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Slam numa frase em (in ingles)

1. I heard a door slam.
2. I heard the car door slam.
3. The case was a slam dunk.
4. I heard the back door slam.
5. Slam cut back to parking lot.
6. He shuts the door with a slam.
7. The window was shut with a slam.

8. It ended with a slam of the gavel.
9. Don't slam the door like that I.
10. This caused Kreios to slam his hand.
11. Brent could hear it slam to the floor.
12. Bang! She had run to slam her door!.
13. Slam! Ali struck the ball with the bat.
14. As I hear the door slam shut behind her.
15. Slam cut back to John in the parking lot.
16. He lifted it to slam again, then slumped.
17. In the slam of squash balls against walls.
18. A few minutes later, I heard the door slam.
19. And with a slam of the door, she was gone.
20. Frank took the opportunity to slam the door.
21. She felt her body slam into the floor and.
22. I landed with a hard slam on the wooden floor.
23. I stopped abruptly, causing her to slam into me.
24. The door shut behind him with a thunderous slam.
25. When I heard the door slam I knew it was all over.
26. It means that OH ALLAH send Peace and Slam upon.
27. He heard a door slam far away and his feet drifted.
28. The guy hears the other end of the phone slam down.
29. Matching the beat of my heart, I slam on the brakes.
30. Then they heard the door slam behind them and lock.
31. I remember one time i said in Spanish Don't slam.
32. When an animal triggers the springs the jaws slam.
33. As soon as they heard the door slam they spun round.
34. The scar … the scar made it a slam dunk.
35. She packs her passengers in with a slam of the door.
36. They would simply slam shut the doors and ignore me.
37. He hit her with another shield slam that flattened.
38. Somebody’s got to slam you over the head with them.
39. The slam into the wall may have done more than just.
40. Max and Homer quickly disappeared with a slam of the.
1. The sound of a slamming.
2. The slamming of the phone had.
3. Bella: Slamming it into the wall.
4. Slamming on the breaks, the ATV.
5. We both reacted to the slamming door.
6. The slamming open of the door again.
7. The loud bang of the door slamming.
8. My heart was slamming inside my chest.
9. Fazzino ran into her house, slamming.
10. Everything was slamming into her at once.
11. Slamming the door closed he turned to her.
12. Hey, guys, he said, slamming the door.
13. They pulled him from the Bronco, slamming.
14. She vanished, slamming the door indignantly.
15. I am not slamming the car-selling profession.
16. Break into pieces by slamming pan on counter.
17. Levin went out of the room, slamming the door.
18. George, I've told you about slamming the.
19. Another slamming of wood against plasterboard.
20. Slamming the door open, he swept into the room.
21. The door slamming shut echoed through the house.
22. Larry sailed back, slamming into the tree trunk.
23. Frank jolted upward, slamming his head on his desk.
24. Worse yet, I heard the sound of a drawer slamming.
25. But she was gone, slamming the door shut behind her.
26. She winced as the sound of the phone slamming into.
27. He was awakened by the slamming of the front door.
28. She got out of the car slamming the door behind her.
29. Slamming his fist onto the bench, he grated his teeth.
30. The door slamming against its jamb was a wake-up call.
31. Slamming his fist in his hand for emphasis he went on.
32. She fades out, then back in to the trunk slamming down.
33. But he nodded, as if slamming his forehead into a wall.
34. He could hear Doc slamming things about in the kitchen.
35. Holland ignored his PA, slamming the office door closed.
36. I toppled backward, slamming against the pyramid with.
37. He stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.
38. Fuck off! she huffed, slamming the door behind her.
39. He heads for the door, slamming it as he exits the house.
40. They hurled off the sill, slamming onto the lawn outside.
1. I slammed the book shut.
2. I slammed it behind me.
3. I slammed on the brakes.
4. Doc slammed the lid, hard.
5. Sonya slammed the door to.
6. He slammed on the brakes.
7. A great lid slammed shut.
8. He slammed the cabin door.
9. The great doors slammed to.
10. She slammed and drove off.
11. Mike slammed the door shut.
12. He slammed out of the room.
13. He slammed down the phone.
14. He got in and slammed it.
15. Sónya slammed the door to.
16. Lucy slammed the book shut.
17. The back door slammed open.
18. He slammed four after four.
19. He slammed the rock glass.
20. The vision slammed into her.
21. The door slammed after him.
22. The young man slammed the.
23. The front door slammed shut.
24. Then I slammed and sealed.
25. I slammed his door as I left.
26. Lorna slammed the phone down.
27. The door slammed behind him.
28. I slammed him to the ground.
29. He slammed the door on the.
30. He slammed down the receiver.
31. Nathan slammed on the brakes.
32. Placid slammed on the brakes.
33. I slammed the door behind me.
34. Mark, as he slammed the trunk.
35. He reached over and slammed.
36. Michael slammed the door shut.
37. Joshua slammed the hatch shut.
38. Onyx slammed the metal lid on.
39. She slammed her head into his.
40. A door slammed in the distance.
1. He slams on the breaks.
2. She slams the door shut.
3. Mark slams into the room.
4. The mech slams onto the.
5. SLAMS his FIST on the ROOF.
6. She slams the car in reverse.
7. He slams his fist on the hood.
8. Behind me, the car door slams.
9. He SLAMS his PALM up to the DOOR.
10. After a few slams it was on the.
11. It slams into another pinned car.
12. The heavy door slams shut behind him.
13. It slams me to my seat without mercy.
14. He slams gears, a pissed look on his face.
15. Maureen slams her book shut, startling me.
16. A few moments later, the office door slams.
18. Patrice gets out of her car, SLAMS the DOOR.
19. The car door slams again, causing me to jump.
20. Say, be careful of that door there; it slams.
21. The fear that slams my system is debilitating.
22. Hard, he whispers, and he slams into me.
23. One door closes and another one slams shut.
24. Enzo twirls his bo staff and slams it against the.
25. He slams his hand down, hard, on the steering wheel.
26. Say the pebble is an asteroid that slams into the.
27. Good bye Jonathan! Candis slams the phone down.
28. Cass slams the bulkhead door, and then locks it shut.
29. He slams her back as she cries out in terror and pain.
30. I’ve come back from bigger slams than that, buster.
31. The car barely misses her and slams into a telephone.
32. He shoves me into a room and slams the door behind me.
33. Baawh! she growls and slams the door in his face.
34. Cass slams the book closed that he is browsing through.
35. John and Dave lurch forward as the car slams to a halt.
36. Sex slams me in the face, scorching, drugging, volatile.
37. Peter jolts back so hard he slams his head into the wall.
38. Then the man on top of him rises up and slams down a fist.
39. Enzo releases his titanium bo staff and slams it into the.
40. She lifts her arm and slams one of her spheres into my head.

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