flesh.
  78. Cristian kept his back turned toward them as the cage closed with a slam.
  79. Emily heard the cell door slam and a hard hand on her arm hauled her up.
  80. Everyone looked into the stables again when they heard a stall door slam.
  81. She turned and let her back slam into the wooden wall, protecting Euredon.
  82. Now this so-called war on terror is being used to slam the trap door shut.
  83. I didn't slam her against a wall, Chevalier hissed, and crossed his.
  84. Susan thought for a moment he was about to slam the door shut in her face.
  85. Carolyn heard the heavy steel door slam behind her as she walked carefully.
  86. I pick him up off the floor with one hand and slam him into the nearby tree.
  87. Wrong answer! Silas used a wing to slam Larry’s head into the trunk.
  88. He didn’t allow Locke to slam the doors on the hand holding the stun gun.
  89. I was about to slam the door in her face when Norah ran into her waiting arms.
  90. A sudden urge to chase her down and slam her head against the wall seized him.
  91. The hands push me around and up and slam my spine into something hard and cold.
  92. At that moment they heard a door slam; then feet came running along the passage.
  93. I heard the back door slam hard, as if it were pulled closed by a strong spring.
  94. He stared silently, wide-eyed and shaking slightly until we heard the door slam.
  95. You can’t hold a ring but you can slam a door? Melvin asked sarcastically.
  96. The slam of the front door confirmed in Mark’s mind that she wouldn’t be back.
  97. Corvus clung to the door leading to the tower, ready to slam it shut in an instant.
  98. And as she reached the upper floor, she heard him obligingly slam the door for her.
  99. Salander heard the front door slam and footsteps receding down the stone stairs.
  100. Irritated with technology's fickleness, I grab a pillow and slam it against the wall.
  1. The sound of a slamming.
  2. The slamming of the phone had.
  3. Bella: Slamming it into the wall.
  4. Slamming on the breaks, the ATV.
  5. The loud bang of the door slamming.
  6. The slamming open of the door again.
  7. We both reacted to the slamming door.
  8. Fazzino ran into her house, slamming.
  9. My heart was slamming inside my chest.
  10. Everything was slamming into her at once.
  11. Slamming the door closed he turned to her.
  12. They pulled him from the Bronco, slamming.
  13. Hey, guys, he said, slamming the door.
  14. She vanished, slamming the door indignantly.
  15. I am not slamming the car-selling profession.
  16. Levin went out of the room, slamming the door.
  17. Break into pieces by slamming pan on counter.
  18. George, I've told you about slamming the.
  19. Another slamming of wood against plasterboard.
  20. Slamming the door open, he swept into the room.
  21. The door slamming shut echoed through the house.
  22. Larry sailed back, slamming into the tree trunk.
  23. Frank jolted upward, slamming his head on his desk.
  24. Worse yet, I heard the sound of a drawer slamming.
  25. But she was gone, slamming the door shut behind her.
  26. She winced as the sound of the phone slamming into.
  27. He was awakened by the slamming of the front door.
  28. She got out of the car slamming the door behind her.
  29. Slamming his fist in his hand for emphasis he went on.
  30. Slamming his fist onto the bench, he grated his teeth.
  31. The door slamming against its jamb was a wake-up call.
  32. She fades out, then back in to the trunk slamming down.
  33. He could hear Doc slamming things about in the kitchen.
  34. But he nodded, as if slamming his forehead into a wall.
  35. I toppled backward, slamming against the pyramid with.
  36. Holland ignored his PA, slamming the office door closed.
  37. Fuck off! she huffed, slamming the door behind her.
  38. He stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.
  39. He heads for the door, slamming it as he exits the house.
  40. They hurled off the sill, slamming onto the lawn outside.
  41. Never! she screamed slamming her hands to the bench.
  42. Then the teacher walked in, slamming the door with a thud.
  43. James looked down at his cards and frowned, slamming them.
  44. The slamming of the door marked a final sound that echoed.
  45. Anthony Eden�s fist slamming on the table cut off Dansey.
  46. Thedes retaliated by slamming Darek into the thickest tree.
  47. Brigitte goes slamming into a wall and I wince in sympathy.
  48. The slamming of the doors sounded particularly loud in the.
  49. Up against the wall, Locke shouted, slamming the car door.
  50. Then he turned and left the room, slamming the door behind him.
  51. Paul could feel his heart slamming into the walls of his chest.
  52. Now what? Martha asked, slamming the pots and pans back.
  53. Slamming the door to his truck, he cranked up and called Norah.
  54. Therese could hear men talking and the jeep doors slamming shut.
  55. The couple finally climbed into the van, slamming the doors shut.
  56. Slamming the doors shut they whirled to meet the charging enemy.
  57. There was a sound outside like a door slamming, and Maggie jumped.
  58. Beth sat atop the skinny maniac, slamming his face onto the deck.
  59. As subtle as it was, Roman had a way of slamming his point across.
  60. The coward ran inside, slamming the huge wooden doors behind him.
  61. Three hours! he interrupted, slamming his newspaper on the.
  62. Hit the gas, nigga, Cash interrupted, slamming the door shut.
  63. Dammit! He balled his fist, slamming it down on the tabletop.
  64. Willis responded all too eagerly, jumping in and slamming the door.
  65. She keeps slamming the cabinet doors and banging the pots and pans.
  66. Harek, furious, slamming a fist onto one of the wooden tables, his.
  67. Emily screamed angrily, and walked into the bathroom, slamming the.
  68. Kyle stood up and walked out of the room, slamming the door behind.
  69. We must put a stop to this! he ended, slamming the butt of his.
  70. The devastation was caused by an asteroid slamming into the planet.
  71. William opened his door, stay here! He said before slamming it.
  72. Chevalier growled and followed her into the room, slamming the door.
  73. The sound we’d heard had been the lab door slamming, hadn’t it?
  74. The vehicle shot forward, the momentum slamming all four doors shut.
  75. Heather stormed into the house, slamming the double doors behind her.
  76. He then shut up and got out of the room slamming the door behind him.
  77. Selene shoved Cherry backwards, slamming her against the bars of the.
  78. Her dad shut off the engine and got out, slamming the car door loudly.
  79. My problem Dobbs is this! he said slamming the paper before him.
  80. With that, she turned round and went out, slamming the door behind her.
  81. The sight of Ethan's head slamming into the stone wall was horrifying.
  82. I locked the door so he couldn’t enter and ran to my room, slamming.
  83. A few moments later I'm awoken by the sound of a door slamming loudly.
  84. No man or woman! he repeated, slamming his fist into the armrest.
  85. A loud bang woke us with a startle – Dena’s car door slamming shut.
  86. First I tried launching myself off one wall and slamming into the other.
  87. Iris slipped from its supports in the aeroshell, slamming into the hull.
  88. I take another step towards them when I am startled by a slamming door.
  89. He exited to investigate further, slamming the door shut, still smiling.
  90. Grover was in the controller’s booth now, slamming away at the buttons.
  91. Tori stands up and runs back into the house, slamming the door behind her.
  92. Call the Encala Elders here, tonight, Chevalier said, slamming his.
  93. Fine, but I'm watching you, he said, leaving her room and slamming.
  94. There was silence for a moment and then Tuer stood up, slamming his fists.
  95. Fuck you, then, he said, and made his way back to the car, slamming.
  96. They heard him slamming the main door of the building as he rushed outside.
  97. Perhaps even a slamming of the firm door and a loud cuss trailing the exit.
  98. Just do what I fucking tell you, he shouted, slamming down the phone.
  99. We returned into the house, slamming the door to let the couple know we had.
  100. Fortunately he hadn‘t reckoned on Sebastian slamming into him from behind.
  1. I slammed the book shut.
  2. I slammed it behind me.
  3. I slammed on the brakes.
  4. He slammed the cabin door.
  5. A great lid slammed shut.
  6. Sonya slammed the door to.
  7. Doc slammed the lid, hard.
  8. He slammed on the brakes.
  9. Sónya slammed the door to.
  10. She slammed and drove off.
  11. He slammed down the phone.
  12. He got in and slammed it.
  13. The great doors slammed to.
  14. Mike slammed the door shut.
  15. Lucy slammed the book shut.
  16. He slammed out of the room.
  17. The back door slammed open.
  18. The front door slammed shut.
  19. He slammed the rock glass.
  20. The door slammed after him.
  21. He slammed four after four.
  22. The young man slammed the.
  23. Then I slammed and sealed.
  24. The vision slammed into her.
  25. I slammed him to the ground.
  26. The door slammed behind him.
  27. Nathan slammed on the brakes.
  28. He slammed down the receiver.
  29. Lorna slammed the phone down.
  30. He slammed the door on the.
  31. I slammed his door as I left.
  32. I slammed the door behind me.
  33. Joshua slammed the hatch shut.
  34. Michael slammed the door shut.
  35. He reached over and slammed.
  36. Mark, as he slammed the trunk.
  37. Placid slammed on the brakes.
  38. Onyx slammed the metal lid on.
  39. She slammed her head into his.
  40. A door slammed in the distance.
  41. My back slammed into the truck.
  42. Then he slammed down the phone.
  43. Ralph slammed the door on them.
  44. A door slammed shut and locked.
  45. He got out and slammed it shut.
  46. Mouse slammed the door behind.
  47. Wasted before he slammed cement.
  48. He then slammed down an envelope.
  49. He body slammed them into walls.
  50. The house was slammed into again.
  51. And then the door slammed shut!.
  52. Then she slammed down the phone.
  53. I jumped as she slammed the door.
  54. I slammed it shut and locked it.
  55. Tina slammed shut the bathroom.
  56. She slammed the door behind her.
  57. Wren slammed the door as he left.
  58. He slammed the door shut and left.
  59. David slammed the trunk door shut.
  60. Mitya slammed the door after him.
  61. Whoom! they slammed like cymbals.
  62. The door behind him slammed shut.
  63. The door slammed shut behind her.
  64. Louie slammed the barrel of his.
  65. Maybe he had been slammed by an.
  66. A moment later, the door slammed.
  67. I slammed the notebook to the bed.
  68. She slammed open the doors, I.
  69. And I slammed the door in his face.
  70. He slammed the lid on Edmund Worth.
  71. She slammed her hands on the table.
  72. The door slammed shut behind them.
  73. Then the door slammed behind them.
  74. Her heart slammed against her chest.
  75. It gave an inch, then slammed shut.
  76. Freeman slammed down the gas pedal.
  77. Locke slammed the door of the truck.
  78. The front door slammed in response.
  79. I would have slammed the door shut.
  80. Mitch slammed his fist on the table.
  81. Thalia got out and slammed the door.
  82. Ryan slammed the door and locked it.
  83. He slammed the wheel with his fist.
  84. Joey slammed his hands on the table.
  85. John slammed and locked the portal.
  86. Carter slammed shut the ambulance.
  87. We got in and slammed the car doors.
  88. He slammed his fists to the ground.
  89. And she slammed the door in his face.
  90. He was slammed straight into a tree.
  91. Tech stocks were completely slammed.
  92. Joshua slammed his hand on the table.
  93. She slammed the front gate and left.
  94. She slammed the phone on you?
  95. He slammed into her and she shrieked.
  96. The door had been instantly slammed.
  97. Novak slammed the phone on the floor.
  98. Forrest slammed the door behind him.
  99. Someone slammed the hatch shut above.
  100. And slammed a few doors, too, maybe.
  1. He slams on the breaks.
  2. She slams the door shut.
  3. Mark slams into the room.
  4. The mech slams onto the.
  5. SLAMS his FIST on the ROOF.
  6. She slams the car in reverse.
  7. Behind me, the car door slams.
  8. He slams his fist on the hood.
  9. He SLAMS his PALM up to the DOOR.
  10. After a few slams it was on the.
  11. It slams into another pinned car.
  12. It slams me to my seat without mercy.
  13. The heavy door slams shut behind him.
  14. Maureen slams her book shut, startling me.
  15. He slams gears, a pissed look on his face.
  16. A few moments later, the office door slams.
  18. Patrice gets out of her car, SLAMS the DOOR.
  19. The car door slams again, causing me to jump.
  20. Say, be careful of that door there; it slams.
  21. The fear that slams my system is debilitating.
  22. Hard, he whispers, and he slams into me.
  23. One door closes and another one slams shut.
  24. Enzo twirls his bo staff and slams it against the.
  25. He slams his hand down, hard, on the steering wheel.
  26. Say the pebble is an asteroid that slams into the.
  27. Cass slams the bulkhead door, and then locks it shut.
  28. Good bye Jonathan! Candis slams the phone down.
  29. I’ve come back from bigger slams than that, buster.
  30. He slams her back as she cries out in terror and pain.
  31. Cass slams the book closed that he is browsing through.
  32. Baawh! she growls and slams the door in his face.
  33. He shoves me into a room and slams the door behind me.
  34. The car barely misses her and slams into a telephone.
  35. John and Dave lurch forward as the car slams to a halt.
  36. Sex slams me in the face, scorching, drugging, volatile.
  37. Peter jolts back so hard he slams his head into the wall.
  38. Then the man on top of him rises up and slams down a fist.
  39. Enzo releases his titanium bo staff and slams it into the.
  40. She lifts her arm and slams one of her spheres into my head.
  41. Odin, deep into his cups, slams his goblet down on the table.
  42. One of the crew climbs in with her and slams the doors shut.
  43. He veers over to the side of the road and slams on the brakes.
  44. He starts his car, slams it into drive and PEELS OUT after Mark.
  45. She then goes into her office and slams the door behind herself.
  46. Century slams on the brakes, What? I thought your father was.
  47. Shoot, shoot, shoot! He slams his fist into the steering wheel.
  48. BANG! Suddenly the metal door burst open, slams against the wall.
  49. He slams on the brakes, and hands me the Remington: - shoot it!.
  50. It misses Lucas and slams into the chest of the player behind him.
  51. She quickly turns the key, opens the door and slams it behind her.
  52. The metal slams together in pile of twisted metal and leaking limbs.
  53. Patrice beats helplessly against Jayson’s chest as he slams into her.
  54. Diane D then disappears out the front door as it slams shut behind her.
  55. Two teams have each won three Six Nations Championship Grand Slams.
  56. The car door slams and Billy stumbles out into the night, blind and raging.
  57. A steel beam slams into one of them, and a slab of concrete crushes the other.
  58. She barely flinches, throws you back to the bed and slams her head into yours.
  59. Maggie explodes through it and the door slams into the white washed brick wall.
  60. A moment later a steel beam slams into 5A’s torso, and the robot goes flying.
  61. Reaching into the cupboard he takes a cup out and slams the door shut in agitation.
  62. The man slams him back into the wall behind and the jagged stone digs into his body.
  63. We hear the glass and dinner plates shatter every time she slams those cabinet doors.
  64. The door slams shut with barely a sound and I'm surrounded in luxury leather and trim.
  65. With that he turns on his heel, stomps back to his room, and slams his door behind him.
  66. And the locker slams on the plans you had tonight! Lucretia came right back with.
  67. It takes all your strength, you sit up fast, the top of your head slams into her chin.
  68. As though she can see me through the tinted window, Haley slams her fist into the glass.
  69. The door slams half way through the longest sentence that he has uttered in the last hour.
  70. He slams the cue ball into some other balls, watches as the balls bounce around the table.
  71. Then my tailbone slams onto the hard concrete, followed by my head and an echoing gunshot.
  72. She swings up with her good arm and swats the wolf out of the air and he slams into a tree.
  73. He almost slams the phone down before looking at me and baring his teeth in a frustrated way.
  74. Davie slams the manhole cover back into place and stamps it down to keep the dead from rising.
  75. In but one moment, the creature turns and slams its shrouded hand into the Other Mary’s face.
  76. Alex takes a step back, moves around behind his assailant and slams his bleeding face into the wall.
  77. Devon slams on the brakes and Ciere is flung forward, her seat belt a tight band against her weight.
  78. Dropping to the driver's seat, she vanishes into the darkness of the roof hatch as the lid slams shut.
  79. The packed courtroom erupted in loud exclamations punctuated by the sharp slams of Bendinger’s gavel.
  80. They aren’t playing around, your mother slams on the gas pedal pushing a wounded taxi out of the way.
  81. My heart slams against my chest, and the butterflies escape from my stomach into my constricting throat.
  82. I open my mouth to cry out, but I’m too late, he yanks me into the house and slams the door behind me.
  83. He dives flat onto the top of the stack just as the Great Lady slams the unsecured cargo hull doors shut.
  84. Malcolm slams on the brakes as the squirrel, terrified out of its wits, runs around in circles on the road.
  85. The limo skids an angle, the driver over-corrects and the car slams into a date tree in the median: CRASH!.
  86. The blast of it knocks Ralph off his feet and a great wind slams him into the bare stone of the castle walls.
  87. Swinging round, he slams his fists on the wall and lets loose another guttural curse in his mother’s tongue.
  88. You brace yourself, power through with your legs and flip over onto her back, your ass slams into the ground.
  89. At the last second, Russ slams on the brakes, brings the old Rover to a stop just inches from Ricci’s kneecaps.
  90. She slams the blade onto the hardwood and releases such an animalistic roar that a shiver overwhelms the pain in my back.
  91. The guard slams the heel of his gun into the side of Tobias’s head, and Jeanine sticks the needle into Tobias’s neck.
  92. He eases out of me slowly, and his other hand grabs my hip, holding tight, and then he slams into me, jolting me forward.
  93. He crosses the room and slams the point of a knife so hard into the table that it sticks there, handle toward the ceiling.
  94. Christina slams her palm into an elevator button and slips inside before the doors are fully open, dragging me behind her.
  95. Suddenly she slams the door shut and runs down to the bathroom, putting her head almost in the toilet she is violently sick.
  96. Steve smiles as the young driver goes to the back of his van, opening the door he throws the parcels in and slams the doors.
  97. Too quickly, though, because my hip slams into the corner of the table in the middle of the room, and I have to stop, wincing.
  98. After the repast, she slams her 2 nasty things in the cellar so she can have a little privacy while she plays with her new toy.
  99. Evey fades in and out of consciousness as Pandora feeds her into the passenger side then climbs in over her and slams the door.
  100. Stef slams the door as he gets out and walks towards Nicola; �Yeah, we didn't see a soul, could have had time for a cup of tea.

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