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Stray a little.
it was a STRAY dog.
He wiped a stray.
To stray is human.
My thoughts stray.
The stray cat in me.
every stray he returned.

the cattle will stray,.
That you may not stray.
Just a few stray catus.
I kicked a stray pebble.
Vanessa wiped a stray.
And when we stray from.
But do not stray far.
Stray cats are not the.
homeless, and stray cats.
stray than be cruel to it.
"management" of stray dogs.
It is when we stray from.
There were no stray papers.
Every day I see stray dogs.
Some had actual stray dogs.
stray the path well forsooth.
indicated a stray moving off.
Along the way you will stray.
They knew that I was a stray.
But do not stray far into.
That is the far straying.
with no signs of a straying Hanor.
Straying from the path that takes.
straying; just the same as you can control your arms.
other folk from straying into that area of the Tavern.
While she was telling me this, my eyes kept straying.
With his mate and playmate gone, his straying days ended.
Straying of the mind is deviation from the path of virtue.
Is that what this is? B’Etor asked, her hands straying.
With respect, you seem to be straying from the issue somewhat.
his senses from straying to objects has a steady discrimination.
And as for my friends, she said, her thoughts straying to Marie.
Here the children straying westward so long? so wide the tramping?.
By a yellow gleam straying out of window shutters Rob saw his face.
pleasures within himself without in any way straying from his chosen.
his consequent straying from the path of God-realization is varnsankar.
The cloths will prevent the animals from straying during the storm.
He kissed me a lot, and we enjoyed it until his hands started straying.
Unfortunately I never had straying ladies to shadow; mine were all men.
associated with them, feeling of tenderness, shame at straying from the.
Their heroes were always straying from well-lit paths and into the woods.
It denotes: you, disbeliever! Move your thought and stop your straying.
This is the turning point where the straying ceases and the seeker begins to.
Straying out beyond the security of the tunnel, the chamber he sensed was sizeable.
Several close their eyes, and think, or try to get their straying thoughts together.
needle-seeds suffocating the ground ensured no straying germ could take root near this.
would bounce across the arena showing off their skills to one another, but never straying.
'A settler's wife straying in the woods,' snarled Conan, setting down his end of the litter.
The Almighty clarified their straying from the right path which arised from their unbelief.
then society is in danger of straying or stagnating, and the aims of the collectivity cannot be.
He’d just strayed.
His eyes strayed to Sage.
Clara strayed up to them.
My name is Cheryl Strayed.
It has never strayed on me.
Their eyes strayed no more.
The one who never strayed.
And in the mountains strayed.
It says Strayed, actually.
We have strayed from this path.
You must be Cheryl Strayed.
that he had strayed from Him,.
But, I strayed from the subject.
from His ways I never strayed,.
Where both of us had strayed.
A few winged ones strayed over.
I have strayed on some path that.
I feel guilty at having strayed.
in his later days he strayed –.
The third leg had strayed too far.
subjects had once again strayed off.
lost and strayed angle--but poetry!.
He can’t have strayed far from home.
Into what madhouse have we strayed?.
mind had strayed to other associations.
Harald's eyes strayed to their polearms.
But his mind strayed back to Mauthausen.
drastically strayed away from his wisdom.
Fred’s hand strayed to his hip pocket.
Others are strays.
There's a few strays.
strays back to the herd.
Many city cats are strays.
that way and look for strays.
You brought in some strays a.
One of the strays you brought.
that strays landward from the night.
the town, partying with waifs and strays.
before the many wretched, starving strays.
He prayed it was just a couple of strays.
regular intervals, strays die from poison.
protection of strays to local authorities.
fence at The Greenbrier, looking for strays.
Then he knelt to check the tiles for strays.
A few strays are not usually a problem, but.
helping himself to strays from Arkin’s ranch.
You sure that was one of the strays Jeremy.
USA where the people does not confront with strays.
The strays then have litters of their own, and the.
dog, could avoid hundreds of a new generation of strays.
Love is a husband and father who never strays from home.
that if she strays still, she’ll hear them approaching.
Children should understand why we have so many strays;.
strays, and my dad paid him for every one he turned into us.
support the culling of strays from the Yellowstone National.
outside of this mould are wild, some strays, or wolves; not.
Taking in all these waifs and strays - it’s just not nice.
that she fared better than most other cats, especially strays.

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