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Sloppy numa frase em (in ingles)

He planted a sloppy kiss.
Why had they gotten sloppy?
They moved slow, rigid, sloppy.
Sloppy moves cost me the game.
He became sloppy and uncontrollable.
Someone clearly did a sloppy job in.
Early on, it was sloppy and gruesome.

Sloppy, he thought to himself as he.
You get sloppy and make bad decisions.
The whole landing procedure was sloppy.
I had to hurry but I couldn't be sloppy.
They had been just as sloppy as before, poor.
For answer; the sucking noise of a sloppy kiss.
He’s getting sloppy, leaving his DNA around.
And give him a big sloppy one from me, too.
He heard a strange noise, a sloppy tearing sound.
You’re a sloppy, lazy son-of-a-bitch Alistair.
As such, I focused on taking her to the sloppy Joe.
On it, a small, one man, sloppy tent squatted next.
Only recently had he ever seen George as a sloppy drunk.
No, you’re much too sloppy and block-headed for that.
I prepared the sloppy Joes in twos and then prepared the.
I sighed and shoved the sloppy foil in his general direction.
Not waiting as Samantha gave him a sloppy wave, he galloped.
Still very careless of Jenkins if it was him, very sloppy.
I’m not having your sloppy seconds, Hvitserk declared.
This can make for some sloppy trading, but it’s worthwhile.
She wore sweats and a T-shirt, her hair in a sloppy ponytail.
I got a wet, sloppy kiss on my cheek and then we drifted off.
He moaned loudly and pulled her to his slick, now sloppy mouth.
Facts hadn’t been checked and the reporting was a bit sloppy.
Then she danced around Allison and covered her with sloppy kisses.
About half an hour from Carson City, in the sloppy, wet soil that.
Incomplete or sloppy research very well could hurt you in the long.
Splat! he hit and sank into a sloppy, soupy mix of urine and feces.
Don’t use it as a backstop for sloppy job definition and costing.
Ask the janitor how my sloppy seconds taste would ya? Remind him.
His answer to that was a groan and a sloppy lick that covered my face.
No one wanted to sit by Sam because he was not only sloppy, but huge.
She was simpering and sloppy, her tear-soaked face was swollen and raw.

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