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Store numa frase em (in ingles)

1. Store in a tin box.
2. Has in store for you.
3. I store it in my lap.
4. The store was a wreck.
5. I urge you to store.
6. We store shit in them.
7. The store is his bait.

8. She went to the store.
9. Why walk to the store.
10. At the store and here.
11. We need to store each.
12. The sign of the store.
13. We walked in the store.
14. Take me to the store.
15. Bilo ran up to the store.
16. What has fate in store?
17. The store was open late.
18. God has in store for you.
19. Store cold in the syrup.
20. Store the tart at room.
21. And i exited the store.
22. And no one in the store.
23. To the book store owner.
24. Hedda came into the store.
25. We’ll store it for you.
26. Store in cool dark place.
27. But this was no pet store.
28. Store it in a dark place.
29. Store it on a high shelf.
30. They have a store and do.
31. I went to a store called.
32. Asia came out of the store.
33. She had gone to the store.
34. And within a motley store.
35. Ryan grew up in this store.
36. Sure, the store turned a.
37. To what death has in store.
38. I store it in a safe place.
39. Then they exited the store.
40. The store is open, Mr.
41. No place to store the cash.
42. I didn’t go to the store.
43. I was born in a pet store.
44. The „name wil store 30.
45. He pulled up to the store.
46. You left it in the store.
47. Really, I love that store.
48. Tim went into the Drug Store.
49. You're at the grocery store.
50. This is where the store or.
51. Crystals are known to store.
52. Foods Store in Brookhaven, PA.
53. Got this at the dollar store.
54. Let's just get to that store.
55. For the winter it will store.
56. The Mom and Pop store was dead.
57. Sammy’s was the corner store.
58. Like a child in a candy store.
59. When I counted my scanty store.
60. Store your books in the cloud.
61. She was in a store and there.
62. Lobby or any other craft store.
63. The dazed store employee was.
64. Have you good store in Minas.
65. The Store of Chief Redthunder.
66. Twenty Years in a Candy Store.
67. Yet his store was still meager.
68. We were in a store, Cherrie.
69. P the finished products store.
70. Store in an airtight container.
71. The store is being constantly.
72. Where are the teachers, store.
73. You never know what's in store.
74. Store in a tightly covered box.
75. She works at the general store.
76. Nothing disturbed in the store.
77. I was a clerk in a candy store.
78. Stacey to the back of the store.
79. This isn't that kind of store.
80. Thorn quietly leaving the store.
81. Store Build It! combines the C.
82. Walk towards the grocery store.
83. The paint store will have them.
84. I sauntered into a general store.
85. I passed a CD store in Mylapore.
86. The store was busy with shoppers.
87. This store is making me nervous.
88. Force exited the jewellery store.
89. Store these in a tight container.
90. But this store belonged to old.
91. Broke down in the grocery store.
92. Perverse Styles ‘R’ Us store.
93. You're in the right store, then.
94. He walked though the store with.
95. All right, so there was the store.
96. The function of DNA is to store.
97. Store in a plastic bag after use.
98. Demolishing the old paint store.
99. She handed him a key to the store.
100. Indeed, it was a dime store ring.
1. Thus, the need for storing.
2. This sand, on storing, it sets.
3. The men were employed in storing.
4. Storing Large Amounts of Bitcoins.
5. Thus storing more information and.
6. Storing your makeup in the bathroom.
7. You can also take turns in storing them.
8. It is also known as our fat storing hor-.
9. Or are they storing a crop somewhere?
10. This is called storing the object persistently.
11. It’s a safe bet that you’re storing those.
12. We are very efficient at storing fat and will.
13. The cost of storing embryos are low compare to.
14. One sunny day an ant was busy storing food for the.
15. These are used for storing water which enables the.
16. But normally they’re for storing and processing food.
17. And I was storing up that strength for the fight to come.
18. After storing all those boxes in the car, I took the time.
19. Storing your makeup inside the bathroom is not a good idea.
20. Unless they really are storing something lethal at that place.
21. I could see he was storing it in his mind for future reference.
22. Storing backed-up data off-site is the best way to protect data.
23. It has to do with their boss storing munitions around the village.
24. Using glass containers is best for storing food and drinking water.
25. He realizes that it is probably a very good way of storing food!.
26. Is the wet biomolecular brain capable of storing information in the.
27. Let the candies set for about 2 hours before storing in refrigerator.
28. It was tiny but was capable of storing libraries worth of data and.
29. Such changes may include shopping from a list, storing foods out of.
30. Maybe it wanted to save them for later, by storing them in its larder.
31. Some therapists advocate storing the sex energy in a part of the body.
32. I started digging small holes in the sides and storing my wine in them.
33. He felt certain that behind it was the dungeon used for storing things.
34. Also, the base warehouse may have been too full for storing these kits.
35. As we're storing appointments in a database, we'll need a database table.
36. Outside the hut beside the steps, Rufino bent to search the storing place.
37. You will find that by this storing up of energy you will be able to meet.
38. Storing it properly can ensure that it stays well until you use it all up.
39. You won’t have to worry about storing as there won’t be any left over.
40. You have to remember that you use your computer for storing various files.
41. Indian custom of using this time to prepare for the winter by storing food.
42. I solved that by storing beer in the trunk of car except on subzero nights.
43. Jimmy had a hangar that was only used for storing planes because the hangar.
44. Through storing for a couple of days, the macarons enhance their own flavor.
45. Wood fuels and a wheel-borrow were laid beneath the floor, the storing place.
46. We were in the middle of storing the grain harvest when it rained so hard.
47. She could be storing all the real signals from Sol and feeding us this script.
48. Social bookmarking service is the process of grouping and storing bookmarks, an.
49. There were also other assorted useful items, including barrels for storing water.
50. Storing these unnecessary elements in mind is dangerous for the existence of life.
51. Unfortunately, this also means that our bodies are efficient at storing toxins too.
52. Analytics or BIA) is an over-arching term for storing, analyzing and reporting on.
53. Collecting, storing, and using such information are all extremely difficult tasks.
54. Counting and storing large amounts of grain became important in the villages as well.
55. Apparently Ori is collecting treasure and is storing it in this pillow case under.
56. Label if you are storing several kinds of food and separate to avoid cross-flavouring.
57. Will you want those storing for nothing as well? she said, indicating their bags.
58. Next, I started bringing beanie wienies and crackers and storing them in the side also.
59. You stated that your cells speciality was the moving and storing of contraband from.
60. Storing a password safely is not very hard as long as we know which libraries to use [j.
61. But for storing some spending cash on your smartphone, SPV wallets are an ideal solution.
62. None of his dollies could fit thru the narrow aisle to the space Ilumvi was storing these.
63. They laze during summer when they should be storing up as much excess calories as possible.
64. A little spit hung on the corner of his mouth where he’d been storing his coloring tongue.
65. It takes nearly half of the calories consumed and passes them as waste instead of storing them.
66. She is quietly fuming, storing heat like a brick, ready for whatever hour Jock deigns to return.
67. In our time, we’ve had a few devices for storing music and the hardware to record and play it.
68. Where 'en' is the language and 'English' is the folder we're storing all English-related content in.
69. Inside, it was full of the last of the Roman weapons cache that our old master Caan had been storing.
70. Using just literal constants can soon become boring - we need some way of storing any information and.
71. Storing user profiles on a server does not delete them from the workstation from which they originated.
72. The ground floor of the house was a workshop, with the yard at the rear used for storing wood and stone.
73. Most of these methods are suitable for safely storing large amounts of bitcoins for long periods of time.
74. So the following days saw me joining in the preparations for winter, storing food and feed for the horses.
75. They have the capability of storing up to 16 gigabytes of information on a single disk, in certain versions.
76. Its original owner filled every available unused space with aluminum tanks for storing water and diesel fuel.
77. Will paid him handsomely for the petrol, and the rental for storing the car and keeping it in working condition.
78. However, if you are storing a large Bitcoin fortune, consider having a security expert audit your storage method.
79. He found out that they were storing some of their plunder in the beloved ruins on our own little island of Faria.
80. Be sure to research the Bitcoin wallet program you plan to use before storing significant amounts of money in it.
81. These accounts pay little or no interest, but because you won’t be storing much money here, that’s no big deal.
82. This is a poison-brooch, used in the old days for storing lethal poison that came in handy containers like these.
83. The Warriors followed along behind them, taking more core samples and storing them for delivery to their assay lab.
84. The captain roared in laughter with Bonnet, then walked back on his ship to supervise the storing away of the cargo.
85. It’s storing it in Lewis’s spacesuit, which I’ll call The Cistern from now on, because it sounds cooler.
86. By not storing the private key anywhere, you prevent others from stealing it from you, either physically or digitally.
87. Storing the mail on the server enables users to easily access their mail from any computer or from different computers.
88. Maybe wretched prisoners had been kept there many, many years before, but mostly they had been used for storing things.
89. I looked down under the mixing board at a row of two-inch reels cut by other artists that the studio was storing there.
90. Storing food is a good habit to get into, especially if you live in an isolated place, which can become completely cut-off.
91. Also, storing large amounts of bitcoins in a brain wallet for decades could be risky, because you might forget the password.
92. You could, of course, have any source of data here, but we're calling a database and storing the result in the array $query.
93. We will be storing the user's language preference in the session, and the sessions are stored in the database table, sessions.
94. In 2003 President Bush started threatening Iraq, stating that President Saddam Hussein was storing weapons of mass destruction.
95. Storing that precious information in a corner of her mind, Ingrid then concentrated on the enemy soldiers climbing her own hill.
96. This could be remedied by storing the city and state on the account file even though it could also be found on the zip code file.
97. You could, of course, have any source of data here, but we're calling a database query and storing the result in the $query array.
98. There was one impressive-looking structure in the village, but Klah told me it was for storing food—no one actually lived in it.
99. If the sauce still has pieces of tomato, pass through a sieve before bottling and storing in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.
100. Avoid storing your fire wood or wood scraps next to the house as this could support termites and allow them entrance into the house.
1. The book was stored in a.
2. The value stored in these.
3. Starches are stored by the.
4. Nothing gets stored on the.
5. Stored our grain up the hill.
6. Hart stored her old furniture.
7. Blood can be stored in it for.
8. It can be stored in variable.
9. Place where livers are stored.
10. They had probably been stored.
11. It will be stored in variable m.
12. The Air Force stored nukes there.
13. The full formula is stored in a.
14. And now it is stored in your mind.
15. It may be packaged and stored in.
16. They can be stored in the freezer.
17. Flammable liquids shall be stored.
18. The names would normally be stored.
19. They keep al the memory banks stored.
20. It will then turn to stored fat for.
21. The information stored with the data.
22. He stored the knowledge for later use.
23. These days bodies were not stored in.
24. What was stored in these warehouses?
25. Its stored energy gives all processed.
26. Stress is stored in our body in layers.
27. The rest is stored by the liver as fat.
28. Only then will stored water be released.
29. The quotes are stored in a quotes tuple.
30. Luv is stored at home, so the best 666.
31. Someone stored logs in the guest room.
32. Stored food: Memories stored in the heart.
33. B = Stored information but not accessible.
34. He found the library stored on the device.
35. Yes, the trap meat is stored in that box.
36. Data is stored and transmitted by computers.
37. This stored memory is precisely the "past".
38. The information stored can also be programs.
39. Blessing of the Barn and the Stored Harvest.
40. The liver metabolizes stored fat for energy.
41. They’re still stored in the village—.
42. Once it is stored there, it can be used for.
43. Typed in a computer and stored for future use.
44. Most of the time the information gets stored.
45. This water is stored in extra cellular spaces.
46. The coating can be stored in the refrigerator.
47. Cleaning implements were stored in one corner.
48. No part of this publication may be stored in a.
49. He stored what the boy said in his memory and.
50. These she carefully stored away for winter use.
51. All the fluids were stored in heavy containers.
52. They were stored in a box next to the Chaplain.
53. Trouble was, it could be stored almost anywhere.
54. The coffins were stored at Bang Maruan Cemetery.
55. Where water is stored, its use should ensure a.
56. You must have subconsciously stored this in.
57. It is the stored or pent-up energy of an object.
58. It needs to be stored at zero degrees centigrade.
59. Our brain systems are stored on silicon- nanites.
60. The scooter had been stored for about three years.
61. Every fear, every hope, every wish is stored here.
62. Our weapons and ammunition have been stored away.
63. The air was stored in the airlock’s holding tank.
64. Those are still stored away somewhere down there.
65. All our beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind.
66. The sub-arrays are stored in the original data array.
67. Joseph traveled to each city and stored the food in.
68. The backup must be stored in a main backup directory.
69. If not, keep it stored away where it cannot be seen.
70. Much of the world’s water was stored in gigantic.
71. Remember, a lot of the toxins are stored in your fat.
72. Fluid retention is alleviated as stored water is lost.
73. As a result milk can be stored for longer periods of.
74. I stored it on the roof of the rover for the trip back.
75. Flammable liquids shall be stored in the steel locker.
76. Suppose we have our data stored in a file called class.
77. I can't wait to have another roast stored inside here.
78. What time was it stored to the system, Jim asked.
79. We have stored enough beneath the floorboards on the.
80. The ashes and the items stored inside scattered into.
81. Data should be stored onto UPS backed computer files.
82. This is where mental impressions and habits are stored.
83. All his belongings are still stored in his compartment.
84. The boat was deflated and stored in a cigar-box packet.
85. The we add 1 to the value stored in i and store it back.
86. According to Greek medicine envy is stored in the gall.
87. The boat was deflated and stored in a cigarette packet.
88. They went there to count the wealth they had stored up.
89. With all this stored chow safe from the elements, the.
90. He must have stored all of these images away somewhere.
91. First, the place in which they are stored is always.
92. Traditionally, Data means the information’s stored by.
93. They find two numbers stored in her mobile; Mum and Dad.
94. Your ebook is stored on their server, they provide all.
95. Location where battleships and belly-buttons are stored.
96. The yagya which have been undertaken and stored earlier.
97. A senselessly stored Christmas tree in a pot, dead on a.
98. You may be sure I have stored up many sayings of my own.
99. It is only stored energy vibrations that require release.
100. All this had been stored by him beforehand under the sofa.
1. So are many of the stores.
2. Wax R Us stores everywhere.
3. The stores have to pitch in.
4. These stores are much more.
5. And were running out stores.
6. Python stores it in the sys.
7. Krispy Kreme has 174 stores.
8. EXCEL stores dates as numbers.
9. Many home décor stores and.
10. Then he walked through stores.
11. At other DVD stores you were.
12. Many stores were still intact.
13. There are other stores that do.
14. Tailings over there and stores.
15. One of the Jewelry stores had.
16. These Indians will carry stores.
17. We had come to Ratna Stores in T.
18. Eventually they had 5,000 stores.
19. We went to all these cool stores.
20. New stores will be added regularly.
21. Health Food Stores had high prices.
22. Downtown stores shut up and locked.
23. Carter stores, not collects, gold.
24. All the stores was along one street.
25. Wax R Us stores make a total of $44.
26. You know that even grocery stores.
27. Obviously there are lots in stores.
28. More and more stores are carrying.
29. Oh, when these hidden stores of ours.
30. Whilst at the Stores Office he made.
31. Most of the dogs sold in pet stores.
32. Download sales through online stores.
33. Signs at the entrance of stores and.
34. Malone, and my stores were exhausted.
35. The stock of Family Dollar Stores, Inc.
36. They can be found in drug stores and.
37. Abram was looking in the wrong stores.
38. You cannot purchase them at the stores.
39. They should sell them in tack stores!.
40. VPP = world's best factory outlet stores.
41. The daily chart of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
42. Quickly bored with the stores and their.
43. We put in three stores one time in one.
44. Oracle stores each value in the column.
45. He also went into the thrift stores and.
46. In addition, fat deposits or stores are.
47. Stores and office buildings also qualify.
48. I do know that most grocery stores where.
49. Some stores and other stuff is coming in.
50. And pray the stores are still in business.
51. Each neighborhood has its own stores and.
52. Get rid of as many big stores as possible.
53. The best PLR stores that I’ve used are:.
54. They burned crops, food stores, barns, etc.
55. Most people prefer to buy fiction in stores.
56. Years ago, many stores were closed on Sunday.
57. There are, however, and a few antique stores.
58. We are in the section of hardware stores.
59. Are you working until the stores closes?
60. These are the stores you want to check first.
61. There are many snoring remedies out in stores.
62. He stopped and entered stores to look around.
63. Plain old vinegar from the pharmacium stores.
64. As I entered the Stores grounds I spied Roy.
65. You can pull this off at department stores or.
66. Mart as well as at a multitude of other stores.
67. Unprofitable stores were relentlessly slashed.
68. That left the bakery and a few smaller stores.
69. Signs at the entrance of stores and hospitals.
70. Go to the bargain stores to find what you need.
71. I dreamed of my chain of stores the whole night.
72. It is the last of my backup stores for testing.
73. Puppy mills often sell their dogs to pet stores.
74. You should be able to find quinoa at most stores.
75. Today, it houses offices, stores and restaurants.
76. Every office can produce a stores request form.
77. Ever since, every troll had his own food stores.
78. Local sporting goods stores are a good place to.
79. The shelves of Tokmok stores had filled up with.
80. Do your errands when the stores are the least busy.
81. I‘m sure all the old houses and stores are gone.
82. Poor Dorothea needed to lay up stores of patience.
83. Grocery stores were still run by real people then.
84. The DATE data type stores date and time information.
85. We should go to the grocery stores, Mary said.
86. Plenty of stores offer discounts for bulk purchases.
87. These are full blown stores including the build out.
88. John’s Wort is available in most drug stores and.
89. Many stores send their home decorating catalogs to.
90. He was grabbing at our stores all the time he spoke.
91. I browsed online jewellery stores, and museum sites.
92. Another example was seen in the chart of Ross Stores.
93. This, too, he stores in his mind for pondering later.
94. Then he started opening new stores in adjacent towns.
95. Pet stores should be 'researched', before given any.
96. DATE value, Oracle stores the following information:.
97. It can be purchased online or in local retail stores.
98. Phillips and underneath Naval Stores Officer.
99. Tip 51: When to buy food items at convenience stores.
100. Dave and Sherry Gold, founder of 99 Cent Only Stores.

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