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Stab numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. It was a stab at the.
  2. Dunk felt a stab of fear.
  3. Red flag the stab wounds.
  4. He has to stab her again.
  5. There are two stab wounds.

  6. This is no stab in the dark.
  7. I wanted Maree to stab you.
  8. Nor the bayonet stab O friend.
  9. I stab at the crust on my pie.
  10. His words stab me in the back.
  11. A stab of worry jolted Molinari.
  12. Eve felt the first stab of fear.
  13. Michael felt a stab of jealously.
  14. And the stab of a bleeding heart.
  15. A stab of panic went through him.

  16. I expect her to try and stab.
  17. She suffered from multiple stab.
  18. With this nail I stab your heart.
  19. He closed his eyes, then — stab.
  20. Then stab him in the back of his.
  21. Manda felt a stab of pity for her.
  22. A long slug, then a stab at dinner.
  23. It was a multiple stab in my heart.
  24. I stab the knife into his shoulder.
  25. He was supposed to stab you with it.

  26. He took a stab at another, and then.
  27. Claire expected the knife to stab in.
  28. The crowd chuckled at that cheeky stab.
  29. I felt a stab of guilt for not caring.
  30. Halfdan said, Stab it, don't tickle it.
  31. He tried to stab me with a short knife.
  32. Her words stab at the very heart of Cass.
  33. Remembering her, he felt a stab of grief.
  34. I promise I won’t stab you in the back.
  35. Say stab in the middle of a sound sleep.
  36. Or stab him, as Miss Nguyen would have it.
  37. Nor the bayonet stab what you really are;.
  38. That sharp stab of loneliness shocked her.
  39. They'd stab a friend or a foe in the back.
  40. At that moment something seemed to stab Mr.
  41. Did they think I’d stab you, boy?
  42. He would’ve had to stab him just right;.
  43. I will stab you with this if you mess about.
  44. Ben felt a smal stab of resentment toward her.
  45. Should she slit his throat? Stab his heart?
  46. Can you do it? You’ll have to stab him too.
  47. Merthin winced, as if at a sudden stab of pain.
  48. A sharp, painful stab from Vlad, and he froze.
  49. She'd stab at them when they came after Robin.
  50. Then, like a stab to the heart, understanding.
  51. They all tried to be the first to stab Torvald.
  52. That is why they stab them over and over again.
  53. Ed is still recovering from the stab I gave him.
  54. He was bleeding from the stab deep in the thigh.
  55. He begins to stab the lady looking into her eyes.
  56. Raven felt a stab of guilt and knew she was right.
  57. Chains is itself made a sword, stab it to himself.
  58. He brought the knife in to stab, but I dodged it.
  59. Lucy felt a sick stab in her stomach at the word.
  60. Terese is awake! she thought with a stab of guilt.
  61. Her words were like stab wounds made with a sword.
  62. There was a ringing clash and a stab of white fire.
  63. To hell with my wallet! He tried to stab me!.
  64. Jeff felt a stab of pain at this, but merely nodded.
  65. I felt a slight stab of jealousy for just a second.
  66. Then I shrug and stab a piece of meat with my fork.
  67. I saw you stab yourself before, and it did nothing.
  68. His comment sent an unexpected stab of pain through.
  69. Seeing them here felt like a stab through the chest.
  70. At his words her conscience woke with a stab of shame.
  71. This was a deep stab that nearly punctured my stomach.
  72. I am not that type to stab someone in the back!.
  73. It wasn’t Penn’s intention to stab Lunao with the.
  74. Raven felt a stab of pain at the harshness in her eyes.
  75. He must stab the foul thing, put its eyes out, kill it.
  76. A stab of pain hit his heart at the memory of that name.
  77. Like a real stab in the back—a Benedict Arnold trick.
  78. Yes, and I don’t think Wendy would actually stab us.
  79. He picked up a stick and began to stab the earth with it.
  80. He stuck the knife in the ground with a stab and stood up.
  81. They obviously couldn't wait and Aesa felt a stab of envy.
  82. Thereafter, Moseley was able to stab and rape Kitty three.
  83. I don’t mean all dogs are filthy, only the ones who stab.
  84. The name Rubinski in that catalogue was a stab at my heart.
  85. But Puller had not given the man the opportunity to stab him.
  86. They could secretly back stab me! I don't even know them!.
  87. When the first stab of shock passed, Rochelle's mouth fell.
  88. Hey, let me take a stab at getting to know you inside out.
  89. The third stab had gone into his right eye, obliterating it.
  90. With which free hand do you expect him to stab the Hag?
  91. She tried to stab him in the back but got his right shoulder.
  92. Hunter grabbed his stab jacket, pulling it on over his shirt.
  93. No stab wounds, bullet wounds or any other signs of violence.
  94. But they will also stab you in the back if you show weakness.
  95. People, obtain your trust and then stab you in the back while.
  96. It was more a stab at kindhearted levity than a serious query.
  97. He was holding his manhood in his hand, getting ready to stab.
  98. He will stab you in a minute, on the sly, as he did Krassotkin.
  99. Alan Fernhill lay on the floor nearby, also dead of stab wounds.
  100. Enraged by what he saw as a stab in the back from a trusted NAZI.
  1. Continue stabbing me in the back.
  2. It was poised for a stabbing thrust.
  3. A stabbing pain cut through her ribs.
  4. A boss he dreams of stabbing to death.
  5. Instead, she continued her air stabbing.
  6. By stabbing another person with a knife.
  7. More like stabbing each other in the back.
  8. Something was stabbing into Morse‘s back.
  9. Practice stabbing food with the same setup.
  10. She reversed back over them, stabbing them.
  11. Light played through her mind, stabbing her.
  12. He’s done stabbing his friends in the back.
  13. Elena: He was stabbing a knife through her heart.
  14. It delivers a stabbing as well as a stunning blow.
  15. Try stabbing it in the head, the Pegasus suggested.
  16. I could also hear Darian stabbing some in the face.
  17. He showed no remorse for stabbing his wife to death.
  18. Keep that hard thing stabbing in and out of my cunt.
  19. Andrastus fought on, stabbing his spear into her ear.
  20. The point is for stabbing, piercing, or puncturing.
  21. She could feel his erection stabbing into her thigh.
  22. She liked stabbing me in the shoulder, apparently.
  23. It banked through him, hot and stabbing and addictive.
  24. Only RTAs and stabbing victims, at this time of night.
  25. Teeth gritted and ignoring the stabbing sharp pain in.
  26. She has been stabbing Emily in the back with a compass.
  27. I stabbed one through the head, stabbing the other as.
  28. He killed the last survivor stabbing him multiple times.
  29. Enzo grips the center of his weapon and starts stabbing.
  30. AN HOUR LATER I was stabbing at Cindy’s front doorbell.
  31. He jumped in front of the advancing Chaos, stabbing his.
  32. Stabbing pains ricochet through his wrist and up his arm.
  33. The man dying, Chance’s dagger stabbing him, the blood.
  34. He saw that she had a stabbing wound above her left breast.
  35. The Lakota fought with everything they had, stabbing and.
  36. Dick's words felt like they were stabbing me in the stomach.
  37. Suddenly Guard attacked Son, stabbing him through his chest.
  38. What do you think? Scotty said, stabbing the Stop button.
  39. He vanished from her mind, taking the stabbing pain with him.
  40. She had stabbing chest pains, and each breath made it worse.
  41. The Danava plowed through, stabbing forth with pike in hands.
  42. Once it finally felt like he was stabbing a crash test dummy.
  43. The swaying thought pulsed and caressed souls, stabbing backs.
  44. He’s the witness who just reported the stabbing; he’s fled.
  45. Nord launched into motion, slicing and stabbing at the young one.
  46. There it is! he cried, stabbing the air with his forefinger.
  47. Her leg muscles hurt and stabbing pains ran across her lower back.
  48. Doing nothing is just another way of stabbing someone in the back.
  49. Practice stabbing the putty with the prongs of the fork repeatedly.
  50. The healer-fighter said, I fed him onions right after the stabbing.
  51. He felt a prickly, stabbing heat racing over his shoulders and back.
  52. Another quick volley was loosed with some stabbing into the bodies.
  53. America was convicted of stabbing their daughter to death for being.
  54. Drew pulled one leg over her shoulder and began stabbing in her mouth.
  55. A man who also really hated that back stabbing piece of shit Caramarin.
  56. Without noticing Byron began the gossip and back stabbing off the set.
  57. I’m jerked back to reality by the stabbing of searing pain as though.
  58. Some had long stabbing thorns, some hooked barbs that rent like knives.
  59. You’re in charge of stabbing the guy in the corridor, remember?
  60. He was lead away and down the stairs past the stabbing dagger eyes of.
  61. Stabbing the air above my head with my sword I yelled, Our God!.
  62. Stabbing wildly, she stuck the knife into his throat just below the jaw.
  63. I try to ignore his groans of pain and the guilt stabbing at my stomach.
  64. With a fierce cry Yasmina sprang like a jungle cat, stabbing murderously.
  65. I have never heard of any constable stabbing himself despite the rumours.
  66. The stabbing only continued until the priest had stopped breathing, not a.
  67. Shut up! hissed Shoop in a low stabbing voice through clenched teeth.
  68. It used to be a stabbing pain in the butt to set up advanced marketing sites.
  69. Before he could pull it back, a sharp, stabbing pain lit the top of his hand.
  70. The hooded figure fell but not before stabbing deep through the eyes of the.
  71. I don’t have to cook, he said, picking up his fork and stabbing his salad.
  72. With the sword in his right hand he began stabbing the water in front of him.
  73. The press conference opened sharply and was honed with each stabbing question.
  74. I sat blindly stabbing out the words to put an end to Antipas and the Messiah.
  75. That's what you think is it? she asked, and picked up a fork, stabbing a.
  76. She caught sight of a pair of pitchforks stabbing and lifting hay off the wagon.
  77. The brothers turned to face each other, stabbing the last soldier together, and.
  78. Casual uniforms, ugly, eye stabbing orange jumpsuits with matching tennis shoes.
  79. I pulled the stake out of my sweater and began stabbing her in the chest with it.
  80. As I got to know her, I started to see what a back stabbing, nasty person she was.
  81. Burning like a scorching blade stabbing at the wall of his chest, the rising power.
  82. In an instant he was the center of a hurricane of stabbing spears and lashing clubs.
  83. He stretched has had out stabbing for the last time, she was gone to the land above.
  84. The Warriors began to tighten the field and began stabbing out at the huge monsters.
  85. He is a greedy, back stabbing son of a bitch who cares about himself and no-one else.
  86. The safest way to move was by stabbing the snow ahead for hidden cracks at each step.
  87. Another quick volley was loosed with some stabbing into the bodies of the second rank.
  88. But the thought of her was stabbing him to the heart every moment, like a sharp knife.
  89. Now that’s what’s bugging me, replied Ethan, stabbing a pointing finger her way.
  90. He had slain one of the Surtorians, stabbing him through and through with his great sword.
  91. And stabbing the sails into the mazarine, off onto more exploits on the flat blue marine -.
  92. I threw my hands forward, stabbing it straight through its still searing eye with the knife.
  93. I reached into the sleeve of my sweater, pulled out a stake and started stabbing her with it.
  94. She let out a single cry as the pain came to her with a stabbing sensation and made her gasp.
  95. Here, on the outside of the dumbwaiter door, Caputo said, stabbing his drawing on the pad.
  96. As soon as that had been accomplished, he could breathe without the stabbing pains in his chest.
  97. Cristian felt a combination of confusion and hurt emotions stabbing through his body like knives.
  98. Why see long john silver and the back stabbing murderous filthy cunning bastard he actually was.
  99. He needed water before the sharp, stabbing aches in his calf muscles turned to crippling spasms.
  100. Davis fumbled with the plug, stabbing weakly at the metal hole but always missing the connection.
  1. I stabbed him with this.
  2. I stabbed it in the head.
  3. Smoke stabbed at my lungs.
  4. The plea stabbed his heart.
  5. I stabbed his blood bank.
  6. She stabbed a small green.
  7. The lead Gorn stabbed at him.
  8. Gets stabbed in a shoot-out.
  9. Someone stabbed me in my arm.
  10. Stabbed to death at her home.
  11. This time she stabbed two peas.
  12. Sullivan stabbed both thumbs up.
  13. Tears of pain stabbed her eyes.
  14. That son of a bitch stabbed me.
  15. Stabbed in the back by my two.
  16. I stabbed him in his right side.
  17. It stabbed in his bearded cheek.
  18. Padraig stabbed the man in the.
  19. He had been stabbed in the back.
  20. One was stabbed and nearly died.
  21. Something stabbed into his heart.
  22. I stabbed her as hard as I could.
  23. Randy had stabbed him three times.
  24. The words stabbed me in the heart.
  25. Far-off lightning stabbed the sea.
  26. He was stabbed around fifty times.
  27. The man was stabbed in abdominal.
  28. You stabbed Jael with that?
  29. Bright sunlight stabbed at her eyes.
  30. I stabbed the chart with my finger.
  31. It was like someone had stabbed me.
  32. Stabbed in the back by my best mate.
  33. Stabbed to death when he walked in.
  34. Then Gwenda stabbed him in the back.
  35. He thinks I stabbed him in the back.
  36. It was like being stabbed with knives.
  37. Haydar’s friend stabbed Haydar in.
  38. B: So he stabbed you? The angle is—.
  39. Streaks of lightning stabbed the city.
  40. The realization stabbed into my heart.
  41. Then he stabbed with it, straight down.
  42. A knife wound? Who stabbed him?
  43. Sharp, hot pain stabbed into his flesh.
  44. She was stabbed through while she slept.
  45. It was like being stabbed in the stomach.
  46. In other words someone else stabbed him.
  47. Stabbed to death by 16 yr old boyfriend.
  48. Cletus stabbed poor Atlas in the throat.
  49. That you stabbed him with a steak knife.
  50. I stabbed the zombie right above its nose.
  51. Guilt stabbed me in the heart and stomach.
  52. Wulfric looked as if he had been stabbed.
  53. Like I was stabbed and shot up by cops.
  54. Been stabbed twice with a hunting knife.
  55. It stabbed up his spine and into his skull.
  56. Pain stabbed deep within him with each step.
  57. The poor girl was stabbed with a huge knife.
  58. She had been stabbed and slashed repeatedly.
  59. Xaltotun cried out as if he had been stabbed.
  60. The hunter stabbed his blade in Fox's throat.
  61. Germany wasn’t stabbed in the back at all.
  62. For even the enlightened bleed when stabbed.
  63. He felt her throat move as he stabbed at her.
  64. He buckled as if stabbed, hands to his belly.
  65. He ignored the thorns that stabbed his palms.
  66. He preached to the Jews and stabbed to death.
  67. One of the soldiers stabbed her in the breast.
  68. Langdon had been slashed and stabbed to death.
  69. Every day, a black youth was stabbed to death.
  70. No! She worried they had stabbed him to death.
  71. She had stabbed his already wounded shoulder.
  72. He held his ears as if they are being stabbed.
  73. Stepan stabbed her immediately with his knife.
  74. Brady stabbed the list as he read it out loud.
  75. And if he stabbed you, then he deserved to die.
  76. Stabbed in the chest, broken ribs and shoulder.
  77. Though being stabbed by a withered old hag is.
  78. A scarlet-tipped talon stabbed into the keypad.
  79. Here! Ma took the can and stabbed it open.
  80. It felt like someone has stabbed me in my chest.
  81. His palms stabbed down hard into her shoulders.
  82. You mean, he stabbed him- it- the White Giant?
  83. Then he stabbed again, into the chest this time.
  84. He’d stabbed me when he hit me the first time.
  85. Hunger pains stabbed him in his stomach and he.
  86. Strangled, rather than stabbed in December, 1888.
  87. She stabbed me in the hand, but that’s okay.
  88. Afterwards, the dogs may be stabbed in the groin.
  89. Dutoit was repeatedly stabbed with a wooden stake.
  90. He stabbed a few buttons and waited for an answer.
  91. Guilt flooded my entire body and stabbed my heart.
  92. She was stabbed a bunch of times in her apartment.
  93. Kelly drew a knife and stabbed Garcia in the back.
  94. She was stabbed in the stomach kil ing them both.
  95. Raskolnikov shuddered as though he had been stabbed.
  96. I threw myself at him and stabbed him in the chest.
  97. The nightmare of being stabbed flashed across his.
  98. I ran up to its big toe and stabbed it with Riptide.
  99. He might as well have stabbed me with a rusty dagger.
  100. Yes, stabbed him in the eye with that Gypsy sausage.
  1. He stabs his women.
  2. Pain stabs my stomach.
  3. He stabs Sara in her side.
  4. That letter stabs me even now.
  5. Pain stabs my stomach when I see him.
  6. Stabs of pain ricocheted through his head.
  7. He stabs the papers in the air as he speaks.
  8. Love is the darkness that stabs with a knife.
  9. And stabs with pain the night's brown savagery.
  10. Hagen stabs him in the back, and the scene is changed.
  11. The soft contact of my hand on my head stabs at my brain.
  12. With both hands, he brings the knife up and stabs down….
  13. She draws back her hand and, aiming at his heart, stabs him.
  14. He stops to rest, stabs his spear into the ground, and sits.
  15. I’ll talk to this man before the Fox here stabs his heart out.
  16. Then he laughs, an open-mouthed cackle that stabs through the air.
  17. Oh sh*t, I better do it before Raffe stabs me with his light sabre.
  18. In Darkfever, Barrons stabs and kills the Gray Man with Mac’s spear.
  19. Hey, Julissa, he says, as he stabs a toe in the ice and comes to an.
  20. The painful stabs from the finger-knives made the Oogie loosen its hold on the Ogre.
  21. But with his fourth and final spear, he kills the buffalo, stabs it right through the heart.
  22. His tongue was expertly flicking at Elfi’s lips, alternating with sharp stabs into her mouth.
  23. The floor pounded the breath from her body, but no excruciating stabs of pain announced broken bones.
  24. Instinctively he gripped it and struck with all the power of nerve and thew, as a man stabs with a dagger.
  25. My heart was sending me stabs of pain at the thought that Beatrice and Mariana would be under Gertrude care.
  26. Watch me! Diane D raises the scissors high in the air and stabs the dress with it then cuts the dress!.
  27. Suddenly, the Oogie felt deep stabs of pain as the Ogre shoved all its finger-knives into the Oogie’s body.
  28. Now separated from his shade, Cadman felt the stabs and scratches intensely, but the pain only drove his fury.
  29. His breathing was shallow, as if his body knew anything more would hurt him like stabs of red hot iron in his lungs.
  30. Alex stabs at the volume button on the side of the phone so that he can hear clearly above the noise of car engines.
  31. Emily rushes to me, seems to register than I'm motionless with shock, and stabs the guy through the back of his ribcage.
  32. Darek tried to use that opening as the turning point of the fight and, with the last of his energy, unleashed several close stabs.
  33. Sten had found his berserker cousin, dead from stabs to his face and neck, in a building where Haki had been left alone with a girl.
  34. Her repulsion is displayed with startling realism, and it furnishes the cue to the lover, who darts out and stabs the old man in the back.
  35. Here I’ve been chasing all the boys away to keep my little sister pure for a special guy, and my best friend stabs me in the back!.
  36. That turned the conversation, and they all began discussing dragon-slayings historical, dubious, and mythical, and the various sorts of stabs and jabs and.
  37. Why doesn’t the red-haired gunner run away as he is unarmed? Why doesn’t the Frenchman stab him? He will not get away before the Frenchman remembers his bayonet and stabs him.
  38. Ioli, a loquacious career pol with a full head of gray hair, makes a couple stabs at idle chatter, but when he sees we’re in no mood, he abandons the effort and thumbs through his Times.
  39. The blue of the heaven is the hue and the clarity of a child’s eye, and the gold of the sun is the gleam of the cat’s caught in the sudden beam of light that stabs the black of night.
  40. The second guard struck the floor with his longsword as Titus evaded the wild overhead blow and the man’s second swing was swiftly met and Titus returned with two stabs to his side and ribs.
  41. He sat with her making little birdbath stabs at the one glass of Scotch he allowed himself and pretending that this was his life: another item or two of due diligence crossed off the list, someone warm and funny and human to come home to.
  42. Nothing else until the moment when, through a rift in the clouds, I saw the daring captain clinging to one of the animal's fins, fighting the monster at close quarters, belaboring his enemy's belly with stabs of the dagger yet unable to deliver the deciding thrust, in other words, a direct hit to the heart.
  43. Sure, I had felt Stabs of Envy (as any other Mortal Soul hath done), but always I seem’d to know that all the divers Destinies of Humankind have their own Pains as well as their own Pleasures, and e’en the Greatest Lord who suffers no pecuniary Want, may be tormented with the Gout, or Devastation at the Loss of Love, and feel his Suff’rings as keenly as the poor Gin-soakt Beggar.
  44. Is it that by its indefiniteness it shadows forth the heartless voids and immensities of the universe, and thus stabs us from behind with the thought of annihilation, when beholding the white depths of the milky way? Or is it, that as in essence whiteness is not so much a colour as the visible absence of colour; and at the same time the concrete of all colours; is it for these reasons that there is such a dumb blankness, full of meaning, in a wide landscape of snows—a colourless, all-colour of atheism from which we shrink? And when we consider that other theory of the natural philosophers, that all other earthly hues—every stately or lovely emblazoning—the sweet tinges of sunset skies and woods; yea, and the gilded velvets of butterflies, and the butterfly cheeks of young girls; all these are but subtile deceits, not actually inherent in substances, but only laid on from without; so that all deified Nature absolutely paints like the harlot, whose allurements cover nothing but the charnel-house within; and when we proceed further, and consider that the mystical cosmetic which produces every one of her hues, the great principle of light, for ever remains white or colourless in itself, and if operating without medium upon matter, would touch all objects, even tulips and roses, with its own blank tinge—pondering all this, the palsied universe lies before us a leper; and like wilful travellers in Lapland, who refuse to wear coloured and colouring glasses upon their eyes, so the wretched infidel gazes himself blind at the monumental white shroud that wraps all the prospect around him.

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