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Spiral numa frase em (in ingles)

Inside, there was a spiral.
The beauty of a spiral stair-.
The stairs were in a spiral form.
Archimedes, on the spiral of, by A.
Mac was in a sharp downward spiral.
There is never an upward spiral.
Louie was one of the "Spiral" girls.

I took the spiral out of my mouth.
Then it starts to grow and spiral.
A spiral staircase unfurled to the.
Each subsequent spiral builds on the.
They were charging up the spiral by now.
Flying up the spiral with her in my arms.
I didn’t stop until I got to the spiral.
They are designed as spiral wound membranes.
I wanted to shove the spiral snacks up his.
A line of flickering torches lit the spiral.
Filaments and Helical (or Spiral) Formations.
That litter the spiral staircase of my dreams.
Hagan, she tried to pull him out of the spiral.
And then I heard steps on the spiral staircase.
The handle has a triple spiral inscribed with.
Quimby Quinby Archimedes, on the spiral of, by A.
A metal spiral staircase curved in front of them.
Without warning the path began to spiral downwards.
A spiral staircase they had overlooked led upward.
She climbed the long, narrow spiral staircase in.
In a never-ending spiral that shifts through the.
It’s a double spiral labyrinth! said George.
They went down the spiral staircase into the chancel.
The spiral set of stairs wound in an unending helix.
I venture up the stairs that spiral to a second floor.
They descended the spiral staircase without saying a.
Its light seemed to spiral and swirl, until a figure.
The underground scanning followed a spiral grid system.
The DNA has spiral shape and the intestine like a snake.
In the 17th century, before telescopes revealed spiral.
He walked down the spiral staircase into the dining room.
The girls in the Spiral department were all of good homes.

Infelizmente ainda não possuímos quaisquer frases de exemplo para esta palavra.

Infelizmente ainda não possuímos quaisquer frases de exemplo para esta palavra.

The spirals are our bloodline.
She pulled up hair, lifting the spirals.
This is shown by the profusion of spirals.
Swirls and spirals lined the furnace doors.
Extravagant findings in the spirals of the tribune.
When she got there, he was drawing spirals in the sand.
Income For You That Spirals Up As Fast As The Flood Of.
Rhones eyes drifted to another set of larger spirals that.
While thou, Time's spirals rounding, out of thyself, thyself still.
His skin looked like tree bark it was so covered in lines, webs and spirals.
Such spirals begin when there is a sudden rush to sell assets to repay loans.
Giant spirals composed of spheres of reacting gases release vast amounts of energy.
These spirals united in a cloud near the ceiling, forming a smoky arch above the altar.
As a girl, it had been a favorite game to watch them tracing spirals as they leapt about.
The very tops of the spirals of the gothic cathedral could be seen from the attic terrace.
Reality spirals upward or outward from the simplest concepts to more complex manifestations.
But his eyes are gray and chambered and shallow, and after a moment he returns to his spirals.
The soldier tried to touch her through the curls of grey spirals, I never meant to hurt you.
The emblem of a pearl-white mitsudomoe was their symbol; three spirals connected at the center.
The Inn was strangely warm and inviting, cozily lit with spirals of smoke curling from the chimneys.
Tithian’s appeared five and two centimeters high, on the two lowest spirals at the front of her horn.
But then there were the towers, or spirals, he wasn’t sure how to describe them from all that distance.
Tithian’s appeared an inch high and a half-inch high, on the two lowest spirals at the front of her horn.
Her eyes were stung by tears as they fell upon the three ivory spirals emblazoned on Amabie’s scarlet breastplate.
Now, we know that we cannot enter into infinite productive spirals, because the resources of this small planet are.
A roof over a well in the palace was supported by columns of a highly geometrical pattern, with spirals and chevrons.
Silently and unmoving, he watched from under his hood as Murphy circled in long lazy spirals before gliding slowly off.
Lukens, by means of two continuous sheets, one of zinc, the other of copper, wound into two concentric coils or spirals.
Ranged about it, seven black candles in golden candlesticks sent up oozing spirals of thick green smoke, disturbingly scented.
The aromatic herbs were still smoking, and spirals of bluish vapour blended at the window-sash with the fog that was coming in.
Bronze bowls of incense rolled their spirals about her; the wisps of smoke curled about her naked limbs like caressing fingers.
Ingrid was standing on the ground floor next to the largest of the five spirals over an hour after they'd first set foot in the keep.
The reaction results, first, in the formation of colored spots — which then grow into a series of expanding concentric rings or spirals.
I understood that ideal conversations move in widening spirals, starting with the minute then building toward statements of greater importance.
When they are dead, and inspected under a microscope; they have molecular bonds at regular intervals holding the two matching helix spirals together.
The bats were hunting among the flies and moths spirals held in the pale green calices, but most were already star-flowering and attracted to the soapwort.
He could see the spirals that tempted the dominion of the sky, the arches that rose as if in solemn prayer to God, and the Holy Gate beyond which his purpose lay.
And the hands could have been ivory and they were thin small things with tiny fingernails and whorls on the pads of the fingers, little delicate spirals and lines.
After a good while the eagles must have seen the point they were making for, 'even from their great height, for they began to go down circling round in great spirals.
In the BZ experiment an acid was mixed with bromine producing fascinating geometric patterns such as concentric circles and Archimedean spirals that propagated across the medium.

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