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  1. A firm that can solve.
  2. He now had two to solve.
  3. Let's try to solve this.
  4. So can you solve it?
  5. I will solve that issue.

  6. I can solve math equations.
  7. Why can’t I solve this?
  8. I can solve their problems.
  9. That will solve the problem.
  10. Let’s solve the mystery -.
  11. To solve this problem, the.
  12. One way that you can solve.
  13. Tools do not solve problems.
  14. This is a mystery I must solve.
  15. When you can’t solve the.

  16. It could help us solve things.
  17. He has done much to solve the.
  18. And solve the maze up your hill.
  19. Solve each problem as it arises.
  20. That will solve all my problems.
  21. We're here to solve this murder.
  22. It would solve a lot of problems.
  23. Only you can solve this problem.
  24. That would solve a few things.
  25. But that didn’t solve anything.

  26. If you have a problem and solve.
  27. This is a puzzle for me to solve.
  28. That would solve all his problems.
  29. This would go a long way to solve.
  30. It would be up to George to solve.
  31. Because now we have to solve it.
  32. This still doesn’t solve anything.
  33. This is the only best way to solve.
  34. I could solve the mystery for you.
  35. Hank would solve any other problems.
  36. Often the hands will solve a mystery.
  37. Can Math Solve This Hedging Problem?
  38. No amount of money could solve that.
  39. We're not called to solve everything.
  40. And how did I solve this problem? I.
  41. I just need to solve this case first.
  42. No one was going to solve this for her.
  43. It would solve all sorts of problems.
  44. I think we might solve the case today.
  45. Denying the truth would solve nothing.
  46. It’s nothing that we can’t solve.
  47. Any problems it does have it can solve.
  48. That alone helps to solve some problems.
  49. Taking her own life would solve nothing.
  50. The true problem we must solve is hatred.
  51. They solve a certain number of problems.
  52. Renewable energy can solve that problem.
  53. Thought he could solve his own problems.
  54. He said that you could solve anything.
  55. In fact, not even you could solve this.
  56. The baby was a mystery I wished to solve.
  57. You’re not going to solve the case on.
  58. How did you solve the problem that time?
  59. Defining the Problem You Solve for Others.
  60. Also, another problem is not easy to solve.
  61. To solve this problem, there are several.
  62. Fingerprints did solve many crimes, though.
  63. We are way beyond trying to solve this.
  64. Investigator was able to solve the mystery.
  65. But, alas, even war didnt solve the tithe.
  66. They can, but that won't solve the problem.
  67. Get involved and try to solve the problems.
  68. In an attempt to solve this problem of not.
  69. If this does not solve the problem, then:.
  70. That also helped solve part of the career.
  71. It meant having to solve all your problems.
  72. Solve problem without further sub-division;.
  73. You can’t be the one to solve it for them.
  74. Bruce was desperate to solve his predicament.
  75. It was a mystery he was determined to solve.
  76. It is a mystery which our minds cannot solve.
  77. Instruction: Solve the following Math quizzes.
  78. He had come to solve all my problems at once.
  79. Remember, your job is to solve their problem.
  80. Lying to yourself does not solve the problem.
  81. We cannot solve our problems from the same.
  82. Talk about how you can solve their problem….
  83. What do you suggest we do to solve it?
  84. Only the angels can fully solve a living being.
  85. Only direct negotiations can solve the problem.
  86. That may not solve the problem, she said.
  87. Ulysses manages to solve the problem at its core.
  88. Recursively: solve the sub problems recursively.
  89. It’s the unified field theory which, to solve.
  90. The key to this advantage is to solve a complex.
  91. Spiritual problems is something we should solve.
  92. His too of course, but we will solve it together.
  93. Humans are genetically designed to solve problems.
  94. To solve a problem you must trace it to its source.
  95. This brings us to the question of how to solve it.
  96. Little, if anything, is done to solve the problem.
  97. Band-Aid-like solutions won’t solve the problem.
  98. REPORTER 2: How did you manage to solve the case?
  99. Well at least I was attempting to solve the part.
  100. Fruits are sweet so they can solve the sweet tooth.
  1. Alms and solving the economic.
  2. Solving crimes has its guesses.
  3. Solving the equation in this case:.
  4. Solving the problem, Evan answered.
  5. Learn the ways for solving the problems.
  6. This is a standard method for solving a.
  7. Conquer the sub-problems by solving them.
  8. We had better luck solving another problem.
  9. Incremental problem solving solves nothing.
  10. You will have to run around solving clues.
  11. Reacher said, The solving, not the problem.
  12. To run away from problems is not solving them.
  13. He was so close to solving the ultimate puzzle.
  14. Solver is an Add In for solving linear.
  15. We could be partners in solving these cases.
  16. Solving a crime can mean saving a future victim.
  18. He had left the place without solving the mystery.
  19. Solving Mysteries on the NDS, One Touch at a Time.
  20. Your problem solving capabilities are very good.
  21. Encourage her to evaluate options when solving a.
  22. My father often said, I enjoy solving a problem.
  23. Chapter two: Alms and solving the economic Problem.
  24. She has always been very quick in solving problems.
  25. Science as the key to solving the Ancient Mysteries.
  26. This is not the way of solving the problems in life.
  27. Do you see any prospect of solving this mystery, Mr.
  28. The science behind solving the crimes is phenomenal.
  29. When solving any problems there will be alternatives.
  30. Though I’m not very good at solving those things.
  31. Solving legal problems such as his was just her forte.
  32. This is the only part about crime solving that I hate.
  33. The undead only react to prevent the solving of problems.
  34. They were some parts in the test that evolve to solving.
  35. Normally we believe that solving the suffering and prob-.
  36. His religious background might be useful in solving the.
  37. I prayed that we were on the road to solving the mystery.
  38. That’s a way of solving the problem too, I guess….
  39. O is you them crime solving kids? said Sheriff James.
  40. Instead of solving problems: humans have created problems.
  41. We had the usual bull sessions about solving the world's.
  43. Solving problems approximately that cannot be solved exactly.
  44. I wanted to marry him after solving all his financial issues.
  45. Solving the Problem of Childhood Obesity within a Generation.
  46. His tongue pushes into his cheek like he’s solving a problem.
  47. Because they do not want to work at solving their own problems.
  48. But then the appropriate problem solving tactic occurred to him.
  49. You know Sudoko? He was solving those before he was a year old.
  50. This method is explained under the Solving problems topic below.
  51. He feels Pierce couldn’t resist solving the attack on my house.
  52. Without a standardized cost of bankruptcy, solving for an.
  53. Solving a compelling need is the most critical of all aspects of.
  54. Nevertheless, migrants misery does not end by solving these needs.
  55. When Laurie’s not solving my problems, she’s teaching history.
  56. Actually more often than not I am the one solving their problems.
  57. Not that it did me any good with creative problem solving, because.
  58. Courage I face all my problems head on therefore solving them with.
  59. Fred felt that he was getting close to solving a case all on his own.
  60. Solving the problem of global warming is simple, but it’s not easy.
  61. The Bohemia beer settled his nerves without solving his restlessness.
  62. Solving of Problems Be a person who puts out the fire rather than the.
  63. You began solving the mystery of the 4Horsemen and at the same time I.
  64. Best is to discuss with a view to solving the problem for both of you.
  65. Punishment is NEVER the answer to solving Separation Anxiety in dogs!.
  66. This information can be helpful in solving different kinds of problems.
  67. Still, police do not usually rely heavily on hypnosis in solving crimes.
  68. At last she’s come to one that she doesn’t have a chance of solving.
  69. Jesus Christ was the one that laid down this rule for solving all human.
  70. Again, if you master solving fractions, it will be a great edge for you.
  71. Flyover fingers untrained in the intricate, dangerous work of solving Amy.
  72. Solving the mystery about Peter would have to wait until the job was done.
  73. He didn’t have to watch crime solving shows to know that he needed to be.
  74. In the evening he read again, or joined his aunts, solving riddles for them.
  75. I hate to admit it, but that was real problem solving on your part, Frank.
  76. I was solving the question: ‘Has it happened or not? Yes, it has happened.
  77. And I don’t think you have to prove it wasn’t you by solving the murder.
  78. New Scotland Yard had earned its global reputation for solving deadly crimes.
  79. Problem solving requires training under organized procedure to meet the need.
  80. Not surprisingly, little progress had been made in solving the six homicides.
  81. Solving the crime and killing Oscar Tierney was bigger than the Butcher.
  82. This is the topic of the second chapter, alms and solving the economic problem.
  83. Our apparent solution appears to be creating more problems than it is solving.
  84. Ah, if I could give it a name it might go a long way towards solving the case.
  85. Creative people in sciences have their intelligence linked to solving problems.
  86. The emphasis on business problem solving was especially helpful, he says.
  87. There are several different approaches to solving the problem of super inmates.
  88. Instead of solving her problems, she had invited even more trouble into her life.
  89. Locke had anticipated solving the case before Jade’s pregnancy started to show.
  90. The only problem with that is that I have always taken pride in solving the issue.
  91. Sorry, I'm good at solving puzzles but I cannot know what I haven't been taught.
  92. Men had always been a mystery to Desolé, a mystery she had no interest in solving.
  93. Obviously every house share will be different and the three methods of solving and.
  94. The latter being very helpful in solving our biggest dilemma - what to do with Bob.
  95. Our energy is wasted in solving their problems and meddling with their insecurities.
  96. As stated before, solving this problem will require something more than raising taxes.
  97. The problem with this type of thinking is it creates an addiction to solving problems.
  98. We cannot miss to include this scope here because every Math exam has problem solving.
  99. On the verge of solving the mystery? I said finally to interrupt Holms’ pacing.
  100. Solving the riddle of the treasure from the mural pictures wouldn’t be easy for him.
  1. It has to be solved.
  2. That had to be solved.
  3. That case he had solved.
  4. The Maze can’t be solved.
  5. You might have solved it.
  6. She's a solved puzzle to me.
  7. Then that problem is solved.
  8. The puzzle is finally solved.
  9. He must have solved the clue.
  10. She actually solved a murder.
  11. If it does, it can be solved.
  12. It solved the problem at hand.
  13. Our solved cases rate shot up.
  14. The lady solved the problem.
  15. The Maze couldn’t be solved.
  16. This problem could be solved.
  17. I say that I have solved it.
  18. He thought he'd got it solved.
  19. All of my problems were solved.
  20. They can usually be solved by.
  21. Eventually those will be solved.
  22. Well, we've solved the mystery.
  23. MAILE: And the mystery is solved.
  24. We’ve solved his food problem.
  25. I had solved that problem years.
  26. Someone had solved for us every.
  27. I think our problem is solved.
  28. All his difficulties were solved.
  29. Looks like that problem is solved.
  30. The animal solved all those issues.
  31. Her disappearance was never solved.
  32. She reminded me that it was solved.
  33. Its been solved and now we move on.
  34. Therefore they can be solved by man.
  35. Easily solved, said the prince.
  36. Anyway, we reckon we've solved that.
  37. I was certain I had solved the case.
  38. The problem of my conduct was solved.
  39. In a jiffy, the problem had been solved.
  40. Another puzzle is solved, so they state.
  41. Meet you there when the crime is solved.
  42. Steve solved the first horseman mystery.
  43. The slogan press on has solved and.
  44. But anyway, she has solved my problem.
  45. It was my people who solved your problem.
  46. That was solved when he was assassinated.
  47. And with his own little mystery solved he.
  48. We had solved the bride and groom murders.
  49. France that might have solved many problems.
  50. How will they know you solved the problem?
  51. This problem can be solved in several ways.
  52. Another of life’s little mysteries solved.
  53. Insurgencies had never solved anything and.
  54. You are a mystery that needs to be solved.
  55. How the Russians have solved the problem of.
  56. Tut, tut, we have solved some worse problems.
  57. Tut, tut; we have solved some worse problems.
  58. Yes, it was that idea which alone solved all.
  59. It was on this foot that I solved to myself.
  60. Technically, the case was already solved.
  61. I’ve solved the mystery, said Brendan.
  62. I solved in an hour what he couldn't in eight.
  63. The myth has been solved! He doesn’t sell!.
  64. Next to his computer was a completely solved.
  65. They are not to be solved, or only in one way.
  66. But I reckon we’ve solved your problem, Mal.
  67. Case solved, but one unfortunate side effect.
  68. One problem solved and another problem gained.
  69. Yes, my dear Watson; I have solved the mystery.
  70. Yes, my dear Watson, I have solved the mystery.
  71. So the matter of food should be solved as well.
  72. She was excited, as she had solved some mystery.
  73. It seemed like issues were getting solved and.
  74. So the mystery was solved, at least for tonight.
  75. Interestingly, this problem was recently solved.
  76. Cloning was supposed to have solved the problem.
  77. Once I found one that solved my problem, which.
  78. The next problem that had to be solved was water.
  79. Most problems can be solved in more than one way.
  80. Andy solved the problem for them by coming round.
  81. A large hammer and a wrench solved their problem.
  82. Each problem if not solved gets more frightening.
  83. This had to be solved for the sanity of them all.
  84. If the disputes are solved, those stories may be.
  85. I‘ll tell you about it when this is all solved.
  86. I really thought I solved this case, I guess not.
  87. Thus is the problem of rich and poor to be solved.
  88. Man has solved his problems, Old Jay went on.
  89. In 2013, the mystery of Emma Friedberg was solved.
  90. Would that all problems could be solved so easily.
  91. He solved him the riddle and it said, Aphrodite.
  92. It solved the problems but meant no more children.
  93. Sitting at his side Stephen solved out the problem.
  94. The mystery was solved when the corals spawned the.
  95. When a working nonce is found, the block is solved.
  96. A technical issue that will undoubtedly be solved.
  97. Ladies and gentlemen, I've solved the whole mystery.
  98. Thank heaven you’ve solved that mystery at last.
  99. However, she solved the problem by marrying a very.
  100. We’d solved one of the case’s nagging mysteries.
  1. War solves a whole lot.
  2. Why not? It solves a headache for us.
  3. Unified mind with heart solves problems.
  4. That's splendid; that solves everything.
  5. First of all, it solves the problem of.
  6. M: Nothing wrong, if it solves the problem.
  7. And then the goat solves the entire problem.
  8. Incremental problem solving solves nothing.
  9. Killing without love never solves anything.
  10. Violence without love never solves anything.
  11. Also, it solves the cases of the refugees'.
  12. England solves the first of these two problems.
  13. It simply solves the problem and delivers the result.
  14. Silas solves the case of the missing cubs when he —.
  15. Love is not a sudden stroke of good luck that solves.
  16. Fromm, love is action that solves the problem of human.
  17. Nonduality solves many problems by dissolving all illusions.
  18. NOTE: Affiliate marketing solves many of the aforementioned.
  19. Then create an up-sell that solves their concerns or problems.
  20. That would almost certainly cause more problems than it solves.
  21. Newsletters deliver valuable information that solves the day-to-.
  22. Well that solves my problem with a wedding present, he said.
  23. The Language of Work solves the identification of jobs quite simply.
  24. Kepler also solves another riddle that truly got Newtonians unstuck.
  25. The group touches on the problem of love and affirms that love solves.
  26. He solves any question within five minutes and the listeners get the.
  27. Effective impulse control solves problems and harmonizes relationships.
  28. Enlightenment solves many problems by bringing true wisdom to bear on them.
  29. Intuition often solves problems that are beyond the grasp of the reasoning power.
  30. Flexibility along with humility solves a number of obstacles in the midst of our.
  31. The child that was coming was a complication to her plans but money solves problems.
  32. This solves two needs at once: buying groceries, and providing dining companionship.
  33. An example of an internal DSL is a language that solves linear equations using Python.
  34. Any computer that solves numerous problems by doing a restart is Particularly Challenging (PC.
  35. While divorce somehow solves the problems of couples, it creates emotional wounds to children.
  36. Playing a role that not only solves your problem, but When that happens, it’s incredible.
  37. It solves the survival and the well-being for the totality of its population with approximately 8.
  38. It solves the problem of nontransitivity and allows finding the best of all comparable alternatives.
  39. Earl Roland has helped us come to an arrangement with Prior Anthony that solves all our problems.
  40. The anger vanished, problems were solves, the pain became non-existent, and they laughed themselves.
  41. This solves the mystery of why our universe appears to follow mathematical laws in such a precise way.
  42. As far as I am concerned, the busy signal solves this difficulty quite easily and it’s a cheaper alternative.
  43. A mining pool solves blocks more often than an individual miner; therefore, the miners’ income is more frequent.
  44. However, if it appears to work on paper, try it out to see if it solves the problem without any undesirable side effects.
  45. So how is the lucky node decided on? It is the node that solves the block by finding a special input to the SHA256 hash function.
  46. Therefore, our system solves its problems in a definitive way and it gives warranties to the sponsors that the results are positive.
  47. If you find your thinking becoming circular or going over the same points over and over, then you are worrying and this solves nothing.
  48. Engage in conversations and share useful and meaningful content that informs, educates and solves specific problems for your prospects.
  49. As the world advances and science develops and solves the mysteries of our world, Christianity will wane and atrophy whereas Islam will bloom.
  50. Soon, that small investment solves in a definitive way its socioeconomic problems besides the generation of immense wealth with its reconstruction.
  51. Love solves the cheater problem by super redundancy – we all labor and share together, there are more people than labors and more necessities than needs.
  52. Observe that our proposal solves the problem in definitive way of the income and well-being of more than 80% of the population, in other words, more than 140.
  53. Therefore, they have the interest of its success to indicate this model to the other countries because it solves the problems, besides preserving the environment.
  54. The new systematics solves the problem of the income for the State, the organizations and the citizens so that each one executes its role efficiency and effectiveness.
  55. Some managers are determined to get over their setbacks but do not solve the problem; instead, they apply a quick remedy, which only solves the problem in the short run.
  56. It is not much fun trying to pack all these extra items in the bags we brought with us … in the end Caderl solves the problem by offering to carry the extra on his gg.
  57. So why even bother with such a fuzzy concept that neither explains nor solves anything? Absolutely useless, primitive, ridiculous—that is the God concept in a nutshell.
  58. Also, it solves the problem of the lack of income and of the inadequacy of resources for the organizations to accomplish its purposes with success to turn them autosustainable.
  59. Besides, the new systematics of distribution of income solves the problem of this beneficiary person’s family because all its members are also registered as beneficiary people.
  60. At this point, Ulysses intervenes by making a proposal that solves the problem: Helen, and not her father, will choose whom she wants to marry, but all those who are not chosen will make a pact.
  61. It causes the international involvement with immediate action, it solves global problems, it generates conditions for the payment of the foreign debt and it avoids the isolation of the countries.
  62. How did Allah changed the difficulties and the misery to countless bounties and favors? By these three cures mentioned in this noble verse, the Koran solves one of the most difficult problems in life and cures poverty.
  63. They forget that they can create enormous wealth by simply adapting their talents and abilities towards the improvement of life for many others, through the provision of services or product that solves other people’s problem.
  64. When the game is a solution to a community problem, then when that society solves its dilemma, whether it be Clean Water for All or Patriots for the Elimination of U, it liberates itself from its perceived hinderance to its goal of a better life.
  65. It solves the question of the income so much for the individuals as for the corporations with profit or non-profit, as well as for the State, without there is need of the indebtedness or vinculum to the work, without there are the slave work and the financial dependence.
  66. But peers on the network may disagree as to which ledger came first (especially those with malicious intent), and without a central authority, who is to say which peers are correct? Bitcoin mining solves the problem of ordering transactions so everyone can agree which ones came first.
  67. Scandals in real life: they yawn over and skip: fictional unreality! Now that is interesting… because? The author takes the reader in… behind the scenes… and shows the reader all the little dirty tricks and little cunning lies… and reveals the hidden truth and solves the crime and gets the bad guys.
  68. But for those of us who have felt that art is too valuable a matter to be lost out of our lives, and who, in their quest for social justice, have met the reproach that they were sacrificing the pleasures and advantages of art, this book is of inestimable value, in that it solves a perplexed question of far-reaching importance to practical life.
  69. The happy ending is guaranteed by an external intervention, in this case, his mother appears and makes things right again (but Harryś mother is no longer there): very similar to the important character that solves (often only on paper) situations, very similar to the theatrical turning-point which magically solves everything (but only on pages and in fairy tales).
  70. Equal opportunity is brute force democracy; an enlarged commons is a smart democracy sharing both the benefits and risks of being a social collective; a wise democracy collectively solves problems by cooperatively constructing a system of problem identification and solution that begins with the elimination of the undemocratic discrimination of monied classes and power elites.
  71. But in the case of Bitcoin, Satoshi had the genius to add an extra detail that solves this freeloader problem: The system pays miners with bitcoins as a reward! By paying a handsome reward, the Bitcoin network maintains an adequate number of miners at all times, a reward that is not possible in the simpler solution to the Byzantine Generals Problem without a currency built into the network.
  72. But the time is coming when, on one hand, the vague consciousness in his soul of the higher law, of love to God and his neighbor, and, on the other hand, the suffering, resulting from the contradictions of life, will force the man to reject the social theory and to assimilate the new one prepared ready for him, which solves all the contradictions and removes all his sufferings—the Christian theory of life.
  73. But the time comes when, on the one hand, the dim consciousness in his soul of a higher law of love for God and for his neighbour, and, on the other, the sufferings which arise from the contradictions of life, compel him to reject the social life-conception and to accept the new, Christian conception of life, which is offered to him, and which solves all the contradictions and removes the sufferings of his life.
  74. Invincible Don Quixote, though he has won very little: he reminds me both of Dylan Dog (the mystery investigator who almost never solves cases, although his fame does not decrease due to that), and also of the artist Diego Velasquez, who was summoned and received generous amounts to render princes and kings immortal in painting, but who instead absorbed the immortality that were destined to his clients by each portrait he painted, thus becoming increasingly immortal.
  75. Finally, the Project does with that there are the involvement and the social agents’ compromising (individuals) and economic agents (corporations) so that in the future the beneficiary becomes beneficent person and the beneficent person becomes sponsor with the effective actuation of the Third Sector that truly solves the problems in a definitive way, without there is only removal of symptoms, besides accomplishing the social inclusion of billion of human beings, to propitiate the preservation of the species and to avoid the chaotic destruction of the elements of the planet for the unbridled consumerism.
  76. It does not offer another view but solves the issues in a solid,.

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