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Smashed numa frase em (in ingles)

It was all smashed up.
She had smashed it we.
It smashed in slow motion.
Our army's smashed to bits.
After all, Yum was smashed.
He smashed at Mark’s chin.
He is smashed up really bad.

Wood smashed against my mouth.
He smashed his face against.
It smashed into the face of.
The bottle smashed to pieces.
And bam! A lamp smashed down.
Right eye socket was smashed.
Seconds later I smashed into.
Balham had been badly smashed.
His face smashed against the.
The glass smashed on the floor.
The heel smashed into the wall.
That scum smashed the radios.
He smashed them into each other.
The little vial had been smashed.
Dropped and smashed on a teardrop.
A truck had smashed through the.
Cameron smashed his through the.
We smashed the pearls at our feet.
She smashed his face to the floor.
His expectations had been smashed.
The DTS, head on, smashed the gate.
Some of the cases had been smashed.
When it fell, it smashed into the.
Smashed bottles filling the gutters.
A second later, the beasts smashed.
Then I gently smashed them together.
The pallet smashed down onto his head.
The tissue over the break is smashed.
It smashed as it struck the far wall.
Apart from the windows being smashed.
Chalmers smashed his hand on the desk.
Smashed the handset against the wall.
Alex smashed his fist into the water.
Try smashing in the windows.
He hit the rocks, smashing.
Instead he started smashing things.
This time it was a smashing success.
But I had no memory of smashing into.
Me smashing in Amy’s busy, busy brain.
They were smashing the time-travel machinery.
Sheri looked smashing in a red bathing costume.
All the way he went cruelly smashing her beliefs.
Smashing things at fast speed has no power to claim.
A goon in my house smashing things with a baseball bat.
Alan deflected the blow, his forearm smashing into hers.
It would’ve been nice to keep smashing him with that.
Mick selected reverse and floored it, smashing into the.
We have been smashing things apart with tools ever since.
It was punctuated with a steady beat of smashing bottles.
Chaos and shouting and thumping and grunting and smashing.
Her head smashing on them nearly knocking her unconscious.
He killed his brother right then, on the street, smashing.
What by smashing up the crockery? Jags rubbed her eyes.
What rot! he answered, smashing the ball into a pocket.
Watch, she said, smashing the clod to bits on the earth.
It’s bad out here and I can’t risk smashing up The Beast.
The man’s been smashing away at us for a couple of years now.
She thought about smashing her head into the mirror beside her.
The gigantic worm thrashed about once again, smashing its head.
Iratus roared and sprang across the small capsule, smashing his.
I pictured grabbing the tin pot and smashing it across his face.
I remembered Matty smashing chairs and glassware as Hugo howled.
Make up new games—ones without smashing, crashing and crunches.
Roger aimed at the rear of Doyle’s car and fired, smashing the.
I had Kallock pinned and was in the process of smashing his nose.
It beats the sound of bones smashing under the tires, I said.
I think my strength is in smashing illusions, fantasies, and myths.
He saw the beast topple into the gramophone, smashing it to pieces.
The little bulldozer of a woman ran into the door smashing it open.
Tons of ice fell in large boulders, smashing and covering furniture.
Why don’t you try smashing it? That always works in the movies.
Mekhit was smashing demons with her walker, yel ing, Meow! and.
It swayed and fell over, smashing into pieces at the feet of the man.
The shell smashes through Col.
Christian smashes the horn to get.
Enzo smashes the console with his staff.
A glass smashes on the opposite side of the room.
He pulls out his gravity hammer and smashes left.
He grabs one bar just as the next wave smashes over.
It ricochets off the wall and smashes into his chest.
It rolls off the table and smashes on the tiled floor.
Willie's rocket SMASHES and EXPLODES onto the cliff's wall.
He smashes flies against the lamp lit wall, his caricature.
My head smashes into the mirror and my butt lands in the sink.
He just takes all of what we thought we knew smashes it to pieces.
After two more smashes, the glass shattered into thousands of pieces.
Devon sees the caller ID and smashes his expensive mobile against a wall.
Then it clenches its steel hand into a fist and smashes the man’s skull.
Arbuthnot, driving, dies at the wheel, smashes the other car off the road.
She’d been dreaming about car smashes, and was still a little bleary when she woke.
He was like an infant which, when it has drunk its fill, throws away and smashes the cup.
Marcus moves with inhuman speed, picks Julian up off the floor, and smashes him into a tree.
The shooter smashes the driver’s side window, beating the driver senseless with the butt of his gun.
She cautiously holds the jar over bumps as she takes a pill out of her hand and smashes it in the herbal mixture.
As Johnson smashes the windows of a local store, he realises that he is so used to this he has forgotten what it’s like.
A red car starts swerving back and forth across the road, until it smashes into the side of the van, spinning it around in a circle.
At this stage the crims are below, about done, when Vatavai regains consciousness, takes stock of the situation and smashes his way out.
Next thing this big lad walks in to the cell and just smashes Tim and then forces Tim to swap sneakers with him, obviously Tims were a nicer pair.
If the slightest thing goes wrong in any of attempt to pretend to be a bird: the person who is not a bird smashes to the ground and dies in agony.
Suddenly like a child in a tantrum she smashed at anything that got in her way as she violently slung her clothes on in between shouts and smashes.
He is the rock carved out without hands that smashes the feet of the great image in Daniel's prophecy and becomes a great mountain that fills the whole earth.
The driver uses the last of the vehicle's momentum to try to turn into our path, but Gregory smashes the van into it's front and it spins off of the road as we speed past.
It is the kernel or seed of truth and mighty wisdom (the Philosophers’ Stone and the unsealed Apocalypse) that smashes the feet of the four-metal image ( beast/idol) in the Book of Daniel.
Ryodan smashes a fist out sideways, squarely into the guy’s face without even looking, while saying, Assuming I arrange this meeting, the Keltar will aid in regaining control of the abbey regardless of the outcome.
A can smashes against the asphalt, a bat is rolling, footsteps are scattering, and a voice, dreamily familiar, is commanding the skinheads to come back and retrieve their friend, who lies moaning some feet away on the sidewalk.
Just when it seemed the twelve deep crew was about to smash the smaller group some little nutter races in from out of no where and smashes a breville sandwhich toaster into the face one of the twelve and keeps running past as the dude he hit falls straight to the floor bleeding profusely and holding his face.
To fly with my thought to a land without anguish, is what sometimes I presaged could save me, but which ferocious colt that smashes in the thunderstorm, I suffer again for the footpath with the silk that hires me; because my mouth that is mute when it comes to speaking to you, once you have separated it did not stop protesting out loud, infamous love, if when I could embrace you, not even a sound I whispered and again I saw you passing.

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It was another smash hit.
Show it me and smash it.
Tammas wanted to smash it.
And don't you smash that.
Otherwise he would smash it.
Protons or lead ions smash.
He wanted to smash something.
Smash everything that you can.
I guess he was trying to smash.
As long as they don’t smash.
I wanted to smash it with my fist.
Smash the skull and kill the brain.
He would have to smash it open somehow.
Go and smash it in and slash the tyres.
We can smash up the box and dump it later.
I guess you could smash its head in with.
He heard the gnome smash against the metal.
The monster raised his sword to smash Grover.
Thedy stood waiting for him to smash the jar.
I shall drop it or smash it, as sure as fate.
She thought they would smash into one another.
She already knew that she’d smash a taillight.
Outside he could see, but not hear, tiles smash.
It served no purpose to smash his magnificent ego.
He wanted to cry, he wanted to smash things in fury.
I felt a pot smash in pieces on the back of my head.
The right head can create or smash your sales letter.
Theyd was standing, waiting for him to smash the jar.
He would soon smash it in with his axe, he felt sure.
Cynthia, try to find something to smash the wall with.
Everything seemed to have gone smash for the young man.
They were a smash hit and he sold over 100,000 of them.
Rommel had failed to smash the invasion on the beaches.
When the onion is tender, smash the garlic with a fork.
He began his search for the best car for a smash and grab.
This does not mean you can smash their shops and beat.
You pick up the empty glass and smash it into her kneecap.
Our film Crossed Sabers was the smash of 1926 across America.
I smash the ice and it falls harmlessly into the water below.
What was in those tests that said Ali could smash any bowler.