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Slap numa frase em (in ingles)

1. A slap to the face.
2. I slap his hand away.
3. And a slap on the rear.
4. Slap the cuffs on them.
5. It hit her like a slap.
6. It was a slap in the face.
7. Sue then gave me a slap.

8. Her firm slap surprised him.
9. I almost wanted to slap him.
10. If it’s you he should slap.
11. The slither and slap of bare.
12. I slap my hand on the dashboard.
13. The sharp slap pierces my ears.
14. He gives John a slap on the back.
15. Allison heard a slap and a thud.
16. Hold it with one hand and slap.
17. She wanted to slap his fat face.
18. I will slap a horse in the nose.
19. They then hear a slap or a smack.
20. Was she going to slap me again?
21. I will also slap a horse on the.
22. I'd add a drape over there, slap.
23. I wished I could slap him in cuffs.
24. Claire wanted to slap his smug face.
25. This is a slap in the face!.
26. It was a slap in the face to Tommit.
28. Suddenly a loud slap made her cringe.
29. Don't just slap a healthy portion of.
30. Nobody would slap you on the shoulder.
31. She could hear the slap of rowing now.
32. The slap of paws on tile filled the air.
33. It had hit her like a slap in the face.
34. Much worse than a slap across the face.
35. Bitch slap her! The mouthy cow’s.
36. Tyler gets another slap across the cheek.
37. A slap on the mouth silenced the scream.
38. Do not slap children/others on the ears.
39. Jabran gave a big slap to face of David.
40. Then if the cards match you have to slap.
1. Old age was slapping the.
2. Slapping his face and that.
3. The slapping increased in tempo.
4. The slapping came faster and faster.
5. The face slapping went on for hours.
6. Hunter slapping the ruler on the desk.
7. Slapping at the side of his own head, he.
8. Come, he commanded, slapping his leg.
9. Hands pulling, pushing, plucking, slapping.
10. Slapping each of their hands, he said, We.
11. Slapping her hands over her mouth Leora gasped.
12. With that, she started slapping him on his face.
13. Or listened to the rain, slapping on the ground?
14. So? Tolro said, slapping Muja’s face hard.
15. The guy really is obsessed with slapping my behind.
16. You idiot! She replied slapping his shoulder.
17. I had images of her laughing at me or slapping me.
18. There was much back slapping for Stinger who looked.
19. Ella makes a slapping motion in the air towards Mike.
20. He opened his eyes and witnessed Selar slapping him.
21. Anyway I’m just poundin’ it, slapping her on the.
22. When he pulled out the slapping stick, no one moved.
23. The Professor was getting to his knees and slapping.
24. The occasional twig slapping her face reminded her to.
25. Jaxon shook his head, his ears close to slapping Missy.
26. No! he screamed, his fists slapping the pavement.
27. AAHH! Mark yelled, slapping his hands to his head.
28. The movement of the slapping waves against the cement.
29. Make loud noises by slapping the water with cupped hands.
30. Regarding the slapping of my face, the police knew very.
31. Good that, Chuck said, slapping Thomas on the back.
32. Flavius first went to his son, slapping him in the back.
33. Golyadkin ended by slapping the real and substantial Mr.
34. He, he, he! the bent man cackled slapping his thigh.
35. Unbelievably, the slapping continued unabated after each.
36. Then it happened! The slapping and bitching out of Timmy.
37. She grimaced and turned, slapping her maid’s hand away.
38. Just you shush, his mom replied slapping him on the.
39. They were careful to know which one they were slapping at.
40. All three men were slapping their thighs and laughing hard.
1. It slapped on the table.
2. John slapped on the door.
3. The dog door slapped shut.
4. She slapped his hand away.
5. He got up and slapped her.
6. We must have slapped each.
7. She slapped me for that one.
8. She slapped him on the back.
9. I sighed and slapped my legs.
10. Rob slapped his own forehead.
11. The captain slapped his knee.
12. Then she slapped her forehead.
13. He slapped another brass pole.
14. I slapped Charlie on the knee.
15. He actually slapped his knee.
16. Llurdis slapped at her hands.
17. Nathan slapped him on the back.
18. Yes! She slapped his arm.
19. I slapped her across the face.
20. He waved and slapped the side.
21. He slapped her across the face.
22. He slapped me around the head.
23. She slapped me across the face.
24. Sabina slapped him on the arm.
25. He slapped him across the face.
26. She slapped him across the face.
27. She slapped him on his shoulder.
28. His hands slapped at the floor.
29. She could have slapped herself.
30. She slapped him hard on the ass.
31. Seeing this Tapas slapped him.
32. Well!’ She slapped her knees.
33. Thad slapped a hand on the desk.
34. He laughed and slapped his thigh.
35. Banks slapped his hands together.
36. Emily slapped his arm, Behave.
37. Fran slapped her across the face.
38. Goll slapped Erlandr on the back.
39. The thrown apple slapped my hand.
40. Then he slapped the guy on the.
1. She slaps him on the arm.
2. Then he slaps my ass hard.
3. He slaps John the back, smiling.
4. Hard, urgent slaps on the concrete.
5. He suavely slaps his Nokia to his ear.
6. We went back-and-forth with our slaps.
7. Nature slaps us in the face for hiding.
8. The pilot of the recon jet slaps his knees.
9. After a while slaps would turn to punches.
10. Elmer is awoken by a series of quick slaps.
11. What? Lynn slaps her fork on the table.
12. Gregory slaps me hard on the back and laughs.
13. I gave that creep three slaps across the face.
14. He slaps a large pack of photos on the counter.
15. He opens his fist and gently slaps Cass’ face.
16. Her skin was still twitching from recent slaps.
18. Zombies inside… He slaps himself in the head.
20. Q: What should I do when a man slaps me on my face?
21. He slaps Cass on the back, turns, and then walks away.
22. The meat plops onto the dirt in a tumble of wet slaps.
23. Then he slaps himself, because that's a Eugene thing to do.
24. A few soft slaps then building up, left to right and down.
25. A young man appears behind Joanna and slaps her on the back.
26. Here, don't keep me waiting, damn you! (He slaps her face).
27. Listen! Noah slaps his hand against the plate of glass.
28. I bobbed and weaved, ducked, and blocked several slaps, but.
29. Zem gave me a few light slaps on the shoulder and then left.
30. She pushes me away and slaps my hands, my body but not a peep.
31. He pulls her up by the arm and slaps her hard across the face.
32. Then he says, „Get on your knees, bitch! and he slaps her.
33. Benjamin chuckles and slaps an arm around his son’s shoulder.
34. When i saw that the Professor was going to lay some slaps on my.
35. Anyway, Julie was still cryin, and JB goes up and slaps her.
36. Kemp slaps Josh on the back of the head, Dude you are such a dork.
37. Imran gave another set of slaps on his face and expressed his views.
38. Violently desperate, she slaps his face, but he won’t come around.
39. Thus the greatest amount of the energy of my slaps results in sound.
40. It was futile gesture, marked by the slaps of a man standing over him.

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