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Storey numa frase em (in ingles)

From the very top storey.
Ahead stood a two storey.
The room was second storey.
The only two storey building.
I mounted up to my fifth storey.
He had to mount to the third storey.
And now the third storey had been reached.

The view from the top storey of the car park.
He ran back to the lower storey and tried the door.
A single storey garage squatted beside a roundabout.
Tell me, for God's sake, is there another storey?
It came out of the third storey; for it passed overhead.
The Stores was a huge five storey building with wings.
So remember, Potchinkov’s house on the third storey….
The living quarters were in the timber-built upper storey.
It looked innocuous enough – a two storey brick building.
The houses were single storey, made of local stone and brick.
On reaching the third storey of the hotel I experienced a shock.
That is success storey in every sense as far as a conspiracy goes.
And there was the fourth storey, here was the door, here was the.
Under the Storey Bridge is the nearest I got to class in Brisbane.
They had bought themselves a three storey house overlooking the sea.
The whole second storey of the house on the left was used as a tavern.
She reached the third storey, turned down the passage, and rang at No.
They both went up the steps and ascended the stairs to the third storey.
He was lying on the roof of an elevator shaft at the top of an eight storey.
It was a medium-sized palace, with an imposing entrance and an upper storey.
He pointed at a building, just looked like a three storey apartment building.
But on the fourth storey (he had mastered the trap now and was triumphant).
Quickly Sam passed the door and hurried on to the second storey, dreading at.
At least the thin trees, in front of the three storey flats were still there.
Here was the flat on the second storey where Nikolay and Dmitri had been working.
Smith found the shopping centre and parked his car in the multi storey car park.
You will find him upstairs, in the upper storey management office of the warehouse.
The house was a single storey construction with a low front door and small windows.
And there was the fourth storey, here was the door, here was the flat opposite, the empty one.
At the corner of the street, from a lower storey, rose a kind of humming with strident modulations.
My goodness, I have friends too, who live on the third storey, and their windows look on to the street.
Spread out from the road flanking the lake were buildings, single storey log houses with stone chimneys.
He has to bend backwards a lot so he can speak to it, because its mouth is as high as a five storey house.

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