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Stretch numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. It isn’t a stretch to.
  2. Zebra would be a stretch.
  3. This stretch of river is.
  4. We've had to stretch our.
  5. I stretch under the covers.

  6. The best time to stretch is.
  7. This is the final stretch.
  8. It wasn’t much of a stretch.
  9. Are you going to stretch?
  10. When I stretch the analogy to.
  11. I stretch out and open my eyes.
  12. It seemed to stretch for years.
  13. His act was a bit of a stretch.
  14. They stretch out three feet each.
  15. When a stretch mark first shows.

  16. And they stretch out their necks.
  17. Fear seemed to stretch out a vast.
  18. Never stretch so far that it hurts.
  19. There was a long stretch of silence.
  20. You’re in the home stretch now.
  21. This went on for hours at a stretch.
  22. And here, time seemed to stretch out.
  23. He needed to stretch his arms, was.
  24. It's to stretch your strand of time.
  25. I sat up and began to stretch my arms.

  26. Need to stretch out? Hiss asked.
  27. Don’t stretch to the point of pain.
  28. It’s to stretch your strand of time.
  29. Recently, I even saw a stretch Humvee.
  30. General Warlow let the silence stretch.
  31. The hallway seemed to stretch forever.
  32. Sacrifices linger to stretch the moment.
  33. You should know how far it will stretch.
  34. Impaired or absent sensation of stretch.
  35. Repeat this stretch 5 times on each leg.
  36. Stretch when your muscles are warmed up.
  37. That seems to be quite a stretch, Leo.
  38. She stood a stretch from him and waited.
  39. We went in silence for a stretch upriver.
  40. A good stretch from the camp, he stopped.
  41. The whole city seems to stretch, to sigh.
  42. That’s about seven seconds per stretch.
  43. He could stretch out in his little cabin.
  44. Twist the rope and stretch his throat.
  45. Calling it a fast walk would be a stretch.
  46. You should feel a stretch in your triceps.
  47. But trade routes don’t stretch that far.
  48. To stretch or maintain length of the soleus.
  49. This stretch of river always appeals to me.
  50. Or you can stretch and hold for 10 seconds.
  51. A stretch behind them, ainatunarit followed.
  52. She relaxed back to stretch out tired legs.
  53. The ranks of soldiers stretch on before us.
  54. There was no sign on this stretch of fence.
  55. By the stars, how far does it stretch?
  56. Looking slowly around at the vast stretch.
  57. This stretch of road, where the accident.
  58. Add counterweights then the stretch weight.
  59. Uh, could you stretch him for a moment?
  60. He was whisked around in stretch limousines.
  61. She needed to stand up and stretch her legs.
  62. None of the children could stretch the vine.
  63. What does that do? Stretch the road?
  64. Now I could stretch out and catch my breath.
  65. This stretch of highway is particularly ugly.
  66. Everything gets thinner when you stretch it.
  67. With Aluminium it will not break but stretch.
  68. Well, calling him a boat-driver is a stretch.
  69. The young birds would stretch their legs and.
  70. We're in the final stretch, said Louie calmly.
  71. He used to walk this little stretch without a.
  72. So then the Lord told Moses to stretch out his.
  73. He shuts his eyes and lets his mind stretch out.
  74. To stretch or maintain length of the hamstrings.
  75. To stretch or maintain length of the pectoralis.
  76. Below the surface, he went back to that stretch.
  77. Ill just stretch out here in front of the fire.
  78. To stretch or maintain length of the hip flexors.
  79. Like the pool, it seemed to stretch on endlessly.
  80. A stretch away a horse carriage lay on its side.
  81. And the LORD said unto Moses, Stretch out thine.
  82. He began to stretch his cramped legs but he was.
  83. The final stretch was terrifying for the animals.
  84. For instance making exercises that stretch the.
  85. The stretch marks there were the first to appear.
  86. Stretch marks are not the most welcome pregnancy.
  87. His arms could stretch as long as he wanted them.
  88. You can't keep stretch wrap in it while punching.
  89. I was on a stretch of grass overlooking a freeway.
  90. To stretch or maintain length of the hip adductors.
  91. Orphenn dropped down to rest and stretch his wings.
  92. He did not stop until a long stretch from the camp.
  93. To stretch or maintain length of the hip extensors.
  94. To stretch or maintain length of the elbow flexors.
  95. So: we stretch out our hand with the beggar's cup.
  96. This time the straps stretch taunt, but are silent.
  97. Nothing by any stretch stood further from the truth.
  98. We paused and looked down the long stretch of alley.
  99. He would jump into it and stretch out his big frame.
  100. So I could stretch this out, if I don’t sign?
  1. He wasn’t stretching me out.
  2. Stretching many times in a week.
  3. Im ok, he said, stretching.
  4. Instead, he saw Minho stretching.
  5. Stretching far down the valley it.
  7. Challenges that are more stretching.
  8. How long was I out? Stretching his.
  9. The scale of stretching of time and.
  10. But stretching and lube are essential.
  11. Stretching out his hand, he greeted Mr.
  12. Stretching can help keep you flexible.
  13. Cook, stretching out with a long sigh.
  14. Stretching meridians, we stimulate them.
  15. Curving curses fold on stretching vocal.
  16. The lingering days and stretching nights.
  17. He must feel the plastic stretching, too.
  18. You should see the grin stretching that.
  19. There seemed to be thousands stretching.
  20. By stretching out her legs in a jackknife.
  21. Kurt was up and stretching his rested body.
  22. You're up early, said Stan, stretching.
  23. He sat up, getting out of bed and stretching.
  24. Slowly bend backward, stretching arms above.
  25. Angle, (cast): Stretching nets upon the waters.
  26. Stretching as he stood to his feet he became.
  27. Hi, Honey, she said, stretching and yawning.
  28. Wedding Cost Savers – Stretching the Dollar.
  29. He’s up and walking, stretching his wings.
  30. It changed to yawning, and stretching, and—.
  31. Sure, he replied, standing and stretching.
  32. The vast, deep, ever stretching ocean of space.
  33. I felt a stretching sensation, he was so big….
  34. With the Milky Way, far above, stretching over us.
  35. We feel the stretching and growing pains of the.
  36. For example, the stretching in padahastasana is.
  37. Stretching is not necessary but if you chose to.
  38. She reacted spontaneously, stretching to grab it.
  39. He repeated what looked like stretching exercises.
  40. He sees the highway stretching out to the horizon.
  41. He tried stretching on the bed, to think, to plan.
  42. Most are, at the very least, stretching the truth.
  43. He was already stretching the General’s patience.
  44. Take my hand, he said, stretching out to her.
  45. The initial purposes to stretching were to improve.
  46. Haven winked at her mother and stood up, stretching.
  47. Slowly bend backward, stretching arms above the head.
  48. Now we will cover stretching and anaerobic exercises.
  49. A little stretching of the truth often works wonders.
  50. He did some stretching motions to limber his muscles.
  51. Jason Twilly, he said, stretching out his hand.
  52. Stretching the kiss, he shifts me up above his chest.
  53. Stretching a muscle can cause it to temporarily weaken.
  54. Her immunity comes to life, stretching around the SUV.
  55. Stretching out below them was the Neurotransmitter See.
  56. Despite the frustration that was stretching his frayed.
  57. Chris slowly came to, stretching as he awoke peacefully.
  58. Stretching, Hanor felt a shade of apprehension bite him.
  59. He was soundly sleeping stretching his arms and smiling.
  60. Bad stretching of legs has also to do with this problem.
  61. He went sluggishly out the door, yawning and stretching.
  62. Gwenda took a step towards him, stretching out her arms.
  63. Legs, especially their stretching relate to Svadhisthana.
  64. Nearly twenty-six, he answered, stretching a point.
  65. Another sound, this time the groaning of rope stretching.
  66. Passion cycle stretching across the entire width of the.
  67. Stretching provides our body an enormous amount of relief.
  68. Shown only once how to construct it, stretching between.
  69. Prefecture in the south, an area stretching 800 kilometers.
  70. Noirtier, stretching himself out at his ease in the chair.
  71. There is some debate whether or not stretching is good or.
  72. The guard groaned, stretching his arms into the air, and.
  73. Peter’s Square, stretching as far as his eyes could see.
  74. You rock on angle, momentum stretching you from your skin.
  75. Standing up and stretching out my arms, time to be a doctor.
  76. A dynamic existed stretching centuries and covering truths.
  77. Stretching and deep breathing may relax your mind and body.
  78. Some of the islanders stood on the grass, stretching their.
  79. Adding, stretching out his hand, Boy, I could use a drink.
  80. Inside the ship, Jaden feels as if he is stretching his body.
  81. I’m ready, I replied, stretching my arms over my head.
  82. He stood up, stretching his legs against the wire of the cage.
  83. Usually the opposite is also true: correct stretching helps.
  84. There are also ways to save money by stretching what you have.
  85. Stretching from it, from all sides were strands of pure white.
  86. Minnie was stretching her arms above her head, as if she were.
  87. Who? What? Rupa said groggily; stretching her tired arms.
  88. It sounded as if she might be standing up, stretching perhaps.
  89. Without stretching your patience and curiosity any further, I.
  90. Stretching can improve the range of motion of your joints and.
  91. The light began to divide into shades, pulling and stretching.
  92. Stretching is a practice that will improve session to session.
  93. If you feel really out of shape and the stretching really got.
  94. Stretching asanas influence our meridians, located on the for-.
  95. Jimmy and I went over to the matted area and started stretching.
  96. She was stretching and yawning now, with her eyes still closed.
  97. He dropped to the floor and stretching out, became an android.
  98. The sun was just stretching its rays above the peaks to the east.
  99. He is silent as we move to the warm-up area and start stretching.
  100. Our daughter, Jesse, standing before me stretching out her arms.
  1. Zoe got up and stretched.
  2. I stretched my hands as.
  3. Jean stretched in her bed.
  4. She stretched out her hand.
  5. The line stretched and it.
  6. Thin and stretched he said.
  7. Scott sat up and stretched.
  8. Eric stood up and stretched.
  9. Uriah stretched out his arm.
  10. We’re stretched as it is.
  11. Colin stretched out his hand.
  12. Stretched out on the ground.
  13. Stretched out on the grass.
  14. To the south stretched the.
  15. He stretched and looked out.
  16. Then he stretched and yawned.
  17. He stretched his fingers out.
  18. The wolf yawned and stretched.
  19. Her hair stretched on her top.
  20. Then I stretched out on my bed.
  21. Broshee stretched and stood up.
  22. He stretched out in front of.
  23. The silence stretched as her.
  24. A silence stretched between us.
  25. A man was stretched underneath.
  26. Jack stretched out on the sofa.
  27. She stretched across Shap and.
  28. Abigail stretched her arms wide.
  29. Then Pedro got up and stretched.
  30. I stretched my hands above my.
  31. I'll soon be stretched beside.
  32. Liam stretched out on the grass.
  33. He stretched and rubbed his eyes.
  34. The pixie stretched out his arms.
  35. Rod watched her as she stretched.
  36. How it stretched out to the sky.
  37. Theakston stretched out his paws.
  38. She stretched and stifled a yawn.
  39. The hobbits moved and stretched.
  40. It was stretched through every.
  41. Its head was stretched towards.
  42. Though I stretched the truth a.
  43. He sat up and stretched his arms.
  44. He stretched, preparing to leave.
  45. This time, he stretched his legs.
  46. Emily stretched and then stood up.
  47. Far below stretched a huge valley.
  48. She groaned and stretched her legs.
  49. The silence stretched between them.
  50. Sergei Volkov stretched and yawned.
  51. A channel is a stretched line on.
  52. Tammas stretched a little further.
  53. So again Moses stretched out his.
  54. Massie stretched her arms upwards.
  55. The stain stretched under the bed.
  56. She yawned and stretched her arms.
  57. Yawning, I stretched and hit metal.
  58. He was stretched too thin already.
  59. As she stood up and stretched, a.
  60. He stood up, stretched and yawned.
  61. His hands stretched out pleadingly.
  62. Wendy rubbed her eyes and stretched.
  63. He stretched his arms and stood up.
  64. Rocky Higgins stretched in a morgue.
  65. The line stretched about a block;.
  66. Swann stretched his own tired frame.
  67. Joe yawned and stretched beside me.
  68. Her knees cracked as she stretched.
  69. The minutes stretched on to an hour.
  70. She stretched out her hand gingerly.
  71. Nikko got to his feet and stretched.
  72. Barnes stretched to his full height.
  73. On each side the line stretched out.
  74. He stretched and walked to the room.
  75. We stretched our gaze to the horizon.
  76. The skin on her face was stretched.
  77. Her smiles stretched her face tight.
  78. I jumped into bed and stretched out.
  79. Davis got out and stretched his legs.
  80. The woman stretched her hands to him.
  81. Andrew slowly stood up and stretched.
  82. John picked himself up and stretched.
  83. He yawned and stretched out his legs.
  84. I closed my lap-top and stretched out.
  85. Trucks stretched to the horizon –.
  86. He stretched out his hand to Annyeke.
  87. Andersen stretched out on the ground.
  88. Andrew stretched and pawed at the air.
  89. I stepped forward and stretched out.
  90. The day stretched out in front of her.
  91. I watched as he stretched out his back.
  92. They parked and got out and stretched.
  93. The pixie stood and stretched his arms.
  94. Otto raised his eyebrows and stretched.
  95. A long pause stretched out in the room.
  96. All three had stretched out on the mat.
  97. Ethan stood on his heels and stretched.
  98. As she straightened she stretched and.
  99. He stretched his right hand (the left.
  100. Lewis stretched to free up his ancient.
  1. The more time stretches out.
  2. The silence stretches out and out.
  3. The earth shifts, shrugs, stretches.
  4. She shakes her head and stretches her.
  5. It stretches your mind and imagination.
  6. Hold your stretches for thirty seconds.
  7. Thus says the LORD, who stretches out the.
  8. Stretches the insides and backs of the legs.
  9. Standing up, he shakes himself and stretches.
  10. On all sides there were lugubrious stretches.
  11. I saw a few of those stretches over the years.
  12. Stretches the inner thighs, groins, and knees.
  13. It is always important to balance your stretches.
  14. He'd been left alone for long stretches of time.
  15. As the palm stretches its fronds both heavenward.
  16. This is the very same priesthood that stretches.
  17. For long stretches the ceiling was so far above.
  18. By all reports, long stretches of it were socked in.
  19. She stretches out a bit to rest her head in his lap.
  20. New Testament it states, if any stretches forward to.
  21. Her whole gut stretches, sloshes; she has had too much.
  22. But where do we find him? The moor stretches for miles.
  23. Stretches and strengthens the thighs, knees, and ankles.
  24. Then his face, as he stretches his big, hard body over me.
  25. That it stretches from the Eastern Sea to the Western Sea.
  26. She yawns, stretches, and kicks the covers around for a bit.
  27. Stretches the groins and inner thighs, chest and shoulders.
  28. When a cat rolls over onto its back and then stretches its.
  29. It now stretches over three-hundred and fifty miles across.
  30. The bridge, its red paint peeling, stretches over the muck.
  31. Early spring ice melting occurring in vast stretches of the.
  32. We did this for 5 minutes slowly moving into other stretches.
  33. The class was easier than Anisha’s, just gentle stretches.
  34. Finesse stretches out infinitely – what is the sky? Stars.
  35. She wouldn’t look up at Carroll for long stretches of time.
  36. A long conversation with the guides stretches into the night.
  37. Often, in desperation, he burst into long stretches of flight.
  38. When he’s finished speaking, Jemelda stretches out her hand.
  39. A slant of orange light stretches across one of the rock walls.
  40. I stared for long stretches at the armrest he’d cuffed me to.
  41. Stretches the shoulders, hamstrings, calves, arches, and hands.
  42. White sand that’s fringed with dunes stretches to eyes’ reach.
  43. It stretches past us here, and the cross-section we see appears.
  44. This line stretches from Mercury’s Mountain to Moon’s Mountain.
  45. Then she stretches her arm toward me and cups my chin in her palm.
  46. The Great Wall stretches for about 4,500 miles across North China.
  47. Let me put it all on a time line says Michael as he stretches.
  48. He stretches out his legs and leans his head back against the wall.
  49. Russ yawns mightily, stretches, stands, tries to focus on his watch.
  50. He stretches his arms wide as Zeke shoves him down the steel cable.
  51. The only one who can hold my attention for long stretches at a time.
  52. There are three layers that form the PC muscle which stretches from.
  53. Already, I was in the middle of one of the long undeveloped stretches.
  54. Gently stretches the back legs, front torso, and the back of the neck.
  55. The smell of dry mud rises as he stretches the creases in his clothing.
  56. Every time that the city cuts a street, the sewer stretches out an arm.
  57. He stretches his arms out wide as the mind-cane bucks and begins to sing.
  58. He could concentrate and maintain focus for very long stretches of time.
  59. Sometimes she actually forgot, for long stretches, that she had a child.
  60. Her cheek grazed her knee as she waited backstage, doing simple stretches.
  61. Lezura stared their workout with a warm up of stretches and jumping-jacks.
  62. Stretches the hips, groins, hamstrings, and calves; shoulders, chest, and.
  63. Prophetic Dream: Dry, barren land stretches before me, somewhere in Somalia.
  64. This is a limitless flat plane that stretches as far as the universe spans.
  65. The net stretches across the gaping hole, just as it did when I last saw it.
  66. Perhaps I could wear my flimsy camp sandals for short stretches on the trail.
  67. Remember: The 15-year interval stretches from 15 years to 15 years, 11 months.
  68. Science stretches in every possible direction because of spatial intelligence.
  69. The problem with this one is that it stretches over three-hundred miles across.
  70. Cate had been a difficult pregnancy, leaving her housebound for long stretches.
  71. I don’t know if your wisdom, legendary though it is, stretches to automobiles.
  72. We belong to an organization, a hierarchy that stretches all the way to the top.
  73. At the age of 40 and above though, it is best to hold your stretches at 60 seconds.
  74. I lean against him comfortably, and he stretches his legs out parallel with the sofa.
  75. The floor has an old-style wool rug that stretches almost the full length of the room.
  76. But inner tension tightened my stomach as long stretches of unfamiliar forest slid by.
  77. Would you like to hold her? She stretches her arms out toward you, and you’re.
  78. He stretches his neck, left and right, then rolls his head round in a clockwise circle.
  79. The force of the acceleration tired her quickly and she slept soundly in long stretches.
  80. The meat shrinks, pulls, stretches, changes shape, changes colour to black and curls up.
  81. My sister and I volunteered to man the front yard for different stretches of time.
  82. And your friend Rakitin comes in such boots, and always stretches them out on the carpet.
  83. On a normal day, a few hours can contain long stretches of watch-checking, of empty time.
  84. Chamberlin is the highest point at 9019 feet , and the range stretches for over 680 miles.
  85. They’re the ones who operate the doorway that stretches from this world into the inner.
  86. He sits up and stretches his legs out, closing his eyes as he sips thick, black caffeine.
  87. This shark is grabbed and it stretches its head 180° to bite at the tentacles holding it.
  88. The range of allowable values for the threshold parameter stretches from zero to infinity.
  89. I followed His gaze and spotted nothing but stretches of grass as far as the eye could see.
  90. Our organization goes by many names and stretches from coast to coast and border to border.
  91. Bicorne the Hat bends over the southeast, and Mizzen the Sail stretches from east to north.
  92. Another important detail is that the timeline of Revelation stretches from the Second Temple.
  93. The arched ceiling stretches high above her, and there are actual columns descending from it.
  94. Feeling freed, he stretches and tastes the cool night air of the city he’s sworn to protect.
  95. This tones and stretches the muscles of the thighs and legs and helps to relieve varicose veins.
  96. He’s dressed smartly in dark grey khaki style pants and a white collared shirt that stretches.
  97. The red-haired woman stops running and stretches out her hands as if to defend her would-be army.
  98. Johan stands first watch and listens as the scribe lies down and stretches out his limbs to sleep.
  99. The place is called the uterus, u-t-e-r-u-s, and is a little sac that stretches as the baby grows.
  100. Javert explored these gardens and these waste stretches as though he had been hunting for a needle.

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