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  1. And then the snapshot was over.
  2. He wished he had a snapshot of them.
  3. It was a freeze frame snapshot of fun.
  4. That would have been too lucky a snapshot.
  5. Time froze, and I saw Carey in a snapshot.

  6. The experience of being broken is a snapshot of.
  7. It was flawless, a sort of snapshot in the dark.
  8. The snapshot of this chart was taken on April 5, 2005.
  9. After each snapshot, answer the following questions:.
  10. Let’s look at a snapshot taken on December 31, 1999.
  11. These lists give an excellent snapshot of what is moving.
  12. He could remember exactly when the snapshot had been taken.
  13. Your credit score in some ways is meant to be a snapshot of.
  14. Here’s a snapshot of the company’s financial performance.
  15. Below is a snapshot of the equity curve of the test - good eh?

  16. Snapshot: Attachment is also a good way of representing the bug.
  17. The Checkpoint-VM cmdlet creates a snapshot of a virtual machine.
  18. Do they snapshot those girls or is it all a fake? Lingerie does it.
  19. I noticed a small black-and-white snapshot stuck to the cash register.
  20. This snapshot of my execution platform shows that I sold 25 lots at 137.
  21. He looks down at his aching body, taking a quick snapshot of his status.
  22. Think of an image backup as just that: a snapshot, or image, of your PC.
  23. Blomkvist was intrigued by the fact that the drawing looked like a snapshot.
  24. To get a snapshot of our position in 2010 I have relied almost solely on in-.
  25. Rather this is a snapshot of a victim of paralyzing insecurity and self-doubt.

  26. Let’s look at a snapshot of one ugly day in the financials—February 17, 2009.
  27. Inside was a tiny snapshot of my mother and Samantha, both of them smiling broadly.
  28. At any given point in time, the statuses of configurable items are taken as snapshot.
  29. The first impression, or better yet, a snapshot from a cheap camera reigned supreme.
  30. Fielding nodded and he went out of the room, returning a few minutes later with a snapshot.
  31. A balance sheet is a snapshot of a company’s assets and liabilities at a particular time.
  32. Following is a snapshot of the pre-tribulation doctrinal position held by some of the more.
  33. Let's start with the cmdlet, which allows you to take a VM snapshot of the Checkpoint-VM cmdlet.
  34. He caught sight of the photograph on the mantelpiece and it reminded him of a snapshot that Mrs.
  35. A snapshot of turbulence, a flashgun going off in the brain at the point of climax, exposing calm.
  36. In essence, a commodity index gives you a snapshot of the current state of the commodities market.
  37. Do you think the candlestick will start trading higher or lower between now and the next snapshot?
  38. A snapshot of the night Angela and June came to their house shot into his head and his body twitched.
  39. The snapshot may therefore be wholly atypical of the state of its finances on any other day of the year.
  40. The snapshot now on the ID card showed him wearing a uniform shirt and tie, so that his rank was indeterminate.
  41. Now, as many will have recognized, this was no stock at all but a snapshot of the S&P 500 index in November 1999.
  42. The example shown in the following screenshot restores the snapshot, Base image, of the virtual machine, TestVM:.
  43. Then I give you a snapshot of the global natural gas market so you know who’s producing it and who’s consuming it.
  44. It was a quarter to twelve when we walked back toward the intersection, carrying that snapshot of Ava, months old now.
  45. This table is only a brief snapshot of some of the major integrated oil companies you can choose to add to your portfolio.
  46. Next, we will look at some scripts that can be used to automate the virtual machine import, export, and snapshot processes.
  47. Not only could she place the ages and setting in each snapshot but she could also elaborate in great detail on most of them.
  48. Remember that future prices the VIX on a snapshot and the perceived blips between here and there will not disrupt that snapshot.
  49. The example shown in the following screenshot applies the most recent snapshot to all the virtual machines with no confirmation prompts:.
  50. The command shown in the following screenshot checks the virtual machine, Test, on the Hyper-V host, Server1, and creates a snapshot of it:.
  51. The example shown in the following screenshot gets the immediate parent of a snapshot before applying the updates to the virtual machine, TestVM:.
  52. The same cannot be said for mutual funds because the holdings are updated only monthly and is a snapshot only at the close of that particular day.
  53. Note that removing a snapshot takes a little while, depending on how old the snapshot is and how much data has changed between the dates of the merge.
  54. Someone found a more recent snapshot in one of his mother’s photo albums, and they used a scan of it for the local and regional BOLO—Be On The Lookout.
  55. My finger stayed on the pictures of the 1912 graduating class, with World War I not yet, unimagined and unknown, when I blinked at one snapshot and gasped:.
  56. The example shown in the following screenshot renames the snapshot, Configuration 2, of the virtual machine, TestVM, to Configuration 2: applied all updates:.
  57. Next, let's iterate across all the virtual machines stored in the $vminfo variable and create a snapshot of the virtual machines using the Checkpoint-VM cmdlet:.
  58. When you look only at how your investment portfolio has performed for the last quarter, year, and three- and five-year period, you are looking at a tiny snapshot of time.
  59. The premium that investors demand for high yield bonds over the safety of Fed Funds offers a good snapshot for the market’s appetite for risk, as seen in this two-decade survey:.
  60. It’s hard to calculate the impact of such mementos in a world viewed through a phone camera screen, but at the time we thought it a barely adequate snapshot of the way we played.
  61. What the painter has to do is to fix them vividly in his memory, to snapshot them, as it were, so that they may stand by him during the toilsome procedure of the painting, and guide the work.
  62. Perhaps that day, or perhaps later, Louise found the tiny snapshot that had been taken on the afternoon Louie had left, when he had stood beside her on her front steps, his arm around her waist.
  63. Business cards, check-out receipts and a picture of, his dad? He was studying a dated Kodak black and white snapshot of a John Delmage look-alike in dress suit and winged collar, cradling a violin to his chin.
  64. As I leaned back and took a look at the establishment and all that went with it as a whole, I froze a snapshot of it in my mind and realized how truly revolted I was to be there in the company of so many charlatans.
  65. Of course, this snapshot might delight you if you’ve done particularly well for that particular period, but it also might make you want to abandon your strategy if you’ve done poorly relative to other strategies.
  66. Since the Iotians as gangsters was really a surreal snapshot, a stereotype of a specific American phenomena, it seemed reasonable to explore Capitalism versus Communism, a theme that appears now and then in Star Trek.
  67. On that day you take a snapshot of your portfolio, adding up the subtotals for each type of investment, plugging them into the top row of the spreadsheet, and deleting all the extraneous formulas and estimates in the process.
  68. Students are so surfeited with good things that they often fail to digest any of them; but rush on from one example to another, taking but snapshot views of what is offered, until their natural powers of appreciation are in a perfect whirlwind of confused ideas.
  69. Narrator: reclined laterally, left, with right and left legs flexed, the index finger and thumb of the right hand resting on the bridge of the nose, in the attitude depicted in a snapshot photograph made by Percy Apjohn, the childman weary, the manchild in the womb.
  70. High December returns are typically explained by year end tax loss selling and window dressing—institutions buying (selling) assets that outperformed (underperformed)—during the year so as to make their portfolio look better at the snapshot in time it is revealed in reports to investors.

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