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Sound numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. No one made a sound.
  2. No sound came to him.
  3. I hear the sound of.
  4. It was a sweet sound.
  5. There was not a sound.

  6. The sound of the sea.
  7. I try to sound casual.
  8. It is all about sound.
  9. Not a sound was heard.
  10. If you stop the sound.
  11. With the sound of the.
  12. We were safe and sound.
  13. A sound from his right.
  14. The sound you wil hear.
  15. The next sound that I.

  16. Say the vowel sound /a/.
  17. She jumped at the sound.
  18. There was the sound of.
  19. That was the only sound.
  20. He never made a sound.
  21. I moved toward the sound.
  22. The sound was no animal.
  23. I like the sound of Tilly.
  24. No sound came from above.
  25. By the sound water makes.

  26. The E tone sound aerials.
  27. Does that sound fair to.
  28. Sound easy? Well it is!.
  29. The sound of his guitar.
  30. The sound of a slamming.
  32. I like the sound of that.
  33. There was a ripping sound.
  34. Suddenly he heard a sound.
  35. Fast and without a sound.
  36. She ran toward the sound.
  37. Is making the wrong sound.
  38. When I heard the sound I.
  39. Sound like fun? Not to me.
  40. He makes a grumbling sound.
  41. There was no sound at all.
  42. He was starting to sound.
  43. It is the sound of a tree.
  44. Sight and sound are what.
  45. And as sound to the blind).
  46. The words even sound evil.
  47. It’s just the sound of.
  48. This sound was dark, evil.
  49. Carl made a gagging sound.
  50. The sound water is making.
  51. Yeah, he was really sound.
  52. The sound came from outside.
  53. Sound came from the monitor.
  54. Oh, that does sound good.
  55. Josh heard a cracking sound.
  56. I heard the sound of birds.
  57. Sound: what can you hear?
  58. The sound was the biggest.
  59. Without sound, he set off.
  60. They made a grinding sound.
  61. It is the sound love makes.
  62. There was a scraping sound.
  63. He didn’t sound angry now.
  64. This may sound strange to.
  65. There was an insistent sound.
  66. A sound came from behind her.
  67. What did it sound like?
  68. A small beeping sound began.
  69. Say the consonant sound /t/.
  70. The Sound of an Axe Falling.
  71. Say the consonant sound /s/.
  72. The sound of Elior laughing.
  73. I heard no sound that night.
  74. The speed of sound depends.
  75. Say the consonant sound /n/.
  76. A horrible sound tore from.
  77. Manda ran towards the sound.
  78. He waited without sound as.
  79. He then heard the sound of.
  80. You sound like you know.
  81. Then a sound came, the loud.
  82. The sound of it gave me an.
  83. Say the consonant sound /m/.
  84. The sound surrounded Us anon.
  85. When the sound faded, those.
  86. He collapsed without a sound.
  87. No sound disturbed the quiet.
  88. The sound of the horn woke me.
  89. By the hidden ultra sound F.
  90. For the higher pitched sound.
  91. That did sound a little vain.
  92. That sound like high stakes.
  93. The sound of waves in motion.
  94. Does that sound okay to you.
  95. You wil hear the shril sound.
  96. He makes it all sound normal.
  97. You sound clear this morning.
  98. Does this sound familiar to.
  99. It did sound urgent, however.
  100. My mom was sound asleep but.
  1. The sounding of the sea.
  2. Its note is sounding forth.
  3. That was a nice sounding idea.
  4. The harp was no longer sounding.
  5. It started out sounding like an.
  6. At the risk of sounding crazy, a.
  7. She regretted how she was sounding.
  8. A sleepy sounding Taksin answered.
  9. I hate sounding like Calamity Jane.
  10. This was sounding a little familiar.
  11. Wright, sounding busy and stressed.
  12. And then, more urgent sounding he.
  13. Forgive me for sounding judgmental.
  14. To talk it is only sounding bass.
  15. Oh, she said, sounding confused.
  16. Notice the nice sounding name given.
  17. American sounding with certain words.
  18. It came out sounding a bit breathless.
  19. Then he started sounding frustrated.
  20. It’s now sounding shrill in my ears.
  21. What? Garcia said, sounding tired.
  22. A groggy sounding Brian said, hello.
  23. Terese exhaled audibly, sounding tense.
  24. Look, he said, sounding exasperated.
  25. Keep sounding the call until all have.
  26. It's much better sounding without the.
  27. Robert’s own alarm bells were sounding.
  28. Primagnon, what an awesome sounding title.
  29. Then Alex responded, sounding frustrated.
  30. This is sounding weirder by the minute.
  31. In the distance I can hear ships sounding.
  32. Thanks, Alex said, sounding livelier.
  33. You are? he asked, sounding confused.
  34. She felt guilty about sounding so abrupt.
  35. Nothing, he said, sounding confused.
  36. Oh, Charity said, sounding surprised.
  37. What is it? he says, sounding tired.
  38. Not bad, Sorren said, sounding amused.
  39. Over the low hills the horns were sounding.
  40. If you are aware of sounding or "hearing".
  41. Inside the base hanger an alarm was sounding.
  42. That picture was sounding better and better.
  43. But why? Kara said, sounding choked up.
  44. Sounding The Whale: Moby Dick As Epic Novel.
  45. Excuse me? she said, sounding confused.
  46. I hate sounding this pretentious, but I’m.
  47. What over? he asked, sounding confused.
  48. Really? Spike asked, sounding surprised.
  49. Again the trumpet rang, sounding the retreat.
  50. Oh, says Amy, sounding not at all brave.
  51. Its tone ran high and low, sounding distorted.
  52. Chin said, sounding very pleased with himself.
  53. It’s a very refined sounding name for an.
  54. Fear, said a smooth, posh sounding voice.
  55. Shouts from the inn were sounding more ominous.
  56. I guess that had come out sounding a bit rude.
  57. It was a dull sounding but substantial impact.
  58. Nor with the dread of sounding bows he drives.
  59. That is good, he says, sounding strained.
  60. Good, he said, sounding less than pleased.
  61. As I said, Lily noted, sounding satisfied.
  62. Finally he spoke, sounding completely dejected.
  63. His parents called him by a different sounding.
  64. Lady Triplet, he said, sounding surprised.
  65. Are you not? he asked, sounding skeptical.
  66. Aran for being a good friend and sounding board.
  67. There was a fairly loud solid metallic sounding.
  68. He sighed, sounding as if he wished it weren't so.
  69. Tim had a smal sounding name but the stature of.
  70. Interesting,’ Williamson said, sounding shaken.
  71. Leave it to me, she said, sounding important.
  72. Albeit a large sounding horn but what else is new.
  73. Is she okay? Graham said, sounding concerned.
  74. Jack, said the voice, harsh and dry sounding.
  75. So what? Van Thorn said, sounding displeased.
  76. The question echoed in his ears, sounding far off.
  77. In short, all the drums and trumpets were sounding.
  78. You’re joking, Kors said, sounding appalled.
  79. No, not really, I said sounding rather morose.
  80. What a dump said Jesse, sounding almost angry.
  81. He picked up after just one ring, sounding alarmed.
  82. Something else, Dylan said, sounding reluctant.
  83. He could only make out foreign sounding tongues and.
  84. What’s that? Crutchins said, sounding bored.
  85. I’m so thirsty, Wil, she said, sounding weak.
  86. That would be nice, he said, sounding unsure.
  87. But we simply cannot re-encode them into one sounding.
  88. This is a shock, she said, sounding underwhelmed.
  89. The old warning bells were sounding tired now, though.
  90. The voice of Mona Zirel, sounding urgent, answered her.
  91. They're thermometric sounding lines that report water.
  92. I can still see them, he said, sounding uncertain.
  93. That coulda been, I suppose, Barron said, sounding.
  94. Or, at the risk of sounding paranoid, Garcia said.
  95. Harald guessed the commander was sounding out his views.
  96. Her voice, sounding drugged by recent sleep, was barely.
  97. Grandma! says Amy, sounding absolutely scandalized.
  98. Within a few seconds she answered, sounding quite merry.
  99. Gaze averted, sounding far too sober, he said, Ciere.
  100. Right, said Puller, not sounding convinced of this.
  1. It sounded for the best.
  2. It sounded like he was.
  3. It sounded so very dull.
  4. It sounded like a child.
  5. To him, he sounded like.
  6. It sounded like a cannon.
  8. A siren sounded and the.
  9. It sounded strange to me.
  10. She sounded sore as hell.
  11. It only sounded that way.
  12. I loved how that sounded.
  13. It sounded like a pistol.
  14. She sounded very far away.
  15. He sounded tired and weak.
  16. A knock sounded at the door.
  17. She sounded sure of herself.
  18. The deal sounded good and.
  19. It sounded funny and wrong.
  20. Then, he sounded the alarm.
  21. He sounded like a werewolf.
  22. It sounded more like a roar.
  23. It sounded like a real kid.
  24. It sounded sad and depress.
  25. He sounded just like a girl.
  26. This sounded dangerous to me.
  27. It sounded like Kate, drunk.
  28. His voice sounded very weak.
  29. He sounded grim, and scared.
  30. It sounded odd, but she did.
  31. It sounded like words again.
  32. The words sounded like truth.
  33. He sounded ready to explode.
  34. It sounded like a fairy tale.
  35. It sounded like what I needed.
  36. Yes, that sounded about right.
  37. It sounded like Kralen, but.
  38. It sounded like a snowmobile.
  39. It sounded like he had some.
  40. He sounded bored and unmoved.
  41. She sounded like a drinker.
  42. Besides, it sounded like fun.
  43. It sounded a fantastic story.
  44. It sounded not so threatening.
  45. His deep voice sounded amused.
  46. It sounded poetic and melodic.
  47. It sounded a little defiantly.
  48. A shot sounded in the distance.
  49. The other one sounded doubtful.
  50. She sounded happy, a typical.
  51. So an alarm signal is sounded.
  52. It sounded like a reasonable.
  53. They all sounded very excited.
  54. It all sounded very plausible.
  55. Sirens sounded in the distance.
  56. Audience sounded the hall again.
  57. Hall again sounded and whistled.
  58. It sounded like complete panic.
  59. Even the name sounded decrepit.
  60. It sounded worse than swearing.
  61. It had almost sounded friendly.
  62. This sounded familiar to the Dr.
  63. The buzzer on his desk sounded.
  64. Very plausible all this sounded.
  65. She sounded a lot more relaxed.
  66. It sounded like she was crying.
  67. The rasp of the points sounded.
  68. And the birds sounded so happy.
  69. The hour of battle had sounded.
  70. He even sounded in a good mood.
  71. The sound sounded wrong in the.
  72. It sounded a bit mad,.
  73. He sounded like a damn hippy,.
  1. So it all sounds great.
  2. That sounds good to me.
  3. The sounds of the city.
  4. I know it sounds silly.
  5. I know that it sounds.
  6. I know how it sounds.
  7. It sounds fine to me.
  8. And he sounds like the.
  9. It sounds so much like.
  10. It sounds like a story.
  11. I listen for any sounds.
  12. Even the sounds of its.
  13. Your accent sounds of it.
  14. It sounds like an engine.
  15. Sounds like a good idea.
  16. But he sounds more like.
  17. There were no more sounds.
  18. The above all sounds good.
  19. The mother of all sounds.
  20. Half an hour? Sounds good.
  21. In the sounds of silence.
  22. See? It sounds the same.
  23. I think it sounds awesome.
  24. The sounds of itsy, bitsy.
  25. That sounds fine to me.
  26. But it sounds pretty safe.
  27. It all sounds rather vague.
  28. My God, it sounds so awful.
  29. Sounds great to me Chantal.
  30. It sounds simple, and it is.
  31. That's as easy as it sounds.
  32. That sounds fine with me.
  33. It all sounds so miserable.
  34. And then the sounds stopped.
  35. It sounds great, I guess.
  36. Where sounds a magic choir.
  37. All other sounds are muted.
  38. As the sounds you can hear.
  39. It sounds like I was wrong.
  40. The voice sounds like Carol.
  41. Sounds like a lot of other.
  42. Yeah, that sounds real good.
  43. The clock tower sounds again.
  44. Still sounds the same, mind.
  45. That racket sounds like it.
  46. It sounds like such a label.
  47. It sounds like heresy to me.
  48. But that sounds too easy.
  49. Oh, now that sounds good.
  50. Focus on what He sounds like.
  51. It all sounds very positive.
  52. If all that sounds strange.
  53. Fred listened for any sounds.
  54. It sounds worse than it is.
  55. Sounds like extortion to me.
  56. He sounds quite a character.
  57. He hears the moaning sounds.
  58. That sounds like a good.
  59. That poem sounds like he did.
  60. No more sounds on the stairs.
  61. I listened to sounds of rain.
  62. And only the sounds of nature.
  63. A cabin sounds really cool.
  64. That sounds wonderful to me.
  65. It sounds easy but it is not.
  66. I hope that sounds all right.
  67. That sounds like a good idea.
  68. The sounds of firing died out.
  69. But it sounds stupid when I.
  70. A drum sounds within her head.
  71. It’s harder than it sounds.
  72. Sounds of anger and violence.
  73. Yeah, it sounds good to me.
  74. Judging from the sounds and.
  75. But the dream sounds like a.
  76. That doesn't sounds so bad.
  77. It sounds like he's choking.
  78. Once you learn the sounds of.
  79. There were no more sounds of.
  80. It sounds worse than it was.
  81. It still sounds pretty cold.
  82. That sounds like a great idea.
  83. And With Sounds Of Jaggedness.
  84. This is one of the sounds of.
  85. But how absurd that sounds!.
  86. I said yes, that sounds right.
  87. I know it sounds really.
  88. If that sounds corny, too bad.
  89. He sounds so sure, she thought.
  90. That's what faith sounds like.
  91. The sounds in my ears,.
  92. Sounds of the winter too,.
  93. The sounds died slowly away,.

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