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  1. There is no substantive consolidation.
  2. But there was a substantive difference.
  3. This word, as a substantive here, and as an.
  4. This is the substantive consolidation element of the plan.
  5. The Shia south will join Iran, handing over the substantive oil.

  6. For G&D and MCT, substantive consolidation is of prime importance.
  7. Securities have substantive characteristics that must be understood.
  8. We discuss the substantive characteristics of securities in Chapter 4.
  9. The first substantive application of this approach was made by Becker and.
  10. The Kelly framework highlights the substantive importance of the second one.
  11. Commodore Singh said, I believe that answers all the substantive questions.
  12. I’ve already told Ricketts about my conversation with Justin today, the substantive part.
  13. Fortunately there are enough substantive offerings that popular culture is not a complete.
  14. A primacy of the OPMI in the analysis reflected as a primacy of substantive consolidation.
  15. This simple fact is what people subscribing to the substantive consolidation doctrine miss.

  16. It is original, substantive, distinct in itself, and susceptible of the plainest definition.
  17. Both sides have effectively signalled that, on the substantive issue, there will be no negotiation.
  18. Benjamin Graham and David Dodd, in discussing dividend policy, focused on substantive consolidation.
  19. But the substantive part of his life fascinated her in the beginning and endeared him to her in the end.
  20. A French word, used as a substantive and as anadjective both in French and in Spanish, which borrows the.
  21. Those who take this ground say that the creation of a National Bank is an original, independent, and substantive power.
  22. The terms substantive consolidation and structural subordination originated in reorganizations under Chapter 11 of the U.
  23. But the frauds spoil shorts, the lack of substantive clues giving us false courage to short stock with triple-digit top-line growth.
  24. Doubtful that she could add anything substantive to his investigation, Wickland nodded and replied skeptically yet sweetly, I see.
  25. The government is the government; it is not the taxpayers unless one stretches the concept of substantive consolidation beyond reason.

  26. There is no substantive consolidation of the interests of the company with those of the shareholders or any other corporate constituency.
  27. The fact is that improvements since the 1970s in the quality and quantity of substantive accounting disclosures have also been dramatic.
  28. When is a negotiation not a negotiation? When both parties involved admit that on the one substantive issue involved, there is no movement.
  29. It has been said that the power to incorporate a bank for the United States is a substantive and original, and not a derivative or implied power.
  30. In any event, these approaches to substantive consolidation and structural subordination are not helpful concepts at all in fundamental finance.
  31. The power to grant charters of incorporation is not an incidental, subordinate, subservient power; it is a distinct, original, substantive power.
  32. The great stumbling block, however, is, that this is one of those independent, original, and substantive powers, which cannot be given by implication.
  33. In G&D and MCT, though, the underlying assumption seems to be that substantive consolidation and structural subordination are universal, not special cases.
  34. For the trader short volatility, this may provide a substantive reason to hold on to a position despite a one-or two-day adverse move in implied volatility.
  35. Rafinesque, in his Analysis of Nature, has adopted a new practice, that of giving single substantive Latin names to the natural orders and families of plants.
  36. The only substantive difference between the two programs is that Bitcoin Core has a graphical UI; basically, it is just bitcoind with a frontend attached to it.
  37. So while it was one of your more subtle and less substantive chapters in terms of plot progression, for me it shows a turning point for severe of your characters.
  38. DA Leader, Mazibuko, said that the party would likely also be tabling substantive motions against members of Zuma's cabinet implicated for wrongdoing in the report.
  39. An underlying assumption found in MCT and in Graham and Dodd is that there is a substantive consolidation between the interests of the OPMI and corporate feasibility.
  40. However, the evidence shows that this cannot be a substantive plasticity but a superficial plasticity which simply relocates the links to invisible higher energy body-brains.
  41. The substantive consolidation and structural subordination doctrines so important to G&D and MCT are relative rarities in the real world, though they do exist in special cases.
  42. In this chapter we briefly summarize and discuss the substantive differences between the safe and cheap approach to value investing and the approach advocated by Graham and Dodd.
  43. It is well known that they used the substantive necessity as synonymous with the word fate, and which necessity, according to the opinions of one party, controlled omnipotence itself.
  44. Many who knew her, thought it a pity that so substantive and rare a creature should have been absorbed into the life of another, and be only known in a certain circle as a wife and mother.
  45. To this it is replied that to create a National Bank is to legislate by implication; it is a separate, substantive, and independent power; to levy a tax is one thing, to make a bank another.
  46. Probably the most important thing to understand in examining the substantive characteristics of securities is that control common stock is essentially a different commodity from OPMI common stock.
  47. We provide a primer on capital structure from the corporate point of view to debunk the substantive consolidation view of capital structure that is prevalent in Graham and Dodd and modern capital theory.
  48. This is true so far as original substantive grants of power are concerned, but it is not true when applied to express grants of power, which are strictly incidental to some original and substantive grant of power.
  49. She responded politely when Rachel asked general questions about her condition, whether she was getting enough food or exercise, or the way she was being treated, but more substantive inquiries were met with silence.
  50. T, in the form of a substantive noun; eight times translated “Perdition,” five times “Destruction,” two times “Waste” and once each “Die,” “Perish,” “Damnable,” “Damnation,” “Pernicious Ways.
  51. Primitive trap is one instance—I do not use trap as a substantive, except in describing that kind of trap which Werner calls the newest flætz trap, the nearest to which is your trap,[29] which covers the oldest red sandstone.
  52. The two trends of which Scruton writes, child-centered education and disinterest in substantive content, have been exacerbated by the zeal of the egalitarians who hate learning because real learning reveals differences in achievement levels.
  53. In Chapter 11 proceedings, there are questions of substantive consolidation, for instance, should a parent company and its subsidiaries be treated as one entity for reorganization or liquidation purposes, or should they be treated as separate entities.
  54. Since the 1970s, however, accounting disclosures have improved so much, that it is hard to complain merely because accounting authorities give much time and attention to the form in which accounting data is disclosed rather than to substantive disclosures.
  55. Much of the substantive differences between control pricing and OPMI pricing are resolved through long-term arbitrages, which are the very essence of the tendency toward efficiency that exists in all markets, specifically between and among disparate markets.
  56. Substantive consolidation occurs when, for purposes of a reorganization, two separate entities are combined into one; say, for example, solvent parent company creditors are placed in the same class as the creditor of an insolvent subsidiary as part of a reorganization plan.
  57. Substantive consolidation occurs when, for purposes of a reorganization, two separate entities are combined into one; say, for example, a solvent parent company creditors are placed in the same class as the creditor of an insolvent subsidiary as part of a reorganization plan.
  58. Reason must be carefully instructed in order to achieve the highest level of its natural potential unlike Instinct whose adaptive nature, restricted (solely) to immediate things, need not concern itself over substantive matters that should otherwise give pause to critical thinking.
  59. As an aside, modern capital theorists seem to measure attractive finance solely by interest rates, deeming, say, a 6 percent margin borrowing by an OPMI stockholder as more attractive in a substantive consolidation context than a corporate issuance of 12 percent subordinated debentures.
  60. As in the languages of Van, of Mitanni, and of Arzana, the Hittite noun possessed a nominative in -s, an accusative in -n, and an oblique case which terminated in a vowel, while the adjective followed the substantive, the same suffixes being attached to it as to the substantive with which it agreed.
  61. The ideas of substantive consolidation, in which the interests of the company and its stockholders are combined and seen as one and the same and structural subordination, in which the company’s raison d’être is to serve the best interests of its stockholders, especially its non-control OPMI stockholders, are central assumptions of both G&D and MCT.
  62. A basic problem faced by financial academics, whether efficient market theorists or behaviorists, is that they are strictly top-down—studying economies, markets, and prices, not the underlying bottom-up fundamentals that really determine what a business might be worth and what are the substantive characteristics of the securities issued by that business.
  63. He may as well say the creation of a military school, which is as much and no more a resulting power than the one in question, is giving to Congress a great substantive independent power to create a vast engine, under the name of a military school, which may swell to such an immense importance as to make it an instrument to swallow all the liberties of the country.
  64. The word necessary, in its technical and legal sense, in the meaning affixed to it in common parlance, established by usage, custom, reason, and the common law of the land, is different and distinct from the signification of the same adjective derived from the substantive necessity, as used by Hobbes, Hutchinson, Hume, and the other metaphysicians of the last century.
  65. The controversy over stock options, that is, whether options ought to be expensed using the fair value method—FASB 123; or whether options ought to be expensed using the intrinsic value method—APB 25, sheds much light on the reach of the substantive consolidation doctrine and the resulting bad direction for GAAP, which decided that FASB 123, in effect, reflected economic reality.
  66. They include the demand for symbolic and substantive accommodations in political, economic and legal areas (for example, special treatment or rights for Muslims in the workplace, in public spaces and by government); the opportunity to penetrate and influence operations against government at every level; and the insinuation of the Trojan horse of Shariah-compliant finance into the West’s.
  67. Is the Pneuma, or spirit, here spoken of as begotten or born of the Holy Spirit, a new substantive addition in regeneration to the nature of the man born of the flesh? or is it the enewal in power of an element belonging to man as born into the world? Has every man pneu~ma as well as yuch>, spirit as well as soul? or is spirit the production of the Holy Spirit in regeneration, and therefore peculiar to the saved? This question is one of exceeding difficulty, partly in consequence of the varying terminology adopted by so large a number of Scripture writers, which renders it perhaps impossible to extract from them a homogeneous psychology.
  68. To illustrate my idea still further in this respect, I would observe, that the power to regulate descents, and to regulate the distribution of intestates, I conceive to be original, distinct, substantive powers; and, being among the powers which could in all respects be limited by the geographical boundaries of the individual States, and were therefore among the powers reserved to the management of the States, might as easily be assumed by Congress as incidental to some one of the enumerated powers, as the assumption of the power to grant charters of incorporation, which I conceive was, for the same reason, left to the management of the States.

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