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Spectre numa frase em (in ingles)

1. It was the smile of a spectre.
2. The spectre of ghostly stories.
3. In vain! His spectre stalks me.
4. Ah! than a spectre from the dead.
5. And I the apparition, I the spectre.
6. It was its spectre which had just passed before his eyes.
7. He’d become the enemy, the terrifying spectre of authority.

8. All covered with dust, white as a spectre, tall as a spectre!.
9. Federalism is a real thing—not a spectre, a shadow, a phantom.
10. Perhaps, to observe whether he had any spectre on his conscience.
11. Jack’s flippancy couldn’t be stopped by the spectre of Melanie.
12. I think I could manage permanently, but that leaves the spectre of my.
13. One felt that the chief of this barricade was a geometrician or a spectre.
14. I am the spectre of a wretch you buried in the dungeons of the Chateau d'If.
15. The spectre of Valentine rising before the poisoner would have alarmed her less.
16. I stared at Nancy’s reflection; she looked like a spectre of death warmed over.
17. Obviously the instant pleasure was a stronger influence than the spectre of some.
18. Spectre against spectre! he murmured in a low voice, as he concluded his sentence.
19. Down superstition! I commented, as that spectre rose up black by the black yew at the gate.
20. What had he come there for? In the presence of this question a spectre sprang up and replied: Javert.
21. I walked about the isle like a restless spectre, separated from all it loved and miserable in the separation.
22. It may be, that his pathway through life was haunted thus, by a spectre that had stolen out from among his thoughts.
23. Chuckles was familiar with the house and headed up the stairs, gliding up the carpeted treads like a silent spectre.
24. Perhaps she had freed that tortured spectre from its bondage and misery of being trapped between the two dimensions.
25. Under his very eyes, unheard-of vision, he had a sort of representation of the most horrible moment of his life, enacted by his spectre.
26. It was almost as if the spectre of looming defeat had pushed Rahul into a self-imposed cocoon of aloofness where he trusted very few people.
27. She rose to her feet with one bound, like a spectre springing from the earth, thrust aside the soldiers with both arms, walked straight up to M.
28. It was a strange way of killing: not by inches, but by fractions of hairbreadths, to beguile me with the spectre of a hope through eighteen years!’.
29. It was a strange way of killing! not by inches, but by fractions and hairbreadths, to beguile me with the spectre of a hope, through eighteen years!.
30. The spectre of death already lingers in the rooms of the house, yet neurotic aunt Despina moves around with a liveliness I have never seen on her before.
31. A wet Lady-Day was a spectre which removing families never forgot; damp furniture, damp bedding, damp clothing accompanied it, and left a train of ills.
32. Holding hands they ran back to the car like adolescents, impatient to get home and start their new life without the spectre of an angry and vindictive wife.
33. He played a fearful game of hide and seek with death; every time that the flat-nosed face of the spectre approached, the urchin administered to it a fillip.
34. The spectre heard the wailful cry of the woman as she made her identity; and it watched the sourly expression on the man as a few slurred words were muttered.
35. God gave that spectre the form of the Count of Monte Cristo when he at length issued from his tomb, enriched him with gold and diamonds, and led him to you!.
36. And he pointed out to her on the turf a shadow cast by the moon, and which did indeed, bear considerable resemblance to the spectre of a man wearing a round hat.
37. There are shadows enough for hell, and mire enough to render it nothing but a slough, and the dying man knows not whether he is on the point of becoming a spectre or a frog.
38. Some months before this, at the moment when Fantine had just lost her last modesty, her last shame, and her last joy, she was the shadow of herself; now she was the spectre of herself.
39. The spectre watched as its physical remains were prodded and examined by the pathologist; and it witnessed its once living form bagged and carried to the waiting coroner's ambu-lance.
40. It is the ghost, the king, a king and no king, and the player is Shakespeare who has studied Hamlet all the years of his life which were not vanity in order to play the part of the spectre.

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