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Stool numa frase em (in ingles)

I sank onto a stool.
He rose from his stool.
Use a stool with wheels.
The stool is pushed away.
Virgil slid off his stool.
He got off the stool and.
I found an empty stool to.

My hands clenched the stool.
A stand-up stool is a must.
Doc stood up from his stool.
A bar stool sat beside him.
She almost fell off her stool.
Undigested food in the stool.
He almost fell off his stool.
On impulse I slid off my stool.
He took another swig of stool.
Stool studies are all negative.
Fetch that stool, said Mr.
I couldn't move from the stool.
Tom pushed the stool towards it.
Decrease the height of the stool.
I took a bar stool off by myself.
Increase the height of the stool.
Diane D approaches the high stool.
She threw the stool with her mind.
Nicolas steps up on another stool.
Piers stood and waved at the stool.
Place the supporting stool closer.
Jeri did not move from the stool.
Place the stool closer to the knee.
Sitting on a bar stool in Avalon.
Increase the distance to the stool.
The stool has creaky legs,' I said.
He plumped him Dollard on the stool.
The man takes a seat on a bar stool.
Place the stool closer to the block.
Dropping the stool, she backed away.
Place leg on stool rather than knee.
He found a small stool and sat down.
On top of the stool sat an open book.

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He gazed round the stooled and tabled eaters, tightening the wings of his nose.
Sit on stools of varied heights.
The backless stools were wobbly.
Your stools will still be large.
These stools had padded seats and.
We were sitting on bar stools in the.
There were no chairs or stools in here.
He sat on one of the stools and pulled a.
It contained only a table and five stools.
The regulars on the stools turned to look.
Mary sat upon one of the stools at the bar.
I sat on one of the two stools kept outside.
They sit on two stools that are on the stage.
However, loose watery stools occurring three.
You will find low stools and bowls for hot water.
Gary flops onto one of the stools with his coffee.
Diarrhoea is any attack of frequent, watery stools.
I nodded as I sat heavily on one of the bar stools.
We ordered tea and sat on the stools outside the shop.
A nine-foot grand with stools around it and a bar.
They sit on the stools and start to play the guitars.
And then I sat at the bar a few stools away from you.
Holkey sat on one of the Lab stools and looked at the.
A metal table, three metal stools and three metal mugs.
After the meal we sat on high stools at the bar, a huge.
There were two comfortable chairs and a couple of stools.
Kids bolted from their stools and hid under workstations.
Caris pulled two stools to the table and they both sat down.
Pushing the wheelchair by the row of bar stools was actually.
Similarly, he used to take a bath every time he passed stools.
And, while waiting, they turned slowly on their rotating stools.
In the severe cases I have to evacuate the hard stools manually.
The village elders sat on their own stools brought by their sons.
Macha, replied Yukino, seating herself on one of the stools.
Rory shook his head and seeing a couple of stools vacant, flopped.
Zem was sitting in one of four high stools on the near side of the.
He’s sitting on one of the bar stools surrounding the center island.
Grill and on the left was a long bar with men sitting on stools.
A small table, of wood rather than stone, sat surrounded by four stools.
HYDRATION COMPLEX will help your body to remove the hard and stale stools.
Avery was sitting on one of the stools in the kitchen when Andrew entered.

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