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Small numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. It was a small thing.
  2. It was a small place.
  3. You have a small mind.
  4. It was small and neat.
  5. It, it seems to small.

  6. It meant a small re-.
  7. A group of very small.
  8. The small islands of St.
  9. Darklow is a small town.
  10. Some small thing it was.
  11. A small act of defiance.
  12. It was just a small ramp.
  13. He, too, was small –.
  14. We've only got small, Mr.
  15. There was a small group.

  16. Liulfr gave a small smile.
  17. After a small amount of.
  18. This was small fry stuff.
  19. She emitted a small laugh.
  20. Small insect on the moon.
  21. Another Small Story for U.
  22. So he gave a small smile.
  23. There was a small table.
  24. It was small and flaccid.
  25. From time to time, small.

  26. A small price to pay for.
  27. Where the Small Things Go.
  28. The heat and small space.
  29. There was a small kitch-.
  30. It’s too small in here.
  31. The world is such a small.
  32. Bert was quite a small man.
  33. None are as small as Earth.
  34. Cut cold into small pieces.
  35. I might take a small peep.
  36. A small header at the top.
  37. Soon they reached a small.
  38. Small groups, in, out fast.
  39. A small beeping sound began.
  40. He is brave for one so small.
  41. It’s no small task, either.
  42. There was a small restaurant.
  43. He took several small fish.
  44. He made Steroids look small.
  45. When a function is small, a.
  46. No, her house is too small.
  47. He spoke into a small monitor.
  48. Returned to the small street.
  49. The still small voice, silent.
  50. She gave a small, solemn nod.
  51. A small hatch opened and he.
  52. I’m used to the small ones.
  53. Communist with small „c, n.
  54. The small country bank that.
  55. It emerges crooked and small.
  56. He wanted to fix Dennis Small.
  57. We gave her a very small dose.
  58. This is why you need a small.
  59. It was neither huge nor small.
  60. My example is a very small one.
  61. I felt like a small boy again.
  62. As his small eyes shone with.
  63. It also overlooks a small pond.
  64. A small pebble bounced across.
  65. She loved the small cosy rooms.
  66. There, a small child solemnly.
  67. That was a small part of it.
  68. Father has a small house there.
  69. The small parking stayed packed.
  70. She was small in stature, the.
  71. The small print and all that.
  72. Intuitions can be small things.
  73. Once firm cut in small squares.
  74. We crossed a small creek, and.
  75. I hold my small dagger tightly.
  76. Small bills, we tipped normally.
  77. Your window is very small.
  78. But consider this small program.
  79. He was shown to a small, stone.
  80. Cut into small squares to serve.
  81. The small craft now making its.
  82. We do have a few small girls.
  83. She was small and thin and gray.
  84. The Texas Panhandle is a small.
  85. Doesnt look very small to me.
  86. I had a small one from that fuck.
  87. The recall won by a small margin.
  88. Shape mixture into small balls.
  89. I know that Ithaca is very small.
  90. It had a dark, small rim of wood.
  91. Oh, I said in a small voice.
  92. One of the small girls, who was.
  93. She led me back to the small tent.
  94. Her name was etched into a small.
  95. Small fires flickered under each.
  96. Pater Dominic crossed the small.
  97. She looked small, alone and proud.
  98. The order of Dawn was small, self.
  99. Snip apricots into small strips.
  100. In his arms he carried a small boy.

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small belittled diminished little minor modest minuscule humble low lowly

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