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Smell numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. He can smell the man.
  2. It was a smell with.
  3. A stale smell hit me.
  4. I can still smell her.
  5. The smell of her hair.

  6. The smell of the salt.
  7. Not the smell of life.
  8. The smell was not as.
  9. By the smell of caca.
  10. Domingo, I smell a rat.
  11. It was a smell of earth.
  12. He could smell the man.
  13. And the smell of blood.
  14. I could even smell it.
  15. I could smell the river.

  16. A smell like an eating.
  17. I didn't have the smell.
  18. It didn't smell of much.
  19. The smell of blood, of.
  20. I bend to smell the rose.
  21. He would smell her scent.
  22. It was the smell of money.
  23. The smell of the Cyress.
  24. I don't smell that bad.
  25. I can smell the stadium.

  26. It was the smell of land.
  27. Lunt as bad as the smell.
  29. It was the smell of Home.
  30. The smell of old burning.
  31. You always smell so good.
  32. I could smell the heady.
  33. It does smell like candy.
  34. She could smell the musk.
  35. I could smell her perfume.
  36. I could smell moist soil.
  37. Not to mention the smell.
  38. That was until the smell.
  39. You smell nothing of life.
  40. You smell just fine to me.
  41. The smell of hotdogs and.
  42. You cannot see a smell.
  43. That, along with the smell.
  44. O! Man, its smell is Oooo.
  45. The smell of rotted meat.
  46. The smell of burned flesh.
  47. Is that food I smell?
  48. I could smell his cologne.
  49. Could he smell the smoke?
  50. She could smell the aroma.
  51. That was the burning smell.
  52. They begin to smell it too.
  53. A vague smell of chemicals.
  54. David could smell her body.
  55. Smell doesn't come into it.
  56. She loved the smell of him.
  57. They could hear and smell.
  58. I could smell the bacon.
  59. It had a new-backhoe smell.
  60. Then I smell up the whole.
  61. And he could smell perfume.
  62. He could smell her perfume.
  63. She could smell that scent.
  64. It did indeed smell vilely.
  65. Rugger could smell the fear.
  66. The smell of chocolate faded.
  67. Nice smell these soaps have.
  68. All he could smell was the.
  69. The sweet smell of burning.
  70. The smell is most appalling.
  71. The man could not smell him.
  72. He paused to smell his hand.
  73. The smell inside was ungodly.
  74. Wake up and smell the shit.
  75. He could smell and taste it.
  76. I smiled at its sweet smell.
  77. The smell of fresh cut hay.
  78. Luckily, there is the smell.
  79. She could almost smell the.
  80. It was the smell of success.
  81. It was a strange smell, too.
  82. She wanted to smell one of.
  83. Smell for yourself, One Elf.
  84. You said smell and taste.
  85. And the smell was different.
  86. There was a different smell.
  87. The pungent smell of burnt.
  88. He smelled the clean smell.
  89. I remember the smell of it.
  90. I can still smell the river.
  91. Know her smell in a thousand.
  92. It explains the bad smell.
  93. He could smell a savoury soup.
  94. It even had a pleasant smell.
  95. I can almost smell that hot.
  96. He smelled the smell of his.
  97. He could smell it on himself.
  98. A smell that wasn’t normal.
  99. The smell is the same one I.
  100. It was the smell of the King.
  1. What will you be smelling.
  2. It was smelling out my trail.
  3. Smelling the tail end of ports.
  4. It was smelling out their trail.
  5. Smelling another being is very.
  6. His breath, always sweet smelling.
  7. He was smelling her? Some kind of.
  8. It was the unpleasant smelling body.
  9. He opened his mouth, smelling, tasting.
  10. The towel was fresh smelling and plush.
  11. Sally would know by smelling it on him.
  12. Ganesh winced at the foul smelling paste.
  13. Smelling indicated a foul smell around me.
  14. He was smoking a strong smelling cigarette.
  15. This time there is less smelling and her.
  16. Smelling him, remembering it, disgusted her.
  17. The meat he uses is rotten and foul smelling.
  18. That was where my granddaddy began smelling eggs.
  19. Ehh, Andy, we can still come out of this smelling.
  20. Egg smelling, stated Jackson Manquin Kennedy.
  21. It was standing on that limb, smelling really bad.
  22. I snorted causing the odd smelling water to ripple.
  23. Should not smell bad, but should be strong smelling.
  24. That is the hottest smelling cup of Joe in history.
  25. Silas flew onto her shoulder, leaning in and smelling.
  26. On the pathway Saul strolled along, smelling the air.
  27. Then as she opened her eyes on smelling the bottle—.
  28. Smelling moisture in the air she hoped that the rain.
  29. Until, that is, granddad Kennedy started smelling them.
  30. Smelling blood, Death’s Cardinals shrieked and lunged.
  31. I ducked beneath the water, smelling oil and fertilizer.
  32. Aren't you the sweetest smelling doggy? Yes, you are!.
  33. Selma gathered up an armful of the putrid smelling gray.
  34. She was still seeing things in the past– and smelling it.
  35. This was as foul smelling a place as you could ever imagine.
  36. He buried his face in her hair, smelling the woods and earth.
  37. It came away sticky and smelling of something as raw as life.
  38. That wind brushed across her cheek, smelling of sand and sun.
  39. Perhaps this place is making you strong – smelling that is.
  40. It shimmered there, still warm, still smelling vaguely of her.
  41. Smelling strongly of tobacco and sweat and somebody’s urine.
  42. The reverend came from the hall, smelling of hounds and horses.
  43. They held to the Witch Door, smelling the odor of warm tallow.
  44. Bad smelling and slimy to touch, they can be used as fish bait.
  45. She noticed that he had this irritating mannerism of smelling.
  46. Bubbles cascaded over the side, smelling of fresh strawberries.
  47. James stopped before the red bricks of the church still smelling.
  48. Imagine everything you're seeing, hearing, smelling, and feeling.
  49. Killian came home late that night, smelling of smoke and seawater.
  50. The bathroom smelt of disinfectant and sweet smelling detergents.
  51. It burned to the touch, my blackened hand smelling of burnt flesh.
  52. Cats can be poisoned, they are attracted to sweet smelling things.
  53. His body was limp, sweaty, and warm, still smelling vaguely of him.
  54. But what does that have to do with going around smelling eggs?
  55. Karen wrinkled her nose on smelling the body stench from little Ani.
  56. He forced his eyes search the dusty, musty smelling gloom for a door.
  57. He leaned over the boy's shoulder, chewing, and smelling of chlorodyne.
  58. The noisome smelling foam spread out across the blacktop in a small lake.
  59. She sat on its deck, soaking up the sun and smelling the bowers of roses.
  60. Old droppings will be hard and odourless—fresh, wet and still smelling.
  61. Alberto stood up and walked out of the house into the foul smelling yard.
  62. He did not relish this second chance at smelling death once again though.
  63. After smelling the thing, she realized that it was the carcass of a hare.
  64. Rain is supposed to cleanse and make everything fresh and sweet smelling.
  65. I can guess by your reaction that you’ve never heard of egg smelling.
  66. Smelling the professional air therein, he looked at Vidya in appreciation.
  67. He picked the other, a serving of crisply broiled, delicious smelling fat.
  68. The tunnel was long and dank, dirty and smelling of less than pristine soil.
  69. It also means our senses (seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching, etc.
  70. Eat it, I said, the open can of peaches smelling positively delectable.
  71. She also told me that the awful smelling infection from his mouth had also.
  72. Both of them were covered with brine, itchy and smelling of seaweed and salt.
  73. After smelling half a dozen on tester strips, I gave up and waved them away.
  74. Smelling the meat-eater, she tossed her crested head and trilled her dismay.
  75. A cool and gusty breeze smelling of wet dust hinted at the downpour to come.
  76. Whilst he was speaking, Lucy had been examining the flowers and smelling them.
  77. I didnt want to stroll around smelling of ketchup, mustard, mayo and pickles.
  78. What was that all about? You smelling too many paint fumes or something?
  79. There Gollum crouched at bay, smelling and listening; and Bilbo was tempted to.
  80. As I was thinking about what I was seeing, hearing, smelling, being touched by.
  81. But it’s not until our third time through that Dante recalls smelling a cigar.
  82. He was always like this; always smelling a rat and always like a dog with a bone.
  83. Smelling something truly rotten, she read the brief report and sighed with regret.
  84. What? she asked, busy flipping a couple of heavenly smelling grilled cheeses.
  85. I believe I have some smelling salts in my handbag, if that would be of any help.
  86. The United States government will come out smelling like a fresh load of laundry.
  87. It approached Ahmed while defecating, urinating and exuding vile smelling excretions.
  88. The sky was clear, the air was pleasant smelling, and there was a light easterly wind.
  89. You know, there is this organic watermelon smelling spray that cleans my stove top.
  90. What you’re smelling Trent is a good thing, because it means she’s not pregnant.
  91. I don’t feel like being around here, smelling his lingering cologne, thinking of him.
  92. She was ready at eleven o’clock, bathed and smelling of flower-scented soap, wearing.
  93. Edward Martin, who was smelling a rat, stepped forward and stared severely at Williamson.
  94. It is the attributes of God’s Smelling that enable us to smell spirit, soul, and body.
  95. Simultaneously Samson cursed as he realized he wasn‘t smelling the fugitive‘s scent.
  96. I lingered, smelling things—tomatoes and heads of butter lettuce, nectarines and limes.
  97. He really trusted only Stump and then only when not within smelling distance of a bitch.
  98. When this happened, the sweet smelling straw killed the odor of the blood I was spilling.
  99. Cass and Unks thank her before indulging in the wonderful smelling feast she’s prepared.
  100. Max absolutely loved it and couldn’t stop smelling every little thing as we strolled by.
  1. He smelled of sea air.
  2. The air smelled a bit.
  3. He Smelled The Fear *58.
  4. The cab smelled of beer.
  5. He smelled of the leaves.
  6. Then he smelled the burn.
  7. The room smelled of old.
  8. Even now, I smelled the.
  9. It even smelled like her.
  10. He smelled of car exhaust.
  11. The birds smelled it, too.
  12. It was moldy and smelled.
  13. And the food smelled awe-.
  14. It smelled of fresh willow.
  15. It was dark and it smelled.
  16. This one smelled like old.
  17. The soap smelled of oranges.
  18. His room had smelled better.
  19. Yes, I smelled his father.
  20. His breath smelled of drink.
  21. He smelled strongly of wine.
  22. Tom smelled sweet and clean.
  23. Her silky hair smelled good.
  24. He smelled the clean smell.
  25. He loved the way she smelled.
  26. He smelled the smell of his.
  27. He smelled an easy good time.
  28. It smelled even better when.
  29. The air smelled clean and new.
  30. He smelled of earth and sweat.
  31. Just that he smelled weird.
  32. His clothes still smelled of.
  33. The sheets still smelled of her.
  34. It smelled of spices and bread.
  35. He smelled worse than the Jews.
  36. Her hair smelled like lavender.
  37. The air smelled stale and the.
  38. It smelled delicious and manly.
  39. The air smelled of chicken soup.
  40. I smelled the wood of the desks.
  41. The air smelled of food rotting.
  42. The air smelled of age and dust.
  43. The room smelled of stale sweat.
  44. It smelled of death and despair.
  45. He smelled worse than I expected.
  46. God, the place smelled like him.
  47. Even the air smelled of Vulcans.
  48. It smelled of riches and history.
  49. It smelled, literally, like crap.
  50. His breath smelled like old meat.
  51. She smelled like lilac and roses.
  52. But once I smelled her blood, oh.
  53. It smelled of cloves, he thought.
  54. It smelled just like tomato soup.
  55. The espresso smelled like heaven.
  56. I smelled her before I heard her.
  57. It smelled of leather and cloves.
  58. She smelled smoke and glanced up.
  59. The dog smelled just like autumn.
  60. That's when I smelled her perfume.
  61. The house smelled of burnt flesh.
  62. You smelled the aroma of the food.
  63. His breath smelled of garlic and.
  64. She smelled so wholesome and nice.
  65. His aftershave smelled like money.
  66. She always smelled like rosewater.
  67. It almost smelled like chloroform.
  68. They all smelled like fresh fruit.
  69. She’d thought that she smelled.
  70. It was moldy and smelled of urine.
  71. She smelled the booze on his breath.
  72. The air smelled like hot chocolate.
  73. The pine-trees smelled very strong.
  74. It was warm and smelled deliciously.
  75. They smelled the soul of their prey.
  76. The room smelled of blood and death.
  77. It felt warm and smelled of leather.
  78. We would have smelled him coming.
  79. He smelled of booze and really stunk.
  80. The house smelled of bacon and eggs.
  81. It tasted as good as it had smelled.
  82. It smelled of fearsome disinfectant.
  83. It smelled of his expensive cologne.
  84. He leaned over and smelled her neck.
  86. Whenever Houston smelled food, any.
  87. It smelled nothing like burning food.
  88. One that he had never smelled before.
  89. It smelled good, but then so did she.
  90. He smelled like the ground we dug in.
  91. The room smelled of sweat and grease.
  92. Thankfully, I smelled food in the air.
  93. The dogs never saw or smelled a quail.
  94. It smelled the fresh smell of morning.
  95. I smelled him, he said earnestly.
  96. For he feared she had smelled his plan.
  97. It smelled strange but not disgusting.
  98. His breath smelled of funeral flowers.
  99. I came closer and smelled cooked flesh.
  100. It was dark and smelled of damp earth.
  1. The air smells of steel.
  2. The kitchen smells of cake.
  3. His hand smells like metal.
  4. Sure smells strong in here.
  5. The garage smells of mildew.
  6. It smells like my childhood.
  7. He smells the champagne bottle.
  8. Only smells, most of them bad.
  9. God that smells, Pam said.
  10. The smells also told him that.
  11. Oh, yes, and how bad it smells.
  12. It smells so wet, doesn't it?
  13. It smells good, he sniffed.
  14. Something smells real good, boss.
  15. Every street smells of tomatoes.
  16. And it all smells simply gorgeous.
  17. That sure smells good, he said.
  18. The second smells of shaving balm.
  19. The smells of life were everywhere.
  20. This smells fabulous, he said.
  21. The place smells to him of carnage.
  22. Oh my God, this smells heavenly.
  23. No, it's you that smells incredible.
  24. Mom, the pot roast smells amazing.
  25. God, she smells, said the woman.
  26. Everything smells of the fresh forest.
  27. If something smells wrong it is wrong.
  28. Of course not, it smells like roses.
  29. Smells a bit but I imagine it's okay.
  30. By God that smells good, he said.
  31. The sounds and smells were overpowering.
  32. It is POISONOUS and smells of carbolic.
  33. That's why it smells of gas, said Kirk.
  34. They are guided by smells and intuition.
  35. A gentle breeze made the smells bearable.
  36. The coffee smells wonderful, I said.
  37. He doesn’t like how he looks or smells.
  38. Your food smells fabulous, she said.
  39. Street sounds and smells invaded the room.
  40. He found the smells the most overwhelming.
  41. Laugh at the smells of the men around you.
  42. She imagined the touches, the smells, the.
  43. O, my offence is rank it smells to heaven;.
  44. No, that smells, he said, fighting her.
  45. He is cute, but his breath smells of popcorn.
  46. The feel of the wind on his face, the smells.
  47. It’s a mess and now it smells horrendously.
  48. Cass blindly smells his way along behind Unks.
  49. Wow, it’s smells so nice, Merlene says.
  50. It smells yucky, he said pinching his nose.
  51. The smells about were wonderful, and most of.
  52. And there are infinite kinds of smells in God.
  53. And smells that nice! But he's a bit splashed.
  54. Fumbally's lane that night: the tanyard smells.
  55. This time smells of mustard, curry leaves and.
  56. The same path, the same smells, the same jolts.
  57. Why, it smells of fresh apples, that does, sir.
  58. Mmm, it smells delicious, Mum, said David.
  59. The Town assaulted me with its Cries and Smells.
  60. In the morning air a myriad of smells came to me.
  61. It smells great in here, what time is it?
  62. She smells of urine and chow mein, Wash said.
  63. Maybe a story with a hero who smells of kerosene.
  64. It is hard and smells like a thousand days gone by.
  65. I’d heard it was great for masking raunchy smells.
  66. When she closes her eyes, she smells old cigarettes.
  67. Ingrid turned from watching TV and said Smells good.
  68. Your wagon smells and feels just like my old room.
  69. It smells great, Mama, said Emeka, sitting down.
  70. Breathing in he said, Gee your hair smells terrific.
  71. It just smells stronger than what you usually wear.
  72. His hair is damp and he smells of soap and aftershave.
  73. His jacket is warm, far too big, and it smells of him.
  74. The wind blew fresh-cut lawn smells over them in a wave.
  75. The simplest smells sent him into rhapsodies of delight.
  76. Dinner smells which for years unremarked had greeted Mrs.
  77. She hands me a steaming mug that smells like peppermint.
  78. When emotions, visuals, smells, touch and other related.
  79. The smells of the flowers together with the sweet water.
  80. The room smells different, like the forest on a misty day.
  81. The smells of burned flesh and gasoline were overpowering.
  82. Except decay that smells of earth, and of renewing things.
  83. Bo’s world reduced to just sounds and smells: the harsh.
  84. It is often used to remove smells in the aquarium as well.
  85. The warmth and familiar smells of her body were still nice.
  86. I think it smells quite nice on her, Sam interjected.
  87. Now the world is still again, but the air smells different.
  88. Smells of spring rain and budding trees permeated the cell.
  89. It smells like lavender and berryish, of jasmines actually.
  90. Their fur was drenched in the smells of green moss and mud.
  91. Whatever he smells with his nose, let him consider as Atman.
  92. And the foul and fetid smells were diffusing the whole room.
  93. It's good and it's full! Oh, it smells so good! they.
  94. Morning in late February, and the air smells rainy and calm.
  95. She’d never have guessed at the smells, the feelings that.
  96. All the sheets are new and everything smells like new paint.
  97. VO: Man! I will tell you, it smells like a swamp out here.
  98. I have processed a lot of images and smells and feelings and.
  99. Sharp smells came to him, stirring memories of a better time.
  100. The afternoon air is mild and smells of the rain this morning.

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