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  1. We’re building a stockpile.
  2. I added the spare bolts to my hardware stockpile.
  3. I was certain that Blackie had a stockpile of stories to.
  4. I need to take more than that; I need to stockpile the food at my place.
  5. The Air Force cannot stockpile unused gasoline or their budget will be cut.

  6. And she had learned that you couldn’t stockpile anything that mattered, really.
  7. These days there is a growing list of items that you can buy in bulk and stockpile.
  8. The rest of you, stockpile food and start to ration, it will be a long hard winter.
  9. With a stockpile of sugar, caffeine, and assorted junk food he began his journey at 8 a.
  10. Nuclear warhead launch codes deciphered by Unit-2, although every year the stockpile grows slimmer.
  11. He had had five cups of coffee, and my stockpile of coffee granules from fifty years ago was depleting fast.
  12. And if they put them into production and stockpile them over the winter? Cayleb Ahrmahk asked from Siddar City.
  13. From my unsociable stockpile, I chose a can of lentil soup, poured it like sewage into the pot, and stirred it with an old wooden spoon.
  14. So let’s just stockpile as many atomic bombs as we can… just in case anyone threatens us with their atomic bombs? Nuclear proliferation.
  15. He said he needed to guard the growing stockpile of valuable building materials he was keeping on the island – timber, stones, lime, ropes and iron tools.

  16. The only effective way to stop the conflagration was to dump sand on the flames, and most warships didn�t have the extra room to carry a stockpile of sand.
  17. He had assumed that the enemy did not have a large stockpile of the impossible explosives, and thus had concocted this whole outlandish strategy with the refugee fleet.
  18. There was already some furious activity there, with the women landed by the transports working quickly to prepare their bivouac area and to stockpile their materiel and supplies.
  19. We have since used these newfound technologies to construct a global stockpile of our own defense drones, which we believe will give humanity a fighting chance against the invaders.
  20. Corvus went off to the armoury as Athene rummaged through the cupboards eventually finding the means to start the fire and she was delighted when she discovered a large stockpile of provisions.
  21. It had been the idea of Leo Mutasa, the Minister of Mines and Natural Resources, many years ago, that they should collectively use their power and influence to stockpile diamonds from Sierra Leone.
  22. Worse, Nybar had kept his men busy improving their positions, despite the bitter weather, and Wyrshym had managed to squeeze out enough transport to stockpile two months’ rations for Nybar’s troops at Fairkyn.
  23. She somehow suspected that the Avalon Space Yards was making her a preferred customer bargain, probably because the yard was going to be able to use up much of the stockpile of unpaid materiel it had been stuck with after the government had abruptly cancelled its own contracts.
  24. Given the one week cost/capability/vulnerability considerations of all military assets, a selection of assets to meet the imminent lesser national mission would be made and base closures identified, and manpower cuts, and lists of items to stockpile, and lists of items to scrap, and lists of items to destroy, within the next week.
  25. The day finally came for Coatl’s departure, this would be the first time for years that I wouldn’t have him to lean on, I promised I would follow him as soon as mother was up and about, I arranged for runners to keep me up to date with Coatl’s progress towards Chichen Itza and I eventually heard of his arrival and the tumultuous welcome that he received from the Itza people, despite the celebrations that went on for days Coatl managed to visit the coastal town of Jaina where his stockpile of green timber was seasoning.

  1. Apparently Calvin had taken to stockpiling it.
  2. Stockpiling weapons, we’ve seen it all before.
  3. I prepared myself for the worst and started stockpiling blankets.
  4. Various nations were building and stockpiling nuclear warheads.
  5. In addition to getting rich, this militant faction was stealthily stockpiling assorted.
  6. A quick pivot to the south, moving toward where Vaughn was stockpiling rocks as if a dwarf hoarding gold.
  7. Amid these concerns, China’s stockpiling of commodities gives it a way to reallocate its sovereign wealth.
  8. The cult also had a business buying and selling weapons, and the ATF believed the group might be stockpiling weapons.
  9. All of the major powers including Russia had been manufacturing and stockpiling revolutionary new weapons of mass destruction for years.
  10. With an almost insatiable appetite for commodities, China has used the financial crisis to its advantage by stockpiling these basic raw materials of industrialization.
  11. The problem with Sam was that, right up to the deadline, midnight or whatever date she’d set for herself to give something up, she would double her indulgence, as if stockpiling.
  12. In an attempt to build a strategic cache of oil and other crucial raw materials in case of a crisis in the Middle East or other key supply region, China has been stockpiling commodities for years.
  13. China in particular has an enormous industrial and defense-oriented infrastructure capable of producing, stockpiling, supplying, and equipping its military with munitions on short notice in the event of a war in the region.
  14. They are speeding up this stockpiling of nuclear death now: from the time Yeltsin got into power to 2007 they have accelerated all their weapons programs like crazy and are not telling anyone about it and are hiding this fact from the public.
  15. More than sixty years after the war, he was still plagued by poor inventory control, keeping eight pillows and six clocks in his bedroom, buying far more clothes and supplies than he’d ever need, and stockpiling bulk packages of food.
  16. Even though there is no direct threat to American power in the world today… their capitalist profit-power-old boys network of revolving doors in the military industrial complex and the us government is so evil, so out of control and so entrenched by now: that you will have to kill all of the senior heads of this huge octopus to stop their drive for more money, more contracts, more stockpiling, more technology wasted on weapons that never work like the Boeing noiseless carrier helicopter in the plans for 40 years and still a stinking failure, more secret deals, more expensive wasting of money, more bombs, more insane death sold everywhere all over the world.
  17. He started across the lot, head lowered against the wind-driven snow, and remembered when he, Connie, and the boys would spend hours in their backyard during snowstorms, plopping themselves onto the snow and fanning out snow angels, rolling up gigantic bottoms and abdomens and heads of snow for snowmen, stockpiling snow balls for their epic battles (David and Josh against Connie and Julian), and lying in their red plastic sleds while gazing up at the snow falling into their eyes, ending the snowy days by cooking hotdogs on the outside fireplace and making s’mores in semi-darkness, the light reflected off the snow from the fire and the moonlight providing all the illumination they needed.
  18. How did we ever get to the point of worshipping and admiring our ability to blow up the entire Earth by nuclear bombs? How insane is this human ape who actually worships and admires only the power to destroy and nothing else? The utter insanity of stockpiling nuclear weapons of mass destruction which if used… will guarantee the complete end not only of all human life on earth, but nearly every other living creature on earth as well? Whose decision was it to make the inventor of this thing, the most famous, revered, worshipped, admired, pre-eminent scientist ever born? The very fact that Science has glorified Albert Einstein to the point of sainthood speaks of their utter evilness and the utter evilness what Science actually is.
  1. So like the salt they stockpiled it.
  2. However, it all ends up stockpiled with The Brotherhood at their.
  3. Nor would all of the drones here, or those stockpiled back on Earth.
  4. They stockpiled ammo and weapons, prepared IEDs, and fortified houses.
  5. They stockpiled ammo and weapons, prepared IEDs, and fortified houses.
  6. We considered it a threat and intended to destroy it and the stockpiled gas.
  7. Moshe and Yigal, leaving the supplies stockpiled, carried the tools back to the barge.
  8. I invited them in and they both marveled at all the food I had stockpiled for the winter.
  9. Merthin had hundreds of stones stockpiled at the quarry, cut and shaped and ready to be laid.
  10. In the meantime, Nybar’s trapped in Fairkyn, eating his way through his stockpiled supplies.
  11. I watched them pack their gear, and none of them took any of the guns or other normal weapons they had stockpiled.
  12. Now though the working parties had been extended beyond belief as ammunition food and other supplies was stockpiled ready for use.
  13. I stockpiled quite a bit of the smoked salmon and dried berries over the next year with a view of trading them in the south when we returned.
  14. Sterling knew it would be only a day or two before the release of stockpiled product, and then the price would more than double on the street.
  15. As winter approached, the settlers foraged through the forest for edible fruits and tubers which they stockpiled in the empty shipping containers.
  16. Now all of the Earth Defense Alliance civilian recruits were back in the fight, controlling the millions of drones stockpiled around every heavily populated area in the world.
  17. German shells managed to penetrate the British gun turrets where the British, ignoring safety warnings, had stockpiled their own shells so they could keep up a rapid rate of fire.
  18. Stockpiled reserves of food had as a further result been moved from local Filipino warehouses and then centralized in Bataan and Corregidor, against the wishes of President Quezon.
  19. Everyone talks about there being no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but they seem to be referring to completed nuclear bombs, not the many deadly chemical weapons or precursors that Saddam had stockpiled.
  20. The strategy of the flying pickets which had worked so well in the 70s had little effect when they gathered outside power stations behind the walls of which were thousands and thousands of tons of stockpiled coal.
  21. If the enemy manages to couple their Disrupter to the Earth, only the EDA personnel stationed up here on the moon—that’s us—will still be able to control the drones we have stockpiled back on Earth, and vice versa.
  22. It is a good thing that Evelyn Sharp acted on your suggestion at the end of the war and secretly stockpiled reserves of equipment and supplies that would have otherwise been destroyed or scrapped in the Philippines as surplus.
  23. Throwing his arms around me he insisted we sit down with a brew and have a chat, he had so much to tell me about the new Raven, he had already organized for seasoned timber to be stockpiled at Chichen Itza ready for his arrival.
  24. Everyone talks about there being no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but they seem to be referring to completed nuclear bombs, not the many deadly chemical weapons or precursors that Saddam had stockpiled.
  25. The shipments of coal and iron ore which Mother Church’s capital city and its foundries routinely stockpiled each autumn against the coming winter’s needs, especially since the outbreak of the Jihad, had been hugely curtailed last year by the chaos in Siddarmark.
  26. Throughout human history, in all times of flood, drought, the resultant starvation of millions, there are, stockpiled by the rich, food and supplies enough to save all who're condemned to die (by the greed of those who have, denying the necessities of life to those who need!).
  27. He seemed pleased with the amounts Wedon said were stockpiled, then Wedon told Coatl that the only problem now was getting enough jars to contain the hellfire, the chemical productions were now outstripping the potters efforts, seeing me he came over and we walked far enough away that no one could eavesdrop.
  28. Returning to the compound of Quetzalcoatl, the Pyramid of the Moon resembled a volcano, flames were gushing from the temple situated on the summit, I learnt later that Coatl had taken the last of the hellfire into the pyramid and that it had been burning for two hours with no sign of it abating, the fire was obviously feeding off some other fuel or flammable goods that had been stockpiled inside the pyramid, I placed all the Tolteca on alert expecting some sort of backlash for the destruction of one of Teotihuacan’s major religions, but a strange thing happened.
  1. It contained stockpiles of.
  2. Assad has chemical weapon stockpiles.
  3. The other key reason the government is actively growing its commodity stockpiles is as a hedge away from risky U.
  4. Despite those stockpiles, dozens of conventional conflicts were fought around the World, often between proxies of the U.
  5. Between 1981 and 1984 huge strategic stockpiles of coal were built up in power stations – enough to weather a long, long strike.
  6. If that information were leaked, it could lead terrorists right to the stockpiles, the very thing such an inspection was trying to avoid.
  7. And by the 1990s all major nations, and quite a few less major ones, had huge stockpiles of nerve gas and biological and chemical weapons.
  8. We must then get rid of the huge stockpiles of arms and ammunition which are still held by both Unionists and Republicans, he continued.
  9. An ETF investment offers direct exposure to a financial interest in stockpiles of physical gold at a fraction of the cost of holding your own stash.
  10. An investment in an ETF offers direct exposure to a financial interest in stockpiles of physical gold at a fraction of the cost of holding your own stash.
  11. Record low stockpiles, changing diets, erratic weather patterns, and a greater number of mouths to feed will result in higher grain prices in the years to come.
  12. Checking on the stockpiles of food acquired and stored away by Boran Kern, Nancy was pleased by what she saw: they had presently a bit over 1,800 tons of non-perishable food in storage.
  13. Loyalist stockpiles are relatively insignificant, although the Republicans would like to see them decommissioned, in the same way that everyone else wants to see the IRA’s put beyond use.
  14. Since the buildup of nuclear arms stockpiles during the Cold War, it’s been fortunate that mankind hasn’t turned them on one another and annihilated much of life on earth in the process.
  15. So the third stage, replied Algar, must be to empty their bank accounts and neutralise their paymasters so that they have no cash with which to re-arm when we deal with their stockpiles.
  16. No one with even a grain of intelligence believes that he destroyed all of the stockpiles, for what sane dictator, pardon the seeming oxymoron, would do such a thing? But Aust was sent in to verify what was done.
  17. Additionally, critical stockpiles of cereals (rice, wheat, and other coarse grains) are near record lows and Wall Street is betting heavily on agricultural futures—both of which have also sent grain prices higher.
  18. In the world of my dead adoptive mother, the nuclear weapons stockpiles numbered at a time tens of thousands of warheads each for the United States and the USSR, before shrinking gradually due to nuclear disarmament treaties.
  19. How busy is our submarine fleet, both attack and Fleet Ballistic Missile (FBM) submarines? Do we need as many FBMs as we have? Do we need a surface fleet? Why not get a commitment with the old Soviet block countries and China, India, Pakistan, Great Britain, France and North Korea to mutually phase out Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles(ICBMs), FBMs and their multiple missile and warhead threats and other nuclear warhead stockpiles? What are the options for defense of the homeland? What missions do the Air Forces air wings cover? For defense only, what components of our Air Force do we keep active? What is the cost of operating these wings, these airbases? What does a defense only Armed forces look like? Can we operate from home with refueling tanker bases in Hawaii and Great Britain and otherwise bring home all military, excepting our embassies abroad?
  20. By wasting 5lbs of oil to get 1 lb of artificial fertilizer; we are depleting all the limited natural resources of the world, killing the soil of all its living organisms, creating huge international corporations whose agenda is the bottom-line; the lowest form of human greed in existence, creating huge stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction, destroying the small farmers of the world, putting them out of business so they are forced to move into huge overpopulated cities in order o make a living, leaking trillions of excess tons greenhouses gases into the atmosphere which has caused the Global Warming crisis which now threatens to destroy the entire world including human civilization while depleting all the natural gas reserves and oil reserves of the world… and for what!? Just to add an extra 2 more billion humans on this planet? Gee… that makes a lot of sense.

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