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1. She jerked with spasms of.
2. My body convulsed into spasms.
3. It can cause pain and spasms.
4. Omes said it was muscle spasms.
5. Andrey started having bronchi spasms.
6. These spasms lead to a stiff back and.
7. Her back was sent into spasms and she.
8. He was wracked with twitches and spasms.
9. His spasms were strong, but seemed random.
10. Sam did not move as he felt her spasms on.
11. His spasms of vomiting came in little gasps.
12. The spasms in his legs are worsening by the second.
13. Everyone is safe, but my heart still spasms in my chest.
14. They experience spasms and feel the vibration but there is.
15. Alex sits in silence, watching Billy until the spasms abate.
16. Not until the spasms receded and her body lay limp and spent.
17. She did not have those horrible spasms, which felt as though.
18. I swear I begin to see love with sweeter spasms than that which.
19. The tremors and the spasms started the moment she got her limbs back.
20. The spasms moved from the lower half of her body to the top in waves.
21. Her entire body shook, spasms running through it like a wild current.
22. How they contort rapid as lightning, with spasms and spouts of blood!.
23. He felt her body slowly relax, as the spasms grew more faint and sparse.
24. He was crying hard enough that his entire body was convulsing with spasms.
25. He heard the matador’s weakening spasms, and then more localized thrashing.
26. Muscle spasms ‘fix’ the bone in position, making it very painful to replace.
27. His prominent jaw muscles were in spasms, his icy stare fixed the sheriff‘s eyes.
28. He was not conscious, but this was something more than some postmortem muscle spasms.
29. Electrocution may stop the heart and muscle spasms may throw the victim some distance.
30. Lavender tea can naturally lower the amount of acid in your stomach and reduce spasms.
31. The silence was only disturbed by the slight involuntary spasms of Trillian’s throat.
32. She made herself slide back onto the saddle and controlled her spasms with deep breaths.
33. He then swallowed a mouthful of seawater and coughed in spasms as he tried to fight the.
34. Spasms of laughter erupted at this statement and Rad also found himself humorous before.
35. The final spasms of release left her lover’s body and he lay, spent, gasping for breath.
36. At times she was so ludicrous it had us in spasms of laughter which Lesley applauded as a.
37. Intermittent spasms of coughs and wheezes brought silent glares from their fellow passengers.
38. The lipless giant had a sudden fit of spasms, which Adros interpreted as its form of laughter.
39. He needed water before the sharp, stabbing aches in his calf muscles turned to crippling spasms.
40. Even eating was done in short spasms, while performing many other minor, often unnecessary tasks.
41. He thus simply watched with satisfaction as Stalin stopped breathing and stayed still after a few spasms.
42. Traditionally, it was used by Eclectics to treat coughs and spasms in the lungs from all sorts of causes.
43. Carr jarred her legs most terrible, and has had nervous spasms ever since whenever she thinks of the eel.
44. Muscle tension can also be associated with backaches, muscle spasms and tension headaches, and it can also.
45. Alilia’s spasms went on and on under the relentless stimulation, her cries muffled now by Hilsith’s kiss.
46. Pierced to the heart, it was struggling with dreadful spasms whose aftershocks knocked Conseil off his feet.
47. Physiotherapy was finally called for, with machines that sent vibrations to calm the spasms wracking my back.
48. Whenever Saroja smiled in her lap, wanting to mother her sibling subconsciously, Roopa felt spasms in her womb.
49. Chamomile serves to ease any nervous spasms in the digestive tract and helps to expel gas and improve digestion.
50. The spasms came and went and she felt the urgent need to just lie down and let him hold her until it would be over.
51. As she unfolded the letter at length, her eyes became antennas to transmit the spasms of Sandhya’s heart to her soul.
52. Between fear and despair, my heart joined my breathing spasms; and suddenly, like a miracle of infinite grace, I woke up.
53. Despite the crippling spasms of anguish, I muster every ounce of awareness that I can to witness Anup's final moment on Earth.
54. This chemical compound reduces spasms of the stomach and of the gastrointestinal tract and effectively prevents the reflux of acid.
55. She could feel her vaginal muscles tightening, clenching tight around him as the oncoming spasms of her orgasm rocked her senseless.
56. Some of the gases are slow to act; they can make a swarm of idiots choke in spasms for hours on the ground before death claims them.
57. The eventual ascension of their caresses and their temporary disregard for morality came to them with spasms of equal bliss for both.
58. Howling Cat suddenly turned and looked for a moment as if he was dry-retching, bending over and body wracked with heaving muscle spasms.
59. His groaning became deeper, and his body started to shake involuntary; he could feel the spasms of death approaching, washing over him.
60. She felt his spasms inside her, and the jet of his ejaculation, and she thought that nothing in life had prepared her for such happiness.
61. When the spasms at last subsided, he took her in his arms, rolling to his back so she didn’t remain pressed against the cold, hard ground.
62. At first it was a slight cough, which grew steadily worse, then came the headaches, neck pain, joint pain, muscle spasms and cloudy vision.
63. The enormous egotism of the man of success is large enough to cover, with its gilded wing, family ramifications in its spasms of self-laudation.
64. Veronique cried out as her orgasm pounded her body with so much force, she pushed his tongue out of her ass completely and her spasms became 208.
65. There was no escaping the fact that as she concentrated on lying still, but with her body shaking in irregular spasms, her period would soon begin.
66. She jabbed at it again and again, stirring up more particles, driving her into coughing spasms, but succeeding in making the panel fall onto the mattress.
67. He suffered unbearable spasms in his jaws and teeth so that he was unable to chew anything, and after every bite, he cried out because of the severe pain.
68. A small double-blind trial found that a constituent of coleus, called forskolin, when inhaled, could decrease lung spasms in asthmatics compared to placebo.
69. Its toxins began causing horrific muscle spasms, first at the fingers and then relentlessly throughout his entire body, especially in his jaw and face muscles.
70. The older woman’s face twitched, twisted, and, as her daughter watched in horror it seemed as if aeons of agony marched in spasms across its contorted surface.
71. These six months are a modification: the rule says all the year, but this drugget chemise, intolerable in the heat of summer, produced fevers and nervous spasms.
72. She returned home with tears in her eyes, and as soon she entered the house, her brothers and sisters rushed towards her their stomachs suffering severe spasms of hunger.
73. He lay motionless feeling the muscles in his thighs tense and relax in slight spasms, and listening to the methodical whirring of the machine in the wall above the windows.
74. She imagines the tip of the needle breaking skin, sliding into muscle, the bulge where the liquid pools as she presses on the plunger, and the spasms, a face, a rictus grin.
75. He felt one of those old-time fits of rage come bristling up the back of his head, the fury of old when he had tried to wither that giddy creature in his spasms of jealousy.
76. The medicine shakes Victoria’s body as she spasms with each sip as she awakes, but finally she curls into a fetal position on the navy satin sheets and her eyes flicker close.
77. His muscles cramped, and later still they tremored, and toward the end he lost control between spasms like seizures and his head repeatedly fell into the soup of urine and feces.
78. It owns a pulse and arteries, it has spasms, and I side with the scholarly Commander Maury, who discovered that it has a circulation as real as the circulation of blood in animals.
79. He could see his skin turning a light yellow and his muscles were twitching in uncontrollable spasms, and although Ben knew he was in agony there seemed to be a slight smile on his lips.
80. Each and every time, they told her the same thing—Anna, a normal teenage girl, had entered puberty, and that the violent muscle spasms in her arms were caused by nothing more than stress.
81. She lost count of the number of spasms she experienced and finally she had her greatest orgasm ever, just as he obliged by emptying his prick juices into her cunt with great force and heat.
82. However, as though signaled by its spasms, while he tended his lips to her labium, she moaned with his labial nuances before guiding him to enter her arena with his passion for her possession.
83. Her breath feels hotter than the midday air! Her entire body spasms and she feels that she will burst open like some ripe piece of fruit… And with great relief she finds that indeed she does.
84. More facts courtesy of Ozzie Boone: The victim of rabies suffers intense thirst, but any attempt to drink induces violent, agonizing spasms of the throat, hence the word hydrophobia, fear of water.
85. A wavering wildness of expression, caused by the passing spasms of a slight colic which had declared itself suddenly, and the rattling teeth of repressed panic, had a genuineness which impressed the envoy.
86. They saw her contort with spasms while grimacing with pain, but they didn’t realize that she was actually faking it: Demons were naturally immune to damage from a number of things, one of them being electricity.
87. More recently, its medical use include relieving muscle spasms associated with multiple sclerosis, lowering pressure in the eye brought about by glaucoma, and relieving vomiting and nausea associated with chemotherapy.
88. Charles gazed at her with the dull look of a drunken man, while he listened motionless to the last cries of the sufferer, that followed each other in long-drawn modulations, broken by sharp spasms like the far-off howling of some beast being slaughtered.
89. Our officer then explained the raw truth of desperate hunger: he described how the day would come when his children would weep from the pain of hunger and the harshness of their life; unable to sleep for the spasms in their bellies and not even a morsel of food in the house.
90. And now, mental health professionals have joined the movement, focusing on how simple living can help alleviate tension-related reactions such as insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, neck and shoulder spasms, chronic fatigue and, says Roderick Gorney, MD, PhD, our excessive dwelling on 'things.
91. A man suffers, expressing his sufferings by groans and spasms, and this suffering transmits itself to other people; a man expresses his feeling of admiration, devotion, fear, respect, or love to certain objects, persons, or phenomena, and others are infected by the same feelings of admiration, devotion, fear, respect, or love to the same objects, persons, and phenomena.
92. Yes! There, Severa really shone and shone with her own light! Trough the coffee vapors she liked to talk of the virtues of the marinated bread, while at the same time, daubing the virtuous bread with a generous layer of butter seasoned with parsley; then, she passed to comment on the benefits of parsley and with exquisite sharpness exalted its diuretic properties and effectiveness for the slow digestion and intestinal spasms.
93. This being accomplished, he felt anxious to make trial himself, on the spot, of the virtue of this precious balsam, as he considered it, and so he drank near a quart of what could not be put into the flask and remained in the pigskin in which it had been boiled; but scarcely had he done drinking when he began to vomit in such a way that nothing was left in his stomach, and with the pangs and spasms of vomiting he broke into a profuse sweat, on account of which he bade them cover him up and leave him alone.
94. Forth from its spasms of fury and its poisons,.

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