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Stuff numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. It is really bad stuff.
  2. BMW to carry his stuff.
  3. I mean the other stuff.
  4. A lot of stuff happens.
  5. God, I hate that stuff.

  6. Your stuff is in there.
  7. Piss on the fire stuff.
  8. No, this is great stuff.
  9. The stuff was just all.
  10. I stay out of that stuff.
  11. Same old stuff, I said.
  12. He had to have his stuff.
  13. The good stuff in the.
  14. They had a lot of stuff.
  15. Then they blew stuff up.

  16. No "nut stuff" for them.
  17. And this stuff in Kenya.
  18. You know … that stuff.
  19. The stuff is in her hair.
  20. Need to know some stuff.
  21. Thus the stuff about me.
  22. They tell me cool stuff.
  23. Let the other stuff wait.
  24. Stuff she said we needed.
  25. There is a thinking stuff.

  26. This was small fry stuff.
  27. Lots of stuff in here.
  28. THERE is a thinking stuff.
  29. Vows and stuff, you know.
  30. Silver is the real stuff.
  31. I’m sick of this stuff.
  32. Jeez, this stuff is crap.
  33. That stuff kicked my ass.
  34. Ah, cut that stuff out.
  35. What if the stuff we have.
  36. Grammar and all that stuff.
  37. That stuff retails for $9.
  38. Again, Jack knew his stuff.
  39. We need to hide our stuff.
  40. You can buy original stuff.
  41. The kind of stuff allowed.
  42. This is not trivial stuff.
  43. He lives for this stuff.
  44. I did know all that stuff.
  45. I’m tired of this stuff.
  46. Wow you know your stuff.
  47. This stuff is really cool.
  48. The hottest stuff ever was.
  49. You can't drink that stuff.
  50. She’d taken all her stuff.
  51. Stop with the promise stuff.
  52. Get your stuff and lets go.
  53. You know the sort of stuff.
  54. She got all the good stuff.
  55. That stuff is for dreamers.
  56. That stuff is pretty nasty.
  57. They can’t do this stuff.
  58. That's true of stuff like.
  59. All types of healthy stuff.
  60. The stuff could linger in.
  61. This is all great stuff.
  62. It is amazing stuff really.
  63. Get all that bad stuff out.
  64. Big stuff happened out in.
  65. Malik could do stuff to her.
  66. By selling your stuff, you.
  67. This stuff must have taken.
  68. Its powerful stuff isn't it.
  69. Heady stuff for a young lad.
  70. He knew his stuff, that guy.
  71. But not the every day stuff.
  72. It is a repeat stuff, still.
  73. Ruth was good at that stuff.
  74. I'll not give her his stuff.
  75. Lots of amazing stuff here!.
  76. I left a lot of stuff there.
  77. Stuff, as they say, happens.
  78. This is serious stuff, Andy.
  79. It was called LISBETH STUFF.
  80. I missed all the good stuff.
  81. CH 21: We Eat This Stuff Up.
  82. Her job was the menial stuff.
  83. Wow! That was strong stuff!.
  84. Maybe not the hormonal stuff.
  85. That stuff never bothered me.
  86. She talked with me many stuff.
  87. This stuff would be hard to.
  88. The suppressor did its stuff.
  89. Not the same kind of stuff.
  90. None of that stuff is true.
  91. You're gonna love this stuff.
  1. For the stuffing of six.
  2. Stuffing the pages into the.
  3. Stuffing his face full of Twinkie.
  4. He continued stuffing energy into it.
  5. Fill cavities with the Kasha stuffing.
  6. He removed the cotton stuffing from.
  7. Spices that go well with turkey stuffing.
  8. Below is an example of Title Tag Stuffing.
  9. Stuffing the jackets, waiting for something.
  10. I repeat, do not do keyword stuffing because.
  11. His coat was ripped, with stuffing coming out.
  12. And wait, the stuffing and the cranberry sauce.
  13. He glared at Liam who was stuffing the duvet in.
  14. It makes good roll stuffing for all the next day.
  15. Jean Nate After Bath Splash suffused his stuffing.
  16. The stuffing from the mattress lay about in heaps.
  17. The boys ignored him and continued stuffing their faces.
  18. As she was stuffing her briefcase, the phone rang again.
  19. Their chicken, fries, stuffing and salad smelled a bit.
  20. He was stuffing his face with everything he could reach.
  21. He removed his hat, stuffing it deep into the coat pocket.
  22. Must be rubbish because shes stuffing it in the wheelie bin.
  23. Sayeed is accepting payment for his brother and stuffing it.
  24. After stuffing the cracks with hay she’d picked up off the.
  25. Poopsie, after tasting the stuffing, created a centre point.
  26. Calling in sick is probably from stuffing their face too much.
  27. The main stuffing was legino, spiced as only Chiggeed knew how.
  28. Broadcast Charity Drives Full Of Something Other Than Stuffing.
  29. Seal the edges completely so that the stuffing does not come out.
  30. However, too high density could be regarded as keyword stuffing.
  31. He began stuffing all the things into the hole under the paper:.
  32. Alan had been at the water's edge stuffing the pile into his pack.
  33. Include your keywords in the title and description without stuffing.
  34. He stood up urgently and started stuffing things into his saddlebags.
  35. For the stuffing I took the softest piece of clothing I could find.
  36. She turns red and goes back to her lunch, stuffing food in her mouth.
  37. One girl I know, I won’t say her name, got caught stuffing her bra.
  38. Then, if you’ll excuse me, sir, said Heidegger, stuffing the.
  39. The name’s Ged, the old boy began, stuffing tobacco into his.
  40. He ripped her stuffing out when he’d had enough of her and moved on.
  41. If you start to get hungry, don’t start stuffing yourself with junk.
  42. He dragged the dozing lump out of view, stuffing him under the bed after.
  43. Chuck stopped stuffing his face for a second and looked at Thomas carefully.
  44. They shot each other glances and busied themselves stuffing their backpacks.
  45. Then I change my mind again and start stuffing everything back into the bag.
  46. Almost but not quite, said Rhett, stuffing his shirt into his trousers.
  47. The skinny boy stared back in disgust at the boys stuffing their faces with.
  48. He folded the letter in a rage and, stuffing it into his pocket, headed home.
  49. Do you know what the pie is made of? Dough with a stuffing of pork and grapes.
  50. Thanks, Pete said, cracking the lid and stuffing his mouth with a handful.
  51. I press the memory away as if stuffing it into a drawer that is too small for it.
  52. To use: Melt 3 tablespoons butter; stir into 2 cups Stuffing Mix in a large bowl.
  53. After stuffing his face for several minutes he noticed the absence of Annie from.
  54. Yorthops knew the kitchen, what was where and asked what she’d like for stuffing.
  55. Fill the chicken with cooked and cooled stuffing, truss the bird and place in clay.
  56. Airial, of course, but all the same they're good at stuffing themselves, they are!.
  57. One man is standing in front stuffing a wash rag into the reviving victim’s mouth.
  58. He hung it on the back of the chair, stuffing his balaclava and gloves into the pockets.
  59. Ethan was stuffing graph paper back into his math folder when he heard a familiar voice.
  60. Here it is: Company A sells you their Envelope Stuffing Kit for approximately $29.
  61. The vicious way her voice would leave her body would scare the stuffing out of her sister.
  62. He was referring to bulletproofing the car by stuffing yellow pages in the side panels of.
  63. Stuffing his hands in his jeans, he kicked at the patch of dirt in front of him in agitation.
  64. Three, you bet, laughed Mitya, stuffing the notes into the side-pocket of his trousers.
  65. Frantically stuffing her possessions back in her bag Francesca’s hand reached for the photo.
  66. A word to the wise here: Stay away from stuffing your articles and resource box with keywords.
  67. The door is open, and through it I see Tobias stuffing Abnegation clothes into the trash bin.
  68. Massie uploaded tons of photos of them at the candy store, stuffing their faces with gummies.
  69. Nothing, I say, stuffing my hands into my pockets so that he can’t see them shaking.
  70. All this time Alan was stuffing his face fast enough that she should have heard his teeth whir.
  71. He was eating a bowl of raisins, stuffing handfuls into his mouth as fast as he could chew them.
  72. As soon as my bag is packed, I start unpacking again, stuffing everything back into the drawers.
  73. The second is a stuffing mix-just waiting to be put in that Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas goose.
  74. Keyword stuffing is something that used to work in the early days of Internet marketing, but now it.
  75. Pavel Pavlovitch turned back and seized his bracelet-case, stuffing it into his pocket, and went out.
  76. But for the happy chance of the gold stuffing, your suspicions would probably never have been aroused.
  77. Oke continued stuffing food into his mouth, as he was famished but somehow managed a smile through it.
  78. That could mean that you have to cease stuffing your face at midnight if you have a morning appointment.
  79. Since both the recipes and the stuffing are authentic, you might feel that my cookbook reeks of veracity.
  80. Was Can Martin really dead? Did she dream of Bloodtooth stuffing the groaning man into that awful hog pen?
  81. This is why you need to write meaningful meta descriptions with keywords with them but without stuffing them.
  82. Doug sat in his living room with a ham and cheese sandwich; simultaneously stuffing his mouth with candy corn.
  83. Wicker was the first dressed, and he collected everyone’s discarded clothing, stuffing it into the dry bags.
  84. Preeti returned a scornful look, she turned to Anil who was stuffing his face, but his urge to talk was too strong.
  85. Harmony snatched up her backpack, stuffing the rope and doorknob into the cloth-confines, before racing to catch up.
  86. In front of the control panel were two well worn swivel chairs, threadbare with the stuffing coming out of the arms.
  87. And I brought myself to go out to dinner in such a suit! And my American leather sofa with the stuffing sticking out.
  88. Carnival goers drinking themselves silly, and stuffing their mouths with meat around the many split roast gatherings.
  89. On one of a pair of ancient easy chairs spewing greasy stuffing onto the filthy deck, sprawled an impressive beer gut.
  90. Stuffing four long candlesticks into his pocket, Hal stepped out of the shed, closed the door, and returned to the house.
  91. I flipped open my Swiss Army knife and cut open the bottom bunk’s thin mattress, running my hand through the stuffing.
  92. He slapped two bucks on the bartop, and maneuvered us over to a red leather booth sprouting yellow stuffing from its cracks.
  93. At the moment, I was stuffing the crumpled bank-notes into my pockets and collecting all the gold that was left on the table.
  94. Once the stuffing had cooled down, she placed a dollop of mash potato in the middle, wrapped up the dollop and rolled it out.
  95. Voting fraud has also been characterized by box stuffing at the local level while fixing the register to show more signatures.
  96. I’d been sort of selective in my eating, skipping the stuffing altogether, since I didn’t like it that much to begin with.
  97. The hall burst into noise; women serving, servants running everywhere, those hungry magistrates stuffing themselves even fatter.
  98. He’s still wet, armor half on, stuffing peanut butter into his mouth with a spoon, a liter bottle of Coca Cola open in his lap.
  99. At that moment, he was deep in the bowels of Gray Mountain stuffing the backpacks with invaluable papers filched from Krull Mining.
  100. At midnight she temporarily gave up the hope of sleep and sat at her desk writing letters and stuffing the post cards into envelopes.
  1. We are the stuffed men.
  2. It is only a stuffed man.
  3. These he stuffed into the.
  4. It was stuffed with papers.
  5. She stuffed those into the.
  6. What are you stuffed with?
  7. You are stuffed with sawdust.
  8. I want that hole stuffed up.
  9. Tiden ate until he was stuffed.
  10. She pulls out a stuffed animal.
  11. He stuffed his mouth with bread.
  12. Before that and we were stuffed.
  13. A stuffed animal? she says.
  14. Someone stuffed him in that cage.
  15. He stuffed the cash into a pocket.
  16. There was a note stuffed into it.
  17. Pretend you sell stuffed animals.
  18. I stuffed my pockets with rocks.
  19. He stuffed a few things in a bag.
  20. Stuffed under one of his arms an.
  21. They stuffed what gear they could.
  22. It had been stuffed with gold coins.
  23. It was stuffed full of £50 notes!.
  24. Green and cream bricks stuffed his.
  25. Stuffed Avocados with Chipotle Mayo.
  26. Stuffed or something, but quite dead.
  27. Po thanked us as we stuffed our faces.
  28. Afterwards, she stuffed all the cash.
  29. He stuffed the paper beneath his armor.
  30. Sufficient to say that they'd stuffed.
  31. He stuffed Doug's ear in his mouth and.
  32. I stuffed the tin can in my back pocket.
  33. She stuffed the remains into her pocket.
  34. A stuffed fox or cat could fetch three.
  35. I have a turquoise and white stuffed cat.
  36. Her wrinkled suit stuffed in the duffel.
  37. Does that make me a stuffed shirt?’.
  38. He stuffed the bottle in his pocket and.
  39. Needless to say he stuffed every one of.
  40. Then we stuffed the deer into my backseat.
  41. I am only a Scarecrow, stuffed with straw.
  42. All Danny wanted was a stuffed animal to.
  43. So what can I do? I’m stuffed both ways.
  44. Uh, her face was stuffed between his legs.
  45. Wrapped in rags and stuffed up in the toe.
  46. Biggles, Julia’s favorite stuffed animal.
  47. And a file stuffed with newspaper clippings.
  48. She grabbed at a stuffed pitch black raven.
  49. A place stuffed with lots and lots of rats.
  50. We laughed about the ten students stuffed.
  51. My cupboard upstairs is stuffed with notes.
  52. Each one stuffed himself on his own account.
  53. His stuffed platypus snuggled under one arm.
  54. The dancers were very still, almost stuffed.
  55. He had a stuffed version of Dawg in his hand.
  56. Garnish the Roast Turkey with Stuffed Onions.
  57. Aiden looked at the stuffed cat with suspicion.
  58. A collection of stuffed animals sat atop one.
  59. I stuffed it in a trash can when I stayed.
  60. Too bad, they didn’t have any stuffed dogs.
  61. No one noticed that the stuffed toy Shay had.
  62. Shay was once again holding the stuffed version.
  63. Kandhi grabbed it and stuffed it in her pocket.
  64. Wadding up the paper, he stuffed it in the can.
  65. He held it up, then stuffed it back into the bag.
  66. A twenty-dollar bill was stuffed into his mouth.
  67. In his shirt pocket he had stuffed a few cigars.
  68. We were wondering about the stuffed cat in the.
  69. I’m stuffed he said as he crashed into bed.
  70. These fowls may be stuffed with a pilaff of rice.
  71. Others are always hungry unless they are stuffed.
  72. I kept my side of the bargain; youve stuffed up.
  73. He stuffed a napkin in Robie’s mouth and then.
  74. With him disappeared the secret of stuffed carps.
  75. He stuffed the weed back in his mouth and sat up.
  76. I folded up the bill and stuffed it in my pocket.
  77. Little pancakes stuffed with pork and olives, a.
  78. Her ears felt as though stuffed with cotton wool.
  79. Rather than wear socks Bjorgolf had stuffed her.
  80. The cabin overflowed with stuffed cardboard boxes.
  81. He was trying to scream but his mouth was stuffed.
  82. But that book he had stuffed in his jacket….
  83. The stomped-on letters had been stuffed in each one.
  84. Petr stuffed the contents of the bag back into his.
  85. It was like opodeldoc stuffed into an aching tooth.
  86. He stuffed the cash in his wallet and pressed the.
  87. Inside the safe was a paper envelope, stuffed thick.
  88. RR&L told me you wanted it stuffed for your office.
  89. I just stuffed the goddamn bottles in the basement.
  90. On the rafters above a turquoise stuffed cat glared.
  91. They were having a sale on stuffed animals last week.
  92. If I'd have had a coffin, I'd have stuffed him in it.
  93. Gosh where did you buy this stuffed cat from?
  94. The demon stuffed the gritty gag back into her mouth.
  95. Maldynado groaned and stuffed his head under his arm.
  96. The evidence was often stuffed in hampers or washed.
  97. He was in mid air, poised to strike, like a stuffed.
  98. Jared took his boots off and stuffed his socks in them.
  99. Backpacks were handed out and stuffed full of supplies.
  100. Merry and I lay on the ground and stuffed our cloaks.
  1. Stuffs it in his pants.
  2. She stuffs it in her purse.
  3. Nobody but you stuffs those.
  4. Okay, have these eating stuffs.
  5. He just asked the stuffs and declined.
  6. I took the stuffs that I never touched.
  7. B-But these stuffs? I was fumbled.
  8. Food stuffs, father replied shortly.
  9. It shows testing stuffs to an investigator.
  10. I was worried; thinking bad stuffs about her.
  11. They halted their eating stuffs in the middle.
  12. I did the stuffs that I never done in my life.
  13. I couldn’t stop searching food stuffs for them.
  14. I took these stuffs when I was in red light area.
  15. Within an hour, our stuffs delivered in our place.
  16. What are these stuffs for? I asked promptly.
  17. I have to take away these stuffs very soon, what Mrs.
  18. We were looking the stuffs available there for a while.
  19. I was a bit bewildered while seeing those heavy stuffs.
  20. I tried other stuffs a lot but couldn’t settle there.
  21. You opened all the stuffs and tried to play and to wear.
  22. Ok just enjoy all QB stuffs and see you in next chapter.
  23. Soon my hanging bag was filled up with the eating stuffs.
  24. They talked about other stuffs for a long time after that.
  25. He stuffs less than a hundred dollars in his jeans pocket.
  26. What are these heavy stuffs, father? I asked father.
  27. It’s a bit easy, all about the chemical formula and stuffs.
  28. Pandora opens the passenger side door and stuffs Niles inside.
  29. Vince stuffs his hands in the pockets of his scruffy old jeans.
  30. They showed all kind of rubbish stuffs to panic innocent minds.
  31. The very stuffs of worlds and galaxies, they know not themselves.
  32. My habits of having the traditional stuffs didn’t get rid of me.
  33. O, khuri (aunty), why did you trouble with these stuffs? I said.
  34. I happily presented all the stuffs demanded by their in-laws in dowry.
  35. I mean, back then they used the old chestnut they must use food stuffs.
  36. This stuffs not bad, I'll give you that, you know something about coffee.
  37. I hated these sort of stuffs, which divert our conscience and shrewdness.
  38. I sent six thousand rupees and all the necessary stuffs for the marriage.
  39. Then I emptied the rice-filled sack and put the other eating stuffs in it.
  40. They are not taking part in any of the school activities and other stuffs.
  41. This is one of the main crops that stuffs the rolls people eat in Zhlindu.
  42. I say, they came in with the mixed stuffs that will neither wash nor wear.
  43. I sent all these stuffs through courier service or some time with speed post.
  44. Then she stuffs her nose between the pages and heaves a long, gigantic sniff.
  45. We’re arranging matters here like death certificate, and all those stuffs.
  46. I’ve told many times to maa, that I didn’t need these stuffs in the hostel.
  47. Then I was looking for a sack or any other bag to fill the other eating stuffs.
  48. Why don’t we hold a meeting to discuss all these stuffs? What do you say?
  49. When the two girls of my hostel room saw all my stuffs, they raised their eyebrows.
  50. My father sold off our two cows for me in order to arrange money and other stuffs.
  51. Ras casually opens the refrigerator and stuffs two bottles of water in his pockets.
  52. When I saw these liquor stuffs in his room; my benefit and doubt was much cleared.
  53. He proceed, Very good morning, my teaching stuffs and my dear outgoing students.
  54. He was running away from there; leaving behind his tea stall and his other stuffs.
  55. I sipped tea, ate ludooes and samosas; and I left the other sweet stuffs untouched.
  56. Alex steps back down and then notices Sara coming in with another load of food stuffs.
  57. O, Sharda, no need for this, why did you trouble with these stuffs? mother said.
  58. Within a week all my required stuffs and some money were arranged for my further need.
  59. With that small amount, I managed to give both of you clothes, dolls and other stuffs.
  60. Even sometimes, I used to visit in Sunita’s house with unnecessary and unwanted stuffs.
  61. Since the kids are likely to explore stuffs that belong to their parents, this device is.
  62. We hurriedly hid the kitchen stuffs inside our beds and covered with our bags and suitcases.
  63. They gifted us a lot of stuffs and requested me to forgive them for the theft in my quarter.
  64. And I happily used to participate in their public meetings, serving dinner and other stuffs.
  65. Eugene stuffs his hands in his pockets, which makes the valet groan as he wrinkles his jacket.
  66. In the evening, I saw that father had brought a lot of hefty stuffs in two big sacks and bags.
  67. Instead, I knocked with the table, chair, bed, walls and other stuffs present inside the room.
  68. Similar to the olive is the palm which is full of sugary substances and other tonic food stuffs.
  69. They were warmly clad, but with so much maternal art that the thickness of the stuffs did not.
  70. And the stuffs which reached in these countries are looted by the local goons, gangs and mafias.
  71. If we are His stuffs, alive, then we sinew His arm, thrust out to stop that light-year beast.
  72. He grabs a map, a coverall, and a head torch, and then stuffs everything else into one backpack.
  73. They also sample food stuffs before eating can be used with great success in controlling roaches.
  74. Rico carefully stuffs the last bite in his mouth, as Ava returns her brush to her sparkling purse.
  75. When my mother packed these stuffs, I asked her thousands of time not to load for me so much stuff.
  76. When she saw the higgledy-piggledy stuffs inside our room, she left our room without checking anything.
  77. Many times she tried to convince her husband to leave those bad stuffs, but she failed in her efforts.
  78. She opens the heavy passenger-side door and struggles with his weight as she clumsily stuffs him inside.
  79. Pandal decorators, catering and all the necessary stuffs and items were arranged and booked in advanced.
  80. Print out you resume on a plain white paper, which is made in good quality, and avoid most fancy stuffs.
  81. Those stuffs, which I had never heard in my entire life, I was listening from my roommates in the very first night.
  82. Carla said later, They must have been transported up from Earth with food stuffs and had just made the best of.
  83. In the first place, the drapery and stuffs of which clothes are made follow laws in the manner in which they fold.
  84. Alex, Because we need some place to grow new food stuffs and I hope that there’ll be air there that we can breathe.
  85. He watches the young man select one of the animals and looks on amused as the young man stuffs it into the trunk of his car.
  86. A second later he leans across me and grabs three shrimps, which he immediately stuffs in his mouth and mashes between his teeth.
  87. Two hundred and fifty thousand pieces of eight were in his ships, and rolls of silken stuffs and plates of silver and sacks of spices.
  88. The village folks consoled and assured me to take care of us and my quarter, and gave a word to pay compensation for the lost of all my stuffs.
  89. This time it was a great matter that was under discussion, connected with a vessel laden with Turkey carpets, stuffs of the Levant, and cashmeres.
  90. That's the fuel, the vapour that spins the carousel, the raw stuffs of terror, the excruciating agony of guilt, the screams from real or imagined wounds.
  91. I liked to have normal tea, biscuits and samosas, sweets and other home made stuffs that prepared in traditional way, mainly the street venders and hawkers.
  92. Over these dark and sombre chairs were thrown splendid stuffs, dyed beneath Persia's sun, or woven by the fingers of the women of Calcutta or of Chandernagor.
  93. At a hospital in a neighboring town, Gerard fills out the registration forms then stuffs them in the guy’s hands and leaves him alone at the reception to wait.
  94. Within seconds, a robotic arm reaches out from the base of Crowley’s recliner, grabs the slice of pizza from the conveyor belt, and stuffs it into Crowley’s mouth.
  95. There were bottles and cases of queer-smelling stuffs, chemicals no doubt for experiments, and there were coils of fine copper wire and yanks and yanks of thin oiled.
  96. The way to produce good interior decoration, good furniture, good jewelry, beautiful stuffs, has only been seen by here and there one, and his lead no one will follow.
  97. The loot included silver plates with designs in relief; a bar of the same metal, as large as a brick; ornaments, Indian shawls, and silk stuffs woven in gold or silver.
  98. But, everything was shined and delighted when I entered in my room; I was overwhelmed, because whatever the stuffs I had prepared in my long list were available in my room.
  99. Liberty's had taken several of his painted designs on various stuffs, and he could sell designs for embroideries, for altar-cloths, and similar things, in one or two places.
  100. Later the tragic incident of Junior was known that the two senior most jawans of our platoon were having heated arguments for the cause of sharing eating stuffs and drinks in the mess.

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