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Spunky numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. How extremely interesting, remarked the spunky dame.
  2. And then to the new girl on Spunky Hunks who’s after Kyle.
  3. There’s always your priceless video collection of Spunky Hunks.
  4. Unfortunately the question-and-answer articles in Teen-Zeen or the Spunky Hunks.
  5. Gone was the spunky, mischievous and carefree person, Henrietta had known in college, in her place a slightly haggard and very wary stranger had emerged.

  6. We slaughtered them but I will give them their due they kept on attacking there spunky little buggers and no mistake even though there were that many of their corpses in no man’s land that we could hardly see their trenches.
  7. We sat one day, partly watching a romantic comedy on my computer but mostly chatting, while the IV dripped … so … slowly, and as the spunky heroine tripped over a sofa, Mo turned to me and said, Don’t be too hard on Nick.
  8. The spunky nature of Mr Hirple was certainly very disagreeable often to most of the council, especially when there was any difference of opinion; but then it was only a sort of flash, and at the vote he always, like a reasonable man, sided with the majority, and never after attempted to rip up a decision when it was once so settled.

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