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Strong numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. To do it is strong.
  2. It is a strong one.
  3. He had to be strong.
  4. It is strong and big.
  5. He felt a strong and.

  6. And strong I would be.
  7. You have to be strong.
  8. We have a strong bond.
  9. I wanted to be strong.
  10. Stay strong in the Lord.
  11. He was young and strong.
  12. It needs a strong hand.
  13. This dog has a strong.
  14. It was a strong position.
  15. Daithi had a strong face.

  16. And they feel it strong.
  17. Where my will is strong.
  18. But if we stand strong.
  19. I always have a strong.
  20. I was strong and healthy.
  21. The sea is too strong.
  22. My desire is not strong.
  23. A strong wind was blowing.
  24. We are mighty and strong.
  25. He urged me to be strong.

  26. The poison was too strong.
  27. With a strong body, comes.
  28. Johnny was a very strong.
  29. It was strong and healthy.
  30. Kitty was as strong as a.
  31. But if you have a strong.
  32. It provides a strong base.
  33. The wind was strong, but.
  34. A strong tan made a human.
  35. It was so real, so strong.
  36. Would help me grow strong.
  37. We've got a strong signal.
  38. I was still strong though.
  39. Because fear is very strong.
  40. God, this tea is strong.
  41. Stay strong and have faith.
  42. He is perfect and strong.
  43. His presence was so strong.
  44. Somehow he had grown strong.
  45. Still as strong as ever.
  46. But his bow remained strong.
  47. You are therefore a strong.
  48. He’s a strong, brave man.
  49. Just prepare and be strong.
  50. I had to be strong for her.
  51. The boy is strong of spirit.
  52. He had to be strong for her.
  53. It was her strong preference.
  54. She grew healthy and strong.
  55. The coffee is hot and strong.
  56. We all need to stand strong.
  57. I was never a strong swimmer.
  58. I was strong and possessive.
  59. But he had to be strong now.
  60. Its hunting drive is strong.
  61. And your hope remains strong.
  62. Henry was strong and stable.
  63. I were lucky to be so strong.
  64. Which ever need strong ring?
  65. The door made of strong oak.
  66. Earning power is very strong.
  67. His heart is pure and strong.
  68. Belief is a strong motivator.
  69. My will was strong this time.
  70. Men have very strong emotions.
  71. Don't think I am not strong.
  72. We only fol ow the strong.
  73. However, with a strong, new.
  74. She is very strong, that one.
  75. Happy believes in the strong.
  76. Strong as the King of beasts.
  77. I am strong with you near me.
  78. Wow! That was strong stuff!.
  79. He felt strong now, powerful.
  80. It was so strong from within.
  81. Your sales team isn’t strong.
  82. His strong hands on the wheel.
  83. If their arm stays strong or.
  84. His strong right came overhead.
  85. He looked strong and powerful.
  86. Are you strong, my brothers?
  87. But Tina remained very strong.
  88. The smell of horse was strong.
  89. Though strong, they were slow.
  90. He is strong and a good rider.
  91. He had a strong addiction to.
  92. The stone was cool and strong.
  93. The hard and strong will fall.
  94. You can be strong and secure.
  95. His touch was strong and warm.
  96. They were strong, loving, and.
  97. But, you�re born to be strong.
  98. His hands were strong but soft.
  99. Those convinced of the strong.
  100. This dog has a strong ratting.

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