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Spell numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I had the spell again.
  2. It was a short spell.
  3. Bar one spell of leave.
  4. At least HE can spell!.
  5. She softly said a spell.

  6. I did the odd spell of.
  7. He fell quiet for a spell.
  8. If they can spell it!.
  9. They were casting a spell.
  10. Montana has a spell on me.
  11. I helped her cast a spell.
  12. She has the spell book.
  13. This is a meditation spell.
  14. He'd place the spell then.
  15. A spell is taking shape.

  16. When Carl wove that spell.
  17. Wal’ I’ll spell it out.
  18. Leif enchanted a light spell.
  19. Those deceived by the spell.
  20. The spell was broken for Mia.
  21. Or in the casting of a spell.
  22. They have a spell on the well.
  23. Here comes the memory spell.
  24. The spell was working already.
  25. Then, it was quiet for a spell.

  26. The spell could not be broken.
  27. Finally Fallon broke the spell.
  28. Sit down a spell here with me.
  29. What spell do you see?
  30. You will need it for the spell.
  31. This spell will pass as well.
  32. He giggled that his spell had.
  33. I mean every spell turns back.
  34. There is a spell on the room.
  35. He struggled against the spell.
  36. This spell is about protection.
  37. I need to cast a spell –.
  38. He unleashed his practiced spell.
  39. Alex uttered a protection spell.
  40. I had to cut him off for a spell.
  41. The hobbits under the spell of.
  42. I think they’re under a spell.
  43. I have to put a small spell on.
  44. Easy to remember, easy to spell.
  45. They enchanted a different spell.
  46. He uttered a spell of divination.
  47. Leif yelled a charm dragon spell.
  48. For hours you held me in a spell.
  49. Grumbold uttered an attack spell.
  50. The spell had obviously kicked in.
  51. They uttered a spell of their own.
  52. Next instant, the spell was broken.
  53. So the spell would never be broken.
  54. I had a fainting spell in the shop.
  55. Can we spell the rain away?
  56. What was the spell for anyway?
  57. You know I had a spell there some.
  58. Casting a protection spell over him.
  59. I never warn you about the spell.
  60. I have a spell that can change that.
  61. He lets the invisibility spell drop.
  62. They incanted a forceful heat spell.
  63. He'd wanted to use that spell for a.
  64. Arianna cast a memory spell on you.
  65. Immediately, as if a spell had been.
  66. You are under a very dangerous spell.
  67. A curse lasts forever; a spell is a.
  68. He guessed it was Love Spell but he.
  69. That's what the spell revealed to me.
  70. Katrin cast a spell on me in my sleep.
  71. My retribution spell will end the.
  72. Cora was seated in a breathless spell.
  73. The spell prohibits them from leaving.
  74. Your agreements should spell out the.
  75. Could Melfo reverse the spell?
  76. Toria’s retribution spell should be.
  77. He wrestled with the spell of captivity.
  78. But now the spell was wholly different.
  79. With this spell, Gareth could now see.
  80. When a spell is cast I can see the rune.
  81. She has woven a spell over her brother.
  82. I repeated the spell again but nothing.
  83. A sudden yelp from Yigal broke the spell.
  84. Gilead issued an attack spell of his own.
  85. What the spell was that? asked Jai.
  86. The spell between them was broken again.
  87. The spell with the puppets? I said.
  88. You’ve been under a spell for days.
  89. Ah, neighbor, you must be under a spell.
  90. The spell was broken – the magic was.
  91. The adept mage enchanted an attack spell.
  92. It's the stealth spell of an old friend.
  93. Ah, neighbour, you must be under a spell.
  94. As the Captain was about to spell out.
  95. That his death would spell our severance.
  96. The relentless hot spell was taking its.
  97. BLOOM: (Coldly) You have broken the spell.
  98. But he couldn’t dare to spell anything.
  99. I can't believe that idiot wrote a spell.
  100. You seemed to have put him under a spell.
  1. Phonetic spelling had again misled me.
  2. The correct way of spelling the game in.
  3. Spelling it was the closest he could come.
  4. The language and spelling errors compiled.
  5. Do you care about the errors and spelling.
  6. The sound is retained by changes in spelling.
  7. Abundant spelling and typing errors could be.
  8. Even easier than the spelling game, or the.
  9. Mis-spelling the name of a Correct the spelling.
  10. Spelling Game: Say a vocabulary word and spell it.
  11. They wanted new math, inventive spelling, gender.
  12. Or the more phonetically correct spelling: Daoism.
  13. Tim was having trouble with the spelling and math.
  14. Let's see how your spelling has deteriorated over.
  15. Just checked for spelling and that sort of thing.
  16. English spelling is Armageddon, used in the translation.
  17. Then there were reading exercises, and a spelling fight.
  18. He checked the letter once again for spelling, took his.
  19. In the 3rd year, publik akseptanse of the new spelling kan.
  20. When I write out words, I verify the correct spelling by:.
  21. As you know I frequently am and have a spelling problem too.
  22. I hope you caught that spelling mistake in the last chapter.
  23. The long vowel sounds in English have more than one spelling.
  24. White scanned the paper the page was tidy, the spelling was.
  25. Hillary asked Martin for the exact spelling of Kurt’s name.
  26. About 87% of English words follow the accepted spelling rules.
  27. But my spelling is bad, I use the computer to help me write.
  28. Here are six key verses spelling all of this out loud and clear.
  29. The verses below are really spelling and shouting out this secret.
  30. Since before the loyalty training, she said, spelling it out.
  31. Official documents confirm that the correct spelling was Mutsuhiro.
  32. Correct Spelling and Idiomatic Expressions with Meaning and Examples.
  33. I slept with H-I-M, she said, spelling it out like that—like.
  34. You’ll note that I changed the spelling of two words to thwart the.
  35. Variations in spelling and hyphenation have been left as in the original.
  36. But I prefer my spelling) as the Gosen turned a little more to shove the.
  37. The Chief Secretary began in a loud voice, spelling out what follows—.
  38. There is a spell check on my computer so correct spelling is not difficult.
  39. And now I had ISLAAG, which could have been an alternative spelling of Is lag.
  40. I found out the correct spelling is Huejotzingo and according to wiki is the.
  41. Jules shouted in response, calmly and clearly, almost spelling out the words:.
  42. Diane had channeled a very old spelling used long before the dictionaries were.
  43. But what about ‘bow’ and arrow? This idiotic concept of spelling has been.
  44. That’s right, Rob, but that’s not the only use, or spelling, for tangkuie.
  45. Below are listed the spelling inconsistencies in the names of certain characters.
  46. Unfortunately, the page spelling out the name of the writer amounted to nothing.
  47. Often you may think you already know the correct spelling, yet you may be wrong.
  48. He made one last check for spelling errors, put it in his case, and went to the bar.
  49. Smollet's spelling misled me, as I asked for Poter's Court instead of Potter's Court.
  50. Grecian mode of spelling the Hebrew words, which are translated, 'The Valley of Hinnom.
  51. Their father held out his palms, spreading his fingers to show that he was not spelling.
  52. Killian warmed it up for him, his hands spelling a low steady fire under the stone tub.
  53. Spelling and puntuation were changed only where the error appears to be a printing error.
  54. Punctuation and spelling were changed only where the error appears to be a printing error.
  55. When we load a file, we must use exactly the same spelling that we used when we saved it.
  56. Spelling and punctuation were changed only where the error appears to be a printing error.
  57. But our rules are all over the place to say nothing of our seemingly nonsensical spelling.
  58. Hugo has an IQ in the 160s, but he either can’t or won’t follow the rules of spelling.
  59. White not cold more than sixty minutes, and spelling his name with an I, just think of it.
  60. Due to spelling confusion there are even a couple of existing English letters that aren’t.
  61. Understanding the spelling of vowel sounds will help with your reading, writing and spelling.
  62. Team spelling contests: Each student who gets the spelling correct gets a point for their team.
  63. Editor’s note: The author’s original wording, punctuation and spelling have been preserved.
  64. Regardless of the font and letter case used in its spelling, water complying with the Purified.
  65. Consider the significance of the letters that you are using or the words that you are spelling.
  66. Few of them had perceptual problems as the cause of their difficulties with reading and spelling.
  67. Are there any questions so far? the counselor asked when he was done spelling out the rules.
  68. It is the Grecian mode of spelling the Hebrew words, which are translated, 'The Valley of Hinnom.
  69. Punctuation, spelling and grammar were changed only where the error appears to be a printing error.
  70. The most difficult thing about being a self-confessed foody/foodie is the ambiguity of its spelling.
  71. Though I will not kid you that it is as easy as spelling, vocalizing or expressing a four-letter word.
  72. It is also the same spelling as the heavy dark metal often fraudulently substituted for gold and used.
  73. I saw the skit he did on spelling on the Tonight Show some years ago and it was hysterical, but brilliant.
  74. After confirming the spelling, Del replied, I’ve got a conference call with the boss at nine o’clock.
  75. Most consonant blends have only one spelling and can be recognized at the beginning, middle and end of words.
  76. Check spelling and add any additional words, then model the pronunciation and have the class repeat after you.
  77. It is also the same spelling as the heavy dark metal often fraudulently substituted for gold and used to defraud.
  78. A slick blue and white Lear Jet with bold letters spelling out REX DUPAR INT on the side was being refueled.
  79. The word "squandered" was used in the letter; in the four lines of his letter there were three mistakes in spelling.
  80. Variations in spelling, punctuation and hyphenation have been retained except in obvious cases of typographical error.
  81. In fact, even spell-check doesn’t know what it is and when I asked it for suggestions it just said LEARN SPELLING.
  82. I noted the different spelling of the spirit that distinguished the true Scottish variety from the Hiberno or Irish type.
  83. At the holiday shows I saw growing up in Tulsa, a burning frame spelling out God Bless America was a ubiquitous coda.
  84. Also as expected the administration gave a rather detailed preamble by way of explanation before spelling out its conclusions.
  85. Then tell students to turn to the unit where you took the words from and to find each word and check the spelling themselves.
  86. One direct casualty of all the variety of English was reading and writing, as foreign words made a mess of spelling practices.
  87. Robin said the way to avoid this spelling confusion is to remember that with dessert you always want two, hence the two S’s.
  88. Some of the spirits you could call were liars, others weren’t very good at spelling, but all in all their answers made sense.
  89. You were barred from any intellectual competitions—no math teams, spelling bees, even pop quizzes were things to be warned about.
  90. Then he changed the spelling, substituting a z for the s and adding de and the article le, still without obtaining the desired result.
  91. Theary was pronounced Terry the ‘h’ being silent, but when Norm saw the spelling, he used to affectionately call his wife, Theory.
  92. When should we distribute the s-w-e-e-t-s? I asked, hoping no children in earshot were literate enough to understand the spelling.
  93. Another piece of research from Buddy Media revealed that by spelling the word Retweet the average retweet rate is 23 times higher.
  94. The shiny black sash with the glossy red letters spelling out Homecoming 2012: Sophomores was without a doubt going to make her standout.
  95. Much of the effort goes into Flight and Translocation medallions for the military, and of course spelling arms and armor takes a lot too.
  96. During this period, the company is filing monthly papers with the bankruptcy court spelling out in great detail what the company is doing.
  97. By the time I put THE END on the last page of the manuscript, it really is done (except for a check of spelling, grammar, and punctuation).
  98. Why do we have both Pacholski and Pachulski? Perhaps someone just decided to modify the spelling of his name or someone just misspelled it.
  99. Linc shuffled the piles on his desk, at last finding a soft-cover book, about 8½ by 11, with an elegant font spelling out the words 7th Heaven.
  100. It was a long time before she could call the letters and spell out words, and it was many months before she could read at all without spelling.
  1. He had just spelled out G-O.
  2. War spelled backwards is raw.
  3. It spelled love on that day!.
  4. It could have spelled disaster.
  5. Who cares how it’s spelled.
  6. Because it spelled out the way.
  7. Which in plural is spelled: ELFS.
  8. They spelled out two words.
  9. God spelled them out of his mouth.
  10. She never spelled it out explicitly.
  11. They’re spelled to grow with you.
  12. And that would have spelled disaster.
  13. He made sure of that when he spelled me.
  14. What? Tammas spelled out with Morse.
  15. This includes any word spelled backwards.
  16. Stallman clearly spelled out his preferences.
  17. Over the next shifts, they spelled each other.
  18. You are a spelled sword in the fist of another.
  19. His crimes will be spelled out for all to hear.
  20. It was just a shock to have it spelled out for.
  21. Yeah, I know it isn’t spelled right, but still.
  22. This is a great Peruvian beer snack spelled habas.
  23. Tom? It’s spelled T A M, the professor said.
  24. In addition, the count spelled out by the keyword.
  25. All spelled words are evil: if their intent is evil.
  26. The unexpected weight shift had not spelled disaster.
  27. This was clearly spelled out at the Nuremberg trials.
  28. Sword! So the Word of God is spelled as the sWord of.
  29. The father of the three spelled his name Szwabczynski.
  30. His name sounds the same but it's spelled differently.
  31. The steps are all spelled out in the various chapters.
  32. The parents wrote heart-wrenching letters that spelled.
  33. We set up the Styrofoam letters, which spelled out A.
  34. Reuben had told him they spelled the word for ACTIVATE.
  35. Lüisa, spelled with the dieresis for metrical reasons.
  36. It was all spelled out in the document sent in the mail.
  37. Dawson spelled out the terms of the will in very short.
  38. The negative intention to hurt somebody is spelled hurt.
  39. If the wizard spelled you, it could fool me, I said.
  40. The doctor spelled out the probable consequences in detail.
  41. The man chuckled as Junya spelled his name out for the man.
  42. As Bridget scratched out what she had spelled out in the.
  43. With much effort they spelled out a word letter by letter.
  44. Dawson spelled out the terms of the will in very short order.
  45. In modern English, the same inscription would be spelled as:.
  46. What was that thing you spelled on the wall? ENCULEZ TOI?‖.
  47. Absolutely, because it’s spelled out in the Code, absolutely.
  48. The dragon spelled again and the oracle was thrown to the floor.
  49. One spelled out the ranks and the names of the British and Natal.
  50. We all spelled it 'Hairy' and pronounced it with similar emphasis.
  51. After several meetings he agreed and his new role was spelled out.
  52. It was spelled with a black magic that burned as well as confined.
  53. That message you had spelled out on Halven, that was uplifting.
  54. Up to 13% may contain at least one irregularly spelled vowel sound.
  55. They weren’t scary like an object that’s been spelled or cursed.
  56. For example: ‘rough’ should be spelled ‘ruff’; ‘bough’.
  57. These desired results should be spelled out before starting the task.
  58. I had often wrongly spelled it desert, as in the Sahara Desert.
  59. It’s a Right and it’s clearly spelled out in the Second Amendment.
  60. The first thing I told him was that the attorney had spelled it wrong.
  61. However, since Johnny appeared unmoved, Natasha spelled it out for him.
  62. Their concept is that words should be spelled like they are pronounced.
  63. The first spelled words were evil spells: they were used in hate and fear.
  64. One of his gems was the realization that motel spelled backwards is letom.
  65. As a joke everyone spelled his name Ha-V instead of the traditional Javier.
  66. The door had to be spelled by those witches, there was no other explanation.
  67. That damn 21st century nuclear war nearly spelled the end of the Human race.
  68. It also contains words that show different ways that vowel sounds are spelled.
  69. So I put an 'e' in it, and took the teeth out of any fucker what spelled it.
  70. Her name spelled backwards is essiac, for those of you who aren’t dyslexic.
  71. Now that you have the big picture spelled out, let’s go over the next steps.
  72. Step 1: Start by making sure you have spelled the name of your mover correctly.
  73. I have spelled out how to split the power and control of the military in order.
  74. A Viirin! Being caught so far outside the ghetto bounds spelled serious trouble.
  75. These interactions with other tasks should be spelled out to avoid any problems.
  76. The case was clearly spelled out by reporter Jayna Davis in her book, The Third.
  77. Suellen was going to have another baby—she spelled this out so the oldest girl.
  78. Their witch couldn't have spelled it for her or even made one in the first place.
  79. The one from the Federation Joint Military at least had her name spelled correctly.
  80. Who wasVlad? Vlad is Devil spelled backward with the’L’and’V’spelled backward.
  81. In hindsight, it’s obvious from what he’s said thus far, but I want it spelled out.
  82. He didn’t notice when Talia spelled them both clean, and cleaned their clothes as well.
  83. In one setting, Robert spelled out what would happen if a terrorist act compromised or.
  84. If you put all the images of what is happening a special world is spelled out of the Bible.
  85. Baal Hammon may also be spelled Baal Ammon or Amun, and parallels the Egyptian god Amun-Ra.
  86. Jasra had spelled a bubble of air at lower pressure around herself but I had no such luxury.
  87. Perhaps that was how the word was spelled in old French, in the sixteenth century, he thought.
  88. But Moch had lost his ability to regulate the pace of his boat, and that spelled certain doom.
  89. I also noticed that the word Defence on his EDA insignia was spelled with a c instead of an s.
  90. Both are spelled to protect them, Cathorian announced and a junior officer scurried to obey.
  91. Joining the crowd, Maria read through the EEOC charges, which spelled out all the lurid details.
  92. Even through the illusion I can tell that all of their weapons and armor are heavily spelled.
  93. I leave you to imagine the puppet's feelings when he had with difficulty spelled out this epitaph.
  94. On the highest stone was a copper-colored sign that spelled out Istasica Tunnel in curled letters.
  95. Thus, the nature and extent of such cluster sampling must be spelled out in detail in your reports.
  96. Just this alone spelled trouble to Tammas and he had written as much in his essay that outlined the.
  97. Because it spelled out the way that a person may be removed from their body and placed into another.
  98. He got up and came over to me and punched in a series of seemingly random keys that spelled nothing.
  99. This limitation is always spelled out in the Convention Statement in Notes to Financial Statements.
  100. But the word is actually pronounced timz, or temz, and has never sounded as it’s currently spelled.
  1. During one of his spells of.
  2. I had invented dizzy spells.
  3. Even though with the spells.
  4. The evil spells had been lifted.
  5. We call these ‘draw’ spells.
  6. Atums as They Relate to Spells:.
  7. Even with the safety spells she.
  8. He taught her how to cast spells.
  9. Revelation 17:9 spells out 'seven.
  10. So–Magic and Spells, he said.
  11. Some numbers have dry spells.
  12. Without ointments and spells he burns.
  13. What spells that? she pretended.
  14. I am secured here by her wicked spells.
  15. GLAMOUR SPELLS Glamour, glamour, glamour.
  16. Is that what your T-shirt spells?
  17. He was constantly trying out spells in.
  18. He had a few spells he needed that for.
  19. That hectic flush spells finis for a man.
  20. What spells have you left to aid us?
  21. They still believed in charms and spells.
  22. Isaiah 66:16 spells out that ‘By fire.
  23. Bits of it remain in spells and curses.
  24. It spells FLOAT and then it spells CAT.
  25. They may also have chronic fainting spells.
  26. Can your spells cure those as well?
  27. His knowledge of spells and magic and all.
  28. Keep that in mind when casting these spells.
  29. Most of the spells were done that way as well.
  30. For buyers, too, volatility spells opportunity.
  31. Two-hour spells in the future, for each of us.
  32. They cast spells on them, the dancer said.
  33. And Translation spells always gave me a headache.
  34. Jerran was often down there practicing his spells.
  35. We know nothing of casting spells or witchcraft.
  36. But those could be very potent and powerful spells.
  37. He only knew that he could not save all the spells.
  38. And I know a few basic spells, protection mostly.
  39. Because the shop is protected by one of my spells.
  40. There's talk about magic potions and casting spells.
  41. We can conjure spells and communicate with nature.
  42. I punched in Ginats, which is how Hugo spells Giants.
  43. I’m not the one that spells anal-retentive with a.
  44. My hands are sticky with gore and the spells are gone.
  45. That would require spells and spells need preparation.
  46. Why not cast spells on the married men as well?
  47. Uncle gave me some potions as well as some spells that.
  48. Suddenly all the spells that Laeron cast lay before him.
  49. Nearly all suffer severe sinking spells in bad markets.
  50. Egypt had magical spells also thousands of years earlier.
  51. You can choose to cast it with the other spells, or not.
  52. The grimoire is more than a book of spells and potions.
  53. I have collected a number of spells from the archives.
  54. It was a good job this was only a battle of spells, he.
  55. Seven primary spells, four diagnostics and a fail-safe.
  56. For that you can use one of my other less harming spells.
  57. There are magic spells that I can try, she shrugged.
  58. You say that you've performed spells on royals before?
  59. Bullets, grenades, and even spells all exploded in the air.
  60. Harker seems to lose sight of her trouble for whole spells.
  61. Europeans cast evil spells by hiring people who could spell.
  62. Battle Shield is one of the mage spells she is charged with.
  63. It was a welcome relief from the power of the spells before.
  64. Also fertility spells should be used to prevent Miscarriages.
  65. The stone only has enough power to run a few different spells.
  66. Don’t you have something other than offensive spells?
  67. White, mind you, who spells his name with an I instead of a Y.
  68. Three protection spells are hardly necessary, he whispered.
  69. I will give you temporary versions of the spells for the ring.
  70. The Book of the Dead contained many spells and incantations to.
  71. The Constitution spells out quite clearly how it can be amended.
  72. Evil spells come from the first writings, the first written word.
  73. Spells done on yourself by yourself can not be removed by yourself.
  74. And tomorrow I get to work on the spells to let her escape forever.
  75. The bad spells became longer and more frequent; a nurse was engaged.
  76. A task too strong for wizard spells This squire had brought about;.
  77. Ria gave me an extensive collection of magecraft healing spells.
  78. He named the next five spells, the heat from his power filling him.
  79. She cast spells to protect your army, home, family, and/or animals.
  80. Smith, he agreed to explain to her various ball-type spells of both.
  81. If you truly have the evil seed, this spells for you to cast indeed.
  82. Hilsith quickly stepped over, casting diagnostic spells as she moved.
  83. But in this place of colorful spells, all the bad seemed a world away.
  84. A few spells drawing power from that stone could drain it completely.
  85. I’m hungry and thirsty, Ravan said between spells of coughing.
  86. Adam is bringing a witch because he wants to cast some spells on you.
  87. Instead all the religions carried the same theme, which spells L-O-V-E.
  88. The FDA Website, for example, spells this out in its Privacy Statement.
  89. The basic function of a wand is to provide a baseline for magic spells.
  90. They would capture her, and cram as many spells into her as they could.
  91. Nine hundred and fourteen, plus variations on some of the main spells.
  92. Evil spells come from the chicken tracks of the first cuneiform tablets.
  93. Witchcraft? Like in casting spells and stuff? Let me think about that.
  94. On the other hand, there’s really a lot of spells being cast out there.
  95. Kurt, I know that look on your face, and it spells nothing but trouble.
  96. The first spelled words were evil spells: they were used in hate and fear.
  97. Fermina Daza had heard of African spells, but none as frightening as this.
  98. Queequeg says goodbye to his friend and spells himself into a death trance.
  99. Sister, we cannot predict the Effect of our Spells with utter Certainty.
  100. They followed the illumination spells of Sigrid and Leif through the trees.

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