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Sloshed numa frase em (in ingles)

I sloshed water over the frame.
The water sloshed softly against the.
Tethis sloshed a little as he nodded again.
You could drink a lot without getting sloshed.
Thus it sloshed, back and forth, until it was.
Jesse slammed his glass down, the beer sloshed out.
A small dilemma when a third bottle of wine sloshed.

Most of it sloshed across his date's designer dress.
The bathroom was flooded and, when I sloshed my way.
She sloshed it into the glass and it spilled over the side.
Rags stuck out of the top and gasoline sloshed about inside.
He stood up with a great gasp, and whiskey sloshed over the sides.
The Professor, with his umbrella, sloshed across the water soaked.
She wrenched the lid off the tin of paint, and sloshed it over him.
The bath water sloshed over the end and sides of the tub, but then.
The smell has gotten to your brain, said Darek, as he sloshed.
Ale sloshed over the sides of the pitcher as Alec poured another drink.
His feet sloshed through the water as he cautiously advanced down the.
The string jerked as Mosh grabbed it, the rat sloshed against the bullet-.
Chips of various hues and sizes sloshed around the table with careless energy.
The rocky bottom bruised her palms, and the chilly water sloshed up to her elbows.
Foreplay consists of the grand-duke’s attempts to get Elsie sloshed and then in bed.
Tea sloshed over the cup’s rim and would have scalded her if it had been any hotter.
But the roiling water sloshed and splashed, and more grunts and slobbers arose from it.
She waved her hand to stop him after an inch and a half of liquor had sloshed into hers.
He bent and cupped handfuls of cold water from the tap in the bath and sloshed it over his face.
My brother gets up and wobbles his way over on unsteady legs, almost looking like he's sloshed too.
Ha! Randall gestured at me with the hand holding the beer, and some of it sloshed onto my leg.
The patrons of the tavern cheered their approval and sloshed their mugs as they crashed them together.
My stomach dropped, and I set my teacup down so hard that some of the hot liquid sloshed over the edge.
Many of the pirates had assumed an early victory and were already half sloshed with ale, rum, and wine.
The water sloshed slightly and dripped out of a few holes that were in the side of the pail by the handle.
I launched into the shallow water and sloshed my way to the tight formed group of men near the pool’s center.
The hot wax sloshed over the side of the pot and hit the index finger on my right hand just above the middle knuckle.
He cupped his hand and sloshed water over his face, and then he removed his shirt and tried to wash it in the trickle.
He bent over the sink and sloshed water over his face and torso, and wet his hair and tried to comb it with his fingers.
Manda drew her other leg into the tub and sat down in the green water so quickly, water sloshed out and soaked the floor.
What a voice, and no wonder they call him Jones the voice, round here’ Wat says, getting sloshed on the strong Felinfoel ale.
He steadied himself, took some deep breaths, then he pushed off and sloshed over to where the CSIU team was processing the scene.
Breakers sloshed back and forth, spray burst forth in several locations, tentacles knotted as the battle raged in the depths of the pool.

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