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1. When the worldwide web is used to stupefy it becomes a lethal weapon.
2. They were given anything they wanted, or whatever the nobility could procure for them to stupefy them and keep them docile.
3. It is to stupefy the senses and to bring on ecstasies—a thing, moreover, very easy in persons of the weaker sex, who are more delicate than the other.
4. All who knew Sancho Panza were astonished to hear him speak so elegantly, and did not know what to attribute it to unless it were that office and grave responsibility either smarten or stupefy men's wits.
5. Well, all the classical authors have been translated into all languages, so it was not for the sake of studying the classics they introduced Latin, but solely as a police measure, to stupefy the intelligence.
6. And this is the only explanation of the dreadful intensity with which men of modern times strive to stupefy themselves, with spirits, tobacco, opium, cards, reading newspapers, traveling, and all kinds of spectacles and amusements.
7. Nevertheless, I rose and took the revolver, but, strange thing, I remembered that formerly I had very often had suicidal ideas, that that very night, on the cars, it had seemed to me easy, especially easy because I thought how it would stupefy her.

8. The religious superstition is encouraged by means of the institution of churches, processions, monuments, festivities, from the money collected from the masses, and these, with the aid of painting, architecture, music, incense, but chiefly by the maintenance of the so-called clergy, stupefy the masses: their duty consists in this, that with their representations, the pathos of the services, their sermons, their interference in the private lives of the people,—at births, marriages, deaths,—they bedim the people and keep them in an eternal condition of stupefaction.
9. And to preach this Christian truth and to support it by Christian example we set up among them prisons, guillotines, gallows, preparations for murder; we diffuse among the common herd idolatrous superstitions to stupefy them; we sell them spirits, tobacco, and opium to brutalize them; we even organize legalized prostitution; we give land to those who do not need it; we make a display of senseless luxury in the midst of suffering poverty; we destroy the possibility of anything like a Christian public opinion, and studiously try to suppress what Christian public opinion is existing.
10. And so, to preach this Christian teaching and confirm it by a Christian example, we establish among these people agonizing prisons, guillotines, gallows, capital punishments, preparations for murder, for which we use all our strength; we establish for the common people idolatrous doctrines, which are to stupefy them; we establish the governmental sale of intoxicants,—wine, tobacco, opium; we establish even prostitution; we give the land to those who do not need it; we establish spectacles of senseless luxury amidst wretchedness; we destroy every possibility of every semblance of a Christian public opinion; we cautiously destroy the established Christian public opinion,—and then we quote these very men, who have carefully been corrupted by ourselves, and whom we lock up, like wild beasts, in places from which they cannot get away, and in which they grow more bestial still, or whom we kill, as examples of the impossibility of acting upon them otherwise than through violence.
1. The results were stupefying.
2. The third thing is perhaps the most stupefying.
3. He hated Mamma Valerius for giving him such news as that with such stupefying calmness.
4. Stupefying television, the newspaper too, but didn’t they do that when you were young?
5. The George Edwardes shows have of late displayed a marked tendency to a sort of stupefying monotony.
6. They also seized in his cell a half-empty bottle which contained the remains of the stupefying wine with.
7. The governor, in spite of all the stupefying effect of his surroundings, cannot help hesitating when the moment comes to give final decisive command.
8. I walked down the narrow passage between the double row of sleepers, holding my breath to keep out the vile, stupefying fumes of the drug, and looking about for the manager.
9. Then Aslan continued with logic and stupefying ingenuity that crystallised his deep humanistic feeling, ‘Your Excellency, seventy families are suffering this bitter unchanging situation.
10. It took her time to realize that it was also a form of tenderness and it was then that she lost her calm and lived only for him, upset by the desire to sink into his stupefying odor of grease washed off by lye.
11. The amount of venom injected is usually tiny, but it contains concentrated doses of fast-acting poisons, similar to those in snake venoms – nerve poisons, stupefying ingredients, a convulsant, enzymes and sometimes formic acid.
12. All repair to the eating-houses and taverns, from the traffic of which part of the revenue of the government is derived, and there they give themselves up to drink, stupefying their senses so that they care nothing for the injustice done to them.
13. On the third stupefying night she waited for him with a bottle of anisette, which she used to drink in secret with Cousin Hildebranda’s band and later, after she was married and had children, behind closed doors with the friends from her borrowed world.
14. They could hear Úrsula fighting against the laws of creation to maintain the line, and José Arcadio Buendía searching for the mythical truth of the great inventions, and Fernanda praying, and Colonel Aureliano Buendía stupefying himself with the deception of war and the little gold fishes, and Aureliano Segundo dying of solitude in the turmoil of his debauches, and then they learned that dominant obsessions can prevail against death and they were happy again with the certainty that they would go on loving each other in their shape as apparitions long after other species of future animals would steal from the insects the paradise of misery that the insects were finally stealing from man.
1. He was stupefied with happiness.
2. Betty gave her a stupefied glance.
3. The stupefied mother did not stir.
4. He was stupefied by her reaction.
5. She turned to him with a stupefied air.
6. Brujon seemed to be stupefied by prison.
7. That aspect alone would have stupefied.
8. The stupefied coin collector took no move.
9. What thing? repeated Jai, stupefied.
10. She was happy; above all she was stupefied.
11. The maid, stupefied, carries in their messages.
12. Tharn Stupefied, distraught, hypnotized with fear.
13. The thin and stupefied bleating of automobile horns.
14. Bhupinder was stupefied at my straightforward answer.
15. To us, Waterloo is but the stupefied date of liberty.
16. Tartarin was stupefied on seeing the lion come forward.
17. Ross who appeared stupefied at what he was hearing Bill.
18. They sat in their corner and seemed stupefied with love.
19. But the same people were still stupefied in her presence.
20. Shatov spoke in an incoherent, stupefied and ecstatic way.
21. I sat there, numb and stupefied as my guard bolted the door.
22. He simply looked at her stupefied when she said, You repair.
23. He did not attempt to think about Nikolay; he was stupefied; he.
24. It tastes as sweet as ambrosia, but leaves men stupefied for days.
25. Is that so ? reacts the man, stupefied by all he is learning.
26. But the general only stood stupefied and gazed around in a dazed way.
27. She pondered with a stupefied eye into the depth of the black coffee.
28. At first he was stupefied, but after a moment he rushed toward the door.
29. I shook him, but he only murmured and turned: the smoke had stupefied him.
30. Angela was stupefied and she stood there with her arms folded over her chest.
31. Olin was stupefied at the accusation and made no response for several moments.
32. The rest was tendon, parchment, bone, eye, beardy jaw, ear, stupefied nostril.
33. Beth was looking at the problem kind of stupefied and not doing anything about it.
34. Act, and then selling that bullshit to the stupefied sheep? That act is the most.
35. Openly they both stared at one another stupefied and perplexed by what they'd seen.
36. He did the same with the other chain on the other ankle of the stupefied young man.
37. Marius was stupefied by the novel situation which presented itself to him, to the.
38. The notary remained quite stupefied, his eyes fixed on his fine embroidered slippers.
39. Madame Danglars gazed on Villefort, stupefied to find him so almost insultingly calm.
40. She was an altered creature, quieted, stupefied, indifferent to everything that passed.
41. Astonished at the arrogance with which the words were flung at them, the stupefied crowd.
42. The lady gave her hand to the stupefied Ivan Ilyitch, and almost pinched instead of pressing it.
43. A slow stupefied silence crept over the men as they stared at the computer and then at each other.
44. Thus far it was only an innocent amazement, but a sort of stupefied confidence was mingled with it.
45. He raised her, carried her into the room, placed her in an arm-chair, and stood over her, stupefied.
46. At this moment the stupefied Anne came to her senses and realized that she had no business to be there.
47. It had stupefied all blessed impulses, and awakened into vivid life the whole brotherhood of bad ones.
48. I worried that the drug would be discovered until I realized Jade and Argyl too were sitting stupefied.
49. Astonished at the arrogance with which the words were flung at them, the stupefied crowd stood transfixed.
50. I walked up and down the aisles looking at things I couldn’t have, stupefied by their offhand plenitude.
51. I can read his thoughts from his stupefied expression, but I don't have the energy to explain it’s a joke.
52. Villefort's impatience during this scene made the perspiration roll from his forehead, and Franz was stupefied.
53. Pablo had his face glued to the window as we passed, staring into the Cadillac with a stupefied look on his face.
54. Before the ashramites could gather their wits, the swamiji stupefied them all by asking Suresh to sit beside him.
55. It wasn’t the killing that had stupefied him, it was the fact that it had been Skinny who had done the killing.
56. But the Captain did not see her because he was stupefied by Florentino Ariza’s t remendous powers of inspiration.
57. The Emperor was stupefied at times by the strength of his emotions; his face was red and streaming with perspiration.
58. Once they declined into stupefied stupidity and incompetence, they began hiring mercenaries to populate their armies.
59. Stupefied with the shock, unable even to move, the sodden rabbits crouched inert, almost pinned to the earth by the rain.
60. The landlady, utterly stupefied, was standing quietly with her hands folded waiting for Yaroslav Ilyitch's good pleasure.
61. Villefort seemed stupefied with astonishment, and remained gazing intently on the scene before him without uttering a word.
62. Simeon Kartinkin was the atavistic production of serfdom, a stupefied, ignorant, unprincipled man, who had not even any religion.
63. His ideas began to grow confused once more; they assumed a kind of stupefied and mechanical quality which is peculiar to despair.
64. The judges themselves appeared to be stupefied, and the jury manifested tokens of disgust for cynicism so unexpected in a man of fashion.
65. Joel could only stare at her in stupefied, stunned amazement for a few minutes, as she continued in a tone of voice devoid of all emotion.
66. At the first blush, the princes of Europe, the owls of this dawn, shut their eyes, wounded and stupefied, and only opened them to threaten.
67. At these words the two little donkeys were quite stupefied and stood with their heads down, their ears lowered, and their tails between their legs.
68. I seized, stupefied, his supposition—some sequel to what we had done to Flora, but this made me only want to show him that it was better still than that.
69. I got up and poured some mescal in a small water glass and sat at the edge of the bed drinking along with him, watching in stupefied silence, a rerun of a rerun.
70. You will find your horses in bad condition, from the results of this accident; they seem thoroughly stupefied, as if sulky and vexed at having been conquered by man.
71. His faculties were quite numbed, he was stupefied, and noticing nothing around him went on moving his legs as the others did till they all stopped and he stopped too.
72. Around the dirty tables, loaded with bottles and tea services, perspiring men with red, stupefied faces sat shouting and singing, and white-aproned servants flitted to and fro.
73. The incessant quivering, in which every fibre of her frame participated, had thrown her into a stupefied reverie in which her arms worked on independently of her consciousness.
74. Her friends about her were stupefied with amazement; the crowd parted as she rushed through it, and suddenly, at a distance of five or six yards from the carriage, appeared Rogojin.
75. He nods, shuts the door on his way out, stunned and stupefied, completely giving in to your wishes, too confused to argue, as baffled as a hard-nosed scientist taking orders from a corpse.
76. These were castaways, stupefied by continual oppression and temptation, such as the boy who had stolen the rugs, and hundreds of others whom Nekhludoff had seen in the prison and out of it.
77. Though he had the highly dazed look of a stupefied drunkard, he maintained his balance perfectly and smelled perfectly normal with no indication of any inebriating beverages on his clothes or elsewhere.
78. Stupefied by the heavy meal of roast beef and plum pudding that the Queenslanders call 'tea' she sat in a deckchair for a little in the dusk of the veranda, and went to bed again at about eight o'clock.
79. They were stupefied on hearing this news which would save them from the humility of want and disgrace and turn their lives into ones of affluence, happiness and plenty which they could never have dreamt of in their entire life.
80. The keeper was so stupefied at this scene that he took Andrea by the hands and began examining his person, attributing the sudden submission of the inmates of the Lions' Den to something more substantial than mere fascination.
81. But he who was addressed stood there, stupefied, bewildered, stunned; his haggard eyes glanced around, as if in search of the traces of some terrible event, and with his clinched hands he seemed striving to shut out horrible recollections.
82. They seemed to him a band of tramps, huddled together along the riverbanks, their old coats covered with dust and soot, stupefied by the panorama of sunset and waiting for the first chill of night bid them arise, shake themselves and begone.
83. And it is in connection with such a contingent of men, who are so stupefied that they promise to kill their parents, that the public leaders—the conservatives, liberals, socialists, anarchists—talk of building up a rational and moral society.
84. The intermediate class, who obey the orders of their superiors on the one hand and regard themselves as superior beings on the other, are intoxicated by power and stupefied by servility at the same time and so lose the sense of their responsibility.
85. In a singsong voice he half spoke, half whispered, ―yes—yes—yes, Grandfather, the journey begins, the journey begins…‖ Whipping his body around, the entranced man straddled the stupefied nurse and brandished the gore stained club over her head.
86. On his second turn, he bent over his daughter, who was watching this encounter with the stupefied air of an antiquated lamb, and said to her with a smile that was almost calm: A baron like this gentleman, and a bourgeois like myself cannot remain under the same roof.
87. Amidst the uproar, I plied him with carefully rationed drinks and carefully considered questions and at the end, when I left him, stupefied and glassy-eyed, I knew enough of ‘Sonny Boy Vern’ to put an end to his career of liar and confidence trickster once and for all.
88. I stood stupefied, wholly abandoned, it seemed, by Heaven, declared the enemy of the earth that bore me, the air refusing me breath for my sighs, the water moisture for my tears; it was only the fire that gathered strength so that my whole frame glowed with rage and jealousy.
89. Not the smallest suspicion, therefore, had ever occurred to prepare him for what followed;--and when at last it burst on him in a letter from Lucy herself, he had been for some time, he believed, half stupefied between the wonder, the horror, and the joy of such a deliverance.
90. Terror had so completely stupefied this unfortunate Elizabeth, that, though threatened by the hatchet, she did not even think of protecting her face by holding her hands before her head, with that mechanical gesture which the instinct of self-preservation prompts on such occasions.
91. He listened to it in a fever and he now began to understand how Christine Daae was able to appear one evening, before the stupefied audience, with accents of a beauty hitherto unknown, of a superhuman exaltation, while doubtless still under the influence of the mysterious and invisible master.
92. On the way the men drink freely, unchecked by the elder men; they realize that entering upon this insane business of leaving their wives and mothers, giving up everything that is sacred to them, only to become the senseless tools of murder, is too painful if one's senses are not stupefied with wine.
93. Randolph said (instead of being as he was—his memory clouded, his intellect stupefied, his strength and spirits exhausted) he could not give utterance to that strong detestation which he felt towards (above all other works of the creation) such characters as Zingis, Tamerlane, Kouli-Khan, or Bonaparte.
94. Great rents and splits branched out in the solid walls, like crystallisation; stupefied birds wheeled about and dropped into the furnace; four fierce figures trudged away, East, West, North, and South, along the night-enshrouded roads, guided by the beacon they had lighted, towards their next destination.
95. The fourth expedient consists in this: certain individuals are selected from among the mass of enslaved and stupefied beings, and these, after having been subjected to a still more vigorous process of brutalization, are made the passive instruments of the cruelties and brutalities indispensable to the government.
96. On the road the recruits have been drinking without intermission, unchecked by the elders, who feel that going on such an insane errand, abandoning their wives and mothers and renouncing all they hold sacred in order to become a senseless instrument of destruction, would be too agonizing if they were not stupefied with spirits.
97. The fourth method consists in selecting from all the men who have been stupefied and enslaved by the three former methods a certain number, exposing them to special and intensified means of stupefaction and brutalization, and so making them into a passive instrument for carrying out all the cruelties and brutalities needed by the government.
98. When on one occasion Zinovy Prokofyevitch, carried away by the thoughtlessness of youth, gave expression to the very coarse and unseemly idea, that Semyon Ivanovitch was probably hiding and treasuring something in his box to leave to his descendants, every one who happened to be by was stupefied at the extraordinary effects of Zinovy Prokofyevitch's sally.
99. The fourth means consists in this, that with the aid of the three preceding means there is segregated, from the men so fettered and stupefied, a certain small number of men, who are subjected to intensified methods of stupefaction and brutalization, and are turned into involuntary tools of all those cruelties and bestialities which the governments may need.
100. While those, on the other hand, in whom the idea is fostered that they are inferior animals, bound to obey their superiors in everything, fall, through this perpetual humiliation, into a strange condition of stupefied servility, and in this stupefied state do not see the significance of their actions and lose all consciousness of responsibility for what they do.
1. Stupefies them first.
2. Stupefies And Jeopardizes Our Future, by Mark Bauerlein, is a book with plenty of warning.
3. Religious superstition is encouraged by the erection of churches built from money collected from the people, by holidays, processions, painting, architecture, music, by incense that stupefies the brain, and, above all, by the maintenance of the so-called clergy, whose duty consists in befogging the minds of men and keeping them in a continual state of imbecility, what with the solemnity of their services, their sermons, their intervention with the private lives of men in time of marriage, birth, and death.

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