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Slowly numa frase em (in ingles)

1. He slowly picked it up.
2. I slowly shook my head.
3. Close by it he slowly.
4. I slowly nodded my head.
5. I slowly stared at him.
6. The Boy Who Ate Slowly.
7. Slowly, she takes me in.

8. He shakes his head slowly.
9. Hap slowly read the memo.
10. He nodded his head slowly.
11. Slowly he shook his head.
12. The Cat is moving slowly.
13. Zoe shook her head slowly.
14. She shook her head, slowly.
15. She slowly shook her head.
16. It slowly rose to set on.
17. Yise shook her head slowly.
18. Simmer slowly for 3 hours.
19. The king was slowly dying.
20. Ken shook his head slowly.
21. She shook her head slowly.
22. Joey shook his head slowly.
23. Add the white wine slowly.
24. Slowly he raised his head.
25. Slowly at first, then it.
26. Slowly, go with me on this.
27. He began to back up slowly.
28. Still, I moved on, slowly.
29. My vision came back slowly.
30. He turned his head slowly.
31. Which slowly turns to dust.
32. Margo shook her head slowly.
33. He walked slowly towards me.
34. Jaden slowly opens his eyes.
35. She slowly got to her feet.
36. He slowly opened his eyes.
37. He stood slowly to his feet.
38. Nasir shook his head slowly.
39. Donna slowly shook her head.
40. Slowly, he sipped the beer.
41. He walked slowly toward her.
42. Dunit shook his head slowly.
43. Slowly he pried the window.
44. Slowly the others fell in.
45. He slowly began to read it.
46. Kerim shook his head slowly.
47. I slowly looked up as well.
48. They walked slowly to the.
49. Charles slowly began to nod.
50. Life moved very slowly and.
51. Court slowly got to his feet.
52. Yeltsa slowly shook her head.
53. Wilson slowly stood to leave.
54. The four hours passed slowly.
55. Suzuki shook his head slowly.
56. She slowly scanned the room.
57. Slowly, Kita opened her eyes.
58. She had it slowly rotating.
59. Two turned slowly and gasped.
60. It then moved slowly closer.
61. Ish picked up the ball slowly.
62. But slowly a picture emerged.
63. Calvin shook his head slowly.
64. The man shook his head slowly.
65. He approached the safe slowly.
66. Nancy nodded slowly her head.
67. Most of all, he will slowly.
68. And he slowly hatched a plan.
69. She spoke softly, and slowly.
70. The Elf slowly shook her head.
71. Janine shook her head slowly.
72. He slowly turned to face her.
73. He walked to the door slowly.
74. I slowly walked towards the.
75. Finlay slowly lifted me down.
76. The hushed answer came slowly.
77. Doc Zab slowly shook his head.
78. Juanita slowly shook her head.
79. Wear face mask and mix slowly.
80. Slowly rising to a conscious.
81. She let out her breath slowly.
82. Hold on, he said slowly.
83. The minutes passed by slowly.
84. Richard slowly closed his hand.
85. Slowly, she stepped out of him.
86. Eat slowly with constant rate.
87. A Walther PPK handgun slowly.
88. Cristal nodded her head slowly.
89. The gnarled head bobbed slowly.
90. He makes his way slowly to her.
91. It spreads slowly but surely.
92. The group moved rather slowly.
93. His mouth opened slowly in a.
94. Wendy took that in very slowly.
95. The sun rises: slowly the will.
96. Slowly, he begins to doze off.
97. Slowly he opened the cloth to.
98. She slowly approached the door.
99. Time drags by slowly for Yeshua.
100. Nyla walked slowly toward Selma.

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