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Stinking numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Don't be the stinking poor.
  2. And the end of his stinking.
  3. Chapter 10: The Stinking Six.
  4. They are all filthy stinking liars.
  5. That’s a lie, you stinking slut.
  6. But he said I was a stinking lackey.
  7. I worked my ass off in that stinking.
  8. It’s dirty and stinking here, I expect.
  9. Frank, I got a B- on that stinking exam.
  10. Universe would kiss him on his stinking lips.
  11. That’s a stinking pile, and you know it.
  12. Their bowels did not ooze out stinking shit.
  13. Soiled, worldly, the whole stinking business.
  14. I mentioned earlier, it was a stinking hot day.
  15. Let them put that on their stinking little form.
  16. That stinking policeman took the side of the gull.
  17. They could leave their stinking dead behind them.
  18. They were still naked, dirty and stinking, though.
  19. Even the Grand Master of their stinking fraternity.
  20. I’ve sunk thirty thousand in this stinking hole.
  21. A homeless guy in intricate layers of stinking rags.
  22. He brews his potions out of the world’s stinking.
  23. Stinking hot she was, just like the water when she.
  24. Ask this Lord of yours to kill all these stinking.
  25. And we didn’t waste a single stinking second of it.
  26. Dirty, stinking animals, said the one-legged man.
  27. I do not want to sleep with your stinking dog-fox!.
  28. Then when they got the water it was stinking with the.
  29. I could've driven off a giant dragon with my stinking.
  30. Too many cats had done their thing inside that stinking.
  31. Also, I do believe that you did hard time in a stinking.
  32. He was silver haired now, but still stinking of alcohol.
  33. I shall liberate at least one animal from this stinking.
  34. In this stinking puppy mill I was violated over and over.
  35. Karen, Steve! Please, stop! Remove me from this stinking.
  36. You freaking bitch! You bimbo! That's my station stinking.
  37. Yes Pretty Boy, but not before I clean out that stinking.
  38. Matthews about the shit stinking dog and where they kept it.
  39. Why you dirty, stinking old bastard? You think I live with.
  40. Gangs of weary fishermen, stinking of fish, trudged home after.
  41. Sand lots for babies and children are pure stinking evil filth.
  43. This is stinking Holy water! We need to find out who owns this.
  44. He said it would start stinking and that he had done enough for me.
  45. I thought that damn thing was a jewel but it was a stinking trap.
  46. For another few stinking weeks trapped in this mortal coil?
  47. Lesson 7: Stinking Thinking - How our Thoughts can Add Fuel to the.
  48. But even that did not stop the dead corpses of cowards from stinking.
  49. Instead, he got Stinking Lizaveta, Felicia’s new femme de chambre.
  50. I lay down in the stinking straw and tried to think of other things.
  51. All I did was jump off that stinking boat when they told me to jump.
  52. These stinking brainwashers teach nothing but fear to their children.
  53. Now that I have exposed the truth about these fucking stinking things.
  54. Mason, stepped into the office stinking of tobacco and holding a cane.
  55. That and I would rather die out in the mist than in that stinking City.
  56. For one thing he was far too much of a slob, damn near a stinking slob.
  57. So why, then, do I yearn so for this damp, crowded, stinking place, for.
  58. Speak, you stinking rogue, what is that ‘something else, too’?
  59. I think I’ll smoke one of my big, fat stinking cigars, he decided.
  60. Stinking of urea, dead moss and decaying animal matter, the air was thick.
  61. A second reason this bias occurs goes back to stinking thinking - we all.
  62. But once they stopped moving: their own stinking rot caught up with them.
  63. Later in the day, two Warriors carried in a tub of stinking, mucky earth.
  64. I didn’t know whether I was stinking bad odors or I was sticking dirty.
  65. They left behind them the beach that was littered in rotting stinking fish.
  66. Takina dived in after her, resigned to having to return to the stinking ship.
  67. Those foul, stinking, filthy knaves! I will see them cast into HELL!.
  68. The last thing she wanted was her dog stinking of seaweed when they got home.
  69. This filthy evil stinking reversal of the truth screams out the obvious LIE:.
  70. There is a Greek saying, the fish that goes bad starts stinking from the head.
  71. Bats were evil itself to Halon with their leathery wings and their stinking fur.
  72. With a few quick lifts on the handle, he washed the stinking muck off his boots.
  73. Ended up being caught before I could lay a hand on either of them stinking men.
  74. I’d ended up with a pristine, sparkling house and a scanky, stinking, filthy me.
  75. I thought we were dead when he brought in that stinking telepath, Glor said.
  76. What? Oh, drat this stinking tube! I called you the man I love, she bellowed.
  77. Instead he galloped towards the pig pen and threw you into the stinking, steaming.
  78. This is a trademark of these stinking shit things, they try to reverse everything.
  79. It is the undead: these foul stinking things who are personally responsible for it.
  80. It was as stifling as before, but he eagerly drank in the stinking, dusty town air.
  81. So you will not RAT on them, and expose them for the stinking evil they actually are.
  82. Horayshyo Vahrnay stared uselessly through the thick, stinking blackness of his prison.
  83. With serious, cross faces they lifted the stinking tub and carried it out of the cell.
  84. The taste of coppery blood was in his mouth, his throat was clogged with stinking socks.
  85. Now head for the mist gates, Jerry, and lets get out of this stinking landlubber's doss.
  86. As they emerged from the stinking hut, Dows put a hand on Nancy’s shoulder, stopping her.
  87. He’s gone and graduated from here, he has nothing to do with you or your stinking school.
  88. The time has come to kill these stinking filthy undead scum and wipe them out of existence.
  89. Standing half naked in a cold wind and stinking of alcohol did not make his story believable.
  90. What a dirty, stinking, miserable, shitty little town, he told the crucifix on the wall.
  91. What was I thinking? Stitches? You don’t need no stinking stitches: you have a dead dog….
  92. He must have rotted there in the corner and be stinking, but they don't see, they don't smell it.
  93. Joe Billie chuckled as he pictured the dog trying to follow his trail through the stinking trees.
  94. I rolled the stinking thing into a ball and put it under my head as I curled up on the hard bunk.
  95. That was an improvement, but the slimy mess pooled on the stinking rag a mere inch from her face.
  96. The only way undead evil can survive is by projecting all of its rotting stinking evil out: out….
  97. When I look back on those times, every stinking moment of every stinking day was somehow precious.
  98. Peteru was too busy shielding his face from the hot stinking liquid to hear or understand anything.
  99. How dare you suggest that I could be related to this stinking red turd? Ubadah was outraged.
  100. One of those stinking Arian cigarettes, thought Ben—with the tobacco grown in hydroponics plants.
  1. The air stunk.
  2. It still stunk.
  3. I must have stunk.
  4. The animal carrier stunk.
  5. It stunk then and it stinks now.
  6. Another thing, we stunk like hell.
  7. This guy stunk, worse than a skunk.
  8. He and his apartment stunk terribly.
  9. He smelled of booze and really stunk.
  10. The one that stunk of scorched air.
  11. He really stunk far worse than a skunk.
  12. It stunk the place out when I opened it.
  13. It stunk, but it’s how they raised us.
  14. The air stunk of sex and something else that.
  15. They stunk of human blood and sweat and violence.
  16. The request stunk to high heaven to put it mildly.
  17. The tarpaulins stunk with the rancid smell of pig fat.
  18. They told him that it was ‘he’ who stunk and not the poor.
  19. It stunk up the pit most warm days as the smell filtered down.
  20. I wish I could say I had a turn, but alas, my timing must have stunk.
  21. The place stunk as badly as this after youd shat yourself yesterday.
  22. It stunk so much that he was sure he would remember this smell for the rest of his life.
  23. And I could swear I SAW the fart and how bad it stunk, even if it didn’t smell at all!.
  24. She said it was because I stunk and whatnot, but it wasn’t the smoke in my hair, Linds.
  25. The place stunk with the acrid stench of abused metal, animal poop, diapers and old moldy food.
  26. It stunk like fuck and I nearly passed out but hopefully it covered all traces of bald headed man.
  27. Everywhere must have stunk of burning weeds! commented Jenny, wrinkling up her nose in disgust.
  28. Someone had been wounded and infection had set in, and the wound had turned a funny color and stunk.
  29. And here I was thinking that it was you that stunk so bad! Gulab threw another one out of the truck.
  30. They were filthy and stunk from the thick black waters; their hair was matted and their faces partial visible.
  31. He told Adam that Dugan had escaped from the mental hospital, through the sewers, and stunk like shit when they caught him.
  32. We went into the factory through a side door, once inside I was surprised to see that the interior was decorated but it stunk of cabbage.
  33. I couldn’t work the clutch and stunk the thing up terribly one Sunday morning with my Dad mastering the art and then the following Sunday.
  34. The room stunk, in the truest sense of the word; it was a smell that would remain with you for years to come, a mixture of death and excretions.
  35. A guy with more acne on his face then a Proactive commercial and stunk like a skunk because he refused to shower for good-luck during soccer season.
  36. I also stunk to high heaven because in order to keep all man-eating spiders away, I was forced to lather up in Jack’s termite juice/insect repellent.
  37. Taj passed through a rusted door in the side of the building and found himself in a dilapidated office that stunk of the chemicals used on the factory floor.
  1. Your house stinks of it.
  2. This stinks like old fish.
  3. And he stinks to beat hell.
  4. God, it stinks! said Jen.
  5. It stinks of old pickle brine.
  6. Something stinks to high heaven.
  7. It stunk then and it stinks now.
  8. His name stinks all over Dublin.
  9. God he stinks, she shouted.
  10. Because it stinks to high heaven.
  11. Rocky, it stinks too much here.
  12. This caravan stinks and it leaks.
  13. This whole thing with her stinks.
  14. That stuff stinks! coughed Ky.
  15. He stinks and it's hard to feed him.
  16. Stinks bad in here, Moody said.
  17. What’s that smell? It stinks of shit.
  18. Links I thought it was called stinks.
  19. The whole thing stinks to high heaven.
  20. Unemployment, for most folks, stinks really.
  21. I said earlier that sometimes my poetry stinks.
  22. It stinks down there, and I don’t miss the headaches.
  23. She said that Evelyn stinks and did not want the coat back.
  24. The quality of this photograph stinks and it proves nothing.
  25. This caravan stinks and it leaks and winter’s coming on.
  26. And of course, if any part of the hospital stinks they always.
  27. This shit stinks so bad it’s a wonder you’re still breathing.
  28. Compared to ours, European television stinks (maybe Italy, Spain.
  29. I know, Chalmers scratched his nose, the whole thing stinks.
  30. The place stinks to high heaven and he has a bad feeling about the day.
  31. Ah, you horrid, insulting wretch! He positively stinks and talks about me.
  32. Emily rubbed me down with some liniment she got from the Doctor, but it stinks.
  33. What! Does this tell you that there is something that stinks in their rationale?
  34. What’s she even doing here? Something stinks Felix, and I’m going to find out what it is.
  35. My sales record with Atlantic really stinks this quarter, Gary finally said, and shrugged.
  36. Eew, Egg said, as he walked Maester wide around it, that stinks worse than Ser Bennis.
  37. Bruno thinks that stinks! He wants to see his friend for the last time and bid farewell to him.
  38. OK, he said to his dear old mother, we’ll have some fun, but I think the socks idea stinks.
  39. They were eating unhealthy civilized food; and any accumulated mass of unhealthy feces stinks to high heaven.
  40. But the carnival doesn't care if it stinks by moonlight instead of sun, so long as it gorges on fear and pain.
  41. What they’re doing to me is way over the top and it stinks, protested Gary, You got two memos you said?
  42. That was plain enough even through the thick stinks of the damage done by fire, and by the water used to put it out.
  43. You can workout with the intensity of a professional, but if your diet stinks, you won’t be doing yourself any good.
  44. Most of the time the short-term outlook stinks for the companies we end up buying, for company-specific or cyclical reasons.
  45. For what fucking reason was Rudolf Hess kept in Jail for the rest of his fucking LIFE after the war was over!? It STINKS of a cover-up.
  46. Why would I have gone into the underpass? What reason would I have had to go down there, where it’s dark and damp and stinks of piss?
  47. Look at the effect of this accumulated immaculation, look at the result of this accumulated immaculate untouchability: it stinks to high heaven.
  48. Baseball in its first drop had taught short sellers that when cash flow logically should be neutral and is massively negative, something stinks.
  49. After all there's a lot in that vegetarian fine flavour of things from the earth garlic of course it stinks after Italian organgrinders crisp of onions mushrooms truffles.
  50. After ensuring her phone was not in reach and they’d left nothing incriminating behind, they turned at the door and rasped, ‘Fuck it stinks in here! Makes me want to puke.
  51. I use to have this buddy I shared my barracks with in seal training who, every time he farted, he’d hop off his bunk and say, with a thick northern accent, Whew! That stinks.
  52. While trained hypocrites paid to speak for their clients exploit every technicality of the insane regulations that define legal honesty… stinks so badly: it is not worth spitting on.
  53. So that during winter… there is no sentinel to warn the farmer of approaching raiders? Or robbers? Or hungry animals, or foxes or bears or wolves? Or predators?… Just at the time when they are the most starved for meat, and cannot find wild animals, so domesticated animals are attacked and killed and eaten? huh? Something stinks about this custom.
  54. The Beau that strutted with his Snuff-Box and Sword, the Footman that ap’d the Beau’s Fine Manners and wore his cast-off Clothes, the proud Physician all in black, the Officer of the Guard in his Finery, the Linen Draper that mimickt the Officer’s Fine Manners in his turn, e’en the lowly Nightmen and Polemen whose assorted Stinks call’d forth Memories of the Privies they clean’d—all of ’em could strut imperiously above the best-hearted, most learned Lady in the Land.
  55. O I had oft’ remarkt in History Books how very orderly the Pictures of Executions seem’d! Headless Men all lain in a Row, their Toes pointing heavenward—as if they would walk there instead of the other Place—their Necks seemingly cut with no Effusion of Blood; O what a Mockery of Death with her Odours and Stinks, her nasty Reminders of Mortal Decay, and Flesh returning to Clay! Man turns away from both Death and Birth, little wishing to acknowledge the Dust from which we spring and to which we must, despite our Heartiest Protestations, return.
  56. Even as I have said concerning ourselves, when our thoughts of God do agree with what the Word saith of him; and that is, when we think of his being and attributes as the Word hath taught, of which I cannot now discourse at large; but to speak of him with reference to us: Then we have right thoughts of God, when we think that he knows us better than we know ourselves, and can see sin in us when and where we can see none in ourselves; when we think he knows our inmost thoughts, and that our heart, with all its depths, is always open unto his eyes; also, when we think that all our righteousness stinks in his nostrils, and that, therefore, he cannot abide to see us stand before him in any confidence, even in all our best performances.
  1. It stank to high heaven.
  2. He said my breath stank.
  3. It stank in that vehicle.
  4. The place stank of death.
  5. They still stank of shit.
  6. They were stiff and stank.
  7. He stank of his fear-piss.
  8. One, is a sweaty, stank ass.
  9. The car stank of shit and piss.
  10. Revenge stank from his replies.
  11. We all stank like piss and sweat.
  12. The whole thing stank to high heaven.
  13. The flesh underneath stank of ammonia.
  14. The whole place stank of stale alcohol.
  15. The water was hot and stank of burned oil.
  16. But the whole thing stank like a nine-day-old kipper.
  17. The air stank, and the ground was covered with a yellow-.
  18. Plains turned into swamps that stank with reptilian life.
  19. The second contained the activator and stank to high heaven.
  20. My house stank, he said, doing his best to look revolted.
  21. The rest of his clothes were splashed and he stank to high heaven.
  22. He stank, his face swol en and looked like there were a number of il.
  23. She made goofy off timing noises and stank pretty bad most of the time.
  24. I hid in a hole in the ground that stank of shit and death for one day.
  25. It stank of fear and death, covered by the sharp smell of disinfectant.
  26. It stank of smoke and horse dung, made eyes sting and left skin feeling gritty.
  27. Alright doll, the man said, his breath on my face that stank of cigarettes.
  28. Their energies stank with a wretched evilness that could bring tears to the eyes.
  29. In spite of the fresh straw the place still stank and it was so hot she was sweaty.
  30. And although the fact remained that my shit still stank with every morning movement.
  31. Flies were attracted to these royal scum because they stank of rotten diseased flesh.
  32. Smoky air stank with the putrid stench of rotting corpses that had never been claimed.
  33. Lying on blood stained carpet, that stank awfully of the dead vampire he cried silently.
  34. I seriously did not feel like coffee at her cabin, as it stank like cats and cat urine.
  35. Until the skull, the death’s-head stank to high heaven even after skeleton fell apart.
  36. The environment he had elected to serve as our assembly point, like him, seriously stank.
  37. The window was wide open despite the freezing cold, but the place stank awfully, like vomit.
  38. Debby’s had a brown lunchsack that stank of baloney; Michelle’s a pack of dried-up markers.
  39. I was conscious that my clothes stank, though beneath them I felt cleaner than I’d ever been.
  40. Even after scavengers had picked the bones clean: their rotting brains still stank to high heaven.
  41. I said we probably all stank and would be nothing but a nuisance to her and she still kept smiling.
  42. Thinny almost hugged me to death! I pushed him away not because he stank, but because time was short.
  43. It stank too, of sweat and horses, heavy male musk that contrasted sharply with Blackfin’s perfume.
  44. Anything that could be washed clean was now smeared in mud and flour and stank of valerian and garlic.
  45. The lining stank of old sweat, and he could feel the weight of all that iron on his neck and shoulders.
  46. The inside of the domed room looked exactly the same, and it still stank of that peculiar chemical reek.
  47. The mercenary returned and reported about the microwave oven exploding and how the place stank of sulphur.
  48. As soon as the shower water washed away all the stank, she found that licking the deputy was actually kind of fun.
  49. Her overalls and rubber gloves had stopped her from getting rotting fish debris on her clothes and skin, but she stank.
  50. It takes an Argossean merchant to wring wealth out of a little waterfront shop that stank of rotten fish and cheap wine.
  51. Riding in the back with Vic and wearing a sharp suit, he stank of money in their eyes and they always returned the smile.
  52. In fact, she had a chronic sexuality sweat problem – when she left a room, the whole place stank of sexuality for hours.
  53. They stank with rotting blood from the endless carcasses which were slaughtered as sacrifices to certain deities or spirits.
  54. I remember the walls were postered, that the entrance stank of urine, the ferret and his boot boys, the Kafkatzis who saved the day.
  55. The ashtrays on the ladies’ side were regularly replaced by clean ones, those on the other side of the partition were not and stank.
  56. The rusty anchor seemed to be very big for Vickedge, the seaweed stank of old food and the curved shape looked as though it had been.
  57. Girls as young as two had been on it and the atmosphere inside stank of misery and fear even though it was bright and spotlessly clean.
  58. The heat seemed to be singeing every hair on his head, his garments stank of smoke, and perspiration greased his face with a skim of ash and soot.
  59. It stank even for the City, but there was a kettle and some gumbo that looked like it had been simmering in a battered tin pot for the last decade.
  60. It was filthy, stank of rats, possums and snakes, most of the windows were broken and the chimney had collapsed, but apart from that, it was perfect.
  61. Neither of those had thrilled her sweet and quiet parents—Runner stank of trouble even then, but, bless them, they never said a thing against him.
  62. Even for a person of this century, which did not encourage bathing, she stank of old sweat and her yellowish teeth were dotted with the black spots of decay.
  63. The men stared at her in curiosity: Who was she and what was she doing here? She walked straight up to Sam and embraced him, even though he stank of horse dung.
  64. His grizzled face, yes; it was kind of grizzled-looking even then, stared over his half-glasses, and his stinking cigar stank up the room just like it always did.
  65. He was dusty and stank of the blood and sweat of the battles, but in his hand was a bouquet, one that consisted of the white and yellow lilies from Aerith's church.
  66. The city stank of waste and sickness and unburied death, which was an awful contrast to the beauty of it – clean, ancient buildings sturdy under the weight of history.
  67. His mind, his brain, his skull were so dead… it stank so much of pure death: that there was almost no energy difference between the brain of Aeschylus and a solid dead stone.
  68. Old man Gilpatrick doused him with a half quart of cow-soap, that bubbled and frothed and stank sweetly, and every once in a while Shorty Phillips hit Odd with jigger of eau de cologne.
  69. The facial makeup Herminia had induced her to buy stank to high heaven, but it covered the strange yellow and purple tones and that was good enough for Truman; besides, she would keep her distance.
  70. Wu was forced to confess in public that his script stank and that Mao was right and he would never dare do anything like that again and could he go home now, please? But Mao and his allies hadn’t finished yet.
  71. Dumoulin gallantly opened the door for Ingrid after the car stopped in front of the main entrance of a colonial style building, then escorted her inside, leading her to a small office that stank of cigarette smoke.
  72. The room where Suellen and Carreen lay mumbling and tossing on the same bed stank vilely with the smell of the twisted rag burning in a saucer of bacon fat, which room, with all windows closed and the air reeking with sick-room odors, medicine smells provided the only light.
  73. My dad’s mantra, and that included the onset of Alzheimer’s—a slow decline into a sudden, steep drop that forced us to move our independent, misogynistic father to a giant home that stank of chicken broth and piss, where he’d be surrounded by women helping him at all times.
  74. I was happy to come and collect my son, and with his mother, to taxi to a hotel and put the past to rest but as for all the threats and bravado, it stank of machismo, the very machismo that I encountered every time in the classroom with Sergei, as he filled his lungs between cell calls and breathed out his stink, a prophet of the new truth.
  75. Culturally… in nearly all civilized societies for over 10,000 years: one reason why sex has become a taboo subject and considered to be dirty… why feces and urine is considered to be dirty, why genital revulsion exists in all civilized societies; is simply because when humans stopped moving as small bands as nomads, their excrement accumulated and stank and rotted: it became unhealthy.
  76. The human species became sick when it began having too many babies and overpopulating the earth with an over-accumulation of too many people, which in turn created the problem of accumulating our feces in one place and piling it up until it stank too much and created disease, until by association, our genitals became dirty because it is the root of our sickness: carnal lust, or as the Bible calls it: the forbidden fruit of knowledge… until anything to do with our genitals became ‘dirty’… The history of human sexual revulsion is millions of years old.

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1. You stink like a pig.
2. And the stink of hogs.
3. He expected it to stink.
4. Worst of all, they stink.
5. You are starting to stink.
6. The stink of scorched air.
7. And the Stink of Turpentine.
8. They stink of urine and shit.
9. He let their mood stink into.
10. Sorry about the stink, lads.
11. By the stink of their own shit.
12. A stink of filth and stuffiness.
13. She hated the musky stink of him.
14. Though they stink yet they sting.
15. Al Snafu gives Russ the stink eye.
16. I do not sell to Jews that stink.
18. Nord gave his nephew the stink eye.
19. No, love, pong as in stink pong.
20. I’ve made such a stink about it.
21. A pungent stink came to his nostrils.
22. But I take showers; I don’t stink.
23. God, Jesus what's that stink?
24. I heard those usually stink the most.
25. They need a good bathing, they stink.
26. Surprisingly, it didn’t stink inside.
27. Breathin in his own stink, probably.
28. Man, I really stink at this comforting.
29. A toilet stink hit me as I entered the.
30. The stink of fear permeated the birdcage.
31. Does this bathroom stink! Hu Flung Dung?
32. Jesus! The stink in there must be woeful.
33. The stink that rose up from King Rat’s.
34. They're all over the place! They stink.
35. I would raise a real stink if I were you.
36. He said it really made a stink in his house.
37. You might think your poop don't stink, bro.
38. Well, I tell you, you all of you stink to me.
39. Maybe raise a stink with the Polish Red Cross.
40. Nothing at all, except the stink of the hog pen.
41. If you stepped in it, the stink never left you.
42. A stink of slightly digested eel filled the air.
43. The stink let her know that the Earth was alive.
44. It burped a dank stink of mould and rotting food.
45. The throne-stones came to stink of shit and fear.
46. The liquid should be a little tart but not stink.
47. Do you hear that Blu? Lord Hadaen thinks you stink.
48. A distinct metallic stink emanated from the bathroom.
49. THEN FALL ARRIVED, blowing the stink off the sidewalks.
50. A whoof of cigarette stink burped out of the cushions.
51. Suddenly, through the typical stink of the place I got.
52. The stink was overpowering and Fin felt his bile rising.
53. I would be rid of the stink of your breath, mad beast.
54. Don’t let it start to decompose and stink up the place.
55. Could you imagine the stink if the undead never bathed?
56. She called up Jane's mother and made a big stink about it.
57. He suddenly became aware that Howling Cat did indeed stink.
58. The stink was incredible; gulls were swooping low overhead.
59. Shew! You stink! Avi said when Greg removed his helmet.
60. My mother can make a very big stink about that kind of stuff.
61. This mission had stink on it from the first I heard of it.
62. Mummies stink to high heaven, and ghosts are nothing but air.
63. But not even the poorest fisherfolk could tolerate the stink.
64. Ugh – he fouled himself – that stink, replied Johnny.
65. Hold out Stink Shield please, I beg you! he muttered to.
66. Husband rolling in drunk, stink of pub off him like a polecat.
67. Otherwise, they would've tossed me out, for being such a stink.
68. When I woke up, I was certain that I could smell Samantha's stink.
69. You know, before it starts to stink up this lovely home of yours.
70. That’ll cause a stink in Rome if it ever gets out chuckled.
71. Can just wait until the corpse starts to stink and find her then.
72. Wear perfume (But not too much as to stink up the room you are in.
73. The stink of urine, excrement and degradation cloyed at my throat.
74. The foul stink of waste seeped unpleasantly into their nostrils as.
75. He’d get the stink face if I turned to crime to solve my problems.
76. You stink! We all know it! He peeled into fits of rotten laughter.
77. He moved away from the stink of gasoline and the screams of the injured.
78. The smell of the unwell, and the smell that you use to cover that stink.
79. Somebody kill me, he heaved, slumped in the stink of his own waste.
80. He wanted to wash off the stink and clear his mind to what lay ahead—.
81. Jaume steeled himself not to recoil from the stink of his body and breath.
82. As I opened the windows to let out the stink the braided curtains seemed to.
83. I need a shower, he said, I stink and I need to wash this day off me.
84. What about stink? Don’t worry, the rancid smell is covered up with perfumes.
85. You stink, said Bryony, stepping away from Zach as she reached the floor.
86. The stink came so obviously from the liquid that I backed away, hand to my nose.
87. If that ship is in as tough shape as these were, it must stink pretty bad in there.
88. The details stink - The Record stated that Crown attorneys had dropped all charges.
89. But the images, they were there—with sound and the stink of fear and in living color.
90. But the stink was useful; it told him the manticore was near, a little off to his left.
91. Alex stood still covered in excrement and vomiting from the vile stink that covered him.
92. Wow! Did you drive the Impala at the bottom of the Atlantic today? What a stink!.
93. I stink, do I? How about I bash your nose in? Then you won’t have to smell me any.
94. He looked different than the last time she saw him, he seemed to stink of money tonight.
95. The very ground seemed to be a moving, black, hideous blanket of filth, stink, and evil.
96. I stopped after Slim Jim had given me a stink face but not before I got Brock Blazin’.
97. In a gap up our puts are going to stink, and in a gap down our calls are going to stink.
98. The frogs died in thousands and millions, the stink of their decaying bodies filled the.
99. Then he found himself in the prison quarters of these dehumanised slaves, their stink of.
100. That case involved millions of dollars of city money and raised a real stink at City Hall.

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