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  1. This sociability seemed a necessary part of professional prudence, and the entertainment must be suitable.
  2. I was hardly the soul of sociability but the nucleus had a solid grip on me through my sense of loyalty and.
  3. Venus is love in the sense of infatuation, embellishment, art, creativity, sociability, the girlfriend or female lover, art for art’s sake.
  4. I went up to them and tried to initiate a little conversation but the music and the noise and the milling crowds defeated my attempts at sociability.
  5. It seems as if we collectively resolved not to let the situation touch us, to live as usual as much as possible and not to let the threat domineer over the sociability.

  6. Therefore self-defense, and war, which is bound up with it, is the source of the sublime; sociability, and the sex-instinct, which is bound up with it, is the source of beauty.
  7. When these failed, he would even call in the curtain hanger or a carpenter for some impromptu task, and the necessity of sharing the burden of his personality he attributed to his sociability.
  8. And the startling sublime fact of the new world sociability, if we will but see it, is giving tremendous urgency to every possible means of originating, multiplying, communicating, and sending on and around from nation to nation, the forces of the world-redeeming Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  9. We also propose to have stated meetings of the Department monthly, at which some carefully selected papers will be read by experts, the subjects of which will be given out as long in advance as possible, in order that all may be thoroughly prepared for a full and open discussion; and then, after these meetings, in order to promote sociability amongst the members, and to show how thoroughly practical we are, we propose to have something to eat.
  10. Only that mother who looks on child-bearing as a disagreeable accident, and upon the pleasures of love, comfort, education, sociability, as the meaning of life, will bring up her children so that they shall have as many pleasures, and enjoy them as much as possible; will feed them luxuriously, dress them smartly, will artificially divert them, and will teach them, not that which will make them capable of self-sacrificing man's and woman's labour with danger of life and uttermost effort, but that which will deliver them from that labour,—which will give them diplomas and idleness.

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