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Stadium numa frase em (in ingles)

1. I can smell the stadium.
2. Stadium and couldn't do it.
3. The stadium was oddly quiet.
4. Herod wanted to build a stadium.
5. As for the stadium sections –.
6. A hush was over the entire stadium.
7. Where is her stadium? For her it.

8. The stadium was packed to capacity.
9. They’d just played a stadium gig.
10. Tied up and the stadium was rocking.
11. We saw a baseball game at the stadium.
12. He ran to the side of the stadium and.
13. The stadium security wil be at the end.
14. Guarding section A of the Nepbal Stadium.
15. Hereʼs a sample stadium sprint workout:.
16. And through the stadium speakers as well.
17. Stadium, Zeus’ Temple and Hadrian's Arch.
18. National Stadium in China, and the Freedom.
19. The artillery outside the stadium thundered.
20. The stadium cheered wildly, even for a Card.
21. And the house with the stadium lights?
22. At the peak of the stadium, was the proudly.
23. Jermaine's sweeping up the stadium now that.
24. Roman watched as the masses exited the stadium.
25. We turned around to head back to the stadium.
26. He had a strip club bigger than Dodger Stadium.
27. They exited the stadium and said their goodbyes.
28. Anyplace was better than the basketball stadium.
29. A short while later, the stadium is emptying out.
30. The stadium was as silent as I had ever heard it.
31. An hour later, Mary is in the stadium storage room.
32. Back in the game, 20-14, with the stadium rocking.
33. I know it was some experience being in the stadium.
34. I assented, and I made it up to him at the stadium.
35. The changing area was outside of the basic stadium.
36. Being five minutes from the Wits Stadium was a boon.
37. Then there was the National Football stadium fiasco.
38. He runs along the edge of the stadium and disappears.
39. Suddenly the screen crackled and the stadium faded.
40. A dam the size of a football stadium stood in our path.
41. I saw a few of them just before I came into the stadium.
42. The stadium had seating for more than 7,000 spectators.
43. The seats of the stadium were packed with wild animals.
44. Suddenly, a loud rumble made its way through the stadium.
45. Remember the time at Redskin stadium? Damon cackled.
46. He didn't attack the Nepbal stadium either, that was al.
47. Regarding Hal yday and the Nepbal stadium, it appears.
48. The sports team is just background, and the stadium is a.
49. I think it is almost as large as the one at Royals Stadium.
50. They stepped out of the stadium and heard the voice of Dada.
51. Eventually the stadium was full and the king of War sat in.
52. Pon had arrived at the stadium after travelling for four days.
53. We are in the truck now and driving it away from the stadium.
54. After surrendering, the group was dragged off to the stadium.
55. One hour later Kurt and Brian were driving toward the stadium.
56. It was three times the size of a football stadium, but in a.
57. The stadium seating had been replaced with a series of tiered.
58. The new stadium, for the run, was just completed a month ago.
59. Although less conspicuous than the National Stadium, I still.
60. Everyone in the stadium gasped when they laid eyes on the one.
61. He continued to watch as Katie was carried over to the stadium.
62. Roman wanted to hang out at the stadium with Tony for awhile.
63. My parents were taken to the National Stadium for interrogation.
64. He drove away from the Newlands Stadium and headed for his office.
65. The stadium wasn't entirely full, but the program started on time.
66. That probably breaks a record here at the Stadium for attendance.
67. But not on my team’s side of the stadium; they are mostly quiet.
68. The team had moved to Civic Field, a high school football stadium.
69. There are also stores selling Toll Plaza and Stadium flood lights.
70. But it’s the ones here in the stadium that are breaking my heart.
71. Kain zipped across the length of the stadium in the blink of an eye.
72. Suddenly, Diego Sanchez pointed to the sky just east of the stadium.
73. A ramp sits at the end of the aisle in an open square of the stadium.
74. Ma and Pops sat up toward the top of the stadium, wrapped in their.
75. Both of them started laughing and the taxi reached the iconic stadium.
76. As they approached the gigantic stadium they could hear the roaring.
77. He rode by the bottleneck and approached the entrance to the stadium.
78. Unsure of whereabouts to sit in the stadium, he drifted into the shop.
79. We hosted the sectional at Collingston Stadium and walked through all.
80. I turned and scanned the mass of people under the roof of the stadium;.
81. He was lounging back in a bath the size of a stadium while sipping the.
82. Wolfe had reached the lower rows of the stadium when Conklin tackled him.
83. Yep, I see cameramen in elevated roosts at intervals around the stadium.
84. A plaza at USC was named after him, as was the stadium at Torrance High.
85. There are too many ghosts inside Knute Rockne stadium for that to happen.
86. Ellin and I move into the stadium and split off at the first intersection.
87. Darci walked toward Kurt, who was turned away from her, facing the stadium.
88. An eerie silence fell among the masses as they walked through the stadium.
89. It was a very large baseball stadium that could hold 9,000 or 10,000 people.
90. The first of these shows is regarded as rock’s first real stadium concert.
91. We didn’t fill the five thousand seats at Collingston County Stadium, but.
92. The noise fell, replaced by a buzzing sound that rippled through the stadium.
93. The stadium seating was full and the patrons were as rowdy as he might have.
94. The fight between those two great powers captured the attention of the stadium.
95. Doberman’s Stub was on the verge of being a headliner on the stadium circuit.
96. Claire doubted a stadium full of shrinks could predict her husband’s behavior.
97. On another occasion Andre Nel and I got dragged along to the Wanderers Stadium.
98. Operation Stadium would now have to be scheduled for as quickly as possible.
99. I stumble away from the stadium and, as it turns out, away from football forever.
100. This game was played on a Friday night at Phoenix Giants Stadium in Tempe, Arizona.

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