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Solemn numa frase em (in ingles)

1. She met his solemn gaze.
2. I feel solemn and gloomy.
3. The air was solemn and slow.
4. She gave a small, solemn nod.
5. The Sprite looked solemn but.
6. Subdued and solemn, his days.
7. Shines that soft, solemn joy;.

8. Her eyes were huge and solemn.
9. That night he was very solemn.
10. With a solemn smile he finally.
11. James Hospital was very solemn.
12. She felt a solemn satisfaction.
13. Who stood there with a solemn.
14. Her expression was solemn and.
15. You have my solemn word on this.
16. Dimmesdale, with a solemn smile.
17. His solemn eyes were too bright.
18. Here is this most solemn verse:.
19. It was a solemn and silent pro-.
20. Then she said in a solemn tone:.
21. There ensued a most solemn minute.
22. The most solemn moment was at hand.
23. Nangong Ping was solemn as he said.
24. It was an ominous, solemn feeling.
25. It is our solemn duty, our destiny.
26. No solemn promises bound us to him.
27. Just my solemn word, Your Majesty.
28. The service was a solemn but happy.
29. Their walk to the Council was solemn.
30. This was a solemn journey to Olivet.
31. Dashwood's strains were more solemn.
32. I have Christ's solemn pledge that.
33. Sue also took on a solemn look as I.
34. He's sweet, in a solemn kind of way.
35. I do, Truman, it’s a solemn oath.
36. I give you my solemn promise that 51.
37. His face went solemn when he saw Jess.
38. The first weeks of January were solemn.
39. Dashwood’s strains were more solemn.
40. It's rather a solemn promise, you see.
41. The night was strangely solemn and still.
42. Mei Yinxue looked solemn and coldly said.
43. He looked very solemn and then continued.
44. Nangong Changshu was solemn when he said.
45. He had this fake solemn look on his mug.
46. My hand in solemn wise, to the tsarevich.
47. I have his solemn promise to that effect.
48. I feel very solemn, but very, very happy.
49. Another voice was heard and it was solemn.
50. And Leo, so big and solemn standing there.
51. A voice rose above him, glacial and solemn.
52. Feng Mantian was solemn and he slowly said.
53. A solemn silence hung heavily on the crowd.
54. The service was very simple and very solemn.
55. On their faces was a quiet and solemn look.
56. The foreman held the list with a solemn air.
57. Appears before them, and with solemn march.
58. A thin and solemn man laughed coldly and said.
59. MacArthur then became solemn as he continued.
60. She stared at the solemn creature before her.
61. Her grandmother turned to her with solemn eyes.
62. We were all solemn as we pondered that thought.
63. The four priests were solemn and did not reply.
64. Breathing solemn sighs laced with salty tears.
65. Nangong Changshu was solemn when he said again.
66. The middle age man became very solemn and said.
67. In a solemn tone, Katsuya answers, My father.
68. Her expression was so solemn that I believed her.
69. You have my solemn word on that, Your Majesty.
70. Even the birds have become solemn and sparse.
71. Leon with solemn steps walked along by the walls.
72. Then his expression changed to a more solemn one.
73. Here is the verse giving us this solemn warning:.
74. He was sitting alone; handsome, solemn, but alone.
75. It is a solemn moment for the American Democracy.
76. Again, a long and deeply solemn pause took place.
77. She looked at him with solemn blue and brown eyes.
78. I intend to pay a solemn call of thanks upon you.
79. Zhong? He was solemn, neither afraid nor startled.
80. HOW SOLEMN AS ONE BY ONE [Washington City, 1865].
81. And how terribly solemn you are about it!.
82. The bald old man answered in a very solemn manner.
83. They had their solemn assembly – this is yours.
84. Long Bushi was very solemn now and he gravely said.
85. A strange and solemn object was that corpse to me.
86. His last day in the apartment was solemn and quiet.
87. His disposition was solemn and prone to melancholy.
88. And especially us, said a solemn James Anchor.
89. The solemn mood of the morning seemed to have gone.
90. It was a solemn and magnificent close to my journey.
91. Let us pause before we disregard his solemn advice.
92. A solemn elderly man whom I recognized immediately.
93. He looked toward the sound, and his face was solemn.
94. They entered together into the solemn, singing place.
95. Already, she was very fond of the solemn little boy.
96. It was a solemn scene the ones you loved were present.
97. They had clasped their hands in a solemn pledge that.
98. Shuai Tianfan was solemn for awhile before he laughed.
99. Y'all got my solemn word as your President on that!.
100. No, Feltus said with a solemn shake of his head.

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