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Snag numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Is there a snag?
  2. There is one snag, though.
  3. Yeah, I’ve hit a bit of a snag.
  4. I managed to snag a few inglethors.
  5. With luck I’ll snag an A for the.

  6. Any chance you can snag the G-3?
  7. I lay the rod out, snag a cloud, and pull it in.
  8. Pilar was trying to tease out a recalcitrant snag.
  9. Ralph thought of a snag, and his spirits fell again.
  10. I’ll have to shimmy up and snag us a green one.
  11. Sterling looked around for something to snag it with.
  12. She tried, but she couldn’t see the snag in this one.
  13. Snag me any food? the woman asks, never looking up.
  14. That might cause a snag in one of her mission objectives.
  15. I’m here to get a degree so that I can snag a decent job.

  16. The plan to buy already completed ships immediately hit a snag.
  17. A snag in the operation was the shutting down of the Internet by.
  18. The only way I could snag a girl like that was through my cooking.
  19. But one month while doing the synchronized change, I ran into a snag.
  20. I don’t want to be a drama queen, but hel it saves me a lot of snag.
  21. Oh, that’s the snag! But you are not engaged to Hugh, are you?
  22. I reckoned Jim had fetched up on a snag, maybe, and it was all up with him.
  23. He gets out of the car, careful not to snag his jacket on the beast's ragged teeth.
  24. The only snag was that the $90 wine and the $10 wine were actually the same $10 wine.
  25. With an emery board remove any rough patches that might snag your tights or stockings.

  26. You snag a bowl of something frosted and sugary and join Wafer at the breakfast table.
  27. Well, no, nothing’s worse than losing the prince as a client, but we have an additional snag.
  28. We made an extra steering-oar, too, because one of the others might get broke on a snag or something.
  29. He beckoned Snag in, then taking the old raincoat off he lumbered outside and spread it over the ferns.
  30. What’s wrong have we hit a snag or something? Then he sees the Lieutenant caught in the wire and says.
  31. Because of the curve of the hull, the buoy would hang some distance below the jagged hole and be too far away to snag it.
  32. Bilbo hurried after him, still cautiously, though his chief fear now was of tripping on another snag and falling with a noise.
  33. Ben! he shouted, still with a vocal edge to his voice, Take a pole and make sure we don’t snag one of the palms as we go by.
  34. Terrified he tried to run faster, but suddenly he struck his toes on a snag in the floor, and fell flat with his little sword under him.
  35. The timing was perfect, giving the illusion that we really wanted his sandwich, and were rushing to snag it before he could retrieve it.
  36. Tie all equipment securely to the raft or to the safety line, making sure that nothing trails over the edges where it could snag in shallows.
  37. Cami and Lana worked on opposite sides of the bed, tucking and smoothing as they went, chatting about some snag Lana had dealt with earlier.
  38. Since the week after the Jimbo fight I had been able to snag rides and so, when school started, I had no problem getting rides to and from school.
  39. Stephen could not respond to her merry mood; his anxiety was to steer the conversation away from Simeon, and he had run against a snag at the start.
  40. It took six attempts before she was finally able to snag an appointment at half past noon – cutting it close for the initial client meeting at one thirty.
  41. It might be dead, of course, but possibly it was just waiting for the ideal moment to snag one of Obeast’s limbs and drag him off into the bushes—and, as big as Obeast was and as 131.
  42. Endeavor to obtain money for an invention or innovation that has success written across it in luminous letters, and you will strike a snag, as the rude phrase goes, with marvelous celerity.
  43. The first model, that of the A-3 ground attack aircraft, should be certified ready for acceptance into service and series production in about two months, unless we hit an unforeseen snag in the meantime.
  44. To the north/left a self- segregated club meeting of cormorants awaited its own starting signal and a few fluttering landlubbers just did their best to snag a grasshopper or two while they provided the score for a scene Hollywood would deem too dull.
  45. The first thing to see, looking away over the water, was a kind of dull line—that was the woods on t'other side; you couldn't make nothing else out; then a pale place in the sky; then more paleness spreading around; then the river softened up away off, and warn't black any more, but gray; you could see little dark spots drifting along ever so far away—trading scows, and such things; and long black streaks—rafts; sometimes you could hear a sweep screaking; or jumbled up voices, it was so still, and sounds come so far; and by and by you could see a streak on the water which you know by the look of the streak that there's a snag there in a swift current which breaks on it and makes that streak look that.
  1. His voice took on the quality of a cat snagging brushed nylon.
  2. Snagging the hook at last, she turned to find who was there, but the voices had grown quiet.
  3. His long white cloth apron brushed against Chantelle’s water glass, nearly snagging and toppling it.
  4. Scottie out-distanced them all by snagging the majority of the bacon on the fallen plate into her outstretched paws.
  5. Reaching up to the railing and snagging the jean jacket, he swung it over his shoulders and slid his arms into the sleeves.
  6. Sandra stood up, slipped on a patch of oil, lost her footing, her leg slipping under the bottom wire of the fence, her jeans snagging on the barbs.
  7. At the corner, the wood began with oaks and elders, their branches snagging at her threadbare cloak and the remains of snowfall sliding onto her hair as she brushed past.
  8. Finally, with that hook of uncertainty still snagging and scratching at their hides, they decided to seek out a talisman, a lucky charm that would protect their love for each other forever and ever more.
  9. She believed I was out of the way for good, and if Bethanie were to marry Phillipe, then she’d have a clear shot at snagging my husband, but what she didn’t realize was that she’d always be his sister, nothing else.
  1. They never snagged me again.
  2. It appeared that she snagged him.
  3. Knox slid on her belly and snagged her gun.
  4. She finally reached out and snagged her top.
  5. I grinned and snagged the card from his hand.
  6. Searching his emotions, Locke snagged the answer.
  7. Then a branch caught on a stump, snagged and held.
  8. I snagged my first fish about twenty minutes later.
  9. After a while the line touched bottom and snagged.
  10. She snagged it and walked back into the living room.
  11. Tall weeds growing in cracks snagged at the left fork.
  12. Devon snagged one of the glasses as the waiter passed.
  13. After much searching, we snagged one of the last sites.
  14. When she snagged the ring, grasping it tightly between.
  15. It appeared that he had his foot snagged on a sharp rock.
  16. His foot snagged on a rock, and only Cliff’s steadying.
  17. A movement out of the corner of her eye snagged her attention.
  18. He’d snagged it for fifty bucks at a police auction, he said.
  19. She snagged a pillow off the bed and a blanket from the closet.
  20. I think his coat is snagged on the chair, Rita said aloud.
  21. Just a moment, Stone said, and snagged the passing Dante.
  22. He reached out, snagged a lock of her hair and gave it a light tug.
  23. A cold breeze blew through the trees, and something snagged my arm.
  24. Sterling climbed another step and snagged the box with his free hand.
  25. The sound of the van’s rear doors closing snagged Ellie’s attention.
  26. One evening, a lanky, hook-nosed fisherman snagged the seat of his shorts.
  27. Go, go, go! Rich shouted as he snagged Jeff by the crook of his elbow.
  28. The material snagged on his matted wounds and rubbed against the tender cuts.
  29. She muffled her complaints as she turned to locate what had snagged the cloak.
  30. Fae or not, I couldn’t stand naked, so I reached out and snagged the blanket.
  31. Circling the badger Slikit tutted angrily when a large thistle snagged his coat.
  32. A long sibilant hiss escaped his lips as his nail-less finger snagged the material.
  33. Every time I’d mow the yard and come around the corner, I’d get snagged by them.
  34. It would be a while before fishermen snagged their lines on the framework of the van.
  35. The sorrel’s reins had snagged on a branch, and she stepped nervously back and forth.
  36. And very likely, Penelope had gotten snagged in the war business in and around Windhelm.
  37. Every time I’d mow the yard and come around the corner, I’d get snagged by them.
  38. He slid his hand through a tear in his pocket, snagged a copy, and pulled it into his coat.
  39. She buttoned up her jacket which was torn in several places where the branches had snagged it.
  40. One of the IT guys probably saw it snagged in a filter and forwarded it to the Wilmington police.
  41. During a parachute jump Stirling's chute got snagged, he crashed heavily and was severely injured.
  42. Garcia snagged it out of the air and the six dispersed as quickly as roaches after a light comes on.
  43. Fortunately, the grappling hook had snagged a spare loop of tripwire, and was within Ferdy’s reach.
  44. In a moment Reese had reached the child, had snagged her and the kitten and drawn them up in a safe embrace.
  45. A few skittered between my condorla’s feet and she snagged them with her beak swallowing them in two bites.
  46. The hook snagged into the waterspout like it was a giant beanstalk and the fisherman was hoisted up and away.
  47. It was snagged on a submerged object; something big, something with a flash of yellow and the gleam of chrome.
  48. She was also a little too classy and hot for the mobster to have snagged without some cash having changed hands.
  49. And if you hadn’t snagged that drop of concentrate we wouldn’t have had that aluminum to send him off with.
  50. Brigit slipped on the greasy incline, her ankle twisted as it snagged on a rock, and she cried in pain as she fell.
  51. Before I was pushed too far along though I snagged the thick briefcase with a foot and sent it sliding further ahead.
  52. Emory tightened his hold, forcing her to straddle the knee-high fence which snagged her skirts and exposed her ankles.
  53. He reached out and snagged my keys from my hand with one hand, while his other arm held the door closed in front of me.
  54. At some stage near the end of the tunnel, something snagged the plastic and all her air bubbled out, then water seeped in.
  55. Abigail had found a better place to climb over the fallen tree, and she appeared beside Hal as he pulled at his snagged shirt.
  56. It trembled under his weight; his jacket snagged for a second on a twist of metal at the top, but miraculously he did not fall.
  57. The tractor swept around the end of the house, pulling the rope along the ridge of the roof until it snagged on the chimneystack.
  58. I reached over and snagged the local journal, The Daily Voice, and the neighboring Hanford Chronicle, not pausing for one second.
  59. The skids snagged the rough surface of the mountainside and tore loose, skewing the cabin so it slid backwards down the steep slope.
  60. Using one of the fence post as an aid, he climbed over the wires, careful not to get his clothes snagged on the wicked looking barbs.
  61. Unless he could get a grip on a rock or the rope became snagged, there was no way Max could hold both of them; he had to go with the flow.
  62. THE PARK ON New year’s day had been a blasted whiteness, or a series of them, hemmed in by black trees like sheets snagged on barbed wire.
  63. She tried to figure out the power structure she had to deal with, which was not always evident and figure out where the negotiations had snagged.
  64. We could now see that it was definitely not a child or even a body because in fact it was a German Maxim machine gun that the Sappers had snagged.
  65. When the song ended, Therese thanked Pete and went looking for Than, but before she could reach him, Bobby snagged her hand and asked for a dance.
  66. I’ll be back, she said and deftly snagged three plates from the counter and delivered them to a family of six, then returned for three more.
  67. The missile exploded before it reached me, I was expecting a boom and not the electric blue lines of magic that snagged me and burned like hot acid.
  68. Mac suddenly shot his hand up and snagged the bird by the leg in midair, then handed the squirming animal to Louie, who was amazed at Mac’s alacrity.
  69. As the plants started eating the large bats, one by one, the plants ran their vines up the sides of the bats and snagged them like fish on a fisherman's hook.
  70. He remembered the snagged, trailing object and the fact that there were hard to explain items like cleaning cloths and containers of bleach on board the cruiser.
  71. Whether the poor woman had regained consciousness before she drowned was unknown, but her body had eventually been recovered far downriver where it had snagged on a downed tree.
  72. I fell backwards and landed in an old entanglement it was then that I found I was well and truly snagged in the wire and couldn’t move hardly and even when I did I only got more entangled.
  73. Then I dropped Eliza Bullocks story to Mia three years ago about not knowing her daughters were intending to meet, and then how I had snagged her into saying Vickie was excited about going to Orlando to meet Mia.
  74. If you've followed the above suggestions it's likely you'll have an error-free release, but if you've neglected to unplug a band or unintentionally snagged the bowline with your moving trailer, you'll see it in the mirrors.
  75. When my first book came out, I did everything I could think of to promote it--book signings at bookstores and base exchanges; I made t-shirts; I ran book giveaway contests; I even snagged a few local television interviews and articles in local newspapers.
  76. By late Saturday night she was so bored she found herself sitting in front of the television trying to brush her hair with her good hand, but when the brush snagged and tumbled to the floor she didn’t even try to retrieve it; instead she found herself weeping hopelessly.
  77. The silk-skinned creature coiled around the inside of Loofah's skull; again he looked away, but this time his eyes were snagged on the side mirror, where a middle-aged lady was spread-eagled over the bonnet of a family estate car with the black pipe coiled under her skirt, pulsing rhythmically.
  78. A frond of her jeans snagged on a branch, so she stood and unbuckled the belt,.
  1. Amateurs hit snags, pros jump over them.
  2. There are two snags with Elfric ’s method.
  3. When a waiter passes by, she snags a crab puff.
  4. Were there any hidden snags she had not thought of?
  5. Well as a matter of fact I was waylaid but thankfully Snags drove them off.
  6. When the snags of static did yield to an identifiable sound, it was Donna Summer.
  7. Breaking all the rules, eighteen year old, Dean Walters snags an experimental serum.
  8. Hamo holds out his hand, casually snags a bottle of single-malt scotch as a forklift whizzes by.
  9. He had ridden up from Little Messapit the day before, and had camped with his dog Snags on Meatpie hill.
  10. Snags was dripping with water even though Sam Staunton had tied his old yellow raincoat about Snags chest.
  11. When I asked exactly what caused the snags, she said it was demons who had escaped Hell and were at large in the primordial deep.
  12. What this means for traders is the ability to run more charts and more platforms and have fewer platform snags than we currently do.
  13. The lights of the outpost were quickly lost, but the canoe held on its way for nearly a mile, avoiding snags and floating logs with almost uncanny precision.
  14. The ultramarine boy helped lift the bicycle whilst Sam gathered his raincoat from the shelter then he lifted Snags into the wheelie cart, then guided Sam into the saddle.
  15. Helen's arm snags in the steering wheel spokes and as she falls back into her seat the wheel is yanked to the left, hauling the car away from the anonymous body by the fence.
  16. So he swears under his breath in his mother’s tongue as he strides along the hallways towards the newly fragile stairs but, as he reaches them, something snags at his thought and he turns back.
  17. Those assignments also gave him the most essential experiences of encountering the inevitable snags and snafus of planning, and finding the necessary work-arounds or redesign solutions in remedy.
  18. He waits a while longer but then decides he is nothing but a mind-fool driven by childish dreams, and he is about to return to bed and, gods and stars willing, sleep when something deeper snags at the edges of his thought.
  19. The whooping went on, and in about a minute I come a-booming down on a cut bank with smoky ghosts of big trees on it, and the current throwed me off to the left and shot by, amongst a lot of snags that fairly roared, the currrent was tearing by them so swift.
  20. It was he who persuaded me to teach the boys to be proud of their manhood and refuse to become feminised snags, because that’s a form of castration, concedes female domination and turns youths into angry young men, prone to violence and contempt for women.

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