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Subtleties numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Padre, these are subtleties.
  2. This was no time for subtleties.
  3. And mouth with myriad subtleties.
  4. But, if the ear cannot catch all the subtleties?
  5. His inability to grasp the subtleties of the language.

  6. Maybe Holtser could not understand the subtleties of Kira’s motives.
  7. Tell me these things, instead of swamping me with subtleties of sentiment.
  8. It is critical that traders understand the subtleties of every tool they use.
  9. He observed the subtleties in Norik’s mannerism and knew that this person was not Lenar.
  10. But the sport has tons of subtleties as well and the technical age has definitely made an impact.
  11. He was not good at budgets and figures and knew little about the subtleties of a performance spreadsheet.
  12. Moral subtleties were not on my mind when I left my lovers behind, or when I wrote The Seduction Equation.
  13. With all this in mind, keep close attention on all of the little subtleties of their conversations with you.
  14. The theory behind these numbers is laid out eloquently elsewhere and so are the details and subtleties of the patterns.
  15. The reproduction here given unfortunately does not show these subtleties, and flattens the general appearance very much.

  16. I don't understand subtleties, and I fear and despise sentiment as a certain spoiler of plain bread-and-butter happiness.
  17. He understood love, marriage, customs, anger, pity, rage, selfishness, shadings and subtleties, realities and reflections.
  18. As such, I would address in part more subtleties worth mentioning, awarenesses I did observe along My way and stay thus far.
  19. For they desired to prune away all the subtleties of the material and mental worlds and replace everything with one crude equation.
  20. He heard the dull roar of the bar drop a notch, which revealed some subtleties in the pounding beat of the music he had previously missed.
  21. I stopped conversing with my dogs, and I believe that subtleties of feeling began to disappear until finally I was on a pleasure-pain basis.
  22. In the case of Claude Monet's work, however, this does not matter, as form with all its subtleties is not a thing he made any attempt at exploiting.
  23. And, what's more, he went into psychological subtleties into which he could not have entered, if he had the least conscious and malicious prejudice against the prisoner.
  24. Trading is an art, not a science and the subtleties and nuances of the market are simply beyond the capabilities of machine code, no matter how sophisticated the program.
  25. Your offer is both generous and tempting but, since I have been abandoned as a child in this world, I have learned to appreciate the subtleties and attractions of life on Earth.

  26. But the question still remains, To whom is the power given, to Catherine the Empress, or to the rebel Pugatchof? And no theological subtleties whatever can solve this difficulty.
  27. Storytelling is a highly efficient form of information sharing because it communicates data, contextual rules, and subtleties of behavior that may be difficult to state explicitly.
  28. I have a son who is close to adulthood and who speaks perfectly Cantonese and Mandarin on top of Arabic and to whom I have also been teaching the intricacies and subtleties of business.
  29. And if his studies be only from the mass point of view, the training of his eye to the accurate observation of all the subtleties of contours and the construction of form will be neglected.
  30. The strange thing was that the title of a song often came to me in an instant, but then would begin the more exacting task of negotiating Burt’s spacious melodies and rhythmic subtleties.
  31. I think of it as a harmony in gray and amethyst, remembering your description of it the first time you went there; a harmony in a minor key, that captured you wholly by its tender subtleties.
  32. He calmly unravelled its subtleties of meaning and, once all was clear, he took his writing paper and committed the quatrain to words, words which could be shared so that others might believe.
  33. He was too intelligent not to comprehend all that occasion would require of his duplicity, subtleties, to dupe her, to make her believe—what? He could not make her now believe anything but the truth.
  34. It was of course George's Great-uncle Fong Li who had directed the construction, and it was Fong Li who meticulously explained the subtleties of sailing a small craft to Belle and George during the long construction process.
  35. But then, to a very distinguished appreciation of the subtleties of form characterisation he added a fine sense of design and colour arrangement, qualities by no means always at the command of some of the lesser men of this school.
  36. All the theological subtleties which aimed at proving that a certain church is the only true successor of Christ, and that, therefore, she alone has full and uncontrolled power over the souls and bodies of men, had in view this very object.
  37. She had repeatedly proved to be a tolerant and honest woman who understood the subtleties of the Middle East better than most and who was not afraid to call things for what they were, even if it contradicted the views of her own government or of its allies.
  38. But it was even more difficult to learn how to go through the subtleties of masochistic pleasure, to dig them out, eliminate them and substitute them with healthy pleasure and a healthy relationship based on respect, on recognition of it as a gift and on reciprocity.
  39. To people of our circle who do not know and cannot or will not understand the feelings which will form the subject-matter of the art of the future, such subject-matter appears very poor in comparison with those subtleties of exclusive art with which they are now occupied.
  40. We called things by their names, preserving unruflSed countenances as though it were the natural thing to do; we entered into such subtleties in our description of all sorts of filth and obscenity as the nastiest mind of the lewdest debauchee could hardly have conceived.
  41. That may be merely my fancy, of course, or it may be that I made such a study of her letters, reading and rereading them and filing them carefully away in a special set of folders that I keep in my flat, that I found subtleties of meaning in them that a more casual reader would not have noticed.
  42. It will be needed later, when drawing of a finer kind is attempted, and when in the heat of an emotional stimulus the artist has no time to consider the smaller subtleties of drawing, which by then should have become almost instinctive with him, leaving his mind free to dwell on the bigger qualities.
  43. And Will was of a temperament to feel keenly the presence of subtleties: a man of clumsier perceptions would not have felt, as he did, that for the first time some sense of unfitness in perfect freedom with him had sprung up in Dorothea's mind, and that their silence, as he conducted her to the carriage, had had a chill in it.
  44. But alas! the prince never suspected any such subtleties! For instance, he had no suspicion of the fact that the Epanchins, having in their mind so important a step as the marriage of their daughter, would never think of presuming to take it without having previously shown off the proposed husband to the dignitary—the recognized patron of the family.
  45. When I inquired of one of the governors why they made use of this kind of torture when people had already submitted and soldiers were stationed in the village, he replied with the important air of a man who thoroughly understands all the subtleties of statecraft, that if the peasants were not thoroughly subdued by flogging, they would begin offering opposition to the decisions of authorities again.
  46. Though there are a thousand subtleties to a trading style, and every successful trader creates a style that fits some key elements of his or her personality, there are two key questions to consider: are you a trend follower or countertrend trader, and do you want to be a scalper or hold for bigger moves? It is impossible for a new trader to answer these questions without some exposure to markets and to the actual trading process; the answer may change for a trader at different points in a career, but finding the answers to these questions is a key part of knowing who you are as a trader.
  47. But the question ought to have been put thus,—as it would have to be put to a learned rabbi who had studied all the Talmud, and knew the exact number of letters in the Holy Scripture, and all the subtleties of his science:—What can I do, who, from unlucky circumstances, have lost my best years in study instead of accommodating myself to labour,—in learning the French language, the piano, grammar, geography, law, poetry; in reading novels, romances, philosophical theories, and in performing military exercises? what can I do, who have passed the best years of my life in idle occupations, depraving the soul? what can I do, notwithstanding these unlucky conditions of the past, in order to requite those men, who, during all this time, have fed and clothed me, and who still continue to feed and to clothe me?
  48. Do not my crudities set your teeth on edge as acutely as the juice of a very green apple? You who love half tones, subtleties, suggestions, who, lifting the merest fringe of things, approach them nearer only by infinite implications, what have you to do with the downrightness of an east wind or a green apple? Why,.

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