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Slug numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Slug sat on the branch.
  2. And Slug did exactly that.
  3. Slug woke and felt hungry.
  4. I was as creative as a slug.
  5. C stitched up the slug holes.
  6. You can have the slug, too.
  7. I had wanted to order a slug.
  8. A long slug, then a stab at dinner.
  9. Here’s a slug for your head!.
  10. The slug that killed Dan Arkin was a.
  11. Terry took a slug of beer and settled in to.
  12. Caught a slug in the heart and one in the.
  13. I'll give her a forty-five slug in the brain.
  14. He poured a big slug of vodka and knocked it back.
  15. My name is Slug, he said, what is yours?
  16. Once it had my attention, it held out a dead slug.
  17. He sees your heart Slug and He is patient with us.
  18. I reached in my pocket and pulled out the bullet slug.
  19. He put it in his mouth and took a big slug of his drink.
  20. One of the men slug the boy hard on the side of his head.
  21. Go to sleep Slug, I will protect you, came the Voice.
  22. A lead slug would have smashed your shoulder to pieces.
  23. There’s one hefty slug left in the bottom of the bottle.
  24. Slug curled up inside his little house and closed his eyes.
  25. A second slug of malt helps Ted regain control of his voice.
  26. Slug told them about his meeting with Faith and they smiled.
  27. I slurp down the gooey substance followed by a slug of water.
  28. She looked at Slug again and said, trust in His Voice Slug.
  29. But I was so stubborn and stupid, Slug said interrupting.
  30. Now Slug had seen cocoons before, but, this one was different.
  31. Hey, thanks, that’s really nice, I said, taking the slug.
  32. Poured a slug of vodka, drained it and then worked his way down the.
  33. So this makes you either an extremely patient slug or a lover of boys.
  34. His cheeks hot, he took a hearty slug of wine to recover his composure.
  35. Troubled, she strokes her slug, which quivers in response to her touch.
  36. He chased them down with the last slug of his Guinness Extra Stout beer.
  37. She was looking at me in horror like I was a slug clinging onto her neck.
  38. The slug on her nape begins to squirm, and the Administrator stops moving.
  39. Slug watched her go, and in his heart her words came back to speak again.
  40. One slug had however kept going and had punctured the side of the cockpit.
  41. The slug appears to be releasing some sort of chemical to placate its host.
  42. Seeing Bull with that slug in his head was starting to mess with my psyche.
  43. Then she looked at Slug and noticed that he was rather old for a caterpillar.
  44. It was exactly as you said in your fax, Jane, a depleted uranium tipped slug.
  45. Gun Moll poured a three-finger slug into a chipped tumbler and handed it to me.
  46. Just straight up put his tongue in my mouth and left it there, like a dead slug.
  47. This consciousness which is functioning in me, in you, in the garden slug and.
  48. Well, there’s no way we can slug it out with them and even approaching them.
  49. Her new wings flapped for the first time and the warm air lifted her up above Slug.
  50. It looked like some kind of slug, but far far bigger than should have been possible.
  51. Jesus, she genetically engineered a slug that could eat plastic using a fungus?
  52. Hey! Hey, Gordon! Gordy, shit, please; I’m your brother! The slug from Gordon's.
  53. Then Slug heard the sound of strong wings above him and he thought he was going to die.
  54. There were two bags each containing one single slug retrieved from the scene of the crime.
  55. I hated him so much that I was even contemplating putting a slug through his.
  56. Are you afraid, Slug asked, feeling excited to see a butterfly fly for the first time.
  57. So with a new slug of capital and a new chairman, this could be a turning point for the company.
  58. Slug thought about the times when he had disobeyed and when he had obeyed the Creator’s Voice.
  59. She glanced up with an evil smirk and the urge to slug her nearly overwhelmed me all over again.
  60. The deer slug slammed into the back of the running, panic-stricken, Larry Rollins, exploded his.
  61. He had the bottle in his pocket and just before he came to the store he took one more slug of it.
  62. Bracken looked at them a little apprehensively, then took a last slug from the glass and stood up.
  63. His slug, all he really needs, can't be affected much by salt, since it’s not a real slug anyway.
  64. The spider-crab is not a crustacean, but more of a segmented, tough-hided, many-legged seagoing slug.
  65. Marguerite Reardon of CNET writes: As cable and phone companies slug it out in markets across the U.
  66. I once saw a terrorist whose head was split open like an over ripe melon after being shot by an R1 slug.
  67. Instead they decided on a traditional pub lunch in the traditionally named English pub The Slug and Lettuce.
  68. Now, as of writing this, he’s in the kitchen scrounging up some dinner for us, but he’s moving like a slug.
  69. Did you ever disobey the Creator’s Voice Faith? Slug asked, wondering if he should ask such a question.
  70. Shooting from his hip, Jabbar fired off a single round and the slug split Herb’s left shin bone into two pieces.
  71. My guns were in my hands fast as lightning, and I put a slug in the chest of the soldier holding the bogus device.
  72. So…the important thing is becoming a new creature, not flying, said Slug, understanding for the first time.
  73. The slug we found in Ainsley’s bedroom stuck in the mattress suggests Ainsley took Tennant’s gun home with him.
  74. And by the looks of that slug, you are also a slave to the mind-altering chemicals that it releases into your body.
  75. It is never stupid to ask questions Slug, but, there comes a time when we must stop asking and start trusting Him.
  76. Come on with this poor lads drink and fetch me a sherry with it while your at it your slower than a drunken slug.
  77. Alexei chuckled to himself when he realized what was going on, and received a slug to the arm and a scowl from Altera.
  78. He put a little food and water in the jar with it and it shrank back from its breakfast the way that a slug avoids salt.
  79. What looked like a giant slug was standing upright behind him, swaying back and forth, as though trying to hypnotise him.
  80. Ballistics has the slug from the jacket and will be sent the slug that passed through Twinn’s head if we ever find it.
  81. He wasn’t an idealist, only a money grubbing slug that had no interest in their goal other than lining his own pockets.
  82. The combat armor they both wore was intended to fend off lasers and not the slug from a large caliber pistol at short range.
  83. The tipped bullets can go through steel up to half an inch thick like a knife through butter and not throw the slug off track.
  84. So, when they see the caterpillars become butterflies, it helps them to have faith to believe what the Creator says, Slug asked.
  85. Ingrid’s slug however, her aim assisted by the red dot now dancing on the man’s chest, hit squarely her attacker, with the heavy.
  86. But, his opinion is discredited and so is any anthropological evidence suggesting Keller is just a mere mortal slug like the rest of us.
  87. Then, in a flash and without any warning, the slug slips off the Administrator's nape, tumbles to the ground, and bursts into dust on impact.
  88. She put on her cap again, pulling it over her ears with both hands and much care, and staring while she did it at a slug in the path in front of her.
  89. A heavy slug then whizzed by, scaring her to no little degree and making her pull even more on her steering lines in order to gain more forward speed.
  90. The impact had knocked the wind out of his lungs, but apart from the bruising that would form on his skin where the slug hit the vest, he was unharmed.
  91. Last week I celebrated my 20th birthday at the Slug and Lettuce on Charles Street and as it happened a band was on stage that was almost as old as me.
  92. One big slug of your paycheck after another goes into lottery tickets, bingo cards, slot machines, magazine subscriptions, hoping to be the next big winner.
  93. Revolutionary, what is the greatest amendment? hysterical with violation, she feebly hurled the worthless slug towards the billions of eyes staring at her.
  94. And the whisky had a funny effect; beyond a certain point, each slug from the bottle unfogged his thinking, until the whole house seemed to tremble with clarity.
  95. I'd experienced what a sip of Uncle Hobart's home-brew could do, but the slug the size he'd just taken would sear the skin from the inside of his throat and melt his teeth.
  96. It contained the bulletproof vest, ‘As I said, Ballistics is checking out the slug that went through Ainley’s head that we retrieved to see if it was from the same weapon.
  97. I am not happy because I will soon fly Slug, but, I am happy because I am born again, I am a new creation and I feel the joy of the Creator all through me, I can feel His love.
  98. When he thought he was far enough away that I could only miss or he could outrun the speeding slug, he turned and beat it out of there as fast as if the hounds of hell were on his heels.
  99. What’s this! You shock me, but not him? Eleanor said addressing the wall looking mad enough to slug it, but thinking better of it she held back and glared balefully at it instead.
  100. The crow landed on the branch between him and the beetle and Slug tried to crawl away as fast as he could, but, he was too fat with so much eating, and he was almost at the end of the branch.
  1. You old dog you, she said slugging his arm.
  2. Federation slugging it out in top secret meetings.
  3. The Preacher gave his wife a kiss and slugging his makeshift.
  4. He shouted and swung his arm, slugging Halirit across his face.
  5. Caramarin felt like slugging him, but as the man had a pistol and a hair.
  6. Slugging his back, he mused on the empty glass, and then eyed me, steadily.
  7. She let loose a flying roundhouse kick, slugging Wardon over the head; Wardon tumbled into the ground.
  8. The two gentlemen to her right were slugging whiskeys and feverishly discussing ways to save Fannie Mae.
  9. By the time he gave up the sport, he had the fifth most career home runs (361) and the sixth highest slugging percentage (.
  1. She playfully slugged me.
  2. I slugged my sherry back.
  3. I slugged him in the shoulder.
  4. Huh? Oh, Joe Teague slugged him.
  5. He slugged my arm and renewed the.
  6. Lucas playfully slugged me in the arm.
  7. I topped that, and slugged down Black Jack Old No.
  8. She should have given him that smile and slugged him.
  9. Jon slugged him on the back of the skull with a sandbag.
  10. Lucas put an arm around her, and she playfully slugged him.
  11. She rolled her eyes and laughed, as she slugged me in the arm.
  12. The Bird slugged and kicked Bush, but Bush refused to be cowed.
  13. I feel ashamed now that I slugged the old Professor, but my mind.
  14. Once the manoeuvre was complete, she re-engaged the autonav and slugged what was.
  15. Those kids should have been doped with beer and slugged into their cots hours ago.
  16. Without warning, the corporal slugged Louie in the head, then swung his arm back for another blow.
  17. Mandy was clutching her stomach where Dyslexia had slugged her, like getting hit with a thick branch.
  18. He slugged down the dregs of his cold coffee, and then the other donkey turd came through the chain-link gate.
  19. He slugged through an AFIT engineering degree and had been accepted for the test pilot school at Edwards, as I recall.
  20. The fat one pulled her to her feet and slugged her in the stomach with the force of a wrecking ball then lifted her from the floor and pushed her atop a table.
  21. When losing the signal I would start to lose control and pretend I was going to jump out of the car, but my father screaming my name at me usually slugged me back into present time reality for a short period anyway.
  1. Works on slugs and snails.
  2. He fired, sending the slugs.
  3. Sea slugs clean the sand naturally.
  4. Slugs are simply snails without shells.
  5. Double twelve-gage with buck and slugs.
  6. They’ll be as harmless and slow as slugs.
  7. We hit them, but the slugs didn’t drop them.
  8. Jeff, give Joey two more slugs to the head.
  9. But you will have to try if you want those slugs.
  10. We hit them, but the slugs didn’t drop them.
  11. Ballistics wasn’t able to match up the slugs with the.
  12. Upon the more imperfect animals, such as slugs, worms, toads, &c.
  13. The slugs had already been dug out of the walls and my bookcase.
  14. The slugs feed on the goo on the crystals and the put off that.
  15. Broken eggshel s can also be used as a deterrent for snails and slugs.
  16. Strain, then spray where you don’t want slugs and snails to invade.
  17. Slugs and snails enter and once inside will get caught in the solution.
  18. Attract birds and other creatures that naturally prey on snails and slugs.
  19. The slugs blew holes in the metal roof, and sunshine immediately came through.
  20. Spooky's guns opened up on full fire spraying the area with 300 slugs a second.
  21. The other puts a nickel in the slot machine, wins four slugs, and puts them back.
  22. Hollow-head slugs thudded like hammer blows into the oak-paneled walls around him.
  23. As I loaded six slugs into the chambers of the barrel I thought about.
  24. El-ahrairah spent the rest of the night gathering slugs; and a nasty business it was.
  25. Escar-Go! lures slugs with a naturally-occurring substance, then kills them within days.
  26. To repulse snails and slugs, col ect as many as you can, then place in a container and.
  27. The first thing they saw was Kehaar, picking slugs out of a clump of hemlock near the bridge.
  28. Plastic containers which are placed in the ground and will allow slugs to enter but not escape.
  29. He sat and tried to read the Geographic but couldn't concentrate on either Nigeria or sea slugs.
  30. Heavy machine gun slugs chased it as it pulled up, its belly illuminated by the parachute flares.
  31. Put a lid on the container and put aside for 3 or 4 days, al owing the snails and slugs to ferment.
  32. The three slugs dug from the tourist’s car matched the recently fired gun found in François possession.
  33. It was covered with slippery red blood and had been fused shut by the slugs that tumbled into Travers's stomach.
  34. All this knowledge went into keeping a tank of sewage-eating slugs and running the plumbing as horizontal as possible.
  35. Resigned, Claire reached behind her, held up a bunch of small glassine bags with what looked like distorted slugs inside.
  36. Ballistics was working on the slugs retrieved from Ainsley’s house, and the bodies of Ainsley, Twinn, Tennant and the dog.
  37. The bullets found in some of the tires were 51-millimeter military-style slugs, obviously fired from sophisticated sniper rifles.
  38. She covered Phil as he put aside the shotgun loaded with solid slugs, more usually used to take crack-house doors off their hinges.
  39. Three slugs had punctured the left wing from under, apparently without causing any serious damage there except to the aluminum skin.
  40. It is a natural blend of iron phosphate found in the soil and a natural bait that lures slugs and snails away from their hiding places.
  41. Pointing a shotgun (unless loaded with solid slugs) at a suspect more than a hundred feet away is a waste of time and always makes me laugh.
  42. They lay still as the cold mud and slime oozing like slugs penetrated their clothes and he heard the Mercedes drive slowly back down the road.
  43. I’ve got calls in to the CSU techs, and they’re going to be prying slugs out of your walls and combing the place for the rest of the night.
  44. He stamped his feet, shaking off a few of the slugs while most clung tight, and his stomach heaved at the squishy sensation under the soles of his boots.
  45. At the same time it is a stinking pesthole where most are addicts, burn-outs lie in the gutters and grey slugs of human beings lurk in the under-cellars.
  46. Travers explained to Parker that sparklers were the 20mm High Explosive Incendiary (HEI) that exploded in bright flashes whereas balls were 20mm solid slugs.
  47. With a shudder of revulsion he realised he had shat himself, so tossed his jeans in the washing machine, cleaned himself up and downed a couple of slugs of whisky.
  48. I've already mentioned that there's a Mossberg shotgun loaded with Brenneke slugs in our tent, and Pat now gives a precise explanation on the gun's use and its purpose.
  49. Gardeners will want to watch out for caterpillars, grasshoppers, snails, earwigs, beetles, and slugs as these garden pests can cut holes in the leaves of your prized pants.
  50. Their noses lit up when their massive nose armament of eight heavy machineguns opened fire, raining heavy slugs on the North Korean soldiers and ripping apart their ranks.
  51. They tell me slugs are not really happy, that Nature is cruel, and that you only have to scratch the pleasant surface of things to get at once to blood-curdling brutalities.
  52. A hubcap full of quarters and slugs rested atop it, and he sat for the next several hours with his head back, listening to his 45s, trying not to think of the word blocked.
  53. The slugs that killed Chaz Smith match to a gun stolen from the property room, and all of the hits were so smoothly executed that the shooter had to know the dealers’ whereabouts.
  54. Why do you keep meddling with these ridiculous slugs?! What is it within you that holds you here, that draws you to the humans?! And what will you do about this errant offspring of yours? Hmmm….
  55. He painted a reclining woman with laced hands surrounded by zippers and serpents, or were they slugs or seeds? Next to her is a pathetic little ringmaster figure, wearing what I took to be a tricorn hat.
  56. He felt immense satisfaction as he opened fire, spraying the barges and the soldiers inside with over eighty heavy slugs per second and also turning at the same time the hull of the transport ship into a sieve.
  57. Dusting is best for crawling pests such as snails and slugs, spiders, snakes, rats, gophers (place into tunnels), ants, fleas (outdoors only), and will keep, rabbits, deer and coyotes away (sprinkle around property edge).
  58. While the cannon fire from the fighter aircraft wrecked havoc among the Vietminh troops of the first wave, the slugs from the Vietminh gunners unwillingly added to the carnage as they tried to hit the low flying aircraft.
  59. And it never failed that they got dirty because they never tired of lifting rocks and leaves and whatever else might be harboring toads and crickets and moths and slugs and centipedes and roly-poly’s and those ever-industrious ants.
  60. Let us say at once that that merry obstacle, a shower, was lacking in the case of this good-humored party, although Favourite had said as they set out, with a magisterial and maternal tone, The slugs are crawling in the paths,—a sign of rain, children.
  61. Yamamoto was looking at the big fireball caused by the explosion of an ammunition ship when the terrifying noise of heavy slugs whistling by made him crouch in a hurry, while more slugs pierced the superstructures of the battleship and shattered viewing ports.
  62. To talk with such levity, such heartlessness, of Fanny's death, _Fanny's_ death, who had been all that he had ever known of life--flaming, throbbing, torturing, exquisite life, compared to which his and Audrey's existences were nothing but the sleep of slugs.
  63. The sham chaplain came into our cells to exhort us, carrying a black bag, supposed to be full of tracts, and so often did he come that by the third day we had each stowed away at the foot of our beds a file, a brace of pistols, a pound of powder, and twenty slugs.
  64. Brady listed the victims’ names and said that the police were looking for the shooter; he said that the preliminary ballistics tests of the slugs found in the dead men’s bodies showed they were a match to the ones removed from the body of drug dealer Chaz Smith.
  65. A few of them were squirming trying to hold their guts in while some pulled their self back the way they had come with the aid of the grass tufts leaving trails of blood like garden slugs on the terrain whilst the few who hadn’t been hit turned and ran as fast as they could.
  66. The black-enfolded nether-beast had begun to sink into the soil, its thunderous laughter dropping the leaves from the trees in the forest behind, while Caleb stood rigid, either ignoring the slimy, clasping slugs that climbed his frame, or as Jeeter imagined, frozen stiff in fear.
  67. If there is a thing I love it is exploring the little paths of an unknown wood, finding out the corners where it keeps its periwinkles and anemones, discovering its birds' nests, waiting motionless for its hedgehogs and squirrels, and even searching out those luscious recesses, oozy and green, where it keeps its happy slugs.

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