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  1. Only then can the springtime of.
  2. For Eugenie the springtime of love had come.
  3. April 14 in the springtime of the year 1905.
  4. There is springtime in my heart because of you.
  5. I ever saw with daisies in her hair in springtime.
  6. Springtime had finally come in the year of 1921.
  7. Cass wonders how it will be come springtime in Lisbon.
  8. And the Mouth was a sleeping Worm in a Springtime Rain.
  9. The same happens with the winter, autumn, and springtime.
  10. On this occasion, in the springtime a few months before.
  11. You often find the berries going rotten in the springtime.
  12. Soon it was springtime and the evenings began to lengthen again.
  13. It’s was back in the springtime, Loraine said without doubt.
  14. In the springtime the population of Lanoria would likely double in size.
  15. There was a hint of winter, though the springtime was not wholly effaced.
  16. It was a cool, clear, moonlit night in the springtime of the guerrilla war.
  17. The springtime is a provisional paradise, the sun helps man to have patience.
  18. In a moment the scene vanished and left them in a springtime meadow full of cows.
  19. They already had behind them in life something which was like the springtime of their love.
  20. They both happened to be judges at the springtime Lock Ness Monster Highland Scottish Jamboree.
  21. The farmer then let them crack during the winter and towed the pieces out in the early springtime.
  22. White clouds went on their way, crowding to the back of the hills that were rousing in the springtime.
  23. In the springtime the surface of the ground warms first, its ice crystals melt and the force is reduced there.
  24. She had a way of her own of saying things, which spiced her reminiscences of the village and of her springtime.
  25. These delicate blue flowers only blossomed in Bergendal during late springtime and were Ailia’s favorite flower.
  26. Well it is only springtime, I do know about your Girl Guide by the way, I had a few words with her father last night.
  27. Moreover, it was springtime, he was unexpectedly well supplied with ready money, he was alone, and he had nothing to do.
  28. Bilbo left with regret, for the flowers of the gardens of Beorn were m springtime no less marvellous than in high summer.
  29. And the jungle burned with sunlight as the children, released from their spell, rushed out, yelling, into the springtime.
  30. Jesus fulfilled the feasts of springtime by becoming the Passover Lamb and then sending the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost.
  31. Even if you experience symptoms year-round, your symptoms will worsen during seasons of high airborne irritants, like springtime.
  32. They watch with thousands of other wandering eyes as this prince and princess disappear through the drifting blossoms of Springtime.
  33. I was about to ask what was wrong, when a warm breeze rustled past, like a gust of springtime had gotten lost in the middle of winter.
  34. A telegram from the Admiral at Lemnos tells us that this life has closed at the moment when it seemed to have reached its springtime.
  35. Yes, it is the same oak, thought Prince Andrew, and all at once he was seized by an unreasoning springtime feeling of joy and renewal.
  36. On that third of March, all the rooms in the English Club were filled with a hum of conversation, like the hum of bees swarming in springtime.
  37. In the springtime dark with the windows open and the smell of leaves drifting in, he again grew casual, expansive, unraveling like an old sweater.
  38. Everyone had to sit through interminable safety meetings when they were hired, and once a year in the springtime, just before the season really got going.
  39. Nowadays the Sheraton Hotel occupies this area yet at that time the Barada was wide and deep all year round, whatever the season, but especially in the springtime.
  40. At that time, and when springtime blossomed, most young boys used to go along to the banks of the tributaries of the Barada River in the city of Damascus and other areas.
  41. When Alvin and Rhonda had finally found their way out of the bar and into the streets, the morning sunshine was beautiful and bright on this lovely springtime morning.
  42. The bursting out of leaves in the Springtime is an infinite permutation of the original infinite bursting-out of our 3-dimensional Universe into new forms of Organic Life.
  43. Crumley stared up the long, dark stairs toward the place of no birdsong, no springtime in the Rockies, no bad organist playing for his tiny yellow friends in some lost year.
  44. How stupid of me, he thought, not to have guessed or imagined that my songsters we're wanderers who each autumn fled south and each springtime swarmed north in A Cappella choirs of sound.
  45. It’s a place where Hudson Bay winds can chill the air to minus 40 degrees in January and folks are accustomed to waiting eight months for winter to give way to the flowers of springtime.
  46. Montparnasse was a child; less than twenty years of age, with a handsome face, lips like cherries, charming black hair, the brilliant light of springtime in his eyes; he had all vices and aspired to all crimes.
  47. Eventually the element of fire had been controlled and utilized effectively, whilst stormy event must have made us appreciate more the springtime of our lives by the blooming aspect that was enjoyed by the company between us.
  48. Likewise, when the world has passed through the long winter of material-mindedness and you discern the coming of the spiritual springtime of a new dispensation, should you know that the summertime of a new visitation draws near.
  49. For the first three days Fermina Daza and Florentino Ariza were protected by the soft springtime of the enclosed observation deck, but when the wood was rationed and the cooling system began to fail, the Presidential Suite became a steam bath.
  50. Aureliano could visualize him then in a turtleneck sweater which he took off only when the sidewalk Cafés on Montparnasse filled with springtime lovers, and sleeping by day and writing by night in order to confuse hunger in the room that smelled of boiled cauliflower where Rocamadour was to die.
  51. In Pilar Ternera’s tomb, among the psalm and cheap whore jewelry, the ruins of the past would rot, the little that remained after the wise Cat-alonian had auctioned off his bookstore and returned to the Mediterranean village where he had been born, overcome by a yearning for a lasting springtime.
  52. If people did not love each other, I really do not see what use there would be in having any springtime; and for my own part, I should pray the good God to shut up all the beautiful things that he shows us, and to take away from us and put back in his box, the flowers, the birds, and the pretty maidens.
  53. Later that evening she called the time travel agency with her brain and purchased a trip to the year 2015, to arrive during springtime, and after receiving detailed instruction on how she was in no way to make contact with the subject of her temporal observations, she solidified her plan to hand the letter to Peter.
  54. One winter night while the soup was boiling in the fireplace, he missed the heat of the back of his store, the buzzing of the sun on the dusty almond trees, the whistle of the train during the lethargy of siesta time, just as in Macondo he had missed the winter soup in the fireplace, the cries of the coffee vendor, and the fleeting larks of springtime.
  55. North American Natives refusing to kill wild animals? Natives trying to conserve dying herds of wild Caribou? That’s not traditional! That’s too modern! Instead; have Indian conservancy agents wailing on TV documentaries of National Geographic: about how they are losing their God-Given Right to slaughter innocent wild creatures, and not daring ever to suggest to their village elders that they might reduce their killing sprees in the Springtime when Caribou babies are most vulnerable to predation being left motherless because the Indians killed a few cows by mistake.
  56. In springtime on the meadows green,.
  57. Three of these feasts occur in the springtime,.

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