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Stern numa frase em (in ingles)

Each had a stern gaze.
Sue said with a stern.
He gave Candy a stern.
She had a rather stern.
Liv gave him a stern look.
Then his face grew stern.
He swam towards the stern.

She gave him a stern look.
He sent out a stern command.
Stern: The rear end of a boat.
His voice was no longer stern.
With harsh words and a stern.
Her face and voice were stern.
Boney’s face grew stern again.
Mikkel looks at me with stern.
It was a stern warning to the.
One of the stern eyes squinted.
Lena gave him a stern expression.
My mother gave me a stern glance.
His face was stern, almost angry.
The stern blue eyes were detached.
Corbin took a stern look at Justin.
Tubby held a stern expression of.
His punishment stern and harrowing.
His voice was stern and controlled.
It was even more frowning and stern.
Avery spoke in a stern, snobby voice.
The captain’s face remained stern.
His stern gaze circled the assembly.
Grandfather’s eyes grew stern again.
The stern? the Captain bellowed.
I took it as a stern comment on the.
These stern realities are worthy of.
They're under the bench at the stern.
She dropped her rucksack in the stern.
Major Bruijnis was a stern, fair, no-.
Know that Al'lah's punishment is stern.
Stern as a non-profit educational fund.
His stern face cracked in a small smile.
Long Fei stern expression began to smile.

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