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Slip numa frase em (in ingles)

The slip of our core.
As I slip it around.
I slip into his aura.
She tried to slip left.
It was a slip of mine.
A thin rolled slip of.
I have let things slip.

Ah! The hours slip away.
She reached for the slip.
Is this a Freudian slip?
Roman opened the call slip.
He had given him the slip.
Multar, and slip out again.
He has given them the slip.
One slip and shes a goner.
Does nothing slip by him?
Not a thing did she let slip.
He watched the sky slip away.
I slip out of the dormitory.
That was a slip of the tongue.
Slip the coil out of the rod.
It was a slip of the tongue.
He let it slip out of his hand.
But be careful and don't slip.
Or will you slip more?
I felt his arms slip around me.
But if you slip on this bridge.
A slip of the tongue, naturally.
Did we slip up? he pleaded.
He started to slip on his shoes.
Consciousness began to slip away.
I shake more than the wheels slip.
Here's the deposit slip and the.
She tried to slip out underneath.
Slip along, mortals; don't marry.
Rykus let her slip out of his arms.
Which caused me to slip out of her.
All she had on was this pink slip.
Wow, I did it! I didn’t slip up.
He handed her a confirmation slip.
The day was slipping by.
It was weak, and slipping.
She is slipping into a coma.
Slipping into her room she.
Doubts: slipping in like eels.
I'm not slipping you a trick.
He was still slipping, sliding.
An hour later, slipping into.
Now that is a lot of slipping.
The case was slipping away from him.
You were slipping through my hands.
He felt his energy slipping away as.
He felt his hands slipping sweatily.
Katie felt Chadwick’s hand slipping.
I didn’t count on my wheel slipping.
Hee! his sense is slipping out of him.
The sun was slipping below the horizon.
Slipping capsules into his coffee was a.
She turned, slipping her arms around him.
He felt he was slipping out of the saddle.
It was like slipping into another skin.
He ducked aside, slipping on the walkway.
The window always open, the wind slipping.
It fell, slipping over the foot of the bed.
Melissa was slowly slipping away from them.
The sky and slipping thorough smoked clouds.
William could feel it slipping from his grip.
She was standing up and slipping on her robe.
You’re slipping, Russell, Pooh jeered.
Eventually, sensations started slipping through.
The rider was obviously slipping off his horse.
It isn’t the slipping that hurts them so much.
If you can think of any way of slipping out of.
It isn’t too hard slipping over tangled limbs.
She helped him by slipping them down her thighs.
The stones in turn prevent the cord slipping off.
Notch the poles to prevent the ropes slipping off.
He stroked her roughly, his finger slipping inside.
Slipping the crotch of my panties to one side, he.
The floor was slightly rougher to prevent slipping.
I slipped on the ice.
I slipped out of bed.
He slipped out of bed.
But a tear slipped out.
I slipped mine into it.
He slipped from the car.
The cup slipped out of.
It had just slipped out.
He slipped on his shoes.
He slipped into his coat.
Yet, since I slipped by.
He slipped a bill to the.
The grasp had slipped away.
He must have slipped out.
She slipped in beside him.
She slipped into the water.
I slipped it over my head.
The bit slipped about at.
The year slipped by quickly.
He slipped through the door.
She slipped her hand into.
Hazel slipped off his shoes.
I slipped my hand into his.
Jared slipped into the bed.
Brooke slipped into my room.
Fury slipped under her skin.
I slipped in the bathroom.
He slipped away up the steps.
I, so to speak, slipped out.
The doctor has slipped here.
Sophia slipped out of the car.
He slipped his arm round her.
The days slipped away swiftly.
I slipped over to where the.
I slipped my hand down from.
They slipped in quickly and.
The pistol slipped from his.
Norah slipped her hand in his.
Oopsies sorry my arm slipped.
His foot slipped off the gas.
His smirk slips a bit.
And with you slips away.
He cries out and slips.
He slips and rolls down.
Aaron slips on his gloves.
No more slips or it's over.
If she slips again, I will.
I have the withdrawal slips.
Slips on the meat puppet glove.
Dizzy, he slips onto all fours.
Al’s hand slips from my mouth.
He slips quietly into the flat.
Looks around as he slips them on.
The proof was in three long slips.
The door opens and Tobias slips in.
Slips the house inside her pocket.
Cold air slips across my bare skin.
That was a lot of rejection slips.
The boy slips through the iron gates.
It propagates from cuttings or slips.
Corey slips on his winter denim jacket.
The tide slips away, then climbs back up.
B) Slips and falls, caught on projections.
The pen slips from their numbed hand and.
The amount columns on the slips are blank.
The hostess walked away with our order slips.
He turns his back to me and slips into his.
But, sir, such wanton, wild and usual slips.
You won’t be saying that when it slips out.
He slips as he tries to step over the puddle.
All of the call slips were coming out of the.
She twists, and coils, and crawls, slips out.
Jacob slips out too, leaving the beer untouched.
She was holding a hat filled with slips of paper.
Evil slips inside the healthy condition of moving.
Inside the envelope were two folded slips of paper.
She slips the can into the bucket and lets it fill.
We watch as a loved one slips further away from us.
Amy slips the key from the ignition and watches him.
The battleship portion was a few slips beyond that.

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