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Standard numa frase em (in ingles)

1. It is the standard for.
2. MY Word is the standard.
3. But not the standard one.
4. If we assume a standard.
5. He had the standard desert.
6. This was to be a standard.

8. It was a standard practice.
9. Looks like a standard shoe.
10. You were in second standard.
11. It was all fairly standard.
12. The standard kraken was a 2.
13. There was no standard at all.
14. There is indeed no standard.
15. To qualify for the standard.
16. Standard Authority with the U.
17. Since the number of standard.
18. Far closer than the standard.
19. Standard procedure was to be.
20. Once in standard drive, they.
21. One lives on a higher standard.
22. This is the standard that the.
23. With a standard deviation of 1.
24. Bed frames should fit standard.
25. Standard Version and most others.
26. Standard lights that come with.
27. The standard of Zion is hoisted.
29. X, Y) / ((Standard deviation of.
30. The Standard & Poor’s (S&P) 500.
31. HAVE a great standard of living.
32. Ratio of Mean to Standard Error.
33. Eastern Standard Time, or 11:00 a.
35. GDP but the standard of living is.
36. What is the recommended standard.
37. Shortcomings of the Standard Model.
38. Eastern Standard Time this morning.
39. We're all clear, standard heading.
40. He’s not your standard biologist.
41. According to the American Standard.
42. You have a standard site with basic.
43. The baby refused all standard baby.
44. Elmer set the standard that a cus-.
45. Example of the Use of Standard Forms.
46. This is not standard fare for most.
47. Then raise the scarlet standard high.
48. There are 8 clauses in this standard.
49. Listed on the PADD was her standard.
50. God‖ New American Standard footnote.
52. Number of Standard Deviations (above.
53. There are no standard templates for.
54. Multiple standard deviations can be.
55. Of the physics Standard Model forever.
56. Once around the block, standard sweep.
57. The Standard Is: How Good Can You Be?
58. Most of these terms are fairly standard.
59. There was no standard to judge them by.
60. And so it was with the Standard family.
61. The perfect crime becomes the standard.
62. Its standard deviation of return of 20.
63. The mind’s the standard of the man.
64. The standard deviation of return of 16.
65. Non standard unabbreviated form of Mrs.
66. Its standard deviation of return of 17.
67. Footnote in American Standard Version].
68. Its standard deviation of return of 21.
69. That’s not the standard ear piece.
70. In Funk and Wagnalls Standard College.
71. The cabin is the standard for this boat.
72. They can be purchased with a standard.
73. Science practices this double standard.
74. A standard IQ test like the one these.
75. Donald Trump has set a standard on this.
76. That was the standard; high school was.
77. His standard defence mechanism kicked in.
78. We will build the world to our standard.
79. A sample standard deviation shows a 20.
81. If every standard by which the West is.
82. It is not surprising that the standard.
83. American wealth has become the standard.
84. Standard Poodles are over 15 inches tall.
85. All other rules are as in standard chess.
86. This is a standard method for solving a.
87. In the standard configuration, that is.
88. These robots were the standard Cyri-bots.
89. Now the standard deviation is √2, or 1.
90. This is a large company, by any standard.
91. That was standard practice in the United.
92. This is the same as standard chess rules.
93. Since the actual standard deviation is 18.
94. It was his standard cover-thy-ass speech.
95. It was standard procedure with bonafide.
96. No law and no standard to measure against.
97. That’s our standard operating procedure.
98. Hayes carried a standard FBI issue Glock.
99. Eight dollars per week, the standard rate.
100. It was the common, standard issue Cyri-bot.

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