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Smack numa frase em (in ingles)

1. I wanted to smack her.
2. A smack with a stick.
3. Mary hit it with a smack.
4. I wanted to smack myself.
5. The smack of skin on skin.
6. You calling me a cheat? Smack.
7. They then hear a slap or a smack.

8. The bullets arrived with a smack.
9. It’s smack in the center of.
10. Sometimes I still want to smack her.
11. And he kissed his hand with a smack.
12. A smack rang through the humble home.
13. Whoever it was, I wanted to smack them.
14. Dive right smack into the middle of it.
15. Why is this place such a shithole? Smack.
16. There, Runner said with a lip smack.
17. You think you’re smarter’n me? Smack.
18. What is that smack? Gracy whispers.
19. Why is there no food in the fridge? Smack.
20. Needs a good smack, is what he needs.
21. That girl needed a good smack, she thought.
22. Locke had a notion to smack his own forehead.
23. You could smack her in the face with a rock.
24. She reached up and pretended to smack his cheek.
25. The lab was smack in the center of the building.
26. And then it hit me, like a smack to the forehead.
27. The French Smack, the first battle on our lands.
28. I heard another smack and Natalie hollered in pain.
29. Downward he fell with a hard smack into the water.
30. Behind the brick wall, Scott and Kenny hear a smack.
31. It closed around the woman's wrist with a dull smack.
32. We were to land right smack dab in the heart of Kansas.
33. Where does all the money go, Patty? Smack, smack, smack.
34. It takes a crisis, a good smack on the head to awaken us.
35. Nick felt the floor reach up to smack him in the forehead.
36. I wanted to smack Puppy across the face, or whatever his.
37. Unfortunately, snorting smack didn’t yield the same high.
38. Lachenel gave himself a great smack on the boot with his.
39. Smack! A larger variety of hailstone shattered on the deck.
40. It took all my strength not to turn round and smack him one.
1. Smacking his lips together, he.
2. The kid is screaming and smacking Mr.
3. There was a noisy, smacking first bite.
4. I thrash in the water, smacking the walls.
5. I could hear smacking noises and I groaned.
6. What was that smacking sound I heard?!.
7. She continues with shouting and broom smacking.
8. The fist came out of nowhere, smacking her cheek.
9. Did you try smacking her around a little?
10. There was a pause and the faint smacking of lips.
11. Ged drank deeply, smacking his lips appreciatively.
12. All she could hear was the old man smacking his lips.
13. Ashi could hear Lori smacking on her gum before she could.
14. I could hear Knut smacking his lips dramatically, cleaning.
15. He scratched his head and rubbed his eye, smacking his lips.
16. Mitch’s head shot up, smacking hard against the brick wall.
17. But it had a nose, too, and slanting eyes and smacking lips.
18. Her father barely stopped in time to avoid smacking into him.
19. After a certain amount of savouring and smacking of lips, the.
20. Her tail flicked back and forth, smacking into the back of the seat.
21. Become you! You would — Flash mad smacking sounds with his beak.
22. He was smacking her around, yes, said one of his closest friends.
23. Don’t touch me, Sonja said smacking his hand away from her hair.
24. The boy jerked his head back, smacking it against the trunk of the bush.
25. It will only be satisfied by smacking his ear hard with the flat of my hand.
26. Is it gin? Asked Shoop dryly, making revolted smacking noises with his.
27. She was reading a magazine, and smacking a strawberry scented gum in her mouth.
28. They sat smacking their lips in the dark, with only the one small moth-bulb lit.
29. She nodded dumbly as he strode off toward the private office, smacking his fist.
30. I won’t regret smacking that flat-chested moose in the face, Cherry said.
31. Cristal entertained the thought of reaching over and smacking the back of her head.
32. The searing pain made Locke fold over, almost smacking his head into Hiss’ chest.
33. Jimmy started to run, his hard-sole shoes smacking uncomfortably against the pavement.
34. Hey, that’s the Book you’re talking about! Elmont said, smacking the Ferengi.
35. That was crazy! What comes next grandpa? Trent asked, smacking my shoulder hard.
36. Max leapt on the body, smacking the flat face of the spanner down hard on his forehead.
37. Glau, Onyx and Torquil locomoted behind them, smacking the fairies away from the berries.
38. He slammed his tightly balled fist into the palm of the other hand making a loud smacking.
39. Cass tries pushing him out the door, but Unks fights him off by smacking him with the chain.
40. He did not believe in symbolism, but the meaning of this dream was smacking him in the face.
1. I smacked his hand away.
2. I lightly smacked his arm.
3. He got up and smacked me.
4. He smacked into the floor.
5. Joey smacked me on the back.
6. It all smacked of a set-up.
7. He smacked it over and over.
8. Then she smacked into a wall.
9. It almost smacked of boasting.
10. The lid smacked in anticipation.
11. She smacked his hand with a spoon.
12. Trevor smacked the top of his head.
13. Her lips smacked with appreciation.
14. He smacked himself in the forehead.
15. He smacked it with his right hand.
16. She smacked his shoulder playfully.
17. I smacked him in the shoulder again.
18. She lightly smacked him in the arm.
19. The folder smacked against my door.
20. Raekwon smacked her with full force.
21. Gary smacked the table with his hand.
22. She smacked his arm with her gloves.
23. Jermaine smacked the back of my head.
24. She smacked me at the back of my head.
25. My mother smacked the back of my head.
26. I tol’ Ma about you and she smacked.
27. I smacked him in the back of the head.
28. I smacked you too hard that last time.
29. What he had just done smacked of theft.
30. Turning, she smacked into a broad chest.
31. To repose smacked of luxury and respect.
32. Then she smacked me again with her fist.
33. That one smacked into his cervical spine.
34. He smacked Hal yday's make up pad out of.
35. His body smacked into the hard-packed snow.
36. Her words had hit home, had smacked of truth.
37. Then Sue smacked her lips a couple of times.
38. His hand smacked my outreaching fingers away.
39. Then she ran in and smacked him in the chops.
40. Smiling, Alicia smacked his shoulder playfully.
1. A Hologis marble smacks his face.
2. This all smacks of magic, Astley.
3. I make no doubt it smacks of wenching.
4. Shit! Amar smacks the steering wheel.
5. He smacks me across my behind with his hand.
6. Now that definitely smacks of an inside hand.
7. But what I have heard hardly smacks of disorder.
8. I was just happy I was able to avoid her smacks.
9. The poacher, like the smuggler, smacks too strongly of the brigand.
10. And he smacks his fist into his face and one after another in the stomach.
11. She tries to turn too soon, and the ladder smacks into Fernando’s shoulder.
12. After a punch in her stomach, she doubles over and smacks down to the ground.
13. By way of punctuation, he takes the fungo bat and smacks it into a parking meter.
14. The woman angrily looks at the man and slightly smacks him on the back of his head.
15. But for me, this smacks too much of solipsism, which has an overtone I don't.
16. Her lips glisten when she lowers the bottle and gently smacks it back into my hands.
17. Mitch smacks and shakes Keith hand then says, You’re alright in my book Keith.
18. Gordon suddenly smacks his arm and shouts, There’s mosquitoes around here!.
19. Steng follows and when he turns, he almost smacks into The Hardware Killer's rear end.
20. It smacks the girl on our team, who yelps and hangs her head when her suit deactivates.
21. He smacks my behind and then cages me in by placing both hands on the counter around me.
22. My mobile phone smacks to the paving bricks and the car drives off with screeching tires.
23. Rödel steps forward and swings the hose and smacks Frederick with it across the shoulder.
24. I have to conclude that my cookbook definitely is not political and it smacks of no lies.
25. On the shore the fishermen's children were wading about and playing in the parental smacks.
26. Peter barely groans, and smacks my ear with the flat of his palm, laughing under his breath.
27. Justin’s head smacks the floor, and this time he’s truly unconscious, no faking about it.
28. Rolling hills, valleys, coves and harbours, fishing smacks at sea, and small ships coasting along.
29. He fumbled for something to say, but could come up with nothing but a few loose smacks of his lips.
30. On the fourth, Frederick throws up his arms and the hose smacks against his forearms and he stumbles.
31. Anything which even slightly smacks of being better, anything that is GOOD, anything that is not bad.
32. These astrologers attempt to remove from astrology anything that smacks of superstition or mysticism.
33. A size ten boot smacks into the woodwork, karate style, just below the latch and the door frame splinters but holds.
34. An angry Charlotte tries to hit Diane D back but Diane D blocks her and smacks Charlotte hard across the back again!.
35. Selena pulls him into the room and smacks the door shut in my face, very childish, still sticking out her tongue at me.
36. The soldier tosses the clipboard onto the seat and smacks the driver on the shoulder, then takes his seat, in front of us.
37. I’m not one to seize upon anything that smacks of a feminine characteristic and use it to build the case that I must be female.
38. Marcus smacks at Tobias’s leg, blood streaming past his lips, but even if he was at his strongest, he still wouldn’t be as strong as his son.
39. Davie and his brother try again, together this time, and the frame splits as the door judders on its hinges and then smacks into the hallway wall.
40. Lynn smacks Uriah hard in the back of the head, Christina says, “Hey Tris!” and Uriah cries, “Ow! How on earth do you make a pillow hurt, Lynn?”.

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