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Soggy numa frase em (in ingles)

The Soggy Bulwark, she read.
It was soggy and white indicating.
That raises a soggy chuckle from her.
It was thick, soggy and ugly-looking.
The carpet wherever he goes is left soggy.
He could have been eating soggy cardboard.
And we love the slime in The Soggy Bulwark.

The slim rectangular pack was crushed and soggy.
The path grew soggy underfoot as the kloof widened.
She stepped around her soggy riding garment on the.
I was feeling too soggy when we reached the hospital.
He was dressed in nothing but a pair of soggy Y-fronts.
It looked like soggy brown discs in a thick brown sauce.
The force of it sent Cassius flying into the soggy ground.
Not to mention that his soggy armpits were somewhat stinky.
If the water cannot get out you will end up with soggy soil.
The sinks were brutally clogged with soggy, half-eaten food.
I’ve never got the hang of them, they always turn out soggy.
Before he had regained his senses she had lowered his soggy slacks.
Plastic cards, bank notes, soggy bits of paper and a betting slip.
He caught the soggy wet camera and wiped it with his long sleeved.
Now the ground underneath me changed from damp, soggy mud to metal.
The soggy apples try to grow but they are hindered by our molly roll.
The dumplings had disappeared over the brim and lay soggy and forlorn.
Nothing left of it that isn’t soggy from ground moisture, he said.
No, by Triton’s soggy beard, you have it wrong again! groused Homer.
It was a dour and gloomy place dedicated to good coffee and sad, soggy food.
Here they were covered with smelly, soggy layers of green terry towels instead.
When it arrived, it might have been cold and soggy, but this was the way it was.
A bowl of soggy tortilla chips, fried eggs, and green salsa, but I ate it anyway.
My reply came out sounding like a geriatric coughing into a bowl of soggy oatmeal.
Kevin and Miller ran down the front porch steps and into the soggy grass of the yard.
Janet pointed to the soggy satellite phone that Humphrey had retrieved from his pocket.
Lots of killing and horror and bloody messes involving intestines and other soggy bits.
The torrents of early fall had left the grass glistening, thick, and soggy to the touch.
I grabbed a soggy hamburger wrapper out of the current and immediately the paper turned dry.
Out of the corner of his eyes he caught sight of movement and he dropped to the soggy ground.
The kitchen was strewn with soggy loaves of bread, and meat that had grown a faint green fur.
You know you’re getting old when your cucumber gets soggy - the one in the fridge that is.
I hated that three little notes from my wife could make me feel this way, soggy and sentimental.

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