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Sprout numa frase em (in ingles)

1. Tears sprout from my eyes.
2. But the sprout will remain.
3. Or how Barley seeds sprout.
4. I planted a sprout of a maple tree.
5. I'll try to sprout the blooming hope.
6. Grass heads sprout and ear their way.
7. Knowing we’d sooner sprout wings and.

8. And the hairs that sprout out of my nose.
9. When they sprout, they need to be thinned.
10. Screaming, the sisters began to sprout wings.
11. No other realms will He allow to sprout –.
12. Young firan cane sprout switches did this.
13. He longed for the chance to see that seed sprout.
14. A new seed sprout into a new plant and new fruit.
15. Theaters and symphony orchestras sprout overnight.
16. In order for your seed to sprout, it must be watered.
17. If she has not sprout wings, then does she know.
18. I think our seed will sprout in a very short time.
19. She spotted his sprout of concern and smiled awkwardly.
20. If only the wings would sprout from his shoulder blades.
21. Even if you can sprout wings, it will still be too late.
22. But…alas, how I wish I could sprout a pair of wings and.
23. A fi sh will eat that, the seeds will sprout inside his.
24. D’you suppose they sprout out of the tips of icicles?
25. If, inside the system, a plant were to mutate and sprout an.
26. The Oak made no reply, but told his son to sprout out of that acorn.
27. Emily nodded and went back to the bed, grabbing a Brussels sprout as.
28. There was a single fresh sprout of wheat growing in the center of it.
29. It is unimportant to sprout a new ritual for reading and following it.
30. This gift is still being birthed; only a very small sprout has forced its.
31. The same sprout, reborn, that the old man had held in his hands weeks before.
32. It had probably required injecting each spot that would sprout a thesh rosette.
33. Not one tree, not two, not a dozen, but the thousands he had planted in seed and sprout.
34. If a tree is cut down, there is hope that it will sprout again from the stump [Job 14:7-8;.
35. If a tree is cut down, there is hope that it will sprout again from the stump (Job 14:7-8;.
36. Very little hair grew atop her head, being unable to sprout through the thick layer of scar tissue.
37. The acorn got wet and burst, and clung to the ground with his crooked rootlet, and sent up a sprout.
38. Popearae’s fingers rubbed over the stubs of bone that were just beginning to sprout from his spine.
39. Flax seeds are difficult to sprout due to their size and the fact that they can’t be rinsed properly.
40. Really it’s not appropriate to say replaced, but transformed as a seed that would sprout into a tree.
41. For there is hope for a tree, when it is cut down, that it will sprout again, and its shoots will not.
42. It is nice to see the portfolio begin to sprout as it should and see the fruits of patience start to form.
43. Thus I don’t make a habit of telling jokes and you shouldn’t sprout one-liners in your writing, either.
44. Jo's book was the pride of her heart, and was regarded by her family as a literary sprout of great promise.
45. Job says when a tree is cut down there is hope that the root will sprout (Job 14:8); there is hope of life.
46. Job says when a tree is cut down there is hope that the root will sprout [Job 14:8], there is hope of life.
47. One might as well say that if the seed is alive it must instantly sprout and produce its flower or its fruit.
48. Filamentary currents sprout out of the hot spots and connect to other parts of the ovoid, using the paths of.
49. But the new idea was not destroyed in those who had fallen away, just buried to sprout anew during easier times.
50. Did I want a family meeting, my friend? About as much as I wanted a monster zit to sprout on the tip of my nose.
51. Two pink Eyelids curl’d upon two pink Cheaks; and the merest Suggestion of Eyelashes were just beginning to sprout.
52. Every time the giants walked the earth they would open up, and a burst of yellow melon would sprout out of the ground.
53. Since a teenager he had worked on an old family recipe for fortune and flight and it was nearly ready to sprout wings.
54. Even if it is some straggly looking loblolly pine sprout, he brings it in and we decorate it with whatever we can make.
55. In addition, as the seeds fall to the ground, this will enable more plants to sprout the next year and in the years that follow.
56. Broad-leaved panic grass (Panicum latifolium) beginning to sprout on a southern exposure, while there is sleighing in the street.
57. The godson lived thus for another year, not missing a single day for watering the charcoal, yet not a single piece had begun to sprout.
58. The old woman shielded herself with the proper devastating attitude of the dictators when an insubordination sprout arises between his lines.
59. The force it takes for a seed to sprout and force its way out of the ground and split does not come from the energy locked within the tiny seed.
60. In an instant later all the specks fly out of all the suns setting on all the horizons and sprout a viciously bizarre air force to finish you off.
61. There are physical and biological processes that take place to sprout new life but these are also the formation of order as defined by the creator.
62. For from any seed of freedom can sprout the liberating tree of revolution, because as soon as you think you need freedom, you have already revolted.
63. They could be the most expensive and highest quality seeds available, but unless you open the package and plant them, they will never sprout and grow.
64. Oat, once they have been separated from the outer hull, are also difficult to sprout, as are any seeds that have been irradiated and are used as spices.
65. The arms and tails of these animals grow back through regeneration, and in seven years the tail on Bouguer's Squid has surely had time to sprout again.
66. Earlier in Job's third response he had said, For there is hope for a tree, when it is cut down, that it will sprout again, and its shoots will not fail.
67. In the last chapter in the Old Testament of our English Bible Malachi says Israel will not be left a root to sprout a branch or a branch to sprout roots.
68. Reading it as you would any other book is the way for those who are seeking guidance, it is unimportant to sprout a new ritual for reading and following it.
69. He would sprout their seeds in a highland of this world, bringing horses, yaks and goats with them, as well as all the vegetables they had seeds for aboard.
70. It domineered above them so, that all their bodings, doubts, misgivings, fears, were fain to hide beneath their souls, and not sprout forth a single spear or leaf.
71. Were eaten by them instead, and fooled into thinking it was safe enough to sprout and grow in a safe environment where they would be protected enough to grow up safely.
72. Well, you’d better figure out a way to sprout wings then, huh? He hovered in the air for a moment before landing on a railing on the opposite side of the huge room.
73. If they survive to a certain size, the larvae then hide in soil or under rocks and become inactive (this is called diapause) until the plantains sprout again the next year.
74. Abigail, too—that girl could sprout wings at will! So how was it done? He stared at his hands for a moment, imagining the large, reptilian claws he’d grown in the woods.
75. There is no point it won’t change anything, Terry said when I noticed a sprout that his Grand Pappy once planted in the fertile soil that he use to restlessly tend to.
76. He'd finally given up trying to impress Zoe and Bianca with his pipe music after he played "Poison Ivy" and caused that very stuff to sprout from their Lexus's air conditioner.
77. Albert Schweitzer said, No ray of sunlight is ever lost, but the green which it awakes into existence needs time to sprout, and is not always granted to the sower to see the harvest.
78. The corruption of Christianity and its acceptance in its corrupted form by the majority of men was as indispensable as that a seed, to sprout, should be for a time concealed by the earth.
79. Nuts that have been removed from the shell, like pecans and walnuts, will not sprout, but otherwise simply soak the nuts in warm salt water overnight to neutralize the sprout inhibitors.
80. The grass is long and dead, like girls on islands shaking their hips, and there are no shrubs which sprout from the ground like giant mushrooms that little men could sit on and laugh all day.
81. If a tree is cut down, there is hope that it will sprout again from the stump [Job 14:7-8; Isaiah 11:1], but when the axe is put to the root there is no hope that the tree will ever sprout again.
82. In the last chapter in the Old Testament of our English Bible Malachi says Israel will not be left a root to sprout a branch or a branch to sprout roots; therefore, there will be no hope for life.
83. The erroneous presentation of Christianity, and its acceptance by the majority of mankind, with all its errors, was then a necessity, just as the seed, if it is to sprout, must for a time be buried in the soil.
84. In Week Twenty-Two you will find that thoughts are spiritual seeds, which, when planted in the subconscious mind, have a tendency to sprout and grow, but unfortunately the fruit is frequently not to our liking.
85. Note the fig tree and all the trees; When they now sprout you see and know of your own selves that summer is now close at hand; So also when you see these things come to pass know that the Kingdom of God is near at hand.
86. Coffee prices have historically been most volatile in the Brazilian winter (despite the reduced frost risk) which is June to September and during the coffee flowering season in October, in which the coffee beans sprout.
87. It would seem, that whenever the land had become sufficiently dry for an acorn or a hickory-nut to sprout, take root, and grow, it did so; and from one or more of these trees, in time, others have grown around them in such clusters as we now behold.
88. However, I comforted myself with the reflection that my eyebrows would soon sprout again as bushy as my hero’s, and was only perplexed to think how I could explain the circumstance to the household when they next perceived my eyebrow-less condition.
89. In Buddhism most types of karmas, with good or bad results, will keep one within the wheel of ‘sansara’- the cycle of reincarnation – other actions conceived will produce ‘seeds’ that sprout into the appropriate result that liberates one to nirvana.
90. For intellectually I heard, and received little, but when heard thru the Spirit, it all began to make sense, for then that seed that was planted, germinated, initiated into growth, until its’ sprout burst thru, that even in spite of the flesh, they grew through.
91. The result of Luther’s idea of a personal religious conscience were countless new interpretations, new sects, new cults: each new positive concept, each new sprout of positive energy; poisoned from its inception by the surrounding evil negative energy of civilization.
92. As I was bogged down with that thought, the negativity of it began to bother me; I was alive to the fact that the seeds of liaisons sprout in the stilted minds of the disaffected spouses, and if Ruma were to take a lover, the slight apart, won’t the scandal be scary.
93. Lisa sighed and said I needed to stop thinking everything was cancer, as it was more likely that the bumps were silent twins I’d absorbed in the womb who were just now starting to sprout into new heads who, she hoped, would not inherit my habit of calling her at three a.
94. But then before the Big Bang, where would all those Brussels sprouts have come from in the first place? Which came first, the Big Bang or the Brussels Sprout? The question drove Me near mad and I awoke sweaty and screaming, Who is this ‘God’ and what is HE doing in MY universe?!!.
95. What was the actual first evil tool? The ape hand reaching to pluck and kill a living fruit, the seed of Life, and instead of lettings that fruit drop to the ground and grow its seeds as it was intended to and meant to and designed to do… plucking that fruit before it was ready to drop, and let its seeds germinate sprout and live.
96. I lived on the edge of the village then, and had just lost myself over Davenant's "Gondibert," that winter that I labored with a lethargy—which, by the way, I never knew whether to regard as a family complaint, having an uncle who goes to sleep shaving himself, and is obliged to sprout potatoes in a cellar Sundays, in order to keep awake and keep the Sabbath, or as the consequence of my attempt to read Chalmers' collection of English poetry without skipping.
97. Next we took from the side of the room a long broad bench, made easy to lie at length on by a soft cushion in a callico-cover; and everything being now ready, he took his coat and waistcoat off; and at his motion and desire, I unbuttoned his breeches, and rolling up his shirt rather above his waist, tucked it on securely there; when directing naturally my eyes to that humoursone master-movement, in whose favaur all these dispositions were making, it seemed almost shrunk into his body, scarce showing its tip above the sprout of hairy curls that clothed those parts, as you may have-seen a wren peeping its head out of the grass.
98. I was scarce twelve years old, before that part which she wanted so much to keep out of harm's way, made me feel its impatience to be taken notice of, and come into play; already had it put forth the signs of forwardness in the sprout of a soft down over it, which had often fluttered, and I might also say, grown under my constant touch and visitation, so pleased was I with what I took to be a kind of title to womanhood, that state I pined to be entered of, for the pleasures I conceived were annexed to it; and now the growing importance of that part to me, and the new sensations in it, demolished at once all my girlish play-things and amusements.
99. Yet I could not, without pleasure, behold, and even venture to feel, such a length, such a breadth of animated ivory! perfectly well turned and fashioned, the proud stiffness of which distented its skin, whose smooth polish and velvet softness might vie with that of the most delicate of our sex, and whose exquisite whiteness was not a little set off by a sprout of black curling hair round the root: through the jetty springs of which the fair skin shewed as in a fine evening you may have remarked the clear light through the branchwork of distant trees overtopping the summit of a hill: then the broad of blueish-casted incarnate of the head, and blue serpentines of its veins, altogether composed the most striking assemblage of figure and colours in nature.
100. His trees began to sprout and grow,.
1. Blood sprouting out of his nose.
2. Blessing for the Sprouting Seed.
3. Bird this tree stopped sprouting seeds.
4. In this period the weeds start sprouting.
5. Tackle weeds the minute they start sprouting.
6. Everywhere, sprouting out of the walls and hanging.
7. Leaves were sprouting from where his arms were and.
8. Here were the flower beds—weeds sprouting up over graves.
9. I had seen the new sprouting seed of hope in my life again.
10. And if it gets published, it’s like the sprouting of a plant.
11. Mary looked as if she’d found flowers sprouting from Petra’s head.
12. Could this be what she'd meant by those words? Life sprouting from death?
13. The only thing sprouting from his head was a thick, throbbing black branch.
14. It is blanketed by thick snow in winter, every summer sprouting wildflowers.
15. Some new plants seemed to be sprouting in rows, plants all of the same type.
16. The seed is sprouting and the roots begin extend deep into the child‘s heart.
17. The only sections of healthy skin had patches of course black hair sprouting from them.
18. The newly scraped sand and rock of our back car-park was sprouting great piles of rubble.
19. A swath of worn granite slabs, with grass sprouting between them, marked the edge of town.
20. We tend to nurture pretension and there is little more pretentious than sprouting the bard.
21. So the religious practice continues with new religions and beliefs sprouting from time to time.
22. From the amorphous and lugubrious mass one could hear lamentations sprouting from the interior.
23. Not a single sprouting ambition committed the folly of putting forth its foliage in his shadow.
24. Something dark passed Jeff’s head and hit a small lamp sprouting from the ground ahead of them.
25. Let any one go into an orchard, and dive into the midst of a tall, thick, sprouting raspberry-bed.
26. It was the beginning of rainfall in our small hilly town and the sprouting of seedlings of my love.
27. They were also covered in a glorious white sauce that sent saliva sprouting in Fern's ravenous mouth.
28. Their native land might have been destroyed, but they were a seed sprouting here in the Gengee Cerrado.
29. Most of the archwood that had been this home was now dead and sprouting large rope fungi and slimerots.
30. Each Ice Age has always been followed by more living things sprouting and growing where none had before.
31. She directed the white beam at the pot plant and within seconds the dead plant was sprouting new growth.
32. Avoid watering till the seeds start sprouting and then water regularly so that the soil does not dry out.
33. He had on a ribbed undershirt that exposed silver and reddish gold chest hairs sprouting toward his chin.
34. Abbu was lying on the ground with blood sprouting off his chest and his white suit stained red with blood.
35. He who felt that he could never do anything but crawl, walk at the most, beheld wings sprouting on Cosette.
36. There are new dentists sprouting up that can be found by doing an Internet search for biological dentist.
37. After a while he noticed with surprise that the scruffy boy had hairs sprouting from his chin and under his nose.
38. Vengeance was sprouting out with the words from their tongue and it seemed impossible to convince either of the two.
39. But it is not true though it may keep you from more acne buds sprouting, it certainly does not wash away your back acne.
40. He slapped two bucks on the bartop, and maneuvered us over to a red leather booth sprouting yellow stuffing from its cracks.
41. With winter leaving, all the trees and shrubs undergo sprouting of new leaves and the region is covered with a lush green carpet.
42. But not even the beautiful flowers sprouting out of the scorched earth could lift his spirits; he was miserable most of the time.
43. He then sprinted from the scene disposing of his blue bandana in the stream that a fire hydrant that was sprouting water had made.
44. He was barely twenty-one, if that, and at that painfully sprouting stage when a body grew like bamboo, seemingly centimeters a day.
45. A fresh breeze was blowing; the rye and colza were sprouting, little dewdrops trembled at the roadsides and on the hawthorn hedges.
46. She also noticed that the roots of the parasite trees stretched from one branch to another, where from there saplings were sprouting.
47. They hung a large metal container over the newly sprouting fire on a metal arm and it wavered over the gathering flames, back and forth.
48. You‘re truly liberated and if we had more time I‘d make use of that magnificent contraption sprouting between your delicious thighs.
49. Dollar stores have increased in popularity, and are always sprouting up almost as much as a new convenience store or fast food restaurant.
50. I do not so much mind my scalp turning gray, Quartermain had once said, but when you fi nd whiteness sprouting down there, to hell with it.
51. Rohan, in his dark and dusty robe, had a head as round and as bald as the moon, excepting the tufts of gray hair sprouting around his ears.
52. The cook had, with great industry, replanted the little back garden and numerous green things were sprouting up in this cool spring weather.
53. A golden down was sprouting on his cheeks, and over his ruddy lips, which were often folded into a shy smile, displaying teeth of dazzling whiteness.
54. The rest consisted of a blue sleeveless top and brown short-shorts, with a bowed ribbon tied in the wild shock of black hair sprouting from her head.
55. Sgt Barnes over here if you please, and a thick set Sgt with dark hair and eyes and sprouting a gravy dipper moustache came over at the double.
56. Liz stared in horror as the pack master began to change, his teeth elongating into the sharp incisors of an over large wolf, silver hair sprouting all over his skin.
57. Her only feature not disturbing or even shocking were the eyes, which shimmered as limpid pools of green, like the first sprouting of grass in an early spring meadow.
58. With every additional follow and friend are you distanced from yourself? The pause allowed the blood in their ears to echo in any earweeds they might be sprouting.
59. Spring weddings are a favorite choice for couples; spring brings to mind sprouting greenery, flowers blooming, balmy breezes and a sun kissed world that chases away the chill of winter.
60. Hands went up like an acre of beans sprouting in time-lapse photography, but Brady ignored them and said, Sergeant Boxer will brief you on the case involving the remains at the Ellsworth place.
61. Sprouting through the center of the chamber was a spiral staircase of iron wrapping around what must have, at one point, been an enormous tree, but now served as the centerpiece of the entire palace.
62. What had he told his… what were they, these guys? Friends? Dorchester with the concave chest, Littleton with the hair sprouting from his ears, the duke of something with a wart on the side of his nose.
63. And we're always the cutting edge version of that new, improved, novel-awing It: that consciousness, that God, that All I am! Eureka! is the universal sense of connectedness that is sprouting up all over the world.
64. Besides breaking down the phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors found in grain, sprouting also helps to break down the complex sugars that our bodies cannot and produces numerous enzymes that aid in the digestion of the grain.
65. On either side of the road, I saw chains of little villages sprouting here and there, like discarded toys among the rocks, broken mud houses and huts consisting of little more than four wooden poles and a tattered cloth as a roof.
66. Brooke had written his invitation, those germinal ideas of making his mind tell upon the world at large which had been present in him from his younger years, but had hitherto lain in some obstruction, had been sprouting under cover.
67. In time, as some plunams would have found it expedient to feed on the sprouting vegetation, in turn their survival instinct coupled with their organic habit of growth would have shaped the latter into the varied vegetation on the earth.
68. I can’t believe the amount of random rubbish that presents itself, sprouting anew at this opportunity: children’s songs learned at three years of age bubble to the surface, forgotten arguments from decades ago enrage me beyond reason.
69. He lowered his trembling arms and sagged his shoulders, speaking in a dim echo of his former voice, still audible though over the din of the battle surrounding the city and the mayhem caused by the fires who were sprouting like incandescent blossoms:.
70. She did not know and would not have believed it, but beneath the layer of slime that covered her soul and seemed to her impenetrable, delicate young shoots of grass were already sprouting, which taking root would so down that it would soon no longer be seen or noticed.
71. His ear to the ground, he could hear the feet of the years ahead moving at a distance, and he imagined the seeds he had placed today sprouting up with green and taking hold on the sky, pushing out branch after branch, until Mars was an afternoon forest, Mars was a shining orchard.
72. As usual, in their spare time, they lit bonfires, steamed themselves before them naked; smoked, picked out and baked sprouting rotten potatoes, told and listened to stories of Potemkin’s and Suvorov’s campaigns, or to legends of Alesha the Sly, or the priest’s laborer Mikolka.
73. The air thickened with alarming speed and the smell grew stronger; then he saw it appear over the crest, strange thin beams of light sprouting from what might have been a head of sorts: a glistening metal hulk glinted under the starlight, uniformly gray and unassumingly blocky, a rectangle slab larger than a man.
74. His tail bristled, but the planks under his paws erupted into grape vines, which immediately began wrapping around the monster's body, sprouting new leaves and clusters of green baby grapes that ripened in seconds as the manticore shrieked, until he was engulfed in a huge mass of vines, leaves, and full clusters of purple grapes.
75. These historians resemble a botanist who, having noticed that some plants grow from seeds producing two cotyledons, should insist that all that grows does so by sprouting into two leaves, and that the palm, the mushroom, and even the oak, which blossom into full growth and no longer resemble two leaves, are deviations from the theory.
76. Farfan was giving samples of an intense nervousness, the more nervous he was, the most he accommodated the knot of the tie stripe, smoothed his mustache with a thin silk shawl that clarified the drops of the perspiration that were sprouting from his front covering his cheeks up to stopping, tangled, in the thin threads of the mustache.
77. All along the street, women tapped their heads with knowing forefingers and looked over her fence, like women peering over a cliff, ready to scream at how high up they were, but all they saw was the nine o'clock backyard, as dim as a cavern full of sprouting leaves, starred with flowers, the phonograph hissing and clearing its throat before launching itself down the grooves of "June Night" or "Poor Butterfly.
78. Did they grow to love them? Or did they grow to love the tiny flames sprouting magically after hot white ashes fell, while the trees they were sitting in, or standing under protected them from the first waves of burning hot ash? And the later-cooler falling ash covered the first burning layer: so small fires and flames burst magically out of a whitened wonderland that had been green all of their lives and now was white.
1. A smile sprouted on my face.
2. From which I have sprouted.
3. And the Stone Sprite sprouted.
4. Green shoots sprouted out of it.
5. He had sprouted a bent oozing chub.
6. Weeds sprouted through the pavement.
7. Eiess’ lips sprouted a devious smile.
8. Because the market sprouted up so.
9. A mud-stained white cowboy hat sprouted a.
10. I look at him like he’s sprouted two heads.
11. My tomato seeds sprouted and grew roots some.
12. Place sprouted wheat berries in food processor.
13. It just sprouted open in a most perplexing way.
14. Her face sprouted into a deep emotion of relief.
15. Large mushrooms the size of trees sprouted up.
16. He gazed in fascination as an erection sprouted.
17. After the seed has sprouted in the mind, there.
18. However, green sprigs of grass sprouted in patches.
19. A congenial smile sprouted on the officer's face.
20. They sprouted from his mouth and nose and fluttered.
21. Sprouted pulses are also very good for reducing weight.
22. Moonflowers sprouted from the ground and grew entwined.
23. The seed sprouted quickly, because the soil was shallow.
24. The liquid sprouted tiny tentacles which wiggled around.
25. Leaves sprouted from trees in Central Park, green and new.
26. All around the audience, hands sprouted up like cornstalks.
27. Grass sprouted from the cracks in it and snaked along the.
28. The nails on his fingers sprouted outwards making him wince.
29. Weeds had sprouted in pavement cracks, finding the smallest.
30. The phrase "it is what it is" has sprouted up in frequency.
31. As he was debating this question, Abigail sprouted her wings.
32. There was this breakthrough concept that sprouted from a book.
33. Where the third claw had long ago been severed, a tail sprouted.
34. Flowers sprouted out of nowhere and lined the road as we passed.
35. Grasses sprouted from the snow like whiskers on a pale gray face.
36. Her nipples reacted to the touch and sprouted up like a pine cone.
37. Foul black talons the size of tuna fishing hooks sprouted from his.
38. Her ears became pointed up and below her chin sprouted a thick hair.
39. Hair, a snarled gray mess, sprouted upon her cheeks down to her chin.
40. Sprouted grain breads: These use whole grains and are high in protein.
41. A piece of fruit, almond butter and jelly sandwich on sprouted grain.
42. It grew, Hal went on, and she sprouted hair from her knuckles.
43. Something eventually sprouted, but it wasn’t the flower I’d expected.
44. Hairs sprouted from his ears, but trailed the competition with his nose.
45. Dragon before, but this nonsense sprouted from the mouths of the Nangong.
46. When a grain is sprouted, enzymes are activated and new amino acids are.
47. Little leaders and bands sprouted up among those with the most firepower.
48. Tufts of black hair, thick and wild as an elf’s, sprouted from her head.
49. On a hunch, Abigail stepped outside with Lauren and sprouted her own wings.
50. Then the earth cracked, and something sprouted from the soil in front of him.
51. She flung off her coat and sprouted her wings in one single, practiced movement.
52. This girl was driving her mad, looking at her as if she had sprouted a second head.
53. White bird’s wings sprouted out of the heels, startling me so much, I dropped them.
54. Like somewhere in our tender hearts the sweet seeds of love might have been sprouted.
55. His sneakers sprouted wings and his legs shot forward, pulling him away from Annabeth.
56. Both of her parents looked at her as if she had just sprouted two heads and both were.
57. Even the tentacle limbs Adros severed with the staff of King’s Wood had sprouted anew.
58. Grass sprouted from between the tiles, along with flowers, adding to its return to nature.
59. And while mystics were rare in the religions of the West, they sprouted like weeds in the.
60. From the land plants sprouted; plants became trees; trees bore fruits; and fruits bore seeds.
61. YUKI WAS AT the bar in MacBain’s when Cindy breezed in, looking like she’d sprouted wings.
62. Alternative lenders have sprouted up, but criteria and conditions can vary a lot, so buyers.
63. Now trunks sprouted branches that thrust for the sky, but Edgar was tantalizingly near the end.
64. Here and there chrysanthemums sprouted timidly at the feet of aloes with long, sad, sickly leaves.
65. Bushes sprouted at random, and hidden in the long grass were little potholes that made them stumble.
66. I doubted any of what she heard was bad, but I trusted she wasn’t hoping for anything my mom sprouted.
67. It was the original piece of the city, to which all other buildings of Shattered Rock had sprouted around.
68. Using a sprouted grain, organic brown rice protein isolate they can pack more protein into a package than.
69. His armpits sprouted hair, and his cock and balls were on the average side of average; circumcised and neat.
70. Likewise, his Chin, or, to speak truly, the Chin of the Mask, sprouted what seem’d to be a Goat’s Beard.
71. The asphalt had split in a lightning-streak pattern, and more tangles of weed sprouted through the fissures.
72. To my shoulders, a puncture wound sprouted a watery liquid that should be blood and was sticking to my clothes.
73. Later more leaves had sprouted, but since the onset of winter and the Library’s demise there had been no more.
74. When most of the seeds have sprouted, remove the cover, and water the sprouts with diluted all-purpose fertilizer.
75. The plain was dark with their marching companies, and as far as eyes could strain in the mirk there sprouted, like.
76. Made with organic brown rice flour and sprouted chia seeds, Manna’s Ciao Chia variety is a belly-friendly favorite.
77. Johnson, who is the mother of a celiac child, has her own baking company that only uses sprouted flour in their products.
78. What could one do but strop the blade sharper and attack the child’s bad moustache lately sprouted on one’s upper lip?
79. Until the seeds and nuts that went through their digestive systems came out the other end, and sprouted from their own feces.
80. Without his even realizing it, the wings sprouted out of his shoes and lifted him a foot off the ground, then back down again.
81. The back of Morg’s hand sprouted bristly black hair, as did all around his head except his face which was now a short snout.
82. The dagger man raised his hand making ready to throw, and that’s when a wooden shaft with feathers sprouted from his shoulder.
83. Stopping in mid-stride, her grandmother turned to look at her as if she had sprouted a second head uttering an unknown language.
84. Practice of Mantra induces that specific environment within you that is very essential for the seed of God to be sprouted in you.
85. Orb kept some of her previous transparent, spherical form but in addition she was now vaguely cat-shaped and had sprouted a tail.
86. Palendries, water-loving plants that sprouted silvery fronds year-round, carried no useful properties to the best of my knowledge.
87. In the blink of an eye, fine white fur erupted from her skin, her shoulders bulged, her arms stretched, and her wings sprouted once more.
88. The path itself was a river that had dried up thousands of years ago, leaving a river bed that now sprouted short grass and a few flowers.
89. That evening the godson went to water his pieces of charcoal and behold! one of the pieces had sprouted! A young apple-tree had shot forth.
90. Shops, farms, and a host of other businesses sprouted like weeds along the smelly river port, over the hills, and out into the countryside.
91. The cat let it get nearly to the cover of the blackberry vines and then she reached delicately out and white thorns had sprouted on her paw.
92. Arkaneh remained silent for a while before responding, as if he had let the anger that sprouted from Edrimer's reply to dissipate from the air.
93. She made her way to her parent’s grave site and knelt beside the grave and started to pluck the weeds which had sprouted from her last visit.
94. Which sprouted so many other island Pirate-trading Empires, they all destroyed each other completely; and left almost no trace of their existence.
95. Through the hard century-old bark, even where there were no twigs, leaves had sprouted such as one could hardly believe the old veteran could have produced.
96. Still other seeds fell on fertile soil, and they sprouted, grew, and produced a crop that was thirty, sixty, and even a hundred times as much as had been planted.
97. But when he had leapt off his horse to approach it the chest had sprouted legs and had gone trotting off into the forest, stopping again a few hundred yards away.
98. The antiquities as Sequoia had called them were later placed in a huge building made from the fast growing plants that had sprouted at an amazing rate around them.
99. This past summer she refused to eat for a week, turned white and haunted, then finally (finally, finally) revealed to Patty a pod of warts that had sprouted on one knee.
100. After awhile they stopped, and she slept for a couple of hours under a lone tree which had sprouted from the jagged landscape, then she rose, and they continued the climb.
1. A dog’s hair sprouts new.
2. The state which sprouts sud-.
3. Clean the brussels sprouts and trim.
4. The axis of life, waters and sprouts.
5. All it sprouts from our animal nature.
6. And young tree sprouts where mother spring.
7. Add some sprouts and roll the leaf carefully.
8. Top with alfalfa sprouts and sunflower seeds.
9. The seed breaks itself before it sprouts out as a plant.
10. Place sprouts in a medium saucepan and cover with broth.
11. Live man can always be born, from seeds there are sprouts.
12. Clean the sprouts and place in a small saucepan with the water.
13. They are stuffed with meat, bean sprouts, and other vegetables.
14. These are sprouts placed around the map that you simply open as wel.
15. The melted ice cream and cold Brussels sprouts were still sitting on her.
16. Remove from oven, top with bean sprouts and pepper flakes, slice and serve.
17. Bloodpetal Sprouts: This is another item that is easy to obtain in Un'goro.
18. Drain brussels sprouts; add the butter and season with fresh ground pepper.
19. Place the cabbage, spinach, sunflower sprouts, and cilantro in a large bowl.
20. This was the quality of life--Brussels sprouts, and a door being locked behind one.
21. I see they’ve put the price up on the Brussels sprouts, this week, she joked.
22. Words and ideas just are invitation to have this experience that sprouts from within.
23. It is as if we were trying to make buckwheat out of corn sprouts by splitting the ears.
24. She’d hidden it in the back of the freezer in a jar, inside a box of Brussels sprouts.
25. Wiry white hair sprouts from his scalp, but it’s crooked and fails to cover most of his head.
26. There's taters, cabbage, beans, peas, sprouts, turnips, all sorts! We'll have to pick them all.
27. Delusional fanatics, sprouts of a seed long thought extinct, dire remnants of a long lost cause.
28. It is astonishing how many one finds at the bottom of a pan of warm water in which sprouts are soaked.
29. The main issue, it seems, is that the sprouts grow and are protected against insect attacks and pesticides.
30. The very finely shredded hearts of raw Brussels sprouts are excellent, and even the heart of a Savoy cabbage.
31. In experimental animal testing with mice and rats, Indole-3-Carbinol and brussels sprouts, respectively, have.
32. When most of the seeds have sprouted, remove the cover, and water the sprouts with diluted all-purpose fertilizer.
33. When the sprouts are ready for transplanting, remember that transplant shock will considerably affect the plants growth.
34. Cleo’s army felt more than relieved as they saw the sprouts (kids) and springs (women, the springs of life) being rescued.
35. A few minutes of planning laid out a trip to Blockbuster, Longs Drug, Lowes, Sprouts Market, Vons Store and the Shell Station.
36. If quarks have no life, how come assembling a selection of them under some particular forms make life sprouts into creations?
37. The luminous red mist then sprouts thousands of embryonic tendrils, which immediately begin to feel their way throughout the land.
38. Odd sprouts resembling electrical wires shoot out of your body and bury themselves in the earth around you, tunneling on forever.
39. If the forest is cut off, the sprouts and bushes which spring up afford them concealment, and they become more numerous than ever.
40. I galloped up to a soft hill filled with golden ears, which in the distance was fanning its sprouts to the insistence of the wind.
41. The field-sprouts of Fourth-month and Fifth-month became part of him, Winter-grain sprouts and those of the light-yellow corn, and the.
42. They come to earth and rid the world of Brussels sprouts! he replied, making laser gun noises and pretending to shoot with his fingers.
43. I take the bag with sprouts and a paring knife out of the drawer, get a seat next to Diedie at the table and start to remove the outer leaves.
44. The melted snow of March, the willow sending forth its yellow-green sprouts, For spring-time is here! the summer is here! and what is this in it.
45. The next morning the wheat he had left rotting, cut down, had taken hold and came up again in little green sprouts, with tiny roots, all born again.
46. In one of the fenced-in rectangles, a human female was attacking the earth with a sharp instrument, killing anything that was not one of the sprouts.
47. He pitied her, but not as he pitied the peasant Menshov with his hands and face white as potato sprouts, and innocently languishing in an ill-smelling prison.
48. Provided with a single motorcycle, its bin full of rich seeds and sprouts, he had parked his vehicle in the valley wilderness and struck out on foot over the land.
49. The most physically demanding regular job I have ever done was shoveling 110 pounds of bean sprouts into a plastic barrel on a scale every 30 seconds, then with a helper, dumping the barrel into a hopper.
50. I didn’t start a garden the first year because of my late arrival there, but I could have planted some lettuce, sweet peas, garlic and cruciferous vegetables – Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower.
51. Until they developed the idea of shitting all around where they lived… so more sprouts and seedlings of undigested wheat seeds and rye seeds and other grains that were designed to be eaten by the animals of that eco-system.
52. I did with Andrei what I could––put rags full of stock and mash in his mouth and forced him to swallow––and curious little balls of palendry sprouts appeared in the oddest places: high atop stone cairns, suspended by thread from trees.
53. Ever find gnarly old heads of garlic with green sprouts growing out of them in the bottom of your fridge? Don’t toss them! Scientists report that this over-the-hill garlic has even more heart-healthy antioxidant activity than the fresher stuff.
54. Unfortunately, even most of the organically grown industrial sprouts have been cultivated to be resistant to various attacks, can handle pesticides, and have hard skins so that they can survive the packaging and the long transport from where they are grown to the stores.
55. The copper colored steps leading from the grey and white floor of the train stations’ waiting platforms led to streets invested with sprouts of grass and flowers, bordered at the sides by a seven meter high fence with small warehouses, stores and even a few homes on the other side.
56. Instead of finding a freshly planted hundred-acre field covered with tiny bright green colored sprouts, he discovered what appeared to be a more than half completed, several thousand square foot home, surrounded by numerous near empty pallets of concrete blocks, bricks, and bags of mortar.
57. But then before the Big Bang, where would all those Brussels sprouts have come from in the first place? Which came first, the Big Bang or the Brussels Sprout? The question drove Me near mad and I awoke sweaty and screaming, Who is this ‘God’ and what is HE doing in MY universe?!!.
58. Consequently, these sprouts ought to be deemed precious, and not be treated, as they are everywhere,—they ought not to be forbidden, because the schools are not according to our taste, that is, the sprouts ought not to be killed, and branches stuck in the ground where they will not take root.
59. If a boy, in a prankish mood, angry at being forced to eat his Brussels sprouts, should take one of his sister’s dollies, take its clothes off, and put it with a boy doll, just back from years of combat? And if that boy doll should be in a state…of need…but wait a minute…these are dolls we’re discussing.
60. It sprouts the sin for other,.
61. Uprising in the night, it sprouts, blooms,.
62. The destruction and anger that he sprouts wil be proven,.
63. Sprouts take and accumulate, stand by the curb prolific and vital,.
64. Do you think matter has cohered together from its diffuse float, and the soil is on the surface, and water runs and vegetation sprouts,.

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