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Strike numa frase em (in ingles)

1. She was poised to strike.
2. Force them to strike hard.
3. Then we launch our strike.
4. The great strike broke out.
5. How does that strike you?
6. Bovern was ready to strike.
7. They vote to call a strike.

8. She gave me a third strike.
9. The Arab states strike back.
10. I waited for them to strike.
11. First he has to strike you.
12. Strike the back of his hands.
13. He wanted to strike her, hard.
14. He just had his third strike.
15. The 50 strike put has only 0.
16. The OFJ threatened to strike.
17. This is a pre-emptive strike.
18. Your Honor, move to strike.
19. Helen is admiring the strike.
20. Her arm stopped in mid strike.
21. I move to strike, Your Honor.
22. That seemed to strike a chord.
23. The strike was entering its.
24. The strike price of the option.
25. A thought seemed to strike him.
26. Strike while the Iron Is Hot?
27. But when we strike, we strike.
28. Higher than your strike price.
29. Now would be the time to strike.
30. Pity, and Mercy: not to strike.
31. I thought he meant to strike me.
32. Suddenly he heard a clock strike.
33. A 35 strike put is trading at 2.
34. The strike already had momentum.
35. I screamed it with every strike.
36. We can strike anywhere, anytime.
37. Strike! Strike! Do not let the.
38. He lifts his hand to strike her.
39. I felt I should strike him in a.
40. He did not strike it off, either.
1. Red is a striking color.
3. He looked striking as always.
4. This girl was striking though.
5. Striking color across the sky.
6. Yet her features are striking.
7. The striking feature of Table 7.
8. This striking man is Officer M.
9. Its white color looked striking.
10. Striking the intellect with awe.
11. I shot, striking it in the breast.
12. As soon as I was within striking.
13. The family resemblance is striking.
14. The clock striking eight awoke her.
15. Twelve striking: stops the clamor;.
16. We were striking out for a better.
17. It is about striking a good balance.
19. The remark produced a striking effect.
20. There is nothing very striking in Mr.
21. The way he used his body was striking.
22. A tall rather striking man walked in.
23. She was a striking girl in every way.
24. I awoke as the clock was striking six.
25. Red rays were striking all around him.
26. You bear a striking resemblance to him.
27. This light works by striking the retina.
28. His reaction to this was striking enough.
29. Lightning bolts are striking to the east.
30. It was as if striking a heroic blow that.
31. STEPHEN: Why striking eleven? Proparoxyton.
32. This document is a striking and searching.
33. The effect produced is striking and tragic.
34. It worked the same way as striking a match.
35. It was striking, original, and beyond cute.
36. I stained to hear the bat striking the ball.
37. The long sword is swung, striking the grass.
38. As soon as they were within striking range.
39. The shadow was almost black flesh, striking.
40. Can there be any more striking instance of.
1. And then it struck me.
2. It struck him as odd.
3. Now an idea struck him.
4. That struck me as odd.
5. And then it struck him.
6. It struck her as funny.
7. He struck with his cane.
8. The cobra struck at him.
9. Mary had struck a chord.
10. When the mood struck me.
11. So a bargain was struck.
12. He struck a yielded foe.
13. This struck her as odd.
14. He stopped as if struck.
15. What struck me was his.
16. A thought struck her then.
17. Then a thought struck her.
18. Brent was struck in the.
19. They struck a brass note.
20. He rose and struck a gong.
21. I was awe struck at the.
22. The town clock struck ten.
23. Then one day they struck.
24. And the Lord struck the.
25. Already, I was sun struck.
26. Well, he was struck by an.
27. A remorse struck into him.
28. Kinnard was struck by this.
29. Then a thought struck him.
30. She struck it to the floor.
31. And they were struck numb.
32. He struck out three times.
33. Bruce was struck in the.
34. The town clock struck four.
35. And suddenly it struck her.
36. Still her words struck me.
37. I struck out with the bar.
38. Then he was struck by an.
39. The church clock struck two.
40. He was hurt badly, struck.
1. It strikes me as how.
2. Look at all the strikes.
3. As for the strikes and.
4. He strikes a second blow.
5. Then it strikes me: Anna.
6. The Impact Of The Strikes.
7. The strikes of those from.
8. It strikes me that by this.
9. The hammer strikes the buyer.
10. Strikes me through and through.
11. His attitude strikes me as.
12. Therefore all strikes above 35.
13. The strikes of the whip stopped.
14. Her strikes are quick and solid.
15. This line always strikes an.
16. With strikes and protests, the.
17. Kate had received strikes before.
18. The arrow strikes the young deer.
19. Serena strikes again, Maria thought.
20. He strikes with his left hand also.
22. Initially strikes were at minimum 1.
23. Its grey gleam strikes her blue eyes.
24. Especially the Emerald City Strikes.
25. I’ve read quite a bit about strikes.
26. If that strikes a chord please read on.
27. He strikes me harder than the last time.
28. Here, the strikes are almost continuous.
29. Jabran then strikes board with his hand.
30. It was also a killing series of strikes.
31. The church clock, however, strikes twelve.
32. But ten strikes and his sledge he mounts.
33. Then, there are not strikes or protesting.
34. That strikes me as a stupid thing to say.
35. You touch me whenever the need strikes you.
36. Bloom with his sceptre strikes down poppies.
37. I was able to deviate and avoid his strikes.
38. Any other mount that strikes his fancy, he.
39. It strikes perfectly! Or so everyone thinks.
40. Neither pulled blows or strikes, the force.

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