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Stray numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. The stray cat in me.
  2. I kicked a stray pebble.
  3. That you may not stray.
  4. Just a few stray catus.
  5. And when we stray from.

  6. But do not stray far.
  7. Stray cats are not the.
  8. It is when we stray from.
  9. There were no stray papers.
  10. Some had actual stray dogs.
  11. Every day I see stray dogs.
  12. They knew that I was a stray.
  13. Along the way you will stray.
  14. But do not stray far into.
  15. So out the door I started to stray.

  16. And if my weak heart should stray.
  17. So frequently his mind would stray.
  18. Through this house each fairy stray.
  19. You stray away from your own center.
  20. Thither hussars on leave will stray.
  21. Not that type of stray, you idiot.
  22. And the whispering scents that stray.
  23. A stray he had picked up and taken in.
  24. You sure he’s a stray? Yes.
  25. Halloween is a stray cat who’s black.

  26. She brushed a stray hair out of my eyes.
  27. Stray dogs that have never been close.
  28. A stray bullet from an unseen gunman.
  29. Stray bullets whistled across our heads.
  30. Do not stray from the others when you go.
  31. Stray cats are usually terrified of human.
  32. Stray potato chips crumbled under her feet.
  33. Whatever stray emotions we can bring to bear.
  34. No magazines or stray mugs on the end tables.
  35. There are stray comets all over the place.
  36. There is no space left for mind to stray away.
  37. I placed a stray strand of hair behind my ear.
  38. It was the kind of van that snatched stray or.
  39. Maybe she thought of him as a big stray kitten.
  40. One can’t stray here and there too much, or.
  41. Xzavier grabs a stray bin off one of the tables.
  42. My eyes stray to the horizon; I don’t trust.
  43. I was later found in a ditch by some stray dogs.
  44. Max had spotted a stray hair on Amy’s shoulder.
  45. She spies a stray cookie crumb fall to the floor.
  46. On the way, they come across barking stray dogs.
  47. He tucks a stray strand of my hair behind my ear.
  48. My eyes stray to the yard, where Lacey’s buried.
  49. Will his attention stray? She certainly hoped not.
  50. The only person more unlucky than a stray cat on.
  51. SPAZ (Society for the Protection of Stray Animals).
  52. Boofy was a stray cat that adopted our family when.
  53. A stray bullet could hit anyone of them at any time.
  54. But why did they call me, that little orphan stray?
  55. Wild and stray animals have no access to medical care.
  56. Stray cats are used to being called derogatory names.
  57. No stray cables trailed from the back of the drawers.
  58. How did you stray so far from your ideal haunts?
  59. She sighed and turned back to wipe away a stray tear.
  60. That’s his purpose and he wouldn’t stray from it.
  61. There are literally millions of stray dogs around the.
  62. Several stray raindrops doused the stone floor of the.
  63. Henry Bergh was able to help more stray dogs than cats.
  64. So…whats the solution to the stray animal problem?
  65. Stray or feral cats that are injured may be left with.
  66. One or both cars would have to stray onto the shoulder.
  67. A few stray drops of cold rain struck the back of his.
  68. As a love-affair with the first stray girl he picks up.
  69. The stray dogs looked away, everywhere but directly at.
  70. Stray animals seem to love her too, he joked fondly.
  71. His mother-in-law’s gaze didn’t stray from his face.
  72. He was a stray dog that had run away from the village.
  73. She needed food—a squirrel, a stray cat, even a bird.
  74. Taking into account that the number of stray dogs is 0.
  75. A stray drop of magma was launched out of the core and.
  76. A stray grunt, tasked with foot patrol comes sprinting.
  77. Grandmother always told me not to feed stray animals.
  78. He drove for a half hour without seeing any stray marks.
  79. His hands stray toward a half-empty bottle of champagne.
  80. He would not stray far from his protective cover to hunt.
  81. He scratched his knees and legs on some of the stray and.
  82. A few years, he's a stray but he hasn't been trouble yet.
  83. Stray cats may have been tossed, gotten lost, or fled an.
  84. Jesus out in the desert getting tempted to stray from her.
  85. Like a stray cat on the prowl Vinny slid through the exit.
  86. The mayor and city council are very tough on stray animals.
  87. The stray dogs, that incur the state no costs to live on.
  88. He brushed away a stray curl from his forehead and rested.
  89. Stray dogs chased each other, and Peter hopped out of their.
  90. Remember cities or towns that have stray dog overpopulation.
  91. Be careful, the City Government doesn't tolerate stray cats.
  92. Economically, culturally and in regard to the stray problem.
  93. Somewhere along the line you decided to stray off that path.
  94. I wont harm a stray hair on their wrinkled heads, the.
  95. But we must not stray into the fascinating province of colour.
  96. Marriage, of course, he said brushing a few stray locks.
  97. I showed my companions this small, stray rock in the middle of.
  98. Sometimes we’re close, and I beg Gwog to stray off course.
  99. His veil covered his beard, but bristly stray hairs protruded.
  100. Stray cats fear VCOs more during the day, than during the night.
  1. That is the far straying.
  2. Straying from the path that takes.
  3. Ideas of all kinds were straying through my mind.
  4. While she was telling me this, my eyes kept straying.
  5. With his mate and playmate gone, his straying days ended.
  6. Straying of the mind is deviation from the path of virtue.
  7. Is that what this is? B’Etor asked, her hands straying.
  8. With respect, you seem to be straying from the issue somewhat.
  9. And as for my friends, she said, her thoughts straying to Marie.
  10. By a yellow gleam straying out of window shutters Rob saw his face.
  11. Here the children straying westward so long? so wide the tramping?
  12. The cloths will prevent the animals from straying during the storm.
  13. Unfortunately I never had straying ladies to shadow; mine were all men.
  14. He kissed me a lot, and we enjoyed it until his hands started straying.
  15. Their heroes were always straying from well-lit paths and into the woods.
  16. It denotes: you, disbeliever! Move your thought and stop your straying.
  17. This is the turning point where the straying ceases and the seeker begins to.
  18. Straying out beyond the security of the tunnel, the chamber he sensed was sizeable.
  19. Several close their eyes, and think, or try to get their straying thoughts together.
  20. The Almighty clarified their straying from the right path which arised from their unbelief.
  21. Our host said no more, but now I fancied that a sly and ambiguous smile was straying on his lips.
  22. Is it true that Carl got pneumonia from straying out in the graveyard that wet night for a dare?
  23. All that bad result is actually caused by his insight-blindness and his straying from the right path.
  24. Accidents is a song about a straying lover struggling to tell the truth and face the consequences.
  25. Grass had already begun to grow on the garden paths, and horses and calves were straying in the English park.
  26. The Chicago race riots of 1919 were sparked off by a black man straying onto the whites-only part of the beach.
  27. This belief will lead them to abide by God’s Orders and refrain from transgression and straying from His Path.
  28. But, if the relationship was truly fair and equal, why did he feel satisfaction about straying outside the boundaries?
  29. It was a god enough distance to go into the forest without straying too far into the heart of it, where the predators lurked.
  30. I fought to keep my eyes from straying to the snakes head tattoo on his cheek, but it was hard not to, which was its purpose.
  31. Though she suspected she had leeway to go after Garcia, straying into the neutral zone at this time was not a wise thing to do.
  32. He finishes barking out directions to one of his deputies before hanging up and looking me over, a hand straying over his mouth.
  33. Look out for any Russian embassy staff straying anywhere near Culham, or for any other unusual activity that could be connected.
  34. Melodía ate with her usual voracity, which helped her pretend not to notice how the young Alemán’s eyes kept straying her way.
  35. The man got out of the car and he could see for certain, after his brush with death, that he had been straying from the right path.
  36. Animals are nothing else than the figures of our virtues and our vices, straying before our eyes, the visible phantoms of our souls.
  37. Then, his operations finished, he went and leaned his elbows on the beacon housing, his eyes straying over the surface of the ocean.
  38. And like a blind old sheepherder-saint, he wandered out into the hall, with the flock straying and ambling and softly colliding after.
  39. And, like a blind old sheepherder-saint, he wandered out into the hall with the flock straying and ambling and softly colliding after.
  40. His head and throat were bare, and, as he spoke with a helpless look straying all around, he took his coat off, and let it drop on the floor.
  41. The Bible tells us that they both took place as a consequence of the degrading of moral behavior, a straying away from the wisdom of the ages.
  42. As she stroked and caressed she pushed the guilt of her straying imagination aside, picturing herself the confused heroine in an epic romance.
  43. She called the home phone first, and Taya passed the message along to me, assuming I wasn’t the type of guy she had to worry about straying.
  44. One old soldier, "Buster" Smith, was lying down puffing and gasping when up rode an officer mounted upon an old horse that he had found straying.
  45. Darkburst's constant hunger was making him light-headed and he found it harder to concentrate, his thoughts constantly straying as he walked along.
  46. For if the excursions of audacious folly have no bounds that human eye can see, reason has the habit of never straying very far away from its throne.
  47. She called the home phone first, and Taya passed the message along to me, assuming I wasn’t the type of guy she had to worry about straying.
  48. They had lingered in the great pool room for some time, listening to the rushing falls and allowing their thoughts to continue straying amid their memories.
  49. Jane and Kaite are repeatedly told to stop straying from the group, a boy, maybe 17, curly brown hair has latches onto the party staying a few feet behind.
  50. What is strange is that the holy words from vastly different religions and organizations are all misinterpreted, straying in different directions from center.
  51. But regarding the tongue of the straying opposers, it speaks their state which denies that the Almighty overwhelmed them with perfect protection and wise grant.
  52. The Almighty wanted to draw man’s attention to that knowledge which he will get on death in order to deter him from continuing in his distraction and straying.
  53. So what could these poor communities do to keep their members from straying and leaving them? They invented the idea of being punished after death for your worldly sins.
  54. Another glance, this time upwards, confirmed that the group of apparently straying objects had again rejoined the main force which still hung motionless over Central London.
  55. Horsemen, riding very swiftly, had indeed been sighted: still far behind, but gaining on the Orcs, gaining on them like a tide over the flats on folk straying in a quicksand.
  56. He props his legs on either side of me, effectively caging me and forcing me to keep my eyes on a point above his head to keep them from straying to places they should not stray.
  57. With features strained hard to enunciate the syllables they continued to regard the centre of the flickering fire, the notes of the youngest straying over into the pauses of the rest.
  58. Since the character (varn) of the Self is that of God, his straying about amidst nature is varnasankar: this is injury to the Soul and his deliverance is nonviolence in the true sense.
  59. And on a wall in a smaller room were faded painted traces of dark fat grapes and twisting in through the window, grey old straying twists of some very lively jasmine, and even wild rosemary.
  60. I would have finished by telling Elly that only love and commitment prevented straying but she was very sensitive on the topic and veering away from her strict line meant that you were actually.
  61. The purple songbird, never straying far from the boat, lit down on Jai’s shoulder and happily joined in harmony with the Dangler, but she sang in a mismatched range much higher than the fisherman.
  62. Then if one thinks of the universal signs which are before his eyes, he will believe in his Provider, and this belief will lead him to abide to God’s orders and to refrain from transgression and straying.
  63. I remember something, too, of the green grave-mounds; and I have not forgotten, either, two figures of strangers straying amongst the low hillocks and reading the mementoes graven on the few mossy head-stones.
  64. She imagined the bird blowing off course during the snowstorm, breaking short its migration, straying into the wrong neighborhood, alone but assuming it would stay aloft, everything would continue just as before.
  65. Mainly, they chose not to travel at night and slept safe within the camp (protected by the sentinels that would spear the straying creatures) or slept high up in the trees that the bulky creatures couldn’t climb.
  66. She went over to the looking-glass in front of which Miss Cartwright was accustomed to titivate, to see how her hair was getting on after the shake he had given her, tucking, as she went, a straying curl behind her ear.
  67. Taking the table to represent the path of virtue, I am justified in stating that during the whole time of the Aged's reading, Wemmick's arm was straying from the path of virtue and being recalled to it by Miss Skiffins.
  68. I had learned early on that she had an unerring instinct as to where I should be going, which was towards the soulsound, as she called it, and if there was one thing she was determined to do, it was to keep me from straying.
  69. Pierre saw a Frenchman beat a Russian soldier cruelly for straying too far from the road, and heard his friend the captain reprimand and threaten to court-martial a noncommissioned officer on account of the escape of the Russian.
  70. Because of what they have done with the ones whom they killed or stole their money or infringed on their honor or misled and caused their straying from the right path, their state, on that day, will cause unbearable excruciation to their heart.
  71. At first glance, the claim seemed utterly unfounded, as there was no indication that the woman’s death had been anything other than an accident, whether that entailed being thrown from her horse or inadvertently straying into quicksand on her own.
  72. What affirms the meaning we have mentioned is the order which God gave to His noble Prophet (cpth) when He says: you, give no heed, : that is: I bid you, My dear, to turn from him since he has been guided, and to try to save My straying obedients.
  73. It sometimes happened that some innocently gaping gentleman, on suddenly catching his straying, lustreless, questioning eyes, was scared and all of a tremor, and at once inserted into some important document either a smudge or some quite inappropriate word.
  74. She sent them in broad daylight and with instructions that they be carried through the middle of the street so that everyone could see them, thinking that her straying husband would be unable to bear the shame and would return to the fold with his head hung low.
  75. When once more alone, I reviewed the information I had got; looked into my heart, examined its thoughts and feelings, and endeavoured to bring back with a strict hand such as had been straying through imagination’s boundless and trackless waste, into the safe fold of.
  76. His problem was that perhaps he read too much into the visions, thus second-guessing himself, though he knew he would have to carefully decipher the varying attributes of the episodes in order to understand the entire meaning of it without straying down the wayward path.
  77. In the seventy-five years which had elapsed since he first heard the tale of empires from the lips of Arus – a long time in the life of a man, but a brief space in the tale of nations – he had welded an empire from straying savage clans, he had overthrown a civilization.
  78. Always a little anxious now when a curl started straying, in case it should be one of Antoine's and end by dropping off on to the carpet, it was her habit to give the strayer a slight pull, and if the pull hurt to feel reassured; but this time she didn't pull, because of Edward.
  79. Many times have I told you the story of the good shepherd who left the ninety and nine sheep in the fold while he went forth searching for the one that was lost, and how, when he had found the straying sheep, he laid it over his shoulder and tenderly carried it back to the fold.
  80. I am deeply grieved therefore brethren for him (Valens) and his wife; to whom may the Lord grant true repentance! And be you then moderate in regard to this matter and do not count such as enemies but call them back as suffering and straying members that you may save your whole body.
  81. He sends to them what makes their straying spirits return to Him to enjoy what He has prepared to them of the everlasting bliss, and that is what we understand from the statement "…He is the Repenter, the Compassioner": viz: He acts with so and so in such treatment or that so as to return to Him.
  82. It was two white horses; the horses of the omnibus harnessed by Bossuet in the morning, who had been straying at random all day from street to street, and had finally halted there, with the weary patience of brutes who no more understand the actions of men, than man understands the actions of Providence.
  83. And so it was that to recognize his Creator and Provider, our master Abraham (pth) had to restart his search over and again, and that was what he did: When he beheld the moon rising, he said: ‘This is my Provider!!’ When it set, he said: ‘If my Provider does not guide me, I will then be one of the straying people’.
  84. Blooddrinking bestiality, voracious appetites, hunger in search of prey, the armed instincts of nails and jaws which have for source and aim the belly, glare and smell out uneasily the impassive spectral forms straying beneath a shroud, erect in its vague and shuddering robe, and which seem to them to live with a dead and terrible life.
  85. First she brushed and smoothed her chestnut hair and twisted its heavy masses to the top of her head with the utmost care, preventing the loose tresses from straying, and giving to her head a symmetry which heightened the timid candor of her face; for the simplicity of these accessories accorded well with the innocent sincerity of its lines.
  86. She was fascinating in her simple black dress, fascinating were her round arms with their bracelets, fascinating was her firm neck with its thread of pearls, fascinating the straying curls of her loose hair, fascinating the graceful, light movements of her little feet and hands, fascinating was that lovely face in its eagerness, but there was something.
  87. She was fascinating in her simple black dress, fascinating were her round arms with their bracelets, fascinating was her firm neck with its thread of pearls, fascinating the straying curls of her loose hair, fascinating the graceful, light movements of her little feet and hands, fascinating was that lovely face in its eagerness, but there was something terrible and cruel in her fascination.
  88. After the Almighty has revealed to us some verses indicating His magnificence and great favor at the beginning of this fortress, and having demonstrated to us that He acquainted the spirit with what causes its straying from the straight path and what leads to its good and piety, He drove to us the following verse in order to inform us of that the obtainment of good can be achieved only by cleaning the spirit and purifying it.
  89. And, in the end, the civil magistrate will find that he has dearly paid for his intended frugality, in saving a fixed establishment for the priests ; and that, in reality, the most decent and advantageous composition, which he can make with the spiritual guides, is to bribe their indolence, by assigning stated salaries to their profession, and rendering it superfluous for them to be farther active, than merely to prevent their flock from straying in quest of new pastors.
  1. His eyes strayed to Sage.
  2. Clara strayed up to them.
  3. My name is Cheryl Strayed.
  4. The one who never strayed.
  5. It has never strayed on me.
  6. Their eyes strayed no more.
  7. And in the mountains strayed.
  8. You must be Cheryl Strayed.
  9. We have strayed from this path.
  10. But, I strayed from the subject.
  11. In the woods the hunter strayed.
  12. A few winged ones strayed over.
  13. Where both of us had strayed.
  14. The third leg had strayed too far.
  15. I have strayed on some path that.
  16. I feel guilty at having strayed.
  17. Into what madhouse have we strayed?
  18. He can’t have strayed far from home.
  19. Fred’s hand strayed to his hip pocket.
  20. But his mind strayed back to Mauthausen.
  21. Harald's eyes strayed to their polearms.
  22. Their conversation strayed from Hamilton.
  23. He’d already strayed out of bounds once.
  24. His mind strayed back to that bloody field.
  25. Be off!' His hand strayed to his sword-hilt.
  26. On the trail, Strayed encounters mostly men.
  27. Rabbits strayed, took alarm, stopped to rest.
  28. Mori’s focus strayed to the middle distance.
  29. At that instant the saw strayed off its path.
  30. Their ponies unburdened strayed upon the grass.
  31. By this means a dog had strayed in, which she.
  32. I strayed from the path that was appointed to me.
  33. He guides you and protects you from being strayed.
  34. It’s a wonder I haven’t strayed long ere this.
  35. For showing us the way, when-as often- we strayed.
  36. He opened the gate, passed through it, and strayed.
  37. It’s because we have strayed from walking with Him.
  38. His hand strayed to an album not used in a long time.
  39. At first I thought it was an animal that had strayed.
  40. Joseph and Mary’s mind strayed toward assassination.
  41. As she spoke, David’s attention strayed to the window.
  42. Strayed says her mother’s death had obliterated me.
  43. If he had not neglected her, she would not have strayed.
  44. It was closer to Danny's work than they usually strayed.
  45. His question was answered when his eyes strayed to the door.
  46. At twenty-two, Cheryl Strayed thought she had lost everything.
  47. To lighten her load, Strayed burns each book as she reads it.
  48. I could tell his mind had strayed from our marriage, from us.
  49. He was almost delirious; an uneasy smile strayed on his lips.
  50. STRAYED it said in blocky silver letters on a ball-link chain.
  51. Her eyes, wide and full of wonder, never strayed from his face.
  52. In the dust of a wayward star that strayed from God’s grace.
  53. He lost interest in the conversation and his attention strayed.
  54. Cheryl Strayed, I wrote as neatly as I could, my hands shaking.
  55. Anyone who ascribes partners to God has strayed into far error.
  56. Her eyes strayed irritably and suspiciously over all our faces.
  57. How humans had strayed from their natural spiritual path onto a.
  58. Now that Homer mentioned it, she had strayed far from truthfulness.
  59. Nothing fit until one day when the word strayed came into my mind.
  60. I could tell his mind had strayed from our marriage, from us.
  61. Much better, commented Miriam’s companion, as they strayed on.
  62. Do you honestly think that I’m the only one who has strayed?
  63. Junior began to explain, but Ben's eyes strayed to something that was.
  64. He kept the wise council of his elders, and never strayed off the road.
  65. Strayed around in the forest, not spoken much, all was said in a gaze.
  66. But always their thoughts and words strayed back to Frodo and the Ring.
  67. To say that I strayed from my upbringing would be a major understatement.
  68. Stepan Trofimovitch seemed to revive, a subtle smile strayed on his lips.
  69. His heirs, seemingly a lesser breed, strayed to the point of destruction.
  70. Lorry, bending down his ear, while his eye strayed to the House afar off.
  71. His gaze strayed to her cleavage once again and he replied in a low drawl.
  72. Halfshaft had strayed into the Forest itself in his search for food and water.
  73. Gandalf, though now and again his glance strayed to Pippin, as if to refresh.
  74. A few glances strayed her way but he’d never been as bold as he was tonight.
  75. Jacques has gone off on horseback to round up a milk cow what has strayed away.
  76. During the beginning stages of the city, the people had not yet strayed so far.
  77. Quavering the chords strayed from the air, found it again, lost chord, and lost.
  78. Bremman, and thank God for that, but a bear strayed off from its natural habitat.
  79. My eyes strayed, scanning the length of shore to the distant storm-drain entrance.
  80. The Public Opinion— But I have strayed from the tale in my hatred of this force.
  81. To help God's children communicate with God, not to judge those who have strayed.
  82. When one child was ill, the other never strayed far away, always wanting to be near.
  83. Now back to the matter at hand, Halirit said before they strayed from the point.
  84. His expression hardened again and his black eyes strayed to the shelves of fireworks.
  85. He had always thought he would never marry, so he had never strayed into imagining it.
  86. Your Lord knows best who has strayed from His path, and He knows best the well-guided.
  87. Cheryl Strayed, he said after a long while, my new name so strange on his tongue.
  88. A calf had strayed too close to the woods, which might hide a matador or a horror pack.
  89. Needing to clear his thoughts, he had strayed into the gardens awaiting his brother’s.
  90. No Venak naval vessels have strayed beyond their waters since their Wards were emplaced.
  91. What was it about Strayed that inspired the generosity of so many strangers on the PCT?
  92. Maggie felt her heart beating harder with fear, and her eyes strayed to meet Nicolas’s.
  93. Her Father looked serious and he never strayed into the realm of fantasy and make-believe.
  94. Cheryl Strayed? the woman at the Kennedy Meadows General Store asked without a smile.
  95. During the beginning stages of the city, the people had not yet strayed so far from the.
  96. Meanwhile the second board was the how board, which sometimes strayed into other discussions.
  97. Nowadays we have a little sense, he added, and began shouting at a colt that had strayed.
  98. Thus the two sisters strayed, each in her own dream, at the epoch when they were young girls.
  99. I was talking to a friend of mine about the book and somehow we strayed to the topic of UFOs.
  100. He looked at me with those cold ice-blue eyes and his hand never strayed from inside his suit.
  1. Others are strays.
  2. There's a few strays.
  3. Many city cats are strays.
  4. You brought in some strays a.
  5. One of the strays you brought.
  6. He prayed it was just a couple of strays.
  7. Then he knelt to check the tiles for strays.
  8. A few strays are not usually a problem, but.
  9. You sure that was one of the strays Jeremy.
  10. USA where the people does not confront with strays.
  11. The strays then have litters of their own, and the.
  12. Love is a husband and father who never strays from home.
  13. Children should understand why we have so many strays;.
  14. Taking in all these waifs and strays - it’s just not nice.
  15. Jeremy finds some unbranded strays and turns them in to us.
  16. If the group strays from the agenda, ask the group if they would.
  17. Oh, some people can foster animals that are abandoned or strays.
  18. Killing strays does not stop the problem and only offers a temporary.
  19. When did those strays show up? Stokes asked, again taking control.
  20. Beverly’s pet looked as if it belonged chasing strays to the alleyways.
  21. Recalcitrant strays kept breaking away only to be brought back with great.
  22. The reality was that they were strays that nobody loved or really cared for.
  23. The mayor has promised future help for the castration of strays to Trakossas.
  24. Your Lord knows best who strays from His path, and He knows best the guided ones.
  25. Apparently there’s an animal control guy that picks up strays for the county.
  26. Until the nineties, the Italian government tried to solve the problem of strays by.
  27. Anyone who disobeys Al’lah and His Envoy strays far indeed, and incurs a great loss.
  28. And he that disobeys Al’lah and His Messenger strays far indeed and incurs a great loss.
  29. Recalcitrant strays kept breaking away only to be brought back with great effort and anger.
  30. In other words: Italian strays could be much better off, if their fate wouldn‘t be in the.
  31. The process of creating, expanding, and managing a religion always strays from any truth and.
  32. He had allowed even encouraged a couple of strays to stay, which had wandered in a few months back.
  33. While Her intention strays out under the clouds, we could put an end to Her meddling once and for all.
  34. But who knows what wild dogs or strays are out there in those woods? All I knew was that ‘Puddy’ was gone.
  35. The only time Ulysses strays away from Ithaca, when he is an adolescent, a boar attacks him and rips open his thigh.
  36. She liked having the space to herself, especially when her son insisted on bringing all sorts of waifs and strays to stay.
  37. If your attention strays to other thoughts, calmly notice this, and then gently move your attention back to your object of meditation.
  38. The bishop broke into the eulogy, echoing through the Tannoy, ringing round the valleys, bringing in the strays and frightening the wild.
  39. And what about the animals in shelters, zoos and roadside menageries, circuses, biomedical labs, strays, birds and whatever else is out there.
  40. It was tourists that either adopted a stray cat or dog, or upon seeing their plight, saw to it that needy strays were taken to an animal sanctuary.
  41. A few shoes had fallen as he had walked over towards us when some chick who had been hanging with the HHB’s all night, helped pick up the strays.
  42. Apart from a stray dog or two, they are all strays here, I was the only one on the beach so I consider it to be my private little paradise, for now anyway.
  43. We must make God-thinking so intensified that if our mind strays into any other direction then it should feel suffocation, it should feel that it has become short of oxygen.
  44. Later tonight it would be packed with hipsters and strays from the City, spilling out with drinks across the pavement, their raucous calls filtering in through my open window.
  45. Jesus also tells us in the parable of the lost sheep (Matt 18:12), that it gives the Creator more happiness at that particular moment to find just one who strays than do the others that have not strayed.
  46. A lost land-bird of strange plumage strays on board, and is made a captive: out of clean shaved rods of right-whale bone, and cross-beams of sperm whale ivory, the carpenter makes a pagoda-looking cage for it.
  47. Ever he would wander, selfcompelled, to the extreme limit of his cometary orbit, beyond the fixed stars and variable suns and telescopic planets, astronomical waifs and strays, to the extreme boundary of space, passing from land to land, among peoples, amid events.
  48. A few moments later saw our two noctambules safely seated in a discreet corner only to be greeted by stares from the decidedly miscellaneous collection of waifs and strays and other nondescript specimens of the genus homo already there engaged in eating and drinking diversified by conversation for whom they seemingly formed an object of marked curiosity.
  49. The public is not sensitized enough, to perceive the misery of strays, indifference,.

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