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Start numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. But it was a start.
  2. I awoke with a start.
  3. He woke with a start.
  4. Start here as an ape.
  5. This is the start of.

  6. Start of a new cycle.
  7. When you start on a.
  8. Start with a mind map.
  9. I woke up with a start.
  10. Alex woke with a start.
  11. That was a good start.
  12. We will start with him.
  13. Let's go start a fight.
  14. A chance to start over.
  15. And have to start again.

  16. The start can be your.
  17. And she could start now.
  18. What a great start to.
  19. Adnan woke with a start.
  20. Since the start of time.
  21. Now is a good start.
  23. It must start within me.
  24. See your head start to.
  25. I start toward the door.

  26. Start from the top and.
  27. I came back with a start.
  28. To the start of divorce.
  29. I will start that again.
  30. The car would not start.
  31. The start of a new ring.
  32. Gordon - Don't even start.
  33. Lunao sat up with a start.
  34. Our names start with a T.
  35. I wondered where to start.
  36. I start to worry, Mrs.
  37. An ominous year to start.
  38. Let’s start at the top.
  39. Start with the number 1.
  40. This is a place to start.
  41. You'd start a bloody war.
  42. We can start the work.
  43. Lets start with Pix Sharp.
  44. The moment you start on.
  45. The men start toward him.
  46. He knew from the start of.
  47. Your ideas start with YOU.
  48. For a start not only can.
  49. Why would she start now?
  50. It was a really good start.
  51. I bent over to start the.
  52. Wanly, but it was a start.
  53. Nicholas woke with a start.
  54. Start with this dead bird.
  55. One person would start it.
  56. Or you could start over.
  57. But we soon had to start.
  58. It was the start he needed.
  59. Go ahead and start eating.
  60. This is a start young man.
  61. Here! Start on this corner.
  62. Of course it wouldnt start.
  63. This world will start anew.
  64. I could start to live again.
  65. Nice start to the day, Jim.
  66. Good, that was a good start.
  67. He signalled Omi to start.
  68. So I say let’s start now.
  69. I tried to start a new life.
  70. Now you can start doing it.
  71. Yeah, but it’s a start.
  72. But it was the start of a.
  73. And now, awake with a start.
  74. I yearned for a fresh start.
  76. It was a start, in any case.
  77. To start, all matter has a.
  79. Start with the basics first.
  80. They will start later today.
  81. He had a start, a beginning.
  82. I start at two, Mia said.
  83. Good start to measure with.
  84. I was awakened with a start.
  85. He tried to start the bike.
  86. I start at the very heart.
  87. Let’s start with the facts.
  88. Well, that was a good start.
  89. To start with we will have.
  90. We can start on it tomorrow.
  91. You can start at any moment.
  92. It would be a fresh start.
  93. We’ll make a start then.
  94. After a while you start to.
  95. Probably need to start with.
  96. But it does start in motion.
  97. I would have to start again.
  98. It’s a good idea to start.
  99. The REO had an electric start.
  100. The worst way to start your.
  1. It was starting to rain.
  2. And it was starting now.
  3. It was starting to hurt.
  4. I was starting to worry.
  5. My past is starting to.
  6. It was close to starting.
  7. She is starting to slide.
  8. I'm starting to see that.
  9. Ted was starting to panic.
  10. She was starting to moan.
  11. You are starting to stink.
  12. I was starting to lose it.
  14. I was starting to wish I.
  15. She was starting to laugh.
  16. I was slowly starting to.
  17. The next part was starting.
  18. Elle was starting to relax.
  19. It was starting to sink in.
  20. I am just starting myself.
  21. Starting Out On A New Day.
  22. He was starting to sound.
  23. I was starting to think a.
  24. But they are starting young.
  25. Ryan was starting to feel.
  26. I was starting to have my.
  27. This was not starting well.
  28. I was starting to think Mrs.
  30. For those starting a career.
  31. But I was starting to wonder.
  32. Now he was starting to worry.
  33. The ground was starting to.
  34. Greg was starting to go soft.
  35. His right eye was starting.
  36. And it is starting to happen.
  37. My head was starting to pound.
  38. If his starting price point.
  39. But this is a starting point.
  40. We were starting to cook now.
  41. Jayana was starting the fire.
  42. Satan was starting to get a.
  43. He was starting to enjoy this.
  44. It's like starting with the.
  45. He was starting to lose hope.
  46. I was starting out on a new.
  47. It was also starting to rain.
  48. He was starting to feel de-.
  49. He's starting to turn heads.
  50. Barnes was starting for the.
  51. It's starting a chain reaction.
  52. Things are starting to change.
  53. I was starting to get worried.
  54. This is the starting position.
  55. And it’s only just starting.
  56. Michael was starting to feel.
  57. It was starting to make sense.
  58. I was starting to feel nervous.
  59. She was starting to turn blue.
  60. Chris was starting to come to.
  61. Namely, over the starting gate.
  62. It was starting to eat at him.
  63. Rain was starting to come down.
  64. He was starting to feel feint.
  65. My pulse was starting to race.
  66. The starting point is selected.
  67. The starting position for this.
  68. Boarding will be starting soon.
  69. Starting a free complex, they.
  70. Starting to interact on forums.
  71. Things were starting to look up.
  72. See, it's starting to come off.
  73. This is your starting position.
  74. He was starting to tie up the.
  75. It was really starting to hurt.
  76. But it was starting to subside.
  77. People are starting to talk.
  78. She was starting to get scared.
  79. It’s starting to get cold.
  80. Quonez 2 was starting to come to.
  81. The rest of starting positions.
  82. She was starting to worry me now.
  83. Other children are starting to.
  84. He was starting to feel nervous.
  85. The bacon was starting to smoke.
  86. The moon was starting to descend.
  87. It was starting to creep me out.
  88. His face was starting to flare.
  89. This is a common starting point.
  90. This was starting to hurt a bit.
  91. My shoes are starting to pinch.
  92. Sam was starting to get irritated.
  93. We’re starting to move here.
  94. He was starting to worry too much.
  95. The numbers were starting to form.
  96. But not starting tonight, thanks.
  97. This was really starting to get.
  98. Before starting his journey he (s.
  99. They all were starting to panic.
  100. I’m starting to wonder, though.
  1. I started to cheer up.
  2. This is how it started.
  3. The show started at 6.
  4. He then started to go.
  5. She then started to cry.
  6. He started to date her.
  7. At 9:01, I started to.
  8. They started out at a.
  9. Then I Started to Play.
  10. Then she started to cry.
  11. He started to speed read.
  12. Then I started to shake.
  13. He started to work his.
  14. I started to crawl away.
  15. Pick started for the door.
  16. She started to suck and.
  17. We started off by doing.
  18. I started to enjoy myself.
  19. I started to feel uneasy.
  20. As a result, he started.
  21. Sweat started to form in.
  22. She started to follow him.
  23. It Started with a Wedding.
  24. A car started, and tires.
  25. The train started up again.
  26. His eyes started to droop.
  27. He had started to go soft.
  28. He started to juggle the.
  29. It started up with a sigh.
  30. That is how it all started.
  31. Vera started to cry softly.
  32. He started walking up again.
  33. The summer started off fine.
  34. It started making me laugh.
  35. Tony started to kiss Susan.
  36. Dorian started to reach out.
  37. The sisters started to weep.
  38. Her ears started to bleed.
  39. Ken started to feel his age.
  40. It started to rain lightly.
  41. I then started on the shoes.
  42. The gunny started to walk.
  43. Since I started signing on.
  44. Both wars were started by.
  45. He just started chasing me.
  46. My stomach started to hurt.
  47. The work started coming in.
  48. They started to joke with.
  49. The week that started her.
  50. The company was started by.
  51. She started into the kitchen.
  52. I started looking at phones.
  53. His thought started to drift.
  54. Music started to play there.
  55. He started kissing my neck.
  56. He started to meditate and.
  57. I started to load the cannon.
  58. He started into the cleaning.
  59. The Templar started at the.
  60. I wish I had started sooner.
  61. The tears really started then.
  62. Charkel was where it started.
  63. She started to chew her tail.
  64. He started doing that after.
  65. He had started half an hour.
  66. Her hands had started shaking.
  67. The bay door started to rise.
  68. The diamond started to rotate.
  69. And then she started to curse.
  70. I started to explore my cell.
  71. I nearly started crying again.
  72. I started work the next Monday.
  73. Nick started a wood fire and.
  74. Stenworth started for the door.
  75. Just then it started to happen.
  76. Tiger�s head started to sway.
  77. We should get this started.
  78. Fred nodded and started to cry.
  79. Bess and started to saddle her.
  80. Natas true colors started to.
  81. When we started bringing her.
  82. Grenwer then started to speak.
  83. We started down from the hills.
  84. Water started filling her shoe.
  85. The crowd started going crazy.
  86. Her scalp started to tear off.
  87. I started school on September 5.
  88. I told her I hadn’t started.
  89. They started it in high school.
  90. I started to walk in the bakery.
  91. She started tossing clothing on.
  92. He started his briefing saying.
  93. The vehicle started first time.
  94. When he first started staying.
  95. The mother turned and started.
  96. My legs started to feel strange.
  97. Ish turned and started to walk.
  98. He started shouting in Chinese.
  99. He started the engine and left.
  100. He started with simple potions.
  1. My head starts to ache.
  2. And she starts to panic.
  3. He starts to think he.
  4. He starts to walk away.
  5. And it starts with love.
  6. Then he starts to scream.
  7. The egg starts to shake.
  8. When the top starts to.
  9. Then he starts to gut it.
  10. Their day starts at 6 A.
  11. The first starts with P.
  12. If C1 starts with white.
  13. The novel starts with a.
  14. It all starts with your.
  15. He starts speaking with U.
  16. At noon it starts to rain.
  17. She starts to resent me.
  18. The court starts to begin.
  19. It all starts with a dream.
  20. He starts to move forward.
  21. Peace starts in one place.
  22. The pool starts to bubble.
  23. Ed starts to whine loudly.
  24. Supper starts in one hour.
  25. When your body starts to.
  26. They both had head starts.
  27. It all starts at Boot Camp.
  28. He starts to dial a number.
  29. It starts with you my Dear.
  30. A beginning starts to rain.
  31. It All Starts With a Dream.
  32. Everything starts with I Am.
  33. That's what it starts with.
  34. And that minute starts now.
  35. Wellness Starts at the Top.
  36. Cherrie starts for the door.
  37. It starts rolling and the.
  38. Then he starts moving again.
  39. She starts to close the door.
  40. Health starts on the inside.
  41. First value starts from 122.
  42. It all starts with the brain.
  43. And he starts reading out one.
  44. Thou joinest starts with ends.
  45. The EUR/USD price starts to.
  46. My adrenaline starts to pump.
  47. It starts from the childhood.
  48. After this, the baby starts.
  49. It starts with small amounts.
  50. Once he starts the sequence.
  52. It starts out as interesting.
  53. He starts to pick up the sign.
  54. He starts toward the dormitory.
  55. It starts out when I'm dying.
  56. The book starts out with God.
  57. That ofcourse starts with you.
  58. Dylan’s heart starts to race.
  59. The Process Starts with Goals.
  60. Oh… my body starts to quiver.
  61. The show starts at two-forty.
  62. Alert, the stock starts a.
  63. Now the party starts to start.
  64. His head starts to hurt a lot.
  65. He again re starts his speech;.
  66. The doctor starts to take over.
  67. The story starts in April, 2000.
  68. Easter Sunday starts very early.
  69. Eventually, he starts to speak.
  70. It starts with the very first.
  71. Starts an’ farts an’ stops.
  72. Then the world starts in on us.
  73. It starts with David praising.
  74. That’s often how it starts.
  75. Well Mr Smelly starts boasting.
  76. Here starts his real debauchery.
  77. But the line starts at Π0 = r0.
  78. Mail starts to seem all one way.
  79. The drone of traffic starts anew.
  80. He starts to crack his knuckles.
  81. No one starts at the top, Stone.
  82. It starts with the Santi Patha:.
  83. It starts with growing that list.
  84. Then another bull market starts.
  85. The LC shifts and starts to move.
  86. He starts to walk towards Landa.
  87. And he starts reading them out:.
  88. Aaron starts living with Colleen.
  89. He starts to fall off his horse.
  90. Amy’s heart starts to beat fast.
  91. Pat starts cutting up the carcass.
  92. It starts to drip down his shirt.
  93. It all starts with your attitude.
  94. It starts blowing out of control.
  95. After all, if the client starts.
  96. Fédya (as waiter starts to exit).
  97. The pit starts trading at 8:20 a.
  98. Training starts in about an hour.
  99. While the beauty starts enfolding.
  100. Yes, the string starts with "Swa".

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