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Sore numa frase em (in ingles)

to the sore man.
A little sore.
with a sore head.
Are you sore?.
too sore to walk.
Aah! It’s sore.
They look sore.

My throat was sore.
It's just sore,.
And then a bed sore.
for sore eyes to boot.
Bear with a sore paw.
She got sore when I.
My body was very sore.
I had hit a sore spot.
Vai, am I ever sore.
I rubbed my sore neck.
stil felt sore al over.
and his feet were sore.
But Anderson’s sore.
My hand was very sore.
result was sore fingers.
Plasters on a sore eye.
touching the sore place.
That was the sore point.
And my breasts are sore.
because his jaw was sore.
My behind was sore but.
not sore at our break-up.

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Sinónimos para sore

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