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Stiff numa frase em (in ingles)

He was stiff and cold.
His body stiff with fury.
This man is scared stiff.
They were stiff and rusty.
His flesh was cold, stiff.
They were stiff and stank.
Beat egg whites stiff and.

The Stiff had jumped first.
He said you were a Stiff.
He was stiff from standing.
Scared stiff with open eyes.
At once, my body goes stiff.
Nothing, just a bit stiff.
Their hands were stiff with.
But my resolve remained stiff.
It’ll be stiff for a while.
I was stiff for another week.
His face felt like stiff clay.
Beat egg whites until stiff.
Her limbs were stiff and blue.
His legs were stiff and heavy.
His neck was incredibly stiff.
It’s still stiff, he said.
The sound of the stiff new pale.
Her fingers were stiff and cold.
He's nearly cold but not stiff.
Once a Stiff, always a Stiff.
Half of Lenny was scared stiff.
Resting both stiff arms on the.
Beat the whites to a stiff froth.
Slowly she stood, stiff with cold.
And he was very proud and stiff;.
Frightened stiff of being caught.
Whisk the whites to a stiff froth.
But basically she was bored stiff.
I was scared stiff of explaining:.
Nellie was standing rigid and stiff.
Her hand was frozen and very stiff.
They must be quite stiff when done.
In fact, I was as stiff as a corpse.
A series of petty crimes go for naught: theft of an umbrella, stiffing a restaurant for a meal, vandalizing a window.
I tried calling Mercedes but she stiffed me.
Now I’ve got Stiffs, too?
Let’s go see the two other stiffs.
I don’t take orders from Stiffs.
I been around with these stiffs long enough to tell.
You can read about this in Peter Stiffs excellent book The Silent War.
You organize the stiffs and get ’em all hopped up with a bunch of bull.
You ain't got sense enough in that chicken head to even see that we ain't stiffs.
You ain’t got sense enough in that chicken head to even see that we ain’t stiffs.
I let it pass, dealing with stiffs all day probably meant never having to say ‘Good-bye’.
As I turned to move, the sound of a key in the back door almost led to two more stiffs as our hearts stopped simultaneously.
But they were in good company as there were stiffs from the earlier fighting including some French buried in most of the trench walls and floors.
Well, it’s hard to say—you know how you feel about Sam an’ all the guys that travel with you? Well, I feel that way about all the workin’ stiffs in the country.
Your right George they are getting perishing cheeky mind you it’s all the stiffs and empty bully cans and other shit lying around, and we all nodded our agreement.
Right below him on the desolate plain was an endless field of dogs, mainly dobies, stiffs and weilers; too thin, a little bloody, with dripping mouths and crusty yellow teeth.
Over the next few months, we watched our third single in a row stall and plummet out of sight as we traveled around the UK theater circuit as part of the Live Stiffs package tour.
Purdy blends in the soft, mediums, & stiffs with different lengths to give the painter the best formulation to perfectly lay off his/her paint and perform his/her task at hand, as a professional painter should.
We’d honed this competitive edge when we alternated as the headline act of the Live Stiffs package tour with Ian Dury and the Blockheads, after a disastrous attempt to have all four bands rotate in that role.

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