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Stumble numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I stumble to my feet.
  2. That you may not stumble.
  3. But I stumble and I fall.
  4. I'm confessing that I stumble.
  5. We stumble out of frozen forest.

  6. Angela shook, started to stumble.
  7. And then shall many stumble, and.
  8. We try to stumble upon the towpath.
  9. Occasionally someone would stumble by.
  10. The focus of Jesus couldn’t stumble.
  11. We're not going to stumble into anyone.
  12. Than this gaslit world I stumble through.
  13. Too easy for someone to stumble upon it.
  14. I stagger and stumble all over the place.
  15. So I continued to stumble from time-to-time.

  16. I watched both stumble through the streets.
  17. They stumble from the sudden impact of force.
  18. The word sometimes still made my tongue stumble.
  19. Others stumble upon their destination by chance.
  20. Scout ships continued to stumble into the system.
  21. He stumble but regained his balance within half.
  22. John's threatened to stumble Johnny over his lines.
  23. It kept on getting into them and making her stumble.
  24. We sat back and watched them stumble over each other.
  25. The thought made her stumble, but luckily her grace-.

  26. His feet began to stumble towards the top of the hill.
  27. We just have to wait for him to stumble over his own.
  28. Then, together, the four of them stumble into the dark.
  29. Do not then stumble at the end of the road,' answered.
  30. He comes closer, and I stumble on a rock as I step back.
  31. Companies can get put in the penalty box if they stumble.
  32. It was really a prolonged stumble to a fall, but for his.
  33. Watching the young punks stumble past him, Cloud continued.
  34. To stumble upon some renegade new people was indeed a bonus.
  35. I stumble out of the scanner, and the air opens up around me.
  36. It caught her on the side of her head causing her to stumble.
  37. He stopped, causing Sam to stumble over him in the blackness.
  38. Kifter’s fears were that they would stumble upon remnants.
  39. Small as they were the stumble had been felt by Josef, Who's.
  40. It caused him to miss a step and stumble into a dangerous slip.
  41. They don’t stumble over mountains, they stumble over molehills.
  42. If the creatures were to stumble upon the tunnel, they’d soon.
  43. What is it? called Cloud, helpless to stop himself stumble.
  44. Eventually some of these traders and investors stumble upon volume.
  45. My foot hits something hard, and I stumble, my hands outstretched.
  46. Jacob knew no more Greek than served him to stumble through a play.
  47. Only through sheer strength of will does she manage to never stumble.
  48. The wise and learned endeavored to trip him, but he did not stumble.
  49. The fabric digs into my throat, choking me, and I stumble after him.
  50. However, when they turn from Him they may stumble and fall in error.
  51. But do not entertain false hope; the world will stumble at my words.
  52. At the last moment, Tony heard a gunshot and saw Alex stumble to the.
  53. For My command is hard, and over it you would stumble, says The Lord.
  54. He pretended to stumble and fall down and threw his clothes all over.
  55. The thought of this made him stumble once more, but he kept to his feet.
  56. And they have caused them to stumble in their ways from ANCIENT [olam].
  57. Not enough to kill, but enough to help their opponent stumble drunkenly.
  58. The way of the wicked is as darkness: they know not at what they stumble.
  59. Therefore,Isaid, My command is hard, and over it you would stumble.
  60. When trouble comes, these believers stumble; they fall away when tempted.
  61. But they just kept going, hoping to stumble on some form of civilisation.
  62. She punches me in the ribs and I stumble to the side, recovering my breath.
  63. Frosty was surprised by this answer and had to stumble around for a moment.
  64. Don’t do this, I say, as I stumble through the powder in a futile.
  65. Of all the places he decides to stumble into, it’s the chair next to me.
  66. Hot tears sprang into his eyes, blinding him, making him stumble over the.
  67. Teriz stumble upon it, which is a distinct possibility, the way they’re.
  68. The truth is that most management teams often stumble upon their best ideas.
  69. Hood’s affairs with you, we might by chance stumble across an explanation.
  70. She helps him stumble over to the water purifier and shows him where to drink.
  71. He starts spraying the ogre with enough gas to cause him to stumble backward.
  72. It wasn’t easy to walk behind Ash, watching her stumble and sweat and shake.
  73. Great peace have those who love Your law, and nothing causes them to stumble.
  74. But children take years to speak and learn to stumble around on their weak legs.
  75. Why did he have to be so good at everything? Couldn’t he stumble - just once?
  76. It was enough to let me stand, stumble down to the underground lake and slide in.
  77. I stumble away from the stadium and, as it turns out, away from football forever.
  78. I STUMBLE out of the police station with a bag holding my cell phone, wallet, keys.
  79. Not wishing to stumble into anyone, Tarmon deduced the line of scouts followed the.
  80. When oppression or persecution arises because of the word immediately they stumble.
  81. Leave it to a magical creature to stumble over the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.
  82. If time travel was possible, we may stumble upon information that nobody considered.
  83. With my clothes in one hand and the key in the other I stumble out through the door.
  84. Having a lack of confidence is one of those things that can cause you to stumble in.
  85. The sudden shock of seeing Mark’s face stripped of skin made him stumble backwards.
  86. The blind can stumble and fall, hurting themselves and all they pull down as they go.
  87. Actual y, his failure led him to stumble across a very nifty trick that meant he was.
  88. She let her mind run wild in the hopes that somehow she would stumble onto a solution.
  89. I stumble out of bed, over to the desk, and there’s a notebook, it’s already open.
  90. Hammond, who happens to stumble on an arms smuggling ring, while investigating Lepages.
  91. Odd that a man used to public scrutiny would stumble over a simple retelling of history.
  92. And then shall many stumble, and shall deliver up one another, and shall hate one another.
  93. I can't tear my eyes away as she turns the stumble into a hop-kick and nails one in the gut.
  94. We would have missed him entirely if we'd had to blindly stumble around where we'd last.
  95. It was past in a moment, and I listened again, and heard the footstep stumble in coming on.
  96. Men occasionally stumble over truth, most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if.
  97. Good: the more confident Carlus was, the more likely he was to stumble at the crucial moment.
  98. Some started to stumble toward the officer, who shot anyone—or anything—who got too close.
  99. Mitchell walked back to Cindy, and then noticed Jackie stumble up to their table, by herself.
  100. Janice noticed that Axel was starting to stumble a little as he walked, grimacing at the pain.
  2. Stumbling about he found his.
  3. A lot of stumbling took place.
  4. It started stumbling towards me.
  5. A man was stumbling towards him.
  6. I turned, stumbling towards Levi.
  7. It fell about his stumbling feet.
  8. Words came in a stumbling rush:.
  9. Stumbling, Simon falls to his knees.
  10. Whoa, he said, stumbling back.
  11. Bob had recoiled and was stumbling.
  12. The Cross remains a stumbling block.
  13. At this moment Peter came stumbling in.
  14. I rose, stumbling, and walked forwards.
  15. Theyre stumbling through the marshes.
  16. The movie was stumbling towards post-.
  17. And a victim child stumbling out of it.
  18. The Arkenian rose to his feet, stumbling.
  19. Frantically stumbling out of her car and.
  20. He was across the room in a stumbling run.
  21. Looking up, he could see Hojo stumbling.
  23. The hatchway she was now stumbling toward.
  24. Our big stumbling block, however, was Lea.
  25. You move faster, stumbling over your skin.
  26. He continued forward, stumbling and crying.
  27. They knew not what they were stumbling into.
  28. They went back to Temple, stumbling to bed.
  30. Stumbling out of the downstairs bathroom in.
  31. Stumbling to his medicine cabinet, he found.
  32. That's the point I've been stumbling toward.
  33. They ignored her and kept stumbling toward us.
  34. You! snarled Mark, stumbling towards me.
  35. Frank turned, stumbling his way from the room.
  36. Look at how they’re drooling and stumbling.
  37. They ignored her and kept stumbling towards us.
  38. Stumbling out the door, his stomach sent him.
  39. When He moves stumbling blocks out of the way.
  40. They popped out of the other side, stumbling.
  41. He didn’t know what he was stumbling into.
  42. Is that which remains a stumbling block for you.
  43. I could hear her stumbling coming up the stairs.
  44. Mary’s father came stumbling out of the house.
  45. Stumbling and limping-he made his way to a bench.
  46. I couldn’t picture my Gareth stumbling at all.
  47. I keep stumbling in the ice and snow when I try.
  48. The children edged off from the rocket, stumbling.
  49. He ended with a shove that sent the man stumbling.
  50. Stephi, stumbling, waving a pistol blindly around.
  51. You are a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence.
  52. A stumbling block in the way of population control.
  53. The thought of Hanor stumbling in the dark cut Bane.
  54. Stumbling and coughing they reached the gold cavern.
  55. They charged as well as they could, stumbling mostly.
  56. And a stone (a persons spiritual house) of stumbling.
  57. My stomach dropped to my feet, and I started stumbling.
  58. Nico held her head, stumbling as though she were drunk.
  59. Expect, erm, expect … came his stumbling reply.
  60. There are always stepping stones and stumbling blocks.
  61. The monster was quite stunned and ran away, stumbling.
  62. Women are the chief stumbling block in a man's career.
  64. I ran the lines over in my head, stumbling through the.
  65. Wesley comes stumbling back with a black eye and a grin.
  66. Petersen was a stumbling block to his projected theory.
  67. Brokin jumped in simulated surprise, stumbling to a stop.
  68. Peanut was stumbling about in the mid-ninety-degree heat.
  69. Isabella’s stumbling words rolled through the chill air.
  70. The scene lurched, as if filmed by one who was stumbling.
  71. Plateaus can easily turn into very real stumbling blocks.
  72. Boyd's father considers this issue a stumbling block to.
  73. Stumbling forward in the dark, I heard the sound of rush-.
  74. Beth and I joined in, stumbling over the words, making up.
  75. He found himself stumbling in a search for suitable words.
  76. Don’t let our suffering become a stumbling block to you.
  77. We ate as we walked, until all were merely stumbling along.
  78. There is thus a greater chance of his stumbling on the way.
  79. Darek wobbled out of the shaft, stumbling over his own foot.
  81. Stumbling so much that for a moment I though she will fall.
  82. The drama queens are stumbling all over each other to outdo.
  83. He caught Breckenridge in the knees and sent him stumbling.
  84. The man, stumbling, reeled toward Emory like a charging bull.
  85. She hurried towards it stumbling around in the half darkness.
  86. He thought stumbling upon her just when he needed was strange.
  87. The impact shook the ground and sent every Nycarman stumbling.
  88. Then I was stumbling in here, Aaron said, his eyes opening.
  89. After stumbling a couple times he repeated it acceptably well.
  90. What a child! A great warrior and yet a stumbling little child.
  91. And then he turned and ran, blindly, stumbling, out of the yard.
  92. I come stumbling out the door laughing and joking with a friend.
  93. Emily Walker loves creating worlds and stumbling around in them.
  94. We started out stumbling down the dry bank towards the bar-Seth.
  95. Stumbling on the shambles, I grabbed the icebox door and pulled.
  96. She saw you stumbling down the street, you shouted abuse at her.
  97. He shoved her toward the bedroom, her bare feet stumbling along.
  98. And this was the great stumbling block of Jesus' early disciples.
  99. She yelped and clapped her hands over her ears, almost stumbling.
  100. Both men turned around to see Alice stumbling along the cornrows.
  1. I stumbled as I did.
  2. I stumbled to my feet.
  3. He stumbled off to bed.
  4. He stumbled to his feet.
  5. He stumbled on a stone.
  6. She stumbled to catch it.
  7. They stumbled a few times.
  8. She stumbled over to Colt.
  9. As she stood she stumbled.
  10. He stumbled down the path.
  11. I stumbled over to the door.
  12. Keogh stumbled to catch it.
  13. Your friend stumbled on me.
  14. He gasped and stumbled over.
  15. I stumbled towards where A.
  16. He stumbled toward the light.
  17. She stumbled after the group.
  18. The giants stumbled and fell.
  19. As he stumbled up the rocky.
  20. Again and again, He stumbled.
  21. He stumbled toward an office.
  22. I stumbled over to my dying.
  23. He stumbled over to the sink.
  24. But when we finally stumbled.
  25. Two others stumbled toward them.
  26. I stumbled over flaming rubble.
  27. Anderson stumbled back and fell.
  28. I stumbled across the weather.
  29. He lurched and stumbled but the.
  30. He stumbled into the sanctuary.
  31. Presently he stumbled and gave.
  32. His mind on fire, Adros stumbled.
  33. I stumbled on a great example I.
  34. He stumbled across a Fae on the.
  35. He stumbled back, repelled by it.
  36. She stumbled backwards a few feet.
  37. I stumbled, falling to the ground.
  38. He stumbled and his finger missed.
  39. He stumbled around for his clothes.
  40. Thirty minutes later, he stumbled.
  41. In fact, he stumbled forward even.
  42. Darek stumbled as he retreated back.
  43. Hannah stumbled backwards and fell.
  44. He stumbled along between the two.
  45. Sorren stumbled after taking a step.
  46. She stumbled and fell to the ground.
  47. Raymond stumbled and hit the ground.
  48. But they stumbled and fell! God is.
  49. Marri stumbled but Warch caught him.
  50. Jeremos stumbled, but didn’t fall.
  51. She stumbled away without answering.
  52. He merely waved to Scott, stumbled.
  53. As Jesus stumbled down the streets.
  54. Then she stumbled back to the trees.
  55. She stumbled as she ran and fell down.
  56. She stumbled, and fell to the ground.
  57. She stumbled on a toy, remember that.
  58. The Drong stumbled a pace and stopped.
  59. She stumbled as she was going up the.
  60. He got up, stumbled, and got up again.
  61. He stumbled as I led Him to the table.
  62. Claire stumbled as she tried to stand.
  63. Later, Hammond stumbled upon another.
  64. He stumbled onwards with a heavy heart.
  65. She stumbled backwards and almost fell.
  66. I almost stumbled few stairs distracted.
  67. Clayton stumbled and turned on his heel.
  68. He had stumbled onto a robbery of sorts.
  69. I guess he just stumbled on the idea.
  70. The soldier stumbled and lost his bal-.
  71. Jacob stumbled to his friends and bent.
  72. Ash almost stumbled back into a nightmare.
  73. Slikit stumbled to a stop, staring at her.
  74. He stumbled and then the hissing stopped.
  75. If I remember right, he stumbled over a.
  76. I had definitely stumbled onto something.
  77. He stumbled around in a morphine soaked.
  78. Conklin stumbled down a couple of stairs.
  79. Sati stumbled towards the kneeling Ganesh.
  80. It finally came free, and I stumbled back.
  81. And stumbled aimlessly down a gravel path.
  82. We stumbled and half fell down the stairs.
  83. In the dark he stumbled along that hallway.
  84. Now who had stumbled onto their hideout?
  85. She stumbled back and fell off her crutch.
  86. As it reached the further bank it stumbled.
  87. My enemies and foes, they stumbled and fell.
  88. Emily stumbled out of the raft with Allen.
  89. I pretended I stumbled and bumped into her.
  90. He stumbled backwards and fell on his back.
  91. Hal and Abigail stumbled backward in horror.
  92. The girl turned and stumbled out of the room.
  93. New Trader stumbled sleepily to his computer.
  94. A couple of days ago I again stumbled on it.
  95. The bleary-eyed guard stumbled down towards.
  96. Still mumbling to himself, he stumbled back.
  97. Then tripping on the dogs, he stumbled and.
  98. Then he twisted the doorknob and stumbled in.
  99. A muffled curse as her husband stumbled onto.
  100. As I did so he pushed me and I stumbled back.
  1. Most of these stumbles could.
  2. He stumbles to catch his balance.
  3. The woman stumbles and falls down.
  4. Mom stumbles toward the shed as well.
  5. Sia stumbles, then jabs him with an elbow.
  6. She stumbles along, barely able to keep up.
  7. The horse has four legs and yet he stumbles.
  8. Pain flashes across her legs and she stumbles.
  9. He stumbles across the car and sits next to me.
  10. If a speaker stumbles over the next line, he is.
  11. Out of the bushes stumbles a very large black man.
  12. Ras stumbles in disbelief, trying to utter a sound.
  13. He stumbles on the steps, recovers, plunges into gloom.
  14. Max stumbles through something unintelligible in French.
  15. I land on the floor, but he stumbles to the stone railing.
  16. Tearing himself away from the wolf, he stumbles to her side.
  17. Little Becky leaps up, and then stumbles her way over to him.
  18. She stumbles over her girlfriend-whom also stops for a peak.
  19. Unfortunately, the "stumbles" frequently have a snow-balling.
  20. Max gasps, his hand clapping over his chest, and stumbles back.
  21. But all too often, a newly promoted manager stumbles so badly or.
  22. Watch the child laugh and shine with pride as she stumbles to you.
  23. She was not expecting that; she stumbles back, but doesn’t fall.
  24. He stumbles to the rocking chair, sitting in the middle of the room.
  25. He blushes and stumbles into excuses as she sits by him at the river.
  26. He stumbles and falls against one of the trash cans, knocking it over.
  27. Vera looks at me and then at Micah and stumbles back into the doorjamb.
  28. Ciere stumbles out of the car, ballet flats slipping on the icy ground.
  29. Doubtlessly there will be innumerable stumbles but we must not give up.
  30. They’re not… His accent thickens and he stumbles over the words.
  31. It is because of this and this alone that the mind-executioner stumbles.
  32. K, she stumbles out of the car across the grass and into the house.
  33. He stumbles to his feet, unable to care whether the wolf sees him or not.
  34. He stumbles to the floor, gasping as another torrent of blows rain on him.
  35. The car door slams and Billy stumbles out into the night, blind and raging.
  36. Shorty huffs something about knowing when he's not wanted and stumbles away.
  37. Devlin stumbles away and lands on the bed as he holds his bleeding shoulder.
  38. The Club Secretary mumbles, stumbles, & stutters over his words, Well I, I.
  39. He stumbles, and the sandals fall from the trailside, lost in bushes below.
  40. Beside him the crimpled door is ajar, and he stumbles out clutching his Reising.
  41. If he stumbles or falls, he may know he is stumbling or falling in consciousness.
  42. He stumbles his way out of the shed and takes a face-plant right on the sidewalk.
  43. When oppression or persecution arises because of the word immediately he stumbles.
  44. Hawke stumbles backward and his head hits the wall on the other side of the corridor.
  45. For when tribulation or persecution arises because of the word, immediately he stumbles.
  46. You’re bleeding! She stumbles toward me and a nurse grabs her, holding her back.
  47. It was his first Count—until he stumbles and is hit by the sphere the girl on our team threw.
  48. We are keeping an eye on Tdeshi’s old boyfriend as he stumbles around, Delurna continued.
  49. One day you could catch yourself trying too hard and the next someone perfect stumbles upon you.
  50. The thing separates from the shadows, stumbles toward the light, cringes and stumbles back again.
  51. He stumbles backward, unprepared, touching his mouth and then checking his fingers, finding blood.
  52. He stumbles forward; as he does he raises his arm and gives a signal in the direction of the woods.
  53. The broker stumbles or changes the subject repeatedly when asked about markets or trading knowledge.
  54. She stumbles, quickly, and would have fallen had she not pin-wheeled her arms to steady her posture.
  55. On the fourth, Frederick throws up his arms and the hose smacks against his forearms and he stumbles.
  56. Will stumbles to the side, one hand pressed to his face, and blocks Al’s next punch with his free hand.
  57. What’s it going to say in tomorrow’s tabloid? Drunken Veronica stumbles into security guard?
  58. When the scribe stumbles after him, Isabella speaks at last: false words of reassurance that mean nothing.
  59. One of them carries a long, knotted rope and in their midst stumbles, rather than walks, Simon’s mother.
  60. Marcus stumbles over one of the scales, his hands covering his face so I can’t see the damage Tobias did.
  61. A very successful large company into which everyone has put their pension money for years, suddenly stumbles.
  62. Grossman goes about, searches near the First and Second Peasants, then approaches the Third, and stumbles over a bench.
  63. He stumbles upwards, ignoring the now-familiar pain which shoots through his leg, and the window seems a long way distant.
  64. At least he means to walk, but his wounds have weakened him more than he realises and, in fact, he stumbles, almost falling.
  65. The boy frowns and reaches out to him, but the scribe shakes his head and stumbles to a halt in the cleft between two jagged rocks.
  66. I shove her off me and she stumbles back, nearly crashing into Barrons, who just entered the room with his usual stalky animal grace.
  67. At such words, the darkness of them licking at the colours in his mind, Sloth stumbles to his feet and the blanket falls to the floor.
  68. He pulls the pencil out of his ear, looks at it as if perplexed how this simple object could harm him so severely, then stumbles back.
  69. When she stumbles out of the dance, I will the old dude with her—another uncle?—to swing her into an exaggerated twirl, like it was planned.
  70. This happens as the tortoise stumbles on some particularly effective way to apply the best previous work, or simply avoids standard calamities.
  71. Franchises (Chapter 4) have extensive potential for financial stumbles; and once one franchise is analyzed, a group of them can easily be perused.
  72. If a dog, a donkey, or a person stumbles into a tropical stream, a pack of piranhas can attack with such a mass of bites that the victim collapses.
  73. I slash my claws across his chest with all my strength and he stumbles back and actually trips over the corner of my bed and lands on my side table.
  74. In some marriages, a wife might get upset when her husband stumbles home drunk at 4 in the morning after going to a rock concert with another woman.
  75. And whenever the Street begins to think a man is shaky, he must be strong indeed to escape the fate of the wolf that stumbles as it runs with the pack.
  76. Her speed almost in tune with the orchestra, she pins her hair into an elegant up-do, stumbles as she shoves the right foot then left into the silver heels.
  77. She tells me that the other, miserable half, the chipped-off, castoff half, still follows at a respectful distance, ready to take over the second she stumbles.
  78. If a young child learning to walk, is caught each time he stumbles or falls, and never learns of the pain from a fall, then a big miss-injustice has been served.
  79. Billy is out of breath as he reaches the top of the short rise to the car park, and stumbles, catching his shoulder on the edge of one of the car park ticket machines.
  80. She stumbles around, runs into unfamiliar furniture, groping in the dark, trying to follow the woman’s voice that she senses must be Rita’s, though they have never met.
  81. It was simple; leave a toy doll on the stairs, then cry in the night until your father rouses up, tired of listening to you cry, and goes downstairs to fetch you warm milk, and stumbles.
  82. So on and on life proceeds, time falls away like blood from a stab victim, leaving a trail behind him as he stumbles down the sidewalk, death advances, and chaos dances around order like flies around… you know the saying.
  83. Rising to her feet in a fit of agony caused not by pain but sorrow, fear and just, Mary stumbles out of the high grass and back onto the road to find the police car still standing in place, its dorsal lights still shining and its eyes still beaming into the distance.
  84. If he has not done it, and he wishes to reason on rights, duties, the beautiful, the State or any other of man's important interests, he gropes about and stumbles; he gets entangled in long, vague phrases, in sonorous common-places, in crabbed and abstract formulas.
  85. In the middle of the night LBJ enters her room, in the darkness, presumably in his pajamas for I cannot imagine this ungainly hulk walking naked in the corridors of the White House though he undoubtedly had the gall; he stumbles to her bed and tells her, Move over.
  86. I thought I was beyond this kind of anger, but as he stumbles back with his hands on his face, I pursue him, grabbing the front of his shirt and slamming him against the stone sculpture and screaming that he is a coward and a traitor and that I will kill him, I will kill him.
  87. The man whose ears and heart are of stony ground, readily hears Gods’ Word and immediately receives It with joy, but has no depth in his heart because the fears and worries, or even the opinions from others, stumbles by the never ending, unrelentless darts that are thrown by this world and its problems.
  88. Everyone who hears the word of the kingdom and understands it not the evil one comes and snatches away the word that has been sown in his heart and this is that which was sown on the middle of the highway; But that which was sown on the rocks is he who hears the word and straightway receives 45 it with joy; only it has no root in his soul but his belief in it is for a time; and whenever there is distress or persecution because of a word he stumbles quickly; And that which was sown among the thorns is he who hears the word; and the care of this world and the error of riches and the rest of the other lusts enter and choke the word and it becomes without fruit; And that which was sown in good ground is he who hears my word in a pure and good heart and understands it and holds to it and bring out fruit with patience and produce either a hundredfold or sixtyfold or thirty.

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