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Stripe numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. The ocean was a distant blue stripe.
  2. The green stripe marks it as a long trade.
  3. A golden stripe of sun was still in the west.
  4. However, the Orchid will have a black stripe.
  5. Stripehead walked in holding a can of Red Stripe.

  6. It was also red with a white stripe and black interior.
  7. His britches were black, with a purple stripe down the.
  8. The mystery of the red stripe is not that much of an enigma.
  9. Blakely, she noticed, was dressed in a dark blue stripe suit.
  10. Each Brant Fairy had a red stripe painted across their cheeks.
  11. It was a navy blue single breasted suit with a grey pin stripe.
  12. The white stripe down his mane told Rayne immediately who he was.
  13. The newest sneakers were in black with a zap bolt stripe of green.
  14. He stood back and I saw the second stripe on his sleeve so I said.
  15. Out came Stripe, the tabby kitty, and Sally Anna, the black kitty.

  16. To a man of another stripe, the proposal might have been alluring.
  17. The g reen stripe means you are a new Pri, explained the attendant.
  18. On the day after the B-29 flyover, the coverage wore a similar stripe.
  19. It can be a different coloured stripe – that’ll look even better.
  20. Only the last golden red light could be seen in a stripe in the horizon.
  21. It’s all right, Stripe was trained to guard our children with his life.
  22. Stripe stood proud and calm between Talia on his right and Mark on his left.
  23. It was a plain, lightish blue with a rather distinctive stripe of darker blue.
  24. For investment managers not of the value stripe, this problem may not emerge.
  25. There is also a gold stripe Maroon Clownfish variety that comes from Sumatra.

  26. He had a single stripe on his shoulder, but we hadn’t been properly introduced.
  27. How about you kids introduce our new friends to Stripe and Scout? he asked.
  28. I had it painted white, with a red and blue stripe down the side of the fuselage.
  29. I noted a subtle stripe in his suit that was understated yet defiantly different.
  30. One lone purple stripe ran horizontally, at the top of the wall, around the room.
  31. That training will also include our learning to work closely with Stripe and Scout.
  32. Now, stripe or polka dot, she asks as she models in polka dot five inch heels.
  33. Clastaan said, You see, everyone, the red stripe in the key is actually cosmic energy.
  34. One of these flags was red and blue with an almost imperceptible stripe of white between.
  35. It’s where the northern Canal, the Tyrant’s Stripe, veers southwest to become the Maw.
  36. The stripe on the shoulder is sometimes double, and is very variable in length and outline.
  37. They both looked to the east where the light made the first golden stripe over the horizon.
  38. The trees shook as an army of Fairies, bearing the red stripe of the Brant section, appeared.
  39. No one knows when the red stripe was added; it appears on Christmas cards of the 20th century.
  40. Gender : Males are green with a blue tint and have two horizontal stripes with the top stripe.
  41. The Three Stripe Damselfish is readily available and often quite inexpensive compared to other.
  42. He steps into his pants, which are a warm reddish brown with a gold stripe down the outside seam.
  43. The car jerked to the side, yanking the wheel out of her hands as it lunged across the center stripe.
  44. As for the clearly expressed blue stripe in the rainbow, its reason - the blue color of the atmosphere.
  45. She eyed the upper deck and saw a man dressed in a grey uniform with a red stripe talk with the captain.
  46. As a boy, he’d been so quiet that adults must have thought him timid, but he had a secret bold stripe.
  47. The bass was dark green, with greenish-yellow sides and a dark stripe running down the side of its body.
  48. She fiddled with the oversized blue stone she wore on a chain, which matched a blue stripe on her sweatshirt.
  49. He had fabric taped over his number and name on the back of his suit and tape over the name stripe on his chest.
  50. Edwards, that with the English race-horse the spinal stripe is much commoner in the foal than in the full-grown animal.
  51. I had a nice talk with her today while Mark was out seeing that Stripe and Scout were well housed and fed in the stable.
  52. The white stripe on their sides stands out from the backgound, and we can easily see a new herd, even without binoculars.
  53. Juana said that her husband was one of the greatest rascals in the world, and that Antonio was another of the same stripe.
  54. When I consider that Stripe and Scout are your weapons as well, I can think of worse choices to have beside me, come what may.
  55. Ha! I did it! she laughed, then let herself settle to the sand as Scout abruptly flew off, and Stripe loped into the jungle.
  56. Over there, thereś a car in the middle of the road, itś black and white with a blue stripe, itś not good, a police car….
  57. I did as he told me hardly daring to believe that I had been promoted and looking every now and again at the chalk stripe on my arm.
  58. So Kathleen kept both hands rigidly clasped on the steering wheel and her eyes fastened to the bold yellow center stripe of the road.
  59. There was a long cut across his knuckles where the sharp edge had just caught him, and a red stripe from the flat that would bruise later.
  60. My son made a careful examination and sketch for me of a dun Belgian cart-horse with a double stripe on each shoulder and with leg-stripes.
  61. This Wyvern had brilliant green scales and a bright purple stripe that ran the length of its snout between the eyes, and over the back of its head.
  62. In the forest around Shinosa there are wild cats, nothing so huge as Stripe here, but still big enough to kill and eat a person if they get a chance.
  63. Before Talia had finished the Speaking, Stripe and Scout were already announcing the arrival of friendly visitors with psionic signals and proud calls.
  64. You know, Stripe and Scout are a formidable pair of guards, and we stand behind the Wards of The Nine Valleys, and so I should feel your trove to be secure.
  65. He threw up a lot and for a week could eat only Neapolitan ice cream, first the chocolate stripe, then the strawberry, and finally the freezer-burned vanilla.
  66. He said that unicorns used the direct light of the source to power their spells, or rather he said that the psionics that he and Stripe used worked that way.
  67. Reese’s eyes flashed with concern, and Galeron spun at him, drawing his sword across Reese’s arm, leaving a red stripe as Reese did not quite evade the move.
  68. I'm sure we can give a good account of ourselves, but if we were to be hit by twenty or thirty men of the stripe of our escort, I'd be concerned for the outcome.
  69. Seeing that Stripe had padded over to make his re-acquaintance with their owners, Scout flew over, landed on Mark’s shoulder, and loudly called for his share of attention.
  70. He’s absolutely magnificent! Nilla stated as the entire group moved over to admire Stripe, and to make sure the children behaved themselves with the powerful feline.
  71. The hand that pulled back the curtain was square with neatly trimmed nails, wearing a large signet ring and French cuffs in the delicate gray pin stripe with lime sherbet shirt.
  72. Oooh, look, there’s Stripe! Mark’s cousin Vimma exclaimed, and the six-year-old girl ran fearlessly over to the huge cat, closely followed by the rest of the young children.
  73. Therefore this stripe of my arrest, and this dungeon has created a bloom of Love that will produce seed after its own kind, and has lifted me to a level never thought to be achieved.
  74. The children stayed alert and kept watch; when suddenly a huge spider, red in color, with a silver stripe down its back, sprayed webbing from its mouth, trapping some of the children.
  75. For without this stripe I would not have understood the complete nature of man, or the complete nature of Christ living in me, which is, by-far richer than that of the former mentioned.
  76. A white ass, but NOT an albino, has been described without either spinal or shoulder stripe; and these stripes are sometimes very obscure, or actually quite lost, in dark-coloured asses.
  77. Since the card had a magnet stripe, I assume you have to swipe it every time you enter the club, but the stripe bore no sign of wear, and obviously, the photo had very recently been printed.
  78. Without saying a word Alvin walked around the back of the table where a fresh set of balls were all in order: solid, stripe, solid, stripe, with the eight ball in the center of the triangle.
  79. The snow-raven is at first nothing more than a flash of white against a blue and white sky, a brighter colour than the clouds, with a dark stripe crossing the shape of the bird leading the way.
  80. Scout hopped down to the ground beside Stripe so he could receive his equal share of scratches and attention, and Mark gladly obliged as he and the ancient white drake regarded the joyous reunion.
  81. It had altered, too, the outward character of the crowds on feast days on the plaza before the open portal of the cathedral, by the number of white ponchos with a green stripe affected as holiday wear by the San Tome miners.
  82. Laying out on the sundeck of The Anna Belle with a visible white stripe of sunblock that had been applied generously across her nose, Cameron wore a bikini she found in the ship’s gift shop, her dark skin glistening in the sun.
  83. Taylor said in “Rescue From Death,” if a persons that receives the “few stripes” received but one stripe a year, after a trillion years that person would have received a trillion stripes with trillions of years without end yet to come.
  84. One God still competed with another for top billing, His fans of one stripe knocking off those of the other while Pope prayed for peace (w/ Catholics still bombing Protestants and Moslems) and Ayatollah prayed for Jihad (Death to all infidels!).
  85. It was only when he saved up all his money, from odd jobs and cutting lawns, and bought himself an old Triumph Spitfire, and fixed it up and painted it in a custom British Racing Green, with a white stripe up the hood, that he stepped out from his father’s shadow.
  86. With respect to the horse, I have collected cases in England of the spinal stripe in horses of the most distinct breeds, and of ALL colours; transverse bars on the legs are not rare in duns, mouse-duns, and in one instance in a chestnut; a faint shoulder-stripe may sometimes be seen in duns, and I have seen a trace in a bay horse.
  87. They were surprised by a knock on the cottage door as they were just going to bed one night, and it was surprising because they were expecting no visitors at that time, and Stripe had not announced his detection of any visitor’s arrival in his patrolled area, and Sheramiv had not asked if an unexpected visitor should be admitted.
  88. Farfan was giving samples of an intense nervousness, the more nervous he was, the most he accommodated the knot of the tie stripe, smoothed his mustache with a thin silk shawl that clarified the drops of the perspiration that were sprouting from his front covering his cheeks up to stopping, tangled, in the thin threads of the mustache.
  89. This excellent observer has shown that in some districts of South America, where, for instance, an Ithomia abounds in gaudy swarms, another butterfly, namely, a Leptalis, is often found mingled in the same flock; and the latter so closely resembles the Ithomia in every shade and stripe of colour, and even in the shape of its wings, that Mr.
  90. With respect to this last fact, I was so convinced that not even a stripe of colour appears from what is commonly called chance, that I was led solely from the occurrence of the face-stripes on this hybrid from the ass and hemionus to ask Colonel Poole whether such face-stripes ever occurred in the eminently striped Kattywar breed of horses, and was, as we have seen, answered in the affirmative.
  91. And at the same time the very man who acknowledges all the ignominy of such deeds, when the case is presented to him, will often, of his own accord, and for no advantage of a salary, but moved by childish vanity, the desire to possess a trinket of enamel, a decoration, a stripe, voluntarily enter the military service, or become an examining magistrate, a justice of the peace, a minister of state, an uriadnik, a bishop, accepting an office whose duties will oblige him to do things, the shame and ignominy of which he cannot help realizing.
  92. Our procession finally arrived at the square, picking up my conch shell, I walked up the steps of the central platform and faced the temple steps, the murmur of the crowd slowly subsided, Yaotl the high priest hadn’t appeared so I stood as tall and immobile as I could, with an air of patience that I did not feel, after a longer wait than decency warranted, Yaotl would have seen our approach many miles away from the vantage of the pyramid temple’s lofty height, the crowd started to murmur and a few voices where loud and beginning to show signs of impatience, I stood quite still trying to assume the same air of nobility and nonchalance that Coatl displayed when faced with a situation, suddenly the villagers fell silent and from a doorway on the second level, the high priest, Yaotl, appeared dressed in his full regalia including the mirror breastplate and broad black stripe across his face, it was said that he could see into the soul of anyone foolish enough to look into the mirror on his chest.
  93. Aureliano Segundo was not aware of the singsong until the following day after breakfast when he felt himself being bothered by a buzzing that was by then more fluid and louder than the sound of the rain, and it was Fernanda, who was walking throughout the house complaining that they had raised her to be a queen only to have her end up as a servant in a madhouse, with a lazy, idola-trous, libertine husband who lay on his back waiting for bread to rain down from heaven while she was straining her kidneys trying to keep afloat a home held together with pins where there was so much to do, so much to bear up under and repair from the time God gave his morning sunlight until it was time to go to bed that when she got there her eyes were full of ground glass, and yet no one ever said to her, Good morning, Fernanda, did you sleep well? Nor had they asked her, even out of courtesy, why she was so pale or why she awoke with purple rings under her eyes in spite of the fact that she expected it, of course, from a family that had always considered her a nuisance, an old rag, a booby painted on the wall, and who were always going around saying things against her behind her back, call-ing her church mouse, calling her Pharisee, calling her crafty, and even Amaranta, may she rest in peace, had said aloud that she was one of those people who could not tell their rectums from their ashes, God have mercy, such words, and she had tolerated everything with resig-nation because of the Holy Father, but she had not been able to tolerate it any more when that evil José Arcadio Segundo said that the damnation of the family had come when it opened its doors to a stuck-up highlander, just imagine, a bossy highlander, Lord save us, a highlander daughter of evil spit of the same stripe as the highlanders the government sent to kill workers, you tell me, and he was referring to no one but her, the godchild of the Duke of Alba, a lady of such lineage that she made the liver of presidents’ wives quiver, a noble dame of fine blood like her, who had the right to sign eleven peninsular names and who was the only mortal creature in that town full of bastards who did not feel all confused at the sight of sixteen pieces of silverware, so that her adulterous husband could die of laughter afterward and say that so many knives and forks and spoons were not meant for a human being but for a centipede, and the only one who could tell with her eyes closed when the white wine was served and on what side and in which glass and when the red wine and on what side and in which glass, and not like that peasant of an Amaranta, may she rest in peace, who thought that white wine was served in the daytime and red wine at night, and the only one on the whole coast who could take pride in the fact that she took care of her bodily needs only in golden chamberpots, so that Colonel Aureliano Buendía, may he rest in peace, could have the effrontery to ask her with his Masonic Ill humor where she had received that privilege and wheth-er she did not shit shit but shat sweet basil, just imag-ine, with those very words, and so that Renata, her own daughter, who through an oversight had seen her stool in the bedroom, had answered that even if the pot was all gold and with a coat of arms, what was inside was pure shit, physical shit, and worse even than any other kind because it was stuck-up highland shit, just imagine, her own daughter, so that she never had any illusions about the rest of the family, but in any case she had the right to expect a little more consideration from her husband because, for better or for worse, he was her consecrated spouse her helpmate, her legal despoiler, who took upon himself of his own free and sovereign will the grave responsibility of taking her away from her paternal home, where she never wanted for or suffered from anything, where she wove funeral wreaths as a pastime, since her godfather had sent a letter with his signature and the stamp of his ring on the sealing wax simply to say that the hands of his goddaughter were not meant for tasks of this world except to play the clavichord, and, nevertheless, her insane husband had taken her from her home with all manner of admoni-tions and warnings and had brought her to that frying pan of hell where a person could not breathe because of the heat, and before she had completed her Pentecostal fast he had gone off with his wandering trunks and his wastrel’s accordion to loaf in adultery with a wretch of whom it was only enough to see her behind, well, that’s been said, to see her wiggle her mare’s behind in order to guess that she was a, that she was a, just the opposite of her, who was a lady in a palace or a pigsty, at the table or in bed, a lady of breeding, God-fearing, obeying His laws and submissive to His wishes, and with whom he could not perform, naturally, the acrobatics and trampish antics that he did with the other one, who, of course, was ready for anything like the French matrons, and even worse, if one considers well, because they at least had the honesty to put a red light at their door, swinishness like that, just imagine, and that was all that was needed by the only and beloved daughter of Doña Renata Argote and Don Fernando del Carpio, and especially the latter, an upright man, a fine Christian, a Knight of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher, those who receive direct from God the privilege of remaining intact in their graves with their skin smooth like the cheeks of a bride and their eyes alive and clear like emeralds.
  1. A wind suddenly pushed Nathan into the water striping his attention from her.
  2. The morning broke brilliantly across the countryside, striping Rosebud's face with beveled.
  3. A plain three and three, an oldish Vilbark I think, maybe a Lorovin with the striping long polished off.
  4. A RAID 3 array is a combination of data striping and the storage of a type of ECC called parity on a separate drive.
  5. Disk striping is a method for enhancing the performance of two or more drives by using them concurrently, rather than individually.
  6. Technically, disk striping is not RAID at all because it provides no redundancy and therefore no data protection or fault tolerance.
  7. The use of striping on the data drives enhances I/O performance, just as in RAID 0, and using one drive in the array for parity information adds fault tolerance.
  1. They sat on the striped chairs.
  2. She had a striped cotton blouse on.
  3. Judy Katz in a striped prison suit.
  4. He wore a blue and white striped shirt.
  5. She wore a striped t-shirt and denim jumper.
  6. He likes the blue-and-white striped sweater.
  7. The Striped Tents and the Path to Mama Luna.
  8. Stan was wearing a striped blue tie over a.
  9. She’s in a camp, hair shaved, striped clothes.
  10. The boxes of green and white striped financial.
  11. A pleasure-boat with striped awning was going by.
  12. Her striped muffler was off casually to one side.
  13. Homer took some sets of the green and white striped.
  14. Striped Dottyback Profile Facts and Care Information.
  15. The boy brings striped pajamas to Bruno as he was told.
  16. He was wearing baggy denims, a blue and white striped.
  17. It was human sized with prison type striped patterns that.
  18. She had blue and pink striped hair and rings in her nose.
  19. Thank God he wasn’t wearing those silly striped trousers.
  20. She was wearing jeans and a striped shirt, a blue cardigan.
  21. Rows of striped red and white tents littered the surroundings.
  22. He wore a long-sleeved trubenized shirt with a striped necktie.
  23. The gold surface striped briefly as it reflected their fingers.
  24. You've nothing but those two pairs of striped stockings you hate so.
  25. She opened her mouth to speak when the striped cat landed on her lap.
  26. Even his striped boxer shorts are placed perfectly inside the pants.
  27. He was wearing a navy blue suit, crisp white shirt, striped rep tie.
  28. But instead a dark skinned man wearing a pin striped suit stood there.
  29. The opening guitar riff of The Rocking Boulders’ early song Striped.
  30. A winch, emergency oars, and the blue and white striped flag of Greece.
  31. She was stripped of her clothes and forced to wear a striped prison suit.
  32. Jack London stood bare-chested, his striped T-shirt hanging from one hand.
  33. Fluttering close to their sides were pilot fish, striped black and white.
  34. The old men wore little skullcaps and striped blazers in their team colors.
  35. Both men wore the striped camouflage pants and jackets known as tiger suits.
  36. She picked it up and carried it across the room to one of the striped chairs.
  37. I had planned to head over in my current wrinkled brown and white striped shirt.
  38. He just has to flatten this little striped bitch, then he'd be done for the day.
  39. Suddenly, in the stillness of a winter evening in 1968, a young man in a striped.
  40. He definitely looked different wearing a light suit, striped shirt and a wide tie.
  41. She wore a white apron over a striped skirt; a white cap on her head hid her hair.
  42. Colonel Poole has seen both gray and bay Kattywar horses striped when first foaled.
  43. A striped yellow cat walked out of the darkness, rubbed against my legs, and purred.
  44. But he delayed to clear the chair: her striped petticoat, tossed soiled linen: and.
  45. They are striped white and black with yellow dorsal and caudal fins along with the.
  46. He wore a striped shirt and black trousers and had come equipped with a chef’s hat.
  47. You obviously had more than striped bass for lunch, said the Secretary of State.
  48. An iron bed-frame in black or white, covered with a striped black and white comforter.
  49. Novak was sitting at a large table beneath a striped canopy on the terrace, studying a.
  50. Justin liked to go fishing for salmon and striped bass, and he collected fishing lures.
  51. Passing the dark red striped wallpaper on the walls, he knocked on the door and entered.
  52. Baba pocketed the keys, pulled me out of the rain and under the building's striped awning.
  53. Daph? The light from the porch illuminated him on the stoop in his striped pajamas.
  54. He wears a striped blue top underneath layers of furs and heavy chains around his neck.
  55. Turning, she striped the remaining portions of the house the same way, boxing everything.
  56. Gunmetal grey to light mauve, white striped haunches, vast liquid eyes, rimmed with flies.
  57. Melody cuddled us both and disappeared in Kate's room, wearing very decent striped pyjamas.
  58. His blue and white striped shirt covered the black belt that ran smoothly around his waist.
  59. Gosse, in certain parts of the United States, about nine out of ten mules have striped legs.
  60. With that, the TV went blank, and the screen turned into a warning system of striped colours.
  61. Jake, there are meat-eaters out there, giant cats on the prowl and striped, laughing dogs.
  62. There were three longships out at sea and the wind puffed up the red and white striped sails.
  63. Striped Dottyback Temperament / Behavior : In the wild they live in small groups and is one of.
  64. Striped Dottybacks live in small groups in the wild so it may be possible to keep more than one.
  65. Doc’s fingers locked in the collar of the Patrón’s striped shirt and yanked him to his feet.
  66. This Striped Dottyback is primarily carnivorous so you should try to supplement their diet with.
  67. In each pair, the solid-colored wire carries the signals, while the striped wire acts as a ground.
  68. She turned a color red that went neither with her mini-mini, the stripes on her thigh-high striped.
  69. My father wore his favorite striped cotton pj’s, with the Angel Pharma logo over the breast pocket.
  70. It seemed twice as big as any she could remember, and brighter too, striped with faint rainbow colors.
  71. Waistcoats, striped trousers, moth-chewed chambray shirts with tall collars and comically long sleeves.
  72. Missy in her hat and some dark, striped dress which clasped her waist without a wrinkle, was very pretty.
  73. My favorite specimen of all time is this calcite striped with amethyst from the Santino Mine in Uruguay.
  74. From that day the eldest princess quite changed toward Pierre and began knitting a striped scarf for him.
  75. No, Higgins is on his way with a spark, said a boy about my age wearing a brightly striped waistcoat.
  76. I was immediately accosted by a blond behemoth in khaki slacks, blue blazer, white shirt, and striped tie.
  77. In still farther meadows the watermelons lay, unfingerprinted, striped like tortoise cats lying in the sun.
  78. Seamen gaped up at him, as they stood to the sweep and striped sail of a high-prowed, broad-waisted galley.
  79. I brushed my teeth, downed a bottled water and changed into some striped boxers and an Atlanta Brave's tee.
  80. The front garden was immaculate, with a neat striped lawn and well kept flower beds, the best in the street.
  81. In a striped array, the blocks of data that make up each file are written to different drives in succession.
  82. I recently got married to a wonderful man but have discovered that he wears old-fashioned, striped, pyjamas.
  83. He was wearing a bright striped shirt and cutoffs, grinning and waving, calling, Baby, baby, over here!.
  84. They watched as the man opened the door and helped the woman with the white striped of hair out of the x-trail.
  85. In the end, he landed a beautiful Striped Bass of about twelve pounds, on his eight pound breaking strain line.
  86. Then they hit the blue and butter striped super king bed like bricks and fell asleep within a matter of minutes.
  87. Al had a tight-fitting wool suit and a striped shirt, and he bathed and washed and combed his straight hair back.
  88. Hell, I would have used that line had I not been fighting back the urge to puke all over her pin striped uniform.
  89. It was a blue one, Rich’s only color, and he also wore a starched white shirt and a striped silver-and-blue tie.
  90. If one of the striped drives should fail, the data it contains can be reconstructed using the parity information.
  91. RAID 4 is similar to RAID 3, except that the drives are striped at the block level, rather than at the byte level.
  92. About a mile from the Gen 77 school, there were canyons, striped with layers of red, peach, and cream-colored rock.
  93. You know how they laugh at Mamie Warren for her striped stockings and call her barber pole and yours are far worse.
  94. I once saw a mule with its legs so much striped that any one might have thought that it was a hybrid zebra; and Mr.
  95. She wore, white shorts with a red-white striped tank top and, atop her head, a wide straw hat completed the outfit.
  96. At the top of a tall mast was a blue and white striped flag, with a red triangle with a white star on the left side.
  97. Mackintosh he wore a tweed suit with a waistcoat and a striped tie, all large and baggy to suit his overweight frame.
  98. Striped calcites such as this are called skunks, and they are the most highly regarded specimens from Uruguay.
  99. The only thing visible in the intricate tangle of hair was the teeth striped with green dime and his motionless eyes.
  100. The train ran out into a steep green meadow, and Jacob saw striped tulips growing and heard a bird singing, in Italy.
  1. By His stripes we are.
  2. He says, After the stripes have.
  3. And with Your stripes we are healed.
  4. Dark stripes wriggled along his skin.
  5. Their flag will have stars and stripes.
  6. States! You’re the Stars and Stripes.
  7. The radio was playing the White Stripes.
  8. The brown and green stripes on it reeked.
  9. Tiger stripes patterned its head and face.
  10. If the stripes will be given forever, the.
  11. When will the many or few stripes be? The.
  12. All the stripes soon disappeared completely.
  13. Area firefighters created a Stars and Stripes.
  14. Her toes were painted pink with green stripes.
  15. If the stripes will be given forever, the few.
  16. Nothing is said about the stripes being in Hell.
  17. Don’t expect that zebra to change his stripes.
  18. Thin and scattered stripes flow upwards to the.
  19. Narrow silver and green stripes adorned the cuffs.
  20. They had short fur that had black and white stripes.
  21. His tie was maroon with the stripes of his Ivy League.
  22. Angelfish mature they will lose those vertical stripes.
  23. This is a critical lesson for investors of all stripes.
  24. The other ship hoisted the Stars and Stripes, and the.
  25. Yet, this "many stripes" is used by many to prove that.
  26. Zar’s temper rose, his stripes becoming more pronounced.
  27. Neither God forever using a whip and putting stripes on.
  28. Only Christians have been healed by the stripes of Christ.
  29. Were they healed in salvation by the stripes of Christ? No.
  30. The snake was orange with thick dark stripes over its body.
  31. The male tabby was long-haired with brown and gray stripes.
  32. When the statement by His stripes we are healed gets.
  33. This is used to prove there will be an end after the stripes.
  34. There were silver stripes on the collar and along the sides.
  35. He stared down Filigree Street through the lamplight stripes.
  36. Ahead of her, stripes of gray light showed between the trees.
  37. Heidegger's tyres were Palmer's, leaving longitudinal stripes.
  38. Sumatran tiger has the darkest of tiger coats and their stripes.
  39. They have much darker black shadings with white vertical stripes.
  40. God will forever give not 40 but stripes without end to those in.
  41. It would be a proud face, with bold black stripes down each cheek.
  42. A Big Pink Truck with Blue Stripes is not exactly what I had in.
  43. Nothing is said about the stripes being in Hell, but Hell is read.
  44. Just then, a van went past, painted with lots of interesting stripes.
  45. I love to look on the Stars and Stripes, I hope the fifes will play.
  46. God will forever give not 40 but stripes without end to those in Hell.
  47. The suit was powder blue with navy trim and tuxedo pant side stripes.
  48. When I got the revelation that by His stripes I was healed 2000 years.
  49. The walls were painted with vertical stripes in three shades of green.
  50. The man with the stripes on his sleeve stiffened and fell to the floor.
  51. They have black bodies with an electric neon blue stripes running the.
  52. Gufders are four legged predators with green skin and yellow stripes.
  53. He was a just pussy ass dude but tonight I guess he wanted his stripes.
  54. The Littlefield family with Chris during the airing of Stars Earn Stripes.
  55. In the Bible God limited "many stripes" to 40 lashes, never more than 40.
  56. My stars and tattered stripes, I knew that, he whispered in return.
  57. Nothing is said about the stripes being in Hell, but Hell is read into it.
  58. The medicine man had a clay jar of coyote blood and was putting stripes on.
  59. The brown comforter had purple and pink flowers running in vertical stripes.
  60. She was wearing a dark blue roundneck T-shirt and pants with stripes on them.
  61. When will the many or few stripes be? The master will come on a day when he.
  62. For those that believe in an endless Hell, few stripes presents a problem.
  63. The feathers round its eyes are beautifully marked with delicate black stripes.
  64. It was strapless and had several pleats going horizontal, like folds of stripes.
  65. Put buyers, even the large ones, come in many stripes and with many motivations.
  66. July was a curvy brunette in stars and stripes with a gigantic bottle of bourbon.
  67. A guard with corporal's stripes on his sleeve walked up and stood in front of him.
  68. Blows that hurt cleanse away evil, as do stripes the inner depths of the heart.
  69. The yellow Mercedes swerved to the left and crossed the double yellow stripes again.
  70. A broad shouldered man with Major’s stripes started ordering the civilians around.
  71. There is no way that a countless number of trillions could be call a few stripes.
  72. Midchannel buoy: buoy with red and white stripes which marks the middle of a channel.
  73. Stripes were raised, and remaining members of the San Patricios Brigade were executed.
  74. The wings over the left breast of the flight suit and three stripes on the shoulder.
  75. Sam looked across at his brother who wore the stripes of a full corporal, What?
  76. Convict Tangs are nicely colored with a white or yellow body and black vertical stripes.
  77. After the stripes have been given, then the destruction occurs, for which there is no.
  78. The boys downstairs will get a kick out if it but he'll still have to earn his stripes.
  79. The stripes are often plainest in the foal; and sometimes quite disappear in old horses.
  80. If he commit iniquity, I will chasten him with the rod of men, and with the stripes of.
  81. The undulating waves regularly took on the appearance of watered silk with wide stripes.
  82. Stars and Stripes Forever blared from the loudspeakers, followed up by the Caisson Song.
  83. Many and few are not specific as to how many, but both are a limited number of stripes;.
  84. By mothers who took clothes off of the line and fathers who lowered the stars and stripes.
  85. She was wearing the cutest housedress, blue stripes with big white buttons down the front.
  86. His once blonde hair was darker with grey stripes on the side; his face was ashen and puffy.
  87. Today the flag consists of thirteen horizontal stripes, seven red and six alternating white.
  88. He wiped his visor, and his glove drew stripes of greasy smear across the front of his hood.
  89. It is handsomely painted red and green, with red stripes, and presents a beautiful appearance.
  90. A soldier bearing the stripes of a sergeant stepped forward and spoke to the party in German.
  91. Gender : Males are green with a blue tint and have two horizontal stripes with the top stripe.
  92. If covering your furniture, be sure to pick plain colors instead of prints, plaids or stripes.
  93. It was her paint job that compelled me to her ― metallic blue, with pin stripes at the bottom.
  94. As Fred Chickweed neared the high school, he saw people of all stripes amassing on its great lawn.
  95. Before me was this huge massive head, black as night with silver stripes on the ridges of its nose.
  96. She turned a color red that went neither with her mini-mini, the stripes on her thigh-high striped.
  97. Gruesome saw four vertical stripes painted on the dwarf’s armor to signify his rank as a sergeant.
  98. The soldier squinted at it and called one of his superiors, a sergeant by the looks of his stripes.
  99. Colling returned to his quarters and set about attaching the new stripes to his jacket and one shirt.
  100. I looked down at the stripes in the sea and out as far as the horizon with its line of silver light.

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