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Sting numa frase em (in ingles)

To prick and sting her.
The sting of the cut.
V, wincing at the sting.
Its sting can grow to 0.
The sting is in the tail.
How the years do sting!.
A brief sting of jealousy.

This may be the big sting.
A sharp sting on his chest.
It’s only a sting, Urse.
Sting glittered blue in his.
That could sting if you sold.
Cindy felt the sting of truth.
He drew Sting from its sheath.
Actually, the sting had passed.
Then I felt a sting in my thigh.
Will felt a sting of electricity.
My eyes were beginning to sting.
She felt a sting of fear in her.
Though they stink yet they sting.
This in turn dissolves the sting.
He felt a sharp sting on his face.
Kara, this will sting a little.
I felt the icy wind sting my face.
My knuckles sting from the impact.
Yet her words sting, like shrapnel.
I am no votary of sting journalism.
ACK! Holy crap does it sting.
And he felt the sting of the tsetse.
She felt a little sting in her heart.
Furthermore, it will put a sting on.
First of al , afraid of the sting of.
I sense the sting of what she whispers.
He will never leave his sting behavior.
I hope we can set up a sting operation.
O why sting me for a swift moment only?
A sting of fear flashed through his aura.
And trust me to know of his painful sting.
And it’ll sting like a hundred hornets.
At that moment something seemed to sting.
It was stinging like mad.
She rubs at her stinging eyes.
I blinked back stinging tears.
The paintball hits my arm, stinging.
With the welts on my back stinging.
Tears are stinging the back of my eyes.
And Stinging Nettle, grows on its banks.
I remember a jellyfish stinging my belly.
My sweater was new, stinging red and ugly.
They ran down my cheeks, hot and stinging.
Claire swallowed, tears stinging her eyes.
He could feel it stinging against his skin.
Sharp, stinging pain tore through his head.
They ran full into a cloud of stinging death.
Wiping dust from his stinging eyes and face.
She stared off into the water, eyes stinging.
It was like a needle stinging into his heart.
My body convulses at the sweet, stinging bite.
He stepped out into the garage, its stinging.
His throat was stinging and his head was light.
With tears stinging in the corners of her eyes.
Eyes stinging, what was going to happen to him?
It was stinging up my arm like white phosphorous.
The stinging of mankind could relate to CHEMICAL.
Some time later, Andrew woke up, his head stinging.
Sweat slipped down his forehead, stinging his eyes.
Travis hugged his stinging hands to relieve the pain.
He let the hot stinging water pound down on his face.
Battered and bruised I wrote this rather stinging post.
They swarmed around us in clouds of stinging annoyance.
He felt some pressure in his bowels, a little stinging.
Attracted by blood, a swarm of stinging flies gathered.
I’d turned to receive the two stinging hits on my back.
The stinging action seemed to drain the flying creatures.
Her flesh was stinging as she reeled from what he'd done.
The stinging brought tears to his eyes but he persevered.
Then the stinging eased as the soothing, ice-cold waters.
The wind drove the snow into his body, stinging his face.
The wind had dropped to a stinging 40 kilometres per hour.
The ball on the tip waited to inflict sharp stinging pain.
The wasp has stung me.
Joby was stung by this.
Kate was stung to anger.
My eyes stung with tears.
His feet stung as he hit.
Pain stung his knee caps.
Face stung by sharp gale.
His belly stung all over.
The water stung and burned.
They stung the soles of my.
Her nose-ring stung her nose.
That stung her into a response.
His hand stung from the punch.
The irony of it all stung her.
An IV needle stung in her arm.
Her voice stung my ears as it.
I was struck again – it stung.
The words stung her raw throat.
Caris was stung by this mockery.
That stung more than it should.
The implied criticism stung her.
Marilyn was stung by his remarks.
Merthin was stung into a response.
Philemon was stung into a response.
That stung, his apologizing for me.
Weeds and thistles stung my hands.
A bitterly cold wind stung my skin.
There’d be no sparing being stung.
Ouch! Her shoeless foot stung.
He thought that a bee had stung him.
The water stung my skin, burning it.
Stung, she glared at him, hating him.
Anne’s eyes stung with tears, but.
That stung the bishop into a response.
Fred was stung, and released her hand.
It really, really stung the recently.
His nose stung, he knew it was broken.
She said it with feeling, and it stung.
Acrid bleach and ammonia stung his nose.
To be told he was a pussy really stung.
The crop stings this time.
Nothing serious, but it stings.
Her absence stings worst of all.
This blowing sand stings my skin.
Ah, how that dream’s loss stings.
His rejection of me stings deeply.
I hope that stings you if you call.
He struck with his o'ertaking stings.
With late repentance gnaws and stings.
It still stings a little, he said.
The blow stings, but I barely notice it.
It stings, leaving a red mark on his ass.
I should be used to it but this one stings.
Honey is a great remedy for bites and stings.
Recently, the stings of hate behind her sharp.
Rubbing with dock leaves will soothe nettle stings.
The stings from the lashes help connect her to reality.
Something stings her in the neck, and everything goes black.
Jumping back from the window, he shouts, That stings!.
In the end it bites like a serpent, and stings like an adder.
Jaume felt his Brothers’ eyes on his skin like insect stings.
Bee stings are left in the skin and should be carefully removed.
If it stings you, it means serious problems with hostile people.
Hermit with a platter of pulse keep down the stings of the flesh.
It’s what… he called me, Sam, and the memory still stings.
And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in.
In such a small space, the stench burns and stings at my nostrils.
The stings are very painful and can cause severe allergic reaction.
Cornstarch is another well working home remedy for bites and stings.
Got it, Doctor, I say sarcastically because this conversation stings.
Apple cider vinegar is another effective home remedy for bites and stings.
And yet it still stings her deeply to hear the jackass mutter bitch.
There are various ways in which you can use salt to relieve bites and stings.
The back of my hand stings and I immediately lose my grip on the greasy bacon.
For bee stings, use a paste of 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 1/4 cup of water.
Will attack without provocation, inflicting dozens of painful stings in seconds.
He draws in a deep breath to calm his rage and the smell of gas stings his nostrils.
He lm holtz liste ne d to his boa stings in a sile nce so gloom ily disa pproving tha t.
The giants beat at themselves as they screamed in agony, but the stings just kept coming.
It stings and certainly because the list of weaknesses is longer than the one of strengths.

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