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Strain numa frase em (in ingles)

Strain if you need to.
Do not strain the brain.
Strain the water from the.
He was feeling the strain.
I'll ever stand the strain.
And all the mental strain.
His face ached with strain.

Strain through nut milk bag.
Strain at the time interval.
Strain and boil with the oil.
Strain into a cocktail glass.
He has a strain of it in his.
The journey had been a strain.
The strain of being ugly had.
The act of living is a strain.
But through this mental strain.
Strain, and sip the infusion.
When hot, strain and add sugar.
Like whispers I strain to hear.
I felt my eyes slightly strain.
I strain a smile in the darkness.
Strain over the sauce, and serve.
Strain out the plant material.
Or e'en the "Demon" of my strain.
After the wedded couple strain;.
The renewed strain was too much.
The strain was beginning to tell.
The edges will tear and strain.
Strain the mixture into a pitcher.
It was quite a strain on the eyes.
Let sit for 3 minutes then strain.
Nancy felt the strain in Ants arms.
The strain had begun to tell on him.
Strain the juices into another pan.
I’m hoping this strain is the same.
Strain and transfer to the pan again.
We’re all feeling the strain here.
Of bassoons and of flutes the strain.
Leaning back, Will took up the strain.
Strain out any lumps through a sieve.
By straining to satisfy St.
Tony was straining to breathe.
Rubbing a straining brow, he.
As they stood straining their.
Now he was straining her again.
Maybe I should be straining my.
Straining, and finally it moved.
I stopped straining and lay back.
At last, straining, I could hear.
He kept coughing, straining to breathe.
Straining, but then recognition flashed.
A yellow sun was straining through the.
Nothing but straining and burning and a.
He was straining to keep his voice quiet.
Jason continued to look away, straining.
She massaged her brow, straining to recall.
For half an hour I sat with straining ears.
We can tell its straining because the max.
The sun was straining to break through the.
She pulled again, straining with care, and.
She could feel his erection already straining.
He tried again, straining to keep his tone even.
The muscles in her legs straining, well defined.
Then came a pause, an expectant hush, a straining.
With a final lurch the straining animal joined him.
What’s that? asked Stan, straining to hear.
Without straining, I managed to decline that offer.
She inched closer and closer, straining to hear him.
Straining all her faculties Princess Mary looked at him.
Ears straining, she listened for footfalls or breathing.
He had been holding his breath, straining from the pain.
Tobie and Lachey sat under shelter, straining their ears.
Straining to talk he said, It's more than a flesh wound.
Every muscle and cell of my body was straining for oxygen.
I held my breath, straining to hear the first police siren.
Meanwhile, Enjolras was straining his ears and watching at.
They took turns grunting at the gate, straining to lift it.
She waited breathlessly, straining to hear the least noise.
Emily's body was no longer straining to breathe, her back.
He sounded like he was straining to breathe through a straw.
He strained to hear it.
Bugs? He strained his eyes.
He strained his eyes, but.
She strained to see its face.
He strained to open his eyes.
It had been a strained visit.
My throat is raw and strained.
She strained against the ropes.
Rose strained to see the wagon.
Mother's voice is strained high.
He was very white and strained.
He let out a strained chuckle.
He strained to stand grasping.
Now what? He strained to listen.
The old woman strained her lungs.
Batistuta strained as he sat up.
The Indian strained his neck away.
He had a strained look on his face.
I listened with strained attention.
It is a strained, incessant labour.
He strained and the wrench slipped.
Hello? She strained her ears.
Twite strained every nerve to hear.
I strained to see who had come to me.
He strained his ears to listen for.
Go away, she told him, strained.
He gave her a sort of strained smile.
I strained to see what was happening.
His nerves were more and more strained.
But we did not leave on strained terms.
With a strained voice, I begin to talk.
Careful! I say, my voice strained.
She stood still as she strained to hear.
They strained to hear his lowered voice.
He strained hard to look at the bowler.
His ears strained to hear the sound of.
There had been a strained call from Mrs.
The trolls sat in strained anticipation.
They howled and strained against their.
Again there was a long, strained silence.
There the strains of the.
The group strains to see who it is.
Dashwood's strains were more solemn.
These strains commenced to undulate.
The strains went through Raoul's heart.
Dashwood’s strains were more solemn.
She strains her throat to force a cry—.
What are the symptoms of sprains and strains?
Natasha had been listening to those strains for.
These strains are the demonstration of pathogenic.
I peered at my pursuers through the strains of grass.
He became a storm of twists, head flops, and strains.
He brushes wrinkles from his shirt, strains for dignity.
Collectively, they developed five separate strains of an.
The familiar strains of Yesterday floated across the camp.
There is also a need to clone certain strains, but the more.
Odd strains of piano music stopped and started in the parlour.
Rock stars have tremendous strains placed on their relationships.
The strains of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, floated down from the.
Wafted inland, sent from Atlantica's rim, strains for the soul of.
Every muscle in my body strains toward him, but I hold myself back.
I sat mesmerised, with the strains of Shosholoza still playing in.
The Celtic strains of McKennett rose magically as if out of a mist.
How through those strains distill'd--how the rapt ears, the soul of.
In the distance, he could hear the strains of The Blue Danube.
Melvin was infected with one of the earlier strains when he was shot.
Billy can hear the first strains of the melody begin in his head again.
With the choir grinding out the near hypnotic strains of the call-to-.
What we have tested is harmless but new strains of bacteria keep appearing.
Cass strains to lift his black face to see what all the commotion is about.
Acclaimed dereliction strains to be heard again, starting to beat the hard.
The strains of the song washed over her as she leaned against the windowsill.
He had had one of those violent strains of the ankle which leave a man helpless.
You look tired Hallen, Kifter noted, the strains catching up on all of them.
Her face strains to look down, as her cautious hand gently lifts the dainty locket.
Strains usually refer to injuries to muscles or to the areas where muscles become.
Then the strains of the Deutschlandlied joined by tens of thousands of voices.
Sprains and strains may occur together, and occasionally are quite severe, requiring.
He strains to hear voices, but the inspector’s right: this blackout is silent as death.
Simon strains at the plastic that binds him and feels it weaken and stretch a little more.

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