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Strain numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Strain if you need to.
  2. Do not strain the brain.
  3. I'll ever stand the strain.
  4. Strain the water from the.
  5. He was feeling the strain.

  6. And all the mental strain.
  7. His face ached with strain.
  8. Strain through nut milk bag.
  9. Strain and boil with the oil.
  10. Strain into a cocktail glass.
  11. Strain at the time interval.
  12. The strain of being ugly had.
  13. He has a strain of it in his.
  14. The journey had been a strain.
  15. The act of living is a strain.

  16. But through this mental strain.
  17. Strain, and sip the infusion.
  18. I felt my eyes slightly strain.
  19. When hot, strain and add sugar.
  20. Like whispers I strain to hear.
  21. Strain out the plant material.
  22. Or e'en the "Demon" of my strain.
  23. After the wedded couple strain;.
  24. I strain a smile in the darkness.
  25. Strain over the sauce, and serve.

  26. The renewed strain was too much.
  27. The edges will tear and strain.
  28. Strain the mixture into a pitcher.
  29. The strain was beginning to tell.
  30. It was quite a strain on the eyes.
  31. Let sit for 3 minutes then strain.
  32. Nancy felt the strain in Ants arms.
  33. Strain the juices into another pan.
  34. The strain had begun to tell on him.
  35. We’re all feeling the strain here.
  36. Of bassoons and of flutes the strain.
  37. Strain and transfer to the pan again.
  38. I’m hoping this strain is the same.
  39. Strain out any lumps through a sieve.
  40. Leaning back, Will took up the strain.
  41. In meditation do not strain your eyes.
  42. There was strain on her face then a.
  43. A ring she heard the ancient strain:.
  44. Like in Ushtrasana the strain is en-.
  45. He had to strain to hear the low voice.
  46. Here comes the strain of French blood.
  47. He's been under a great strain lately.
  48. But I feel the strain of waiting, too.
  49. Her face was flushed pink with strain.
  50. That way it won't strain your budget.
  51. Strain it through purified cheesecloth.
  52. But never strain yourself to keep still.
  53. He groaned at the increased strain on.
  54. The emotional strain caused by simply.
  55. Remove from heat and strain into a bowl.
  56. The tension and strain in him was obvious.
  57. Or a little less if you strain yourselves.
  58. He said they could strain a point about Mr.
  59. My bones were aching because of the strain.
  60. The next step is to strain the goat milk.
  61. I can hear the strain of fatigue in your.
  62. Don’t strain yourself, Grover said.
  63. There were lines of strain around her eyes.
  64. The others noticed the strain between them.
  65. The strain pulled Moshe half off his mount.
  66. Strain into a mug and add honey to taste.
  67. Thomas could feel the strain between them.
  68. They were bulbous knots of muscular strain.
  69. Again, that was a lot of strain for my wife.
  70. This strain had to be more pronounced than.
  71. You mention a feeling of strain that arises.
  72. It made his heart strain to think about her.
  73. The strain of thinking was too much for her.
  74. I was used to strain and torture, he was not.
  75. It can take strain from almost any direction.
  76. There should be no undue strain on the brain.
  77. Levin by now was exhausted from mental strain.
  78. Her hands strain not to reach out and touch it.
  79. That must have been a strain for all of you.
  80. I feel the strain now, but I’m not giving up.
  81. He was under a lot of strain when he made that.
  82. It helped to take the strain off his right side.
  83. There are ways you can strain or bruise a net-.
  84. Like many of their leaders they will strain out.
  85. Jaggers, in the same devastating strain: What.
  86. You need not strain towards the future — the.
  87. I had to strain to understand his slurred speech.
  88. His arm began to quiver and buzz from the strain.
  89. Allow it to steep for several minutes and strain.
  90. Strain for the far, pause, draw to strength again.
  91. There was strain around her eyes and in her back.
  92. The strain of all the good-byes had exhausted him.
  93. It wouldn't strain me none, after I got my hand in.
  94. I heard branches strain and creak as the man obeyed.
  95. The strain of leading the Barbegs into battle had.
  96. But her words were in an entirely different strain.
  97. Strain into a Collins glass and serve with a straw.
  98. Canvas and cordage strain and masts and yards creak.
  99. I hope I shall not have to put such a strain on you.
  100. The tension begins to mount, and the social strain.
  1. By straining to satisfy St.
  2. Tony was straining to breathe.
  3. Rubbing a straining brow, he.
  4. As they stood straining their.
  5. Now he was straining her again.
  6. I stopped straining and lay back.
  7. Maybe I should be straining my.
  8. Straining, and finally it moved.
  9. At last, straining, I could hear.
  10. He kept coughing, straining to breathe.
  11. Straining, but then recognition flashed.
  12. A yellow sun was straining through the.
  13. He was straining to keep his voice quiet.
  14. Jason continued to look away, straining.
  15. Nothing but straining and burning and a.
  16. She massaged her brow, straining to recall.
  17. For half an hour I sat with straining ears.
  18. We can tell its straining because the max.
  19. The sun was straining to break through the.
  20. She pulled again, straining with care, and.
  21. She could feel his erection already straining.
  22. The muscles in her legs straining, well defined.
  23. He tried again, straining to keep his tone even.
  24. Then came a pause, an expectant hush, a straining.
  25. What’s that? asked Stan, straining to hear.
  26. With a final lurch the straining animal joined him.
  27. Without straining, I managed to decline that offer.
  28. She inched closer and closer, straining to hear him.
  29. Straining all her faculties Princess Mary looked at him.
  30. Ears straining, she listened for footfalls or breathing.
  31. He had been holding his breath, straining from the pain.
  32. Tobie and Lachey sat under shelter, straining their ears.
  33. Straining to talk he said, It's more than a flesh wound.
  34. Every muscle and cell of my body was straining for oxygen.
  35. Meanwhile, Enjolras was straining his ears and watching at.
  36. They took turns grunting at the gate, straining to lift it.
  37. She waited breathlessly, straining to hear the least noise.
  38. Emily's body was no longer straining to breathe, her back.
  39. I held my breath, straining to hear the first police siren.
  40. As we read through straining our intellectual abilities to.
  41. He sounded like he was straining to breathe through a straw.
  42. The latter, straining to carry the body, gave him a grim look.
  43. No one answered her, they were all straining against the door.
  44. We waited in frozen silence, straining for any hint of movement.
  45. His tie was straining to contain the bulging veins in his neck.
  46. Ulfur went berserk, straining at the rope that kept him tied to.
  47. Let us return briefly to our hero, straining against his burden.
  48. The cannon crews redoubled their efforts, straining against the.
  49. They both peered miserably into the dry hut, straining to hear.
  50. Cloud…? mouthed Tifa, her eyes straining in the dim light.
  51. Straining every nerve to get a destruction that does not destroy.
  52. But the straining Indians poled on with a steady, swinging motion.
  53. We heard her straining, trying to free herself from the bonds that.
  54. But how if another claw in the shape of me is straining to thwart.
  55. His sleeves were rolled up, the fabric straining against his biceps.
  56. Even with an excited leap up to help, Moshe's straining arm came to.
  57. He ran forward, straining his muscles and clutching his burning chest.
  58. Now the men are straining to get back that they may spend their money.
  59. It was heavy work for the horses, and straining work for the carriage.
  60. The lean horses were going slowly round him, straining at their traces.
  61. Realise firstly that nobody can give their best when they're straining.
  62. Billy tries to stay calm, straining the boundaries of his own voice now.
  63. I’d guess she could Move over ten thousand tons without even straining.
  64. But one can arrive at isolation without straining to become a Rothschild.
  65. He leaned forward, straining to hear, although the room had fallen silent.
  66. He tried to look into her eyes, but she was straining too hard to get away.
  67. Straining sideways for a better glimpse of what was going on, I saw that.
  68. He noticed that he was still clutching the door knob with a straining hand.
  69. Straining his eyes he made out a bent, indistinct figure outside the grille.
  70. Straining to see in the direction indicated, Moshe made out a well-ordered.
  71. With straining eagerness Catherine gazed towards the entrance of her chamber.
  72. Don stood just inside the bedroom door, straining to hear what was being said.
  73. The Princess began screeching and straining and banging against the quayside.
  74. His Eye is now straining towards us, blind almost to all else that is moving.
  75. It was somehow familiar, straining their eyes, slipping into and out of focus.
  76. Senor Hirsch's head was flung back on his straining throat; his chin trembled.
  77. He traced a finger lightly across the nipples straining against her silk blouse.
  78. Straining to pinpoint the feeling, but you can’t, as it really isn’t there.
  79. The man then heard Joey’s voice straining as he pushed the dead gufder off him.
  80. His feet were braced on the rock, his calves straining as if in physical combat.
  81. She heard a strange sound, like a rope, under pressure, straining back and forth.
  82. She was looking for him, she was straining to see any sign of him near the river.
  83. Straining to keep the bitter blooms in his churning stomach he rolls onto his side.
  84. They started out as an itch on my back, and I kept straining to see in the mirror.
  85. Thane stood on the other side, straining with all his might to keep the door closed.
  86. She dropped her head sadly, straining against the chair, and sighed: ‘How can you.
  87. With more concern straining her voice, Tina continued, I thought sirens stay still.
  88. His penis was hard, straining at his jockey shorts and she felt it prodding into her.
  89. Gulping back her tears, Macey listened, straining her ears to hear the smallest sound.
  90. She wore a flower-printed paper cap and an apron, the ties straining across her girth.
  91. The veins on his forehead bulged as he groaned, straining to keep the crystal pressed.
  92. In this atmosphere, as nerve straining as watching a slow fuse burn toward a barrel of.
  93. Not that I’ll drown you – not with your voice – but I don’t want you straining.
  94. His whole frame jerked violently, like a trapped animal straining furiously to be free.
  95. With every sinew straining, the noble horse took off only a few feet ahead of the herd.
  96. A masterpiece of nature, what a prize beheld their gaze, straining to take in the full.
  97. Other symptoms of constipation include bloating, straining to move your bowels and pain.
  98. He stopped short in his ravings and stiffened, straining his ears with painful intensity.
  99. Symptoms of constipation include infrequent stools, hard stools, and excessive straining.
  100. He cupped a mental hand to his inner ear, straining to make out what the voice was saying.
  1. He strained to hear it.
  2. Bugs? He strained his eyes.
  3. He strained his eyes, but.
  4. She strained to see its face.
  5. It had been a strained visit.
  6. He strained to open his eyes.
  7. My throat is raw and strained.
  8. He was very white and strained.
  9. Rose strained to see the wagon.
  10. He let out a strained chuckle.
  11. Mother's voice is strained high.
  12. He strained to stand grasping.
  13. She strained against the ropes.
  14. The old woman strained her lungs.
  15. Batistuta strained as he sat up.
  16. Now what? He strained to listen.
  17. The Indian strained his neck away.
  18. It is a strained, incessant labour.
  19. He had a strained look on his face.
  20. I listened with strained attention.
  21. He strained and the wrench slipped.
  22. Hello? She strained her ears.
  23. Twite strained every nerve to hear.
  24. I strained to see who had come to me.
  25. He strained his ears to listen for.
  26. He gave her a sort of strained smile.
  27. Go away, she told him, strained.
  28. I strained to see what was happening.
  29. His nerves were more and more strained.
  30. With a strained voice, I begin to talk.
  31. But we did not leave on strained terms.
  32. She stood still as she strained to hear.
  33. He strained hard to look at the bowler.
  34. Careful! I say, my voice strained.
  35. They strained to hear his lowered voice.
  36. The trolls sat in strained anticipation.
  37. Again there was a long, strained silence.
  38. I strained to keep my hands from balling.
  39. There had been a strained call from Mrs.
  40. His ears strained to hear the sound of.
  41. They howled and strained against their.
  42. There was a strained silence for a moment.
  43. Jesse’s voice was strained with emotion.
  44. Katy strained to hear with all her being.
  45. He strained to see where the pirates went.
  46. Joshua strained to hear as the shouting.
  47. Don cocked his head and strained to hear.
  48. She strained to get up, but was knocked.
  49. Morel went out and strained the potatoes.
  50. I heard the rasp of my strained breathing.
  51. Johnny strained hard to hear Tulip's reply.
  52. He strained, but couldn’t move a muscle.
  53. The conversation came to a strained pause.
  54. His fingers strained to support his weight.
  55. He stepped closer to me, his face strained.
  56. My relations with Guy were always strained.
  57. The house creaked and strained around them.
  58. There was a long moment of strained silence.
  59. She strained to see further down the tunnel.
  60. His voice was strained, soft, but not angry.
  61. She strained to see past the group of people.
  62. She strained her ears and listened for voices.
  63. That is good, he says, sounding strained.
  64. She strained forward, surging toward the light.
  65. Henry strained his attention toward the figure.
  66. Batistuta strained his ears hard to hear her.
  67. A smile crept across Cerdic’s strained face.
  68. In this asana the neck should be strained in.
  69. Huge muscles flexed and strained the shackles.
  70. He strained his eyes to try to make out what.
  71. He strained his eyes – there were four riders.
  72. Then its strained to remove all impurities.
  73. The motors strained, but couldn’t budge them.
  74. Moses strained his eyes to determine where the.
  75. Closing her eyes, she strained to hear something.
  76. He strained to sit up, hawked back and spat out.
  77. She had strained against the bonds that secured.
  78. Sophia nodded, giving her mother a strained smile.
  79. Sadie, my love, he said in a strained voice.
  80. Earth Shadow, I strained and his eyes widened.
  81. The truck shuddered and strained across the yard.
  82. But it strained her till she felt she would break.
  83. The over strained German supply system broke down.
  84. It seemed that other women strained to look at me.
  85. The sails strained against the winds of the storm.
  86. Big Petey strained all his muscles and then pulled.
  87. Then she sat back, and strained to see the screen.
  88. The doctor says it’s strained, she replied.
  89. I strained my ears and could faintly hear violins.
  90. A note of heart-breaking sorrow strained its words.
  91. Sometimes these muscles are so strained, that the.
  92. His voice was so low, I strained to hear every word.
  93. Checking his automatic urge to flee, he strained to.
  94. For a moment they strained breastbone to breastbone.
  95. Though he strained his vision, he could not see them.
  96. Mary, what shall we do? His voice was strained.
  97. Johnny strained his eyes and ears, and so it was true.
  98. He strained to see it, but could not make it out yet.
  99. Chiron smiled at me, but he looked tired and strained.
  100. He strained to hear what the girl in blue was saying.
  1. There the strains of the.
  2. The group strains to see who it is.
  3. Dashwood's strains were more solemn.
  4. These strains commenced to undulate.
  5. The strains went through Raoul's heart.
  6. Dashwood’s strains were more solemn.
  7. She strains her throat to force a cry—.
  8. What are the symptoms of sprains and strains?
  9. Natasha had been listening to those strains for.
  10. These strains are the demonstration of pathogenic.
  11. I peered at my pursuers through the strains of grass.
  12. He became a storm of twists, head flops, and strains.
  13. He brushes wrinkles from his shirt, strains for dignity.
  14. The familiar strains of Yesterday floated across the camp.
  15. Collectively, they developed five separate strains of an.
  16. There is also a need to clone certain strains, but the more.
  17. Odd strains of piano music stopped and started in the parlour.
  18. Rock stars have tremendous strains placed on their relationships.
  19. Wafted inland, sent from Atlantica's rim, strains for the soul of.
  20. The strains of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, floated down from the.
  21. I sat mesmerised, with the strains of Shosholoza still playing in.
  22. The Celtic strains of McKennett rose magically as if out of a mist.
  23. Every muscle in my body strains toward him, but I hold myself back.
  24. How through those strains distill'd--how the rapt ears, the soul of.
  25. In the distance, he could hear the strains of The Blue Danube.
  26. Melvin was infected with one of the earlier strains when he was shot.
  27. Billy can hear the first strains of the melody begin in his head again.
  28. With the choir grinding out the near hypnotic strains of the call-to-.
  29. What we have tested is harmless but new strains of bacteria keep appearing.
  30. Cass strains to lift his black face to see what all the commotion is about.
  31. Acclaimed dereliction strains to be heard again, starting to beat the hard.
  32. The strains of the song washed over her as she leaned against the windowsill.
  33. He had had one of those violent strains of the ankle which leave a man helpless.
  34. You look tired Hallen, Kifter noted, the strains catching up on all of them.
  35. Her face strains to look down, as her cautious hand gently lifts the dainty locket.
  36. Strains usually refer to injuries to muscles or to the areas where muscles become.
  37. Then the strains of the Deutschlandlied joined by tens of thousands of voices.
  38. Sprains and strains may occur together, and occasionally are quite severe, requiring.
  39. He strains to hear voices, but the inspector’s right: this blackout is silent as death.
  40. Simon strains at the plastic that binds him and feels it weaken and stretch a little more.
  41. As with any virus there are a number of strains or variations within the Two House theory.
  42. The strains of the hymn and the frantic cries of the dying blended in a symphony of sorrow.
  43. The six-year old boy strains to lift the weights attached to a rope strung around his nape.
  44. Ice can numb pain and reduce swelling in the mouth as well as on joint sprains and strains.
  45. Sprains and strains are types of minor injuries to the soft tissues and connective tissues.
  46. The air reverberated with the clashing of the strains; the ground shook with the tramping of.
  47. The last strains of the dance music were being followed by the hearty applause of the dancers.
  48. New strains were brought to bear on the structure as the weight of the load moved its position.
  49. I listened recently to the beautiful strains of Ferde Grofe’s musical description of a sunset.
  50. Noah slipped a CD into the drive and the moaning, sleep-inducing strains of Enya filled the car.
  51. Cass' body strains to work while his lifted eyes capture the height of this unforgettable memory.
  52. It is a long drag out of the town and the gg pulling the wagon strains as it hauls us up the hill.
  53. The strains of rock music reached her ears … looked as though Chas had set up his music system.
  54. God provided us with awesome bodies capable of healing themselves and resisting tremendous strains.
  55. Some strains are more extreme and deadly than others are, but any virus has the potential to harm.
  56. Kothian culture and religion had suffered from a subtle admix ture of Shemite and Stygian strains.
  57. This was my mother’s favorite song, said Chuck as the strains of an old tune filled the room.
  58. Where the strains of their criminal culture is not muddied by viruses of other Robber Baron cultures.
  59. Calley was court martialled and pleaded that he and his men were suffering from the strains of conflict.
  60. Reagan bounds onto the stage to the strains of Hail to the Chief and then launches into his speech.
  61. The melancholy strains of Yesterday came over his earphones from the AFVN station he had tuned on his ADF.
  62. Barry is smartly dressed in an expensive dark blue three piece suit that strains at the huge bulk beneath it.
  63. We were saying, when we spoke of the subject-matter, that we had no need of lamentation and strains of sorrow?
  64. I hold the tureens as he strains the veg over the sink and then carry them through to the lounge as we fill them.
  65. The Americans marched awkwardly on around the track and onto the infield to the strains of the Deutschlandlied.
  66. In order to remove dysbacteriosis, you need to �infect� your large intestine with synergistic bacterial strains.
  67. Later he will write in his journal, The speech was vintage Nixon—a kick or two at the press—enormous strains.
  68. The brass section started and the next few minutes of conversation were lost to the strains of Land of Hope and Glory.
  69. He pushes a few buttons on the steering wheel, and the gentle strains of Pachelbel’s canon fills the space between us.
  70. By the year 2000 that had changed dramatically, with some strains containing a mere 8% protein and a whopping 92% starch.
  71. I put Ho Hey on my iPod, and to the anthemic strains of The Lumineers, I typed James Rampling into my search engine.
  72. Because inside me is a beast that snarls, and growls, and strains toward freedom, toward Tobias, and, above all, toward life.
  73. The stocking of the memory with occult detail which serves no useful purpose only strains the brain cells and feeds the pride.
  74. The strains sounded of the song of farewell; the leave-taking of Butterfly by her young lieutenant, all in white, sailing away.
  75. When I taught you that many of these seraphim are ministering spirits, I spoke not in figurative language nor in poetic strains.
  76. Up to this point we always believed that all strains of Ebola required hands-on exposure, exchange of fluids, that sort of thing.
  77. Simon strains at his bonds a look of pure hatred covering his face, Steve picks up the holdall; �Well this isn't yours is it?�.
  78. The faint strains of classic rock began to drift out of one of the restaurants, signaling the beginning of the evening festivities.
  79. All the stresses and strains of the fast-approaching wedding finally took their toll on her and she suddenly felt tired to the bone.
  80. He strains again to see the world as it should be, but staggers backwards, hitting the brick wall of the barn with his head as he falls.
  81. Before he could give it any more thought the organ pounded out the strains of the Wedding March that enabled him to breath properly again.
  82. From a curtained window that opened upon an interior court we could catch strains from the cabaret singers below in the main dining-room.
  83. The strains of the polonaise, which had continued for a considerable time, had begun to sound like a sad reminiscence to Natasha’s ears.
  84. The strains of the polonaise, which had continued for a considerable time, had begun to sound like a sad reminiscence to Natásha’s ears.
  85. Rick has developed some sativa strains that are adapted perfectly to the altitude and the shorter growing season at these higher elevations.
  86. He felt the weird strains plucking like unseen fingers at the tissues of his brain, filling him with alien emotions and impulses of madness.
  87. Use an infusion of the whole plant for fevers, headaches, migraines, and colds, or the expressed juice of the flowers for aches and strains.
  88. It took enormous diplomatic activity behind the scenes, particularly by Churchill, to attempt to soothe over the affair and ease the strains.
  89. Simon stares angrily back and strains at the plastic sacks and curtain chord, not able to loosen any of the tough binding he relaxes his body.
  90. On the road down to the harbour with its lights and the village life, the faint strains of bouzouki floated through the air from a shop nearby.
  91. And for the first time in many years the merry strains of dance music were heard in the great hall that lay next the mysterious sealed chamber.
  92. So I doubt you will be asked for your advice very often, for fear that you will morally obligate us to further strains upon our treasuries!.
  93. The man who rejoices finds joy in its strains, while he who grieves finds sorrow in it; a regular tempest was howling in Ivan Andreyitch's ears.
  94. The stresses and strains of the encounter, brief as it was, had made the sweat run briskly down his face for a spell despite the cool forest air.
  95. He darted inside and changed the CD, listening to the strains of new music filtering out over the yard as he brought the beers back to the table.
  96. The strains of a band could be heard in the distance, the regular roll of the approaching drums was unmistakable - it was the white troops at last.
  97. But in the long term insects develop resistance to the super-tomatoes, leaving farmers scrambling to find ever newer strains of protective bacteria.
  98. Saznack and Bellack had both retired quietly to their chambers exhausted, feeling the strains of the day they both desperately needed to recuperate.
  99. He puts on a blue jumpsuit every morning, faded where it strains over his huge shoulders, too short around the ankles, and walks to work in big black boots.
  100. Then the strains of the count’s household band were replaced by the clatter of knives and forks, the voices of visitors, and the soft steps of the footmen.

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